Details Emerge on Slaughterhouse Debut

Pharoahe Monch and Novel will be the only guests featured on Slaughterhouse’s self-titled debut album.

The LP—starring group members Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9” and Crooked I—will feature sung hooks from Pharoahe and Novel, on two separate tracks. The M.O.P.-featured buzz single, “Woodstock (Hood Hop),” will not be included on the album.

Producers include Emile, Streetrunner, Focus and DJ Khalil, who produced the album’s most recent leak, “Cuckoo.” [Listen Here]

In a recent interview with, Royce spoke on the group’s songwriting on the album. “We stayed true to what we’re known for, but ended up with records that I think radio will fuck with,” Royce said. “All four of us can make records, so when we get together, what do you think we gon’ do?”

“It’s definitely not going to just be us kicking verses back to back to back for a whole album” the Detroit MC continued. “It’s going to be bigger than people see.”

Slaughterhouse is currently on the road, touring on the Rock the Bells concert with Nas and Damian Marley, Common, Big Boi of Outkast, Raekwon, RZA, and The Roots, among others.

Slaughterhouse drops on August 11, on E1 Entertainment. –John Kennedy

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  • $ykotic



  • brand-new

    what about tracks like, move on, fight club and onslaught. are they gonna be on the album?

  • Dal

    Joe has to b the weakest link in dis group

    not feeling him Cuckoo he was the wackest

  • Pierzy

    I might cop two in the store!


      I’m coppin THREE!


      We in a recession. Only 1.

  • Tony Grand$

    What’s good fellas?

    I’m to the point where I’m just ready for the album. I don’t want any more leaks, no more sightings of them like they’re a unicorn or a Bigfoot, I’m ready to go pick up the album & see what these cats can do, on a professional level.

  • EFFeX

    I think E1 / Slaughterhouse is retarded for not putting “Woodstock” on the album. That’s a banger, they definitely dropped the ball on that one. Ahh well… 8/11 COP IT!

    • hhhead

      don’t get your panties in a bunch effeminatex

  • George

    This will be the most slept-on record of the next two years. I’m buying two, from a real store, bootleggers can go to hell.

  • chillin mayne

    im DEEFINITLY coppin this album…and i aint bought a album in bout 5 ready, like grands say, i dont want any more leaks…i aint even lisnin to none of dey leaks, aint downloaded none of they traks, NOTHIN!!…i just want to hear da album first, front to back, then ima go download wateva material dey have dat aint make da album…the only track ive really listened to is “the one” and thats cuz i watched da video…i was feelin it, that last verse with joe and joell goin back and forth was hot, crooked I was hot, F it the whole trak was fire…SLAUGHTERHOUSE..fresh air in my lungs!

  • Hostyle

    Are you serious in telling me that they are going to get Pharaoh Monch to sing a fucking hook? One of the best spitters in the game and he gonna be singing a hook ….

  • Sleepy Wonder

    “We stayed true to what we’re known for, but ended up with records that I think radio will fuck with”

    Uh Oh, Take Cover!

  • Darq

    What’s good fam?
    I think this album will be great…whether it will be a classic or not remains to be seen…but its definately cop-worthy. Fuck downloads and bootleggers!
    I’m waiting…me and like 20,000 other people where i’m from…

    Word from Nigeria.


    I’m def getting this … I hope “Warriors” will be a bonus track on the album.

  • Stuey

    i dont thik im coppin this. They’re last two leaked songs (the one, cuckoo) we’re pretty damn weak. I feeling that only spending a week on this album was a dipshit move on their part.

  • El Tico Loco

    It woulda been cool if Crooked I brought Chino XL, Nickel 9 bring Elzhi, Budden and Game, Joell with Immortal Tech. Hope there’s plenty of tracks and no more douchebagness from joe Budden.

  • gkid12345

    I really hope move on is on the album, thats my favorite slaughterhouse track

    • D-Block

      nope its not, all new material

  • D Sizzo

    im def. coppin this

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  • Jhon da Analyst


  • BeerGangsta

    SlaughterHouse been getting a lot of respect on XXL. Joe Budden tries to be another 50 cent. By been a hater! 50 have never won a battle. Neither has Joe. 2 dum bitches! Joe will be the reason this Album won’t go Gold or Platium.

  • jasonshadow

    they need “Move On” up there on the album to balance it ou. Cuz that track was real, worth the 8min. of listenin’ 2 it. Cuckoo was tight.


    Crooked i

    My Top 10 G.O.A.T.