Asher Roth Wants to Work With DJ Premier & Pete Rock on New LP

Following his sold-out performance with Kid Cudi, chopped it up with suburban sensation Asher Roth about his his follow up to Asleep in the Bread Aisle, his chemistry with the G.O.O.D. Music artist and The Great Hangover Tour.

When asked how if he felt his recent New York City show (July 15) was successful, Roth said he has to go back to the tapes. “We tape everything,” he told XXL. “We tape all the shows so it’s like watching a game. So we’ll go back and peruse through everything and watch. It was good. I mean it was really crazy. New York is notoriously a tough crowd so you gotta bring it. You got to come with it and I think overall the show went well.”

Surprisingly the “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper— who has yet to drop a full-fledged album— headlined the NYC stop instead of Asher. “Cudi and I just kind of sat down like, ‘Oh, what days do you want to rock and which cities are important to me,’” Asher said on how they decide who headlines which shows. “So it’s pretty easy. You know he’s headlining Cleveland tomorrow. I’ll headline Philadelphia, and stuff like that. I’ll be in Atlanta, and he’ll be in Seattle, and San Francisco.”

Switching gears, Asher told XXL that he is currently working on his sophomore album. And it seems like the SRC rapper is trying to deliver an old school vibe for his next LP. “You know I’m really interested in Pete Rock and [DJ] Premier and that New York sound, and that ’90s sound. I really wanna get in on that.”

Joining the Great Hangover Tour tonight in Cleveland is fellow XXL Freshmen alumni B.o.B. The young upstarts will be traveling the country until August. –Elan Mancini with reporting by Kamaria Gboro

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  • Pierzy

    Wish in one hand, shit in the other, see what you get more of…

    • El Tico Loco

      Wish on shit or shit on a wish.

  • LeonThePro

    I dunno what to really say about this one…

    My favorite producers w/ this great white hype.

    Everything is doable tho w/ SRC $$$$. I wonder if they’ve even broke even on this ‘investment’… lol,. dahh well — maybe i’ll like some of his shit if this happens. Til then, he’s still a gimmick x corny.


  • Ummmm


    that’s all I really have to say.

    Say something nice sheesh.

    • General

      Something nice??? He’s not the worst rapper in the history of music and probably only the second biggest douchebag…

      Was that nice???

      • Pierzy


        Co-Sign. That’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard someone say about him. Well done.

    • geico lizard

      something nice

      • El Tico Loco

        Something nice Sheesh. you forgot the sheesh!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Awww, man fuck that honky. The only way I’d buy that shit is if there were an instrumental-only version. Jesus White Christ what a shitty mix-up. 2 of the best DJs EVAR teamed up with this preppy-assed Mario Kart ridah? Fuck Asher Roth. No one wants to hear ANYTHING from you. I don’t want to hear your voice, your thoughts, or the sound of you breathing. Off yourself like yesterday, fool. Don’t ever mention my homies again.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • brizzle

      Og shut you’re mouth, have you seen his freestyles, the dudes got more talent than most out there lyrically, just Cus you’re dumb ass can’t understand something other than sippin syrup or making it rain don’t mean no one elsegets it ignorant hater probably got no talent whatsoever, joke hating on a website. Use a real hard ass my fukin g dude

      • OG Matt Herbz

        Are you fucking kidding me? Instead of holding down the back seat on the short bus and rubbing one out in English class, you should be spending more time checking on what’s good in Hip Hop, you intellectually undeveloped stunted-brain-growth-ass chump.

        Cocaine is a hell of a drug…and the chopped up Arm & Hammer/Gold Medal flour your mother was snorting when she conceived you is the shit. I’m pushing pause on our conversation until you step your typing skills up to a 3rd-grade level. I’m not on a cell phone so I’m going to need proper grammar, you chromosome-lacking inbred fuck.

        As I speak, I bet you got dried snot on your upper lip and you’re trying to lick it up with your tongue.

        I don’t sip syrup and the only time I make it rain is when I’m giving your brother a golden shower. He gargles it.

        And who the fuck are you to judge anyone’s talent? You seem like the type that would be blown away by a nigga’s ability to complete a coherent sentence, much less rhyme about keg parties and Mario Kart.

        You douche, you need to stay in school and get off the forums. Asher Roth is ass and you got a big mouth. Put it together, faggot.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

        • GregSide

          ‘Till either of yall becomes rapper or even get a glimpse of what the games really like neither of yall can judge ANY ONES talent. And oh yeah, all the “OG’s” really worry about their typing skills. Cause all the O.G.’s sit at the computer and grade others grammar. U get ‘em OG Matt Herbz cause ur so far ahead of everybody else on here(Really I just think ur the number 1 Douche Bag). And hey brizzle you put words together better than OJ the Jiz Box(Well thats really not saying much).

        • Eman

          “Till either of yall becomes rapper or even get a glimpse of what the games really like neither of yall can judge ANY ONES talent”

          Um yeah we can were consumers and real fans of hip hop know that this dudes sucks sorry we can judge all we want.
          p.s. the shittiest freestyle ever is Asher Roth on Westwood that shit is garbage.

        • OG Matt Herbz

          @ GregSide

          Damn, I take it that my reply to that other faggot was so potent that even YOU caught feelings? Look, fuckboy, I don’t have to watch American Idol on a weekly basis to spot talent, so you can consider that your notice to turn off the fucking television and zip your fly, nigga. All I have to do is listen to an audio clip of Asher Roth stumbling over himself in a freestyle to know that the muthafucka sucks. And I ain’t the muthafuckin grammar police, either. It’s just that if you’re gonna see me, you got to see me at my level. I’m not getting any stupider, so you’re just gonna have to get smarter. I half didn’t understand what the fuck you were talking about so I had your dad come in here and translate. He didn’t make it too far before I told him to “Just go clean the toilets.” That’s why your generation sucks. No one understand you. You too busy policing anyone that hates on your mans’n'em instead of worrying about relevant matters…like grammar, marketing schemes, or establishing a skillset. You’re a flunkie–and if I’m a douche, it’s only because these blogs need cleaning up, just like ya mama’s twat. Don’t ever come at me again unless you want me to tell them what I saw you do with a pickle the other day. You faggot, pay attention in class.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Smashher choth

    Hi. This is Asher Roth. I am fuming at the comments right now, but I will forgive you and move on. You will soon see how all celebrity actresses will desire my nuts after 3 years. You’ll see. This album will be dope. I’m featuring Kanye, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dre, Neptunes, Timbaland and my younger brother Slashher Throt. As rappers though. My producers will be Kurupt, Nas and Jay-Z. And this is to Eminem. F you! I knew you were dissing me on 3am when I heard it. Everyone in the industry knows that I produce my tracks at 3am. And you said that you “killed ‘em”??Em, the only thing which is killed is your career which has stalled after ‘Encore’. My next track will be called “Often Met Bushes Retract”. It deals with the pain and misery that comes with being me. It talks about how I felt when I saw little kids playing frisbee with my debut album. For instance, a sample

    “You toss it around like it was a marriage proposal, hurting my feelings making me anti-social, Why you dissing and making me reach for that anasthesia, my heart’s worse than a zoo in Indonesia.”

    Recently MJ had called me prior to his unexpected death. He said let’s get together and talk about a collaboration along with lines of “The girl is mine”. We even recorded a track but it never got done.

    You can all reach me on Twitter where live. Bye.

  • dr. cheah

    It’s nice to want things…

  • edeezy

    Check out MGK @, there’s some downloads on there that’s pretty hot see what you think..

  • Kappa9

    You have to give Asher his props, at least he’s trying to get legends to produce his album and not getting who’s currently Hot for the moment. ****Sidebar – Who is currently hot for the moment??**** haha.
    But maybe Premo and Pete will make him step his game up on the lyrics. If he follows through with it, I might cop his album.

  • Avenger XL

    Asher needs to go and get a indie pop kid following and do a few marginal cross over hip-hop tracks to see if he can move the regular hip-hop audience. The whole college thing was limiting from jump. He needs to find a truer voice no pun intended.

  • harmen

    have any of ya’ll even heard the album? it’s not that bad it’s better than you would expect trust it, it’s good smoking music pretty chill, now his lyrics aren’t the best, but hey he raps better than sayyy plies or jeezy from back in the day, orrr maino lol you guys need to get this biased off you, i think it will be the same ol thing tho not too different from the debut i bet, and hes saying he WANTS to not that he is so who knows he could be doing songs with cool n dre and dj khaled for all we know LOL

  • El Tico Loco

    At least he wants to make good music instead of justifying his shitty music.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    AsherEM, the Tommy Gun of the rap game. Perpetually stuck in Eminems shadow, just like Tommy was stuck in Rockys. Hopefully he gets Aids like Tommy Morrison, and we wont have to listen to his Eminem redux. Actually I don’t wish him any harm, I just think he’s a poor MC, who has a voice and style that sounds very similar to Eminems first 3 albums. On top of that its a crying shame that he had to put so many people on his FIRST album, to try and gain some credibility within the rap community. I mean who the fuck puts C-Lo Green your second single on your first album ? …. (Side note on C-lo, “Get up get out and get something” from SPCM was one of the best southern songs of all time), but the nigga lost me when he started wearing cod pieces and diapers and wedding dresses. Nigga fagged out. Sorry )

    Back to AsherEM. ANYONE WHO HOLD UP HIS FREESTYLE SKILLS AS GOOD IS A JOKE. Go to the XXL search engine and type in Asher Roth Freestyle, hell click the right side of this page and listen to his song cry freestyle. Dude is freestyle is eminem felch material. Fuck out of here defending this clown. And someone pop the pop corn and crack a bear, cu I’m going to sit back and watch the Herbz get in brizzles ass, no Homo. Homo

  • $ykotic

    And yes they are still trying to make dude a star…

    HOMIES WAKE UP. Hood rap(made by us from the hood) IS NOT WANTED ANYMORE. WE DON’T BUY IT ANYWAY. Watch the rise of suburbia rap.

    DON’T LIKE IT? SUPPORT TRUE ARTISTS. When it happens I won’t say “Told you so”. You’ll check for me and ask “How did you know?”

  • brand-new

    damn…og matt herbz ethered that dude…lol

    • Pierzy

      Seriously, he shouldn’t even try to come back from that one.

  • speaks~da~truth

    when i first heard the i love college song i thought it was umm i think GYM CLASS HEROES with th dude Travis…I liked it. When I saw what ASHER ROTH looked like I liked it even more. Hip -Hop has always been about slef expression. WHEN DID THE FUCCIN RULES CHANGE? Anybody that feels a beat that rhmyes and makes you move your feet or nod your fuccin noggin deserves to be exposed. this is what we were brought on…self expression through wordplay and hot ass beats. No matter the creed or color. You have to respect the misuic for what it is and that is music. If you dont like it cut that shit off but dont deterioate and crush someones thoughts and freedom of expression. THAT RIGHT THERE IS A FUCCIN CRIME. PEOPLE USED TO GET THEIR HEADS PUT ON FLAT FOR DISRESPECTING A PERSON’S CRAFT…I HAVE SPOKEN.

  • soeaks~da~truth

    and know i fucced up alot of words…im tipsy but u kno what i mean.

  • speaks~da~truth

    and i kno i messed up a lot of tipsy

  • Jamal7Mile

    *checks in with late pass*

    *reads OG Matt Herbz comment*

    *head explodes, drops dead*

  • Ned

    asher roth has some nerve wishing that premo and pr would be on his album….why is he trying to recreate the early 90s sound when his music breaks from the golden era tradition 180 degrees? i know that premier would never work with this prick, and i hope pr wouldnt. dumb ass thinks he can get underground fans by invoking two of the greatest….man please fuck asher and all his fans….this is coming from somebody who rarely tries to diss a rapper or call somebody whack. him and premo or pr would be water and oil.

  • ShireShot

    Everyone’s comments in here are ignorant and are filled with jealousy. It’s amazing what envy can due to a man, grow the fuck up kiddies.

  • Q-Bot

    “…you chromosome-lacking inbred fuck”

    Hahahaha I shat when I read that, Herbz slayed him.


    wow…not sure this is a good idea ashy…

    considering i can think of at least 5 other white guys i’d rather hear spit some raw shit on a primo or pete rock beat…

    1) eminem
    2) evidence
    3) copywrite
    4) slug
    5) fred savage (in his wonder years)

    i’m seriously, they all should have the rights to bless a beat by two legends before you should dude…please don’t do it!!! keep it poppy…or poopy.

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  • Love&D

    Wow, all I read are haters and racist black ppl hatin on the white boy. Asher Roth is nice, not the best flow by any means but he is better than alot of ppl out. Lets be real Asher’s cd was better than Em. Em’s most recent album was a sad comeback, only had like 4 or 5 bangers. We all know Asher does sound like him. But I would much rahther listen to new Asher than Em sayin the same ol bullshit from album one. Go Asher Roth!!!!!!

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