Havoc Prepping New Solo Album

Havoc continues holding down Mobb Deep while Prodigy is locked up, working on his third solo album and a mixtape, both titled From Now On.

The album, slated for a 4th quarter release, will be mostly self-produced with contributions also coming from Chinky P and Sid Roams, according to Hav’s manager. Prodigy will appear on the album, along verses from Nyce, 40 Glocc and Philthy.

The LP’s first single drops early August, while the Ty Fyffe-produced intro to the mixtape “Smells Like Nine/Five” hit the web today (July 2). [Listen here]

Havoc’s previous album, Hidden Files, was released in Feburary on E1 Music. –John Kennedy

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  • Pierzy

    I like Havoc but The Kush was less than impressive to me and unless it’s ’94 – ’00 Havoc, I’ll pass.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      What’s good, P?

      I always thought Hav was underrated as an MC & a producer.

      I’ll admit, I’ve never picked up any solo joints, mostly because it doesn’t feel natural [||] without (the other) P. I say, no hate but stick to the boards. Everybody can’t do everything.

      *sidenote: Did nessness bring in a slew of new commentors or are we picking up Vibe’s leftovers?…….

      • Pierzy

        Happy Independence Day, fam!

        I like Havoc but I always thought he was best when he wasn’t solo – obviously on Mobb Deep tracks but even when they were featured elsewhere ["Play IV Keeps" off Meth's 2nd album jumps to mind] and he didn’t have carry the load.

        The Kush was just ehhh. Unfortunately, it was like a lot of other discs lately. Not awful, but not great either. I think ‘uninspired’ is the best word to describe it…kinda like a person at an office job for 25 years that just comes in and goes through the motions. That’s just how it felt.

        As far as your 2nd point, I have no idea what is poppin’ off. I like that Rob has produced a drop every day this week [even if I disagree with all of them...ha!] but, honestly, I feel like maybe some “news” had been made elsewhere regarding XXL blogs and stories and new heads came over to check us out and never left. It’s like that dude that comes over at 2 to hang and then, when it’s time for dinner, he just cops a squat at the table and doesn’t leave. Maybe not…but I feel like a little bit of noise was made and the traffic increased but I could be wrong…

        • $ykotic

          Both of y’all are funny as hell!

          I’ll wait for Prodigy to come out. Sorry Havoc.

          But I will say that heads have been watching us. Our convos make them want to comment. And since Vibe fell off that brings more scrutiny to XXL. Add us into the fold keeping it anti-WSHH and it’s a good look.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          God Bless America *looks around & scoot the fireworks from TJ behind the recliner*, fam! No better place to be!

          Yeah, seems like XXL got its “Drake” on, somehow someway.

          Rob’s been doing his thing, breathing some life into Tha Staff. Its good for the site, gives cats a chance to discuss legit topics, instead of a douche-y list where the comments section turns into a “fuckboy, dickrider” fest.

          Btw, the way you handled that Detroit P comment this morn…….Priceless. I don’t get to see (read?) that side of you [||] too much. That’s was a great way to start the day. Ha!

        • Pierzy

          What up $!

          Thanks, Tony. I really try not to show that side of me but dude is acting out of pocket (remember that term?) for no reason. I see he responded in his best cartoon villain voice and I wrote an ethering but I’m not sure if I’m gonna post it or not. Keep waiting…

          Funny story about Hav – I went to college with a girl from NYC that was crazy sexy, probably average female height or so, and knew more about hip-hop than almost anyone I ever met. She said she was walking down the street in Manhattan and Havoc was in a big-ass SUV trying to holla at her. Eventually, he parked, hopped out and caught up with her and she realized that she was taller than him. Let’s just say it wasn’t his best moment…

        • $ykotic

          I remember these dudes before they came out. Used to run with one of my boys over in Ridgewood, Queens/Bklyn(depends which side of Myrtle Ave you’re on).

          Their street tales are 85% true. But in the Tunnel(miss that spot) BOTH of them would get the female hands down. Until last call of course.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          The only thing tough than a big ass dude who looks intimidating is a short cat who talks major shit. Ha!

        • $ykotic

          Cause most of the time they’re the opposite!

    • DetroitDraper

      Im a big Mobb fan and I bought that Kush…and it was’nt horrible but like earlier stated it was just so uninspired. The production was the usual but the flow/lyrics and content was plain lazy. Hav pretty much loss a paying customer on that one…Im still a fan but I’ll never buy a solo project again.


    the kush wasnt good because havoc was focused on this:

    • $ykotic

      Ain’t nothing wrong with self promo. That bell-hop suit was ill.

  • giantstepp

    “…military comroderie, outlaw ’til they body me, havoc i gotta have it, steady blasting at prodigy, mobb 6 feet deep…”- Hussein Fatal, Tha Outlaw Don, Niggas…

    Aint nobody checking for Havoc…

  • John Cauner

    I actually bought “The Kush” album and can’t even remember any songs off of it, except “I’m The Boss”. And that’s only because it had the same bassline from “Luck of Lucien”, and I saw the video for it. Hopefully this album will be more memorable, because Havoc will always be a beast with the production.

  • Lostgyrl

    BEST MOB DEEP ALBUM EVER IS MURDA MUSIK!! I may have spelled that wrong, but you it’s the truth!!


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