Clipse Fill in for Drake at Roots Concert, Kanye Makes Surprise Appearance [With Exclusive Video]

Kanye West, Clipse and Theophilus London all made surprise performances at The Roots concert on Thursday night for the NYC stop on the Diesel: U: Music Tour. Hundreds of fans gathered at Webster Hall in hopes of seeing rumored guest Jay-Z and scheduled performer Drake, who canceled at the last minute.

The Clipse wasn’t originally on the lineup, but after it was announced that Drizzy wouldn’t be able to make it out, they shocked the crowd. Running through their hits, “Grindin’” [Watch Below] and “Mr. Me Too” they ended their set with “Kinda Like A Big Deal.” Malice and Pusha brought out the Louis Vuitton Don to drop his verse on the track. The Clipse’s third album, Til The Casket Drops, is slated to release October 20.

Headlining the night was The Roots who had a surprise guest of their own, Swedish indie artist, Lykke Li. The group, who are also scheduled to release their new album, How I Got Over, this October, played a short set performing such the title track from their new disc,  “The Seed 2.0,” and a cover of “Jungle Boogie.”

The Diesel:U:Music Tour will hit Tokyo and Helsinki in the next few weeks. -Kamaria Gboro

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  • Pierzy

    Well, they ARE the best duo of all time!


    I’m kidding – I like Clipse a lot, I’m sure the new album will be hott, and I’d much rather see them than Drake.

  • EmCDL

    My boys from hometown VA! Can’t wait to cop their new album!

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  • Oaklands Own


    These niggas was suppposed to be in SF at the N.E.R.D. show last night at the Warfeild!!!

    Niggas was hella mad that they didnt show! N.E.R.D. put on a dope ass show so I wasnt TOO upset. But its kinda wack that they shitted on there Bay Area Fans to do that shyt in NY. They lost some respect from me with that.

    Its all good tho…Ill just bootleg there albums LOL

    • BIGNAT

      i like the clipse but N.E.R.D don’t need them to put on a good show they got lots of good material.

  • DoubleClutch95


    (…in my personal opinion…)

    or how bout this… THE BEST BROTHER DUO EVER!!


  • Oaklands Own

    BIGNAT says:

    i like the clipse but N.E.R.D don’t need them to put on a good show they got lots of good material.


    No doubt Bignat, N.E.R.D. gave me the best show that Ive seen this year! The crowd was going crazy!

    Im just sayin, its like selling cake and ice cream. The cake was HELLA GOOD but I paid for cake and ice cream!….You know what Im sayin?!? This is a recession nigga! This is a economic issue!

    Much respect to N.E.R.D. them niggas ripped it for over an hour and a half. ALso much respect to Flipside, a band straight from West Oakland.