Fat Joe Sets September Release Date For J.O.S.E. 2

After missing his original May 19 release date, XXLMag.com has learned that Fat Joe’s ninth solo album, J.O.S.E. 2 will now be hitting shelves on September 29.

J.O.S.E. 2 was initially scheduled to come out on the same day as Eminem’s Relapse, Busta Rhymes’s Back on my B.S., DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz: The Album Vol.2 and Method Man and Redman’s sequel to Blackout!, but as Joe told XXL earlier this year, the disc was pushed back due to lack of promotion.

“We wanted to make sure we had a second single in the marketplace,” he explained. “We dropped the first single with Akon and will be coming soon with the T-Pain joint.”

The disc, which is a follow up to 2001’s platinum effort of the same name, features guest spots from frequent collaborator Lil Wayne, Ron Browz, Lil Kim, Fabolous, Ne-Yo and Raekwon. –Elan Mancini

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  • jburg

    why is it coming out at all?

  • Avenger XL

    Must be nice to have access to the kinda money that lets you put out albums nobody really wants. This mook could possible sign some talented cats and have a decent label going for himself instead he is dropping records like he is flava.

    • Alan

      Haters kill yo self. This dude is the realest rapper out. U fakes must wanna hear ppl spit about somethin they don’t do. Crack lives it. He shits on 95% of rappers right now. Puts out classics and still the hardest mc out. Get yo life right. Learn what rap is. TS.

      • E-Money

        Preach it Alan my brotha half these faggots don’t like him cause there 50 cent dick riders, they wouldn’t know real shit if it knocked them the fuck out. TS , BX stand up. 100 niccas

  • P. Harris

    I won’t cop it…

    Reading the guess artist… sounds like another commercial banger…


    Akon joint… T-Pain joint… *YAAAAAWN* Fat Joe strikes out again.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    when you go to heaven pun gon’ slap the fuego outta you.

  • RDS

    This would be the exact issue that happened with “All or Nothing”. The album was about to be released riding the huge wave that “Lean Back” had during that same summer (don’t front…you may not have liked it, but LB had the whole summer on smash). And then it gets pushed back. To APRIL of the next year. Smh. Labels be on some bullshit.

    On another note, whether it’s commercial or not, “One” ft. Akon was a decent song I could play with my lady in the car. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where we’re getting ready to start a fam and all the little shit I used to do feels played out to me. I still like my hardcore shit, but when me and “the one” are cruising, I like to relax. Some Lupe (Food & Liquor/The Cool), some Common (BE/Resurrection/hell…even Electric Circus) slides in between Sade, Al Green, etc (niggaz who think that shit is lame are idiots…any producer worth his salt listens to the exact same shit looking for inspiration or a good sample).

    My point is, the Joey joint may be commercial, but I actually think I might pick it up. “All or Nothing” wasn’t a classic, but I was surprised by how decent he was through most of it. The filler material (“My 44″, “Lean Back Remix”) could’ve been left off–Joey’s another rapper who could use an editor–but otherwise, he’s consistent. I honestly never heard much of “Elephant in the Room”, except the singles, so I can’t honestly comment on it. I just think people should give people a chance before completely writing them off.

    • BIGNAT

      joe rode the wave of lean back with the terror squad album first. which was really like a fat joe album and that joint was damn near classic and had hits and shit only did 100k first week. i think it never even went gold. then all or nothing was not that good anyway and it did not do good. he left the majors for the minors and dropped two good albums. you never heard elephant in the room but i will till you it’s worth it. the fugitive, ain’t saying nothin, the crack house with lil wanye ain’t bad, get it for life, k.a.r., 300 brolic, preacher on a sunday morning. now the two last and best songs on the album my conscience with krs-1 and that white. that is 9 tracks out of 12 i was going skip over it because of that j-holiday track but i knew joe has something for me on there. from don cartagena to now j.o.s.e 2 i think his two weakest albums was j.o.s.e and all or nothing. joe also know how to pick beats and made alot of producers big but he moves on to new people.

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  • capcobra

    just drop a greatest hits cd joe…and add 3-4 new joints…you might sell more.

  • Small Joe

    Hopefully 50 Cent can push back his album to September 29, so Fat Joe’s album won’t be released at all.. He can’t compete with 50, he’s gonna loose it anyway.. Fat Joe can be happy if he pushed 200 units, not 200,000 but 200. Check it!

  • gkid12345

    I feel bad for dude because he’s actually putting out music i like now but no1 is excepting it. Winding on my ft Lil Wayne and Ron Browz, One ft. Akon. But hey he should have never beefed with 50 for publicity

  • boozec

    Jealous Ones Still Envy? Who would envy this dude? More likely feel sorry for him.

  • $ykotic

    Fat Joe has always dropped at hot single since “Flow Joe”.

    His albums never pop off.

    I always said he should just drop singles.

  • http://thisis50.com impecable

    k.a.r album did 250 c0pys
    fat j0e iz gunna fl0p
    new yawk dnt fuck with this nigga

  • E-Hustle

    J. Joe
    O. Old
    S. shitty
    E. elephant


  • 88_CUTLASS

    what was his first single again. but anyway, he can miss me with that lame excuse about his cd not dropping that day. lol he didnt want any part of that RELAPSE AND BLACKOUT 2 FIRE.

  • k.ing

    he drop the same month hov and 50 do…

  • e-Money

    Fat joe is that nigga I’m definitely supportin my dog. Real niggas stanf up 50 cent dick ridin faggots fall back

  • raf75

    All yall hataz need 2 chill, crack da only nigga who reall about wut he be spittin, joe nice on the mike, def in da top 10 all time, pun(1)hov(2)big(3)kem(4)nas(5)em(6)pac(7)LL(8)joe(9)50(10)……..ts 4 life!!!

  • http://thisis50.com Aceboy

    I cant believe this elephant is droppin another album after his sorry excuse for an album last year. Joe never was “that nigga” and never will be. And you bitch ass Joe fans suportin this nigga prolly listen to DJ Khaled albums and call them classics lmao yall dont kno real hiphop so stick to the mainstream pop rap. And Joey’s droppin on the same day as 50 lmaoooooooo. If a 50′s mixtape can blow out Joes weak albums, 50′s album would shit and piss on joe’s whole career.

    • Afi K. James

      And yet you support 5-0, he’s just as pop rap as fat hoe, except even worse, they both suck in my opinion.

      today’s rap as a whole is full of trash and quit listening to 50, he’s no better than 98.9% of the horseshit on the airwaves

      Buck and game knew the truth about 5-0 and left them just in time.

  • mike

    fat joe and pleasure b kill aloha

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