Eminem’s Controversial MJ Outfit Hits the Auction Block

Eminem stans take note. Earlier today (July 27), several of the rapper’s signature items went up for bid online as part of The Rock and Roll Pop Art Auction.

Among the pricey digs is a blood splattered white suit jacket made by Lucelli that Em wore at the photo shoot for his 2004 album Encore. Also hitting the auction block for a minimum bid of $1,000 is one of the rap superstar’s black Nike Air sweatsuits.

The most interesting and expensive item up for sale is the Michael Jackson outfit Em sported in his controversial 2004 video for “Just Lose It.” The Detroit MC caught a lot of flack for poking fun of Jackson in the clip, with the King of Pop himself even calling into the Steve Harvey radio show to voice his displeasure with the spoof, calling it “outrageous and disrespectful.”  BET eventually banned the video from the network. The minimum bid on the getup–which includes a red sequined jacket and white glove, as well as a black hat, pants and shoes–is $6,000.

Legendary hip-hop group Run-D.M.C. also have an item up for sale. Bids on their “Raising Hell” T-shirt start at $25.

The Auction starts today and will run through August 5 on gottahaverockandroll.com. –Max G

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  • ?

    I shall be placing my bid…Hopefully my mommy buys it for me :] hehe

  • ?

    I shall be placing my bid. Hopefully my mommy buys it for me hehe :]

  • tudor

    Just Lose it was so funny. Fuck Michael. I never like him.


    Who the fuck is gonna throw $6K on a MJ outfit that Eminem wore? That shit better come with some Rx (Pills)….

  • Monty B.

    I’d like the Raising Hell t-shirt…

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Is it me or will Eminem end up dying of a drug overdose, at a young age in the same manner as MJ and Elvis? Me thinks so..

  • Beast McCoy

    Let the bloodsucking leeches continue their feast on the legacy of Michael Jackson. I liked Mike alot but the coverage has gone on long enough… give it a rest. I mean it’s like ppl don’t understand that 99% of the crap memorabilia being shoveled out to the public will be worthless due to the overexposure and wealthy of items and shear number of items. If you’re buying it because it means something to you – fine but, if you think you’re going to make a buck on a turnaround guess what… you most likely won’t since anything of real value won’t be worth anything until you children’s children have children. Good luck, leeches because just like all that 2pac memorabilia – you won’t make a profit until way after your own death. Scarcity, age & importance usually dictate value.

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  • showersongs

    @Beast McCoy

    Your passion was thoroughly amusing, but I am afraid that while I agree with the content of your post, your ire towards “bloodsucking leeches” is misdirected. This has nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s legacy….

    At all.

    Your comment was so LOL though.


    Not wasting my money.

  • http://xxlmag J-RIDDICK

    true shit rite there oh yeah em u got skills but cut that fag shit out the streets don’t want to here bout that gay bull shit do that shit on your own time