Bun B Snags Drake & Jamie Foxx For New Single?

Fresh off the success of “Got Money” and now “Halle Berry,” Dallas producers Play-N-Skillz have been cookin’ up beats for a number of high-profile acts, including fellow Texan Bun B for a possible collaboration with Drake.

“It’s going to be the official single off of Bun B’s new album,” Play, one half of the brotherly production duo, told XXL about the track. “Drake and Jamie Foxx were supposed to be on the song. We didn’t actually do a session, it was just talked about and [Bun’s people] were gonna go through with it. Drake’s schedule just got crazy—his buzz just exploded—so I don’t know where we are with all that.”

Drake last hooked up with Bun for the chopped and screwed cut “Uptown” from his breakthrough So Far Gone mixtape. If everything goes according to plan, Drake will also be re-uniting with Foxx once again as well, as the T. Dot MC recently dropped a verse on a remix to “Digital Girl.”

As of press time there is no additional information regarding Bun’s upcoming album. Stay tuned to XXL as the story develops. –Devin Chanda

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  • Pierzy


  • DetroitDraper

    FIRST!!!! Naw thats kinda lame but I downloaded So Far Gone and dude has a few lines but overall trash… Mostly females and very young lil wayne stans will like Drake.

    • $ykotic

      Bun doing extremely big things. Good luck original.

  • Cousin A.L.E.

    Wtf you doin Bun? You gotta get some Trill OG’s not that fagg nucca

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  • Gino

    Bun beter on the street shyt

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Ok… definitely scratching a huge bald spot in my head with this one. Dont get me wrong, Bun B is so fuckin respected everywhere that he could call up anyone he wants to do a track. We will just have to wait and see…

    Nobody can shit on Bun B on his on songs. COMMISSION!

    • http://XXLmag.com PerfectPoints357

      I feel you FR industry execs probably came off some loot to get this dude on a track with Bun tryin increase his buzz. These dudes are total opposites on the rap spectrum. This gonna be a test for ol boy he gonna have to go in to keep up wit Bun. Jus my .15

  • brand-new

    the only drake track i like has bun b on it (uptown) could work…might be some booth chemistry

  • El Tico Loco

    No Bun don’t do it maaan.

    Now I know there’s something in the kool aid.

  • Kill City

    What Da Fux Is Bun Smokin!


    How tall he is ? I saw many hot photos of him with some hot model on a tall dating site,seems he is famous there.
    I forget the site name, but in all tall people places, only ____Tallloving.com____ is better, maybe he dates with models there.


    Play N Skillz? They need to get CHOPS the dude who produced the song with Wayne on the last Bun B album he had the two best song on TwoTrill

    • Galice

      Co-sign, that song was the shit, the one after it, too w/8ball MJG was ill too

  • Enlightened

    It’s official…Drake is the Anti-Christ

  • niggafrommemphis

    bun be rappin with muthafuckas he ain’t got no business with in no damn studio.i still love the dude,but,i guess the pimp had to die first before he got on with gym class heros and shit

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  • Love&D

    HEre we go again wit the Drake hate, gosh I wonder when ppl will give it a rest. Ppl gotta admit it, Drake is by far top 5, 10, or even 25 but one thing he can do is rap and sing decent enough. He is nice, let me repeat he is nice. I;m tired of ppl sayin only females and lil kids bump drake. If you dnt believe me check out all the rappers that co sign for him, I rest my case….yall sum fucken haters

  • http://xxlmag.com erik

    iight bun’b was with terminaligy then with wale tryen to bring them up know he sees drake he knows his talent when he sees it i lik it hopefully he dont have Jamie Foxx cuz i dont think hes good for this song im just sayen that idk y i got a feeling

  • CraniumCrakka

    Pimp C turning over in his grave. This is the coward way Bun B.

  • Kool Clint

    Ya’ll need to understand that but is a smart man. He knows who to hook-up with to keep his name hot. He let the world know who UGK was when he convinced Pimp (RIP!!) to get on “Big Pimpin” with J. He ain’t doing nothing but making another smart move. And I personally think it’s a real good look.

  • ikke

    Bun needs to bring his UGK flow on his solo albums…

    No features by artists like drake

  • canfilism

    mayne bun b doesnt have to prove shit to anyone anymore..if he wants the youngster on his track he can do that..and he will still be trill as he was before