Ghostface Previews The Wizard of Poetry

Shortly before hitting the stage at New York City’s Nokia Theater last night (July 30), Ghostface Killah took time to preview his upcoming album, The Wizard of Poetry.

As previously reported, the album will have an R&B feel to it, honing in on the types of songs that have been some of Ghost’s biggest records throughout his career. That doesn’t mean the Wu-Tang rep will be switching up his signature flow in favor of singing, though. “I just try to rap,” he shared during the listening session, “but I have R&B singers that did they thing [on the album] too.”

Features on the disc will include John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, and Ron Browz, among others. The first single, “Baby,”which became available in July, sees Tony Starks teaming up with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Raheem Devaughn.

“I love it,” said Ghost of the decidedly different route he took with his upcoming eighth solo effort. In many ways, though, Pretty Toney is coming back to his bread and butter. “It’s like when I [worked] with Carl Thomas, the ‘All I Got Is You’ with Mary, and [working with] Ne-Yo. It’s like an album of that shit. It’s just a nice piece of work.

The Wizard of Poetry is scheduled to hit stands at September 29. -Adam Fleischer

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  • Pierzy

    Ghost has some of the greatest albums in history and he’s been carrying on the Wu on his back the past few years…

    I think I’m gonna throw on Supreme Clientele right now just because.

    • oskamadison


    • EmCDL

      word x2

  • Detroit Dave

    Ghostface keeps me interested, I can’t even say that about Jay-Z anymore!

  • Silly Willy

    I hope he throws some songs like SupaGFK (BDR) or Big Girl (Fishscale) on it. Like the whole song is playing in the back, with that oldie soulful feel, and he’s just rappin over it. It’d be nice !!!!

  • Worley

    Ghost is that dude man. Point blank period. And it’s crazy. On “Protect Ya Neck” he said “not long is how long that this rhyme took me” and I thought “yea ’cause that sh*t you spittin’ is only lukewarm.” Then he murdered OBCL. Ghost is definitely top 5.

  • three2sixCubed

    Why do I have the feelin’ that WOP will be better than OBFCL 2? I’m coppin’ both of them tho…

  • fireforreal

    Yeah Ghost stays the most consistant of the clan and even his shit that’s not the best he’s done still is better than most rappers period.

    • BIGNAT

      ghost to me always made the best albums out the clan. ob4cl ghost was all over that joint. he took everything he was given and branched out and even when it was not a success. he still rolled with it and came back stronger each time. his new album is going be crazy ghost always make good albums. even bulletproof wallets which people say was his worst album. that joint was good i didn’t hear the garbage. when big doe rehab dropped it was 10 times better than i thought it was going be. lots of good songs
      tony sigel a.k.a the barrel brothers
      yolanda’s house
      we celebrate
      walk around
      yapp city
      supa gfk- even though i feel like it’s a spin of redmans supaman luva
      rec-room therapy
      the prayer- some soulful stuff right there
      i’ll die for you- another soulful song
      paisley darts
      shakey dog
      killa lipstick- method on the hook acually messes up teh song
      slow down- last song which is another soulful song sung by chrisette michele. the album not counting the intro and outro which is 1 and 14 both not bad i only skipped one song. that is just me though i am sure people fell differently. if he didn’t use pretty toney already for a album title he could of used it for this new joint.

  • Tony Grand$

    My Chef & Starks memory……

    It had to be around ’96, Ghost, Rae & Donna came out to L.A. to the House of Blues. Of course, dudes didn’t take stage until like 12:30, which gave us time to mack the Hip Hop honeys. These fogs machines kick on (we were right in the first row, high as hell) & everybody starts backing away.

    “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuttin’ To Fuck Wit” comes on, & some fucking rays of light start shining out into the crowd. These niggas emerge wearing miner’s helmets, complete with working lights!!

    I don’t even remember what all songs they performed, but the crowd was so hype, ruined my timbs & everything.

    They rocked that little ass building that night…

  • enzo

    ^^^^^That’s a good story Tony Grand. Wu was onpoint in the Cuban Link Era (93-97)

  • libra

    MTV just announced that Ghostface, Raekwon, & Method Man might come out with an album this year . . . check out the article!