Asher Roth Brings out Jim Jones at NYC Show [With Exclusive Pictures & Video]

XXL Class of ’09 Freshmen alumni, Asher Roth and Kid Cudi, took the stage on Wednesday night (July 15) for their NYC stop on The Great Hangover Tour. About 2,000 fans gathered at the Nokia Theater for a chance to see the suburban sensation, Kanye’s latest signee and indie rapper/producer 88-Keys.

88 opened the show after a quick DJ set by Funkmaster Flex. Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 emceed the show and kept the crowd entertained as transitions were taking place.

Rolling onto the stage on a tricked out go-kart was Ash Roth, who started his set with the theme song to Saved by the Bell before bursting into “Lark On My Go Kart.” For his Spring Break anthem “I Love College” AR brought our Harlem’s own Jim Jones to drop a verse from the song’s remix. [Watch Below] As an encore, he lurked back into the spotlight to perform the mixtape standout “Roth Boys.”

Headlining the night was Kid Cudi who came out to what is said to be “The National Cudder Anthem.” Seems like the G.O.O.D. Music artist took some pointers from mentor, Kanye West, as he had elaborate lighting and graphics. The moons and stars were expected, yet very reminiscent of Ye’s Glow In The Dark Tour. Cudi performed a new song, “Heart Of A Lion” which will be on his Man On The Moon debut slated for release on August 25. To end the show, Cudi performed his hit, “Day and Nite” and jumped into the crowd to party with his fans.

NYC was the second tour date on The Great Hangover Tour, with the crew hitting Mariaville, NY tomorrow and fellow XXL Freshman classmate B.o.B. joining them on the following day for the remainder of the tour. –Kamaria Gboro

Photos courtesy of Brittany Somerset. Click on image to enlarge

Ash soaks up some swag juice

Cudi peeps the cheat sheet

Asher hangs with the Roth Boys backstage

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    AsherEM is still alive ? SMH

    • Hi Hater!

      ^^EXACTLY!!! I thought the label got rid of him when they tried to make a new Em and flopped!

      anyway, he’s so CORNY, and SO IS JIM JONES, so no doubt they on the same stage.

  • $ykotic

    Pierzy where you @? they’re giving your boy props again! LOL

    But I will warn y’all, beware of the Jedi mind trick. THEY ARE GONNA MAKE ASHER A STAR REGARDLESS.

    Y’all little n*ggaz(hoodrats) step your game up. The window of opportunity is already closing on you. And you just started.

    • Pierzy

      My man $yk — Sorry I was MIA but I was actually really enjoying this show. HA!

      I like Cudi but I don’t know anyone (White, Black or Hispanic) that likes my boy Asher Roth.

      • FLOSS

        @ P and Syk

        Im black my dude, and i fucks wit Ash Roth.
        I cant front i like the dude he stating in his lane man and i think his flow is cool. i bought the album and all. Any nigga on here who critisize this dude and listens to Gucci Mane or OJ DA Juicemane better not speak, just jump in a casket and get ya die on.

  • soundviewNY






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  • Mikey F Baby

    let it go boys…let the Asher trip GO!

  • Realest


  • nate

    Wow! I didn’t see where he failed compared to all the other releases this year, or when those hundreds of thousands of people downloaded his mixtape. I didn’t notice how he failed with this good underground tour he has.

    And like the song on his album proves, I don’t see the connection to Eminem. But I guess that’s for faggots who never listened much less bought his album or who don’t want to acknowledge that among the thousands of rap artists that there is 1 every now and then that comes along that is white and good.

    The funniest shit is how the lames
    A) say he is a Eminem Wannabe and diss accordingly (because of their ignorance)


    B) know just slightly more about him but diss him because he is DIFFERENT than Em.

    Asher is his own person, and he brings a fresh take to hip-hop. The same goes for Kid Cudi, B.O.B. and Pac Div

    Admittedly I have only seen Pac Div in concert this spring, but I have heard Asher, Kid Cudi, and B.O.B. and that’s real new school hiphop.

    I never liked Jenny Jones however.

    Nobody is going to make Asher a “star”. He will have to grind for his shine. Make that claim again if he ever goes gold…

    Asher stated earlier this year that his main goal was to merely make a living off of the music. That’s not hard to do. Notice that he doesn’t wear lame ass designer poser clothes, or chains that cost other rappers advances.

    Put it like this- If you had to choose, Ace Hood, Maino or Asher for the long term for your label, right now you would go with a Asher. Denying that
    is straight ignorance. (But choosing one of the other two would probably qualify you to be a A&R for Def Jam) They love signing the ringtone losers, and letting the talent like Asher go…

    You guys like that sophmore album 2 week totals of 27K for Ace, and debut album 2 week total of 27K for Maino. Now THOSE are bankable bullshit artists!!!!

    No thanks, I’ll take the artist with original fresh music, that sounds good, a album you play through, when girls are around they like, and where the artist actually knows the words to all his songs and can outbattle many others.

    You guys can go the race route and make fun of his color. But hey some learn from history and some just stay ignorant….

    • General

      Damn Asher Roth does read and post on Who knew.

    • Eazy E


  • dwi

    gay !

  • brand-new

    must be a slow news day

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I nominate General for “post of the day”.


    • roth is gay

      haha i second that
      General has post of tha day
      asher is garbage he aint nun like em his shits wack cudi n wale tha hottest out rite now along wit b.o.b n a couple others

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  • No Doubt.

    Damn, Mad people hating on Ash. I mean, his concept is wack to most hardcore hip hopperss, but he’s pretty nice on stage. But I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore hip hopper, either. Anyway, I’d say chill with the hate. You never “really” know a rapper until you see him live. And this performance may have uponed up a liking for Jim Jones for me, whom I’ve never been a fan of.

    Either way, somebody’s gonna rip on this for the Ash support. Whatever.
    It was an ill ass show.

  • j589

    i wish he would gone back to college or some shit cause im tired of him

  • kevin

    you kids are sorry..narrow-minded, just..sorry. period.

  • http://XXL Gratefultouch

    Well i heard of jim jones.

    but i don’t know about dat asher dude.

    just like alot of people do not know about me.

    and my team because we are under ground.

    we grinding to come up.

    and some people gonna hate us and some are not.

    how i feel it is gonna be some haters.

    and it is gonna be fans showing love.

    supporting us and showing some respect.

  • http://xxl.mag erik

    stop hating on both of them i hate jim jones but hes getiing his money so i can bicth bout that and asher roth is not the new em even em hates when ppl say that i bet its stupid and its funny how u ppl hate him so much but keep seeing all these videos and keep talking bout him

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  • DotA

    I read comments everyday on this site and for a fact i know that aint $yk and Perzy up there. it really is shit to use someones name and post shit ya know. And floss u shld knw better since your also a frequent visitor to this site. Thats grade school English being used up there by some kid with issues (probably sniffin surf and smokin tea leaves abt now). This shit is getting bad first it was that g-unot guy and now its em 2. xxl shld come up with some sort of system to stop dumb shit like this from happening.

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