The lack of hardcore hip-hop has seemingly coincided with rappers being exposed in the last two years.

Though not a rapper per se, Akon's street credibility took a hit when reported that the hookman's rap sheet was fabricated back in April 2008. Kon had reportedly only spent a few months in prison for stealing one BMW rather than serve a 4 1/2 years term for being the ring leader of a car theft ring. Meanwhile, three months later, Plies, hip-hop's self-proclaimed "goon" came under fire for allegedly being a college kid who lied about his criminal past. Last but not least, Rick Ross was outted for being a correctional officer the same month. Presently on a campaign to bring hardcore hip-hop back, 50 Cent weigh in on the correlation between rappers's questionable street creds and the lack of interest in gangsta rap.

"With Plies, if you say he’s a college kid, so what?" the Queens rapper told "I wish I was a college kid. I wish I didn’t grow up under the circumstances I had to grow up under. I would have liked to just go to college and study business."

"I see him rap about the girls a lot, so that’s true," he continued. "From my perspective, Plies, his strong hit records are about females…and 'Bust It Baby' and that type of material. To me that’s authentic. He gon get the girls. You see him, decked out, he’s right, girls like him. That’s official."

As expected, Fif had a different take on the Rick Ross controversy. "What was awkward was being part of law enforcement and completely writing drug dealer material and the biggest drug dealer in the world material," Fif explained. "That was a little bit fictional. I mean hip-hop in general…I don’t think anybody is actively out, anybody with good sense ain’t actively out doing exactly what they said on the record or they won’t actually last cause you’ll get attention from law enforcement based on what you saying."

"Can you imagine what it’s like…when you convince the general public that you’re that person, you’re also convincing law enforcement," Fif added. "This is why you don’t see me out and about as often as you see these other guys at frivolous events, just wherever. I’m not with it."—Bruce Moses