50 Cent Speaks on Rappers Being Exposed

The lack of hardcore hip-hop has seemingly coincided with rappers being exposed in the last two years.

Though not a rapper per se, Akon’s street credibility took a hit when thesmokinggun.com reported that the hookman’s rap sheet was fabricated back in April 2008. Kon had reportedly only spent a few months in prison for stealing one BMW rather than serve a 4 1/2 years term for being the ring leader of a car theft ring. Meanwhile, three months later, Plies, hip-hop’s self-proclaimed “goon” came under fire for allegedly being a college kid who lied about his criminal past. Last but not least, Rick Ross was outted for being a correctional officer the same month. Presently on a campaign to bring hardcore hip-hop back, 50 Cent weigh in on the correlation between rappers’s questionable street creds and the lack of interest in gangsta rap.

“With Plies, if you say he’s a college kid, so what?” the Queens rapper told XXLMag.com. “I wish I was a college kid. I wish I didn’t grow up under the circumstances I had to grow up under. I would have liked to just go to college and study business.”

“I see him rap about the girls a lot, so that’s true,” he continued. “From my perspective, Plies, his strong hit records are about females…and ‘Bust It Baby’ and that type of material. To me that’s authentic. He gon get the girls. You see him, decked out, he’s right, girls like him. That’s official.”

As expected, Fif had a different take on the Rick Ross controversy. “What was awkward was being part of law enforcement and completely writing drug dealer material and the biggest drug dealer in the world material,” Fif explained. “That was a little bit fictional. I mean hip-hop in general…I don’t think anybody is actively out, anybody with good sense ain’t actively out doing exactly what they said on the record or they won’t actually last cause you’ll get attention from law enforcement based on what you saying.”

“Can you imagine what it’s like…when you convince the general public that you’re that person, you’re also convincing law enforcement,” Fif added. “This is why you don’t see me out and about as often as you see these other guys at frivolous events, just wherever. I’m not with it.”—Bruce Moses

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  • beaver

    ha he’s right though..ha

    • joe p

      i been sayin this for years … was it just a coincident that in the past like 3 year every rappers that came out was the drug lord of his town or state or county lol come on … like doom said ” rap snitches, telling all they business, be in the court and be their own star witness ” these “rapper/drug dealers are prety much telling on themselves lol … even if you stop selling drugs to become a rapper you can still be convicted of past crimes ..!? lol every one is the music bizz is phony !!! end of story

      • Fresh New P

        co sign

    • MO


      • matty21

        @ MO

        fck u b quiet quit hatin

        *turns if u get shot n run 2 da cops u “not like me” way up

        *shoutout Persian

    • MO


      • MO


  • CrunchyBlack

    Rappers is actors

  • ri067953

    Yo, as much as I don’t really care for 50′s music…I have to agree with what the man is saying.

  • Pierzy

    Real Talk. Especially: “I wish I was a college kid. I wish I didn’t grow up under the circumstances I had to grow up under. I would have liked to just go to college and study business.” Well done.

    • GIBZ

      You right about that one Pierzy. Shit IS real. Some cats rapping ’bout it ‘cus that’s all they know. Ricky had the opportunity to advance, and he went the “drug dealing” way so to speak. How ass backwards is that? It’s the day and age we live in where negative is glorified and positive is looked at as “selling out.”

      I don’t know why cats ever believed anything said on wax anyway. It’s fuckin music, which is entertainment. People don’t harrass Sly Stallone like “yo where’s ya boxing gloves” they know he was acting like a boxer. Why hip hop is different beats me.

      Jay-Z said it best;

      “They’re all actors, lookin’ at themselves in the mirror backwards/ Can’t even face themselves, don’t fear no rappers/ They’re all, weirdos, DeNiros in practice/ So, don’t believe everything your earlobe captures/ It’s mostly backwards, unless it happens to be as accurate as me/ And everything said in song, you happen to see/ Then, actually, believe half of what you see/ None of what you hear, even if it’s spat by me….”

      He’s telling peeps that the shit is all exagerrated(sp) even the shit he spits, and people still wanna argue over who is real. WHO GIVES A FUCK!

  • $ykotic

    This n*gga done tore down the threads for today. I’ma watch and see who disputes this knowledge.

  • Worley

    “when you convince the general public that you’re that person, you’re also convincing law enforcement.”


  • Rj

    i dont kare what anybody say rick ross killed 50… just look at the picture. didnt nobody listen to rick ross till 50 diss him… 50 made rick ross… plies is lame and fake. his brother is doing gospel but plies calling himself a goon be real nigga

    • joe p

      Rj are you dumb lol rick ross sold over a million copies of his first album ..! and then after the beef with 50 ( his most recent album) sold less than 400,000 copies ? more ppl might be listen to his dumbass mix tapes for his diss records but not making any more money … and as for plies ive always thought he was just an idiot …

  • http://-- gaddic

    Fake fucks like officer Ricky are an embarrassment to the whole rap community
    Akon and plies just exaggerated their situations to gain a little street cred
    Rick Ross-the dick lick boss
    flat-out created a persona off total lies and fiction and for that he’s by far the worst of the trio!
    Dude was even trying to pretend it was him in the pics just to show how fake and dishonest this fat fuck was!!
    All you Rick Ross dick-riders continue sucking his cock and jacking off to his overweight physique!
    You are supporting a complete mockery of not just mafiaso rap but hip-hop in general!!!

    • Danny

      It seems like every week you guys are talking about hip hop is dieing. get over it already!!

  • epinz

    I dnt listen to this ngga like that, but I respect the shit out this ngga! And for the record, his last 2 tapes have str8 fire!

    Where rwords( rick ross) hatin ass at?

  • King Joffy Joe

    Ain’t a damn thing wrong with being a college kid. Shit I’M a college kid right now! It’s a whole hell of alot better than actually doing all of that DUMB and UNCALLED for shit that niggas rap about in the streets.

  • iliveonce1

    real talk….i don’t even like the content in 50′s lyrics.. His flow cool but what he just said is true…make more feel good intelligent music about life and overcoming the obstacles in life that’s real music… true story telling because what these other rappers as well as 50 has been doing is story telling ( just the fictional type) haha!

  • PR

    Go ahead fif, bring that underground/hardcore rap back

  • giantstepp

    I aint never been a big fan, and I dont agree with some of 50′s views, but I do respect his mind. He has never, ever come across as an ignorant nigga…he speaks well and he thinks about what he is actually saying, be it right or wrong. My personal view is that 50 probably couldve done many things successfully in life outside of entertainment.

  • RL

    No doubt about it, 50 is right. 50 himself being a gimmick rapper (how many times was he shot? 8, 9, 100??????????????????) would know another gimmick rapper if he saw one.

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  • ne where gang

    Rick Ross selling 400,000 in this recession is like going double platinum ask Maino lol thats a flop.

    Plies aint never been a goon if he aint rap to females he wouldnt even exist

  • Federal Ranga


    Niggaz need to stop denying 50′s rap wisdom for real. And while he admits to not having and wishing he had a college education… he is truly showing off his humbleness. For someone with almost NO business background the man’s presence in a board room full of mufuckaz who more than likely NEVER HEARD OF HIM is just crazy to see or hear about.

    And he’s telling the truth. Most rappers who lie about a past or lifestyle are BEGGING to be outted. You can fool some of the people aome of the time, but you cant fool all the people all the time.

    STOP keeping it real. Let’s be realistic.

  • That N*gga

    Plies= annoying ass voice..i.e. “Plenty Money”

    Rick Ross= Police.

    50 Cent= was washed but must admit “War Angel” slaps……needs less singin on the hooks though

  • latino heat

    Plies has been a clown since the 1st time i seen him. does anybody remember when he was in the Show and Prove section in XXL a few years ago? he said “i don’t give a fuck about hip hop or anybody that came before me. i just want to get paid.” can you imagine if Kobe Bryant said “fuck basketball. fuck Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlin. i just want to get paid.” he would get thrown out of the league. if your a artist you have to respect your art form. Plies dosen’t and that’s why he’s so horrible to listen to. he’s a fake ass clown and from what i heard that thug shit he raps about was all shit his brother actually did. he’s far from “official”.

  • newyawka631


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    On the other hand back in the day Vanilla Ice lied about being from miami? he was texas, texas is a way harder city, way more crime and criminal activity, So my point is they practically stoned Vanilla to death because of what todays rap stars are doing, Just goes to show you the standard in hip hop, now its acceptable to be fictional dude.

  • K.ing

    rick ross 330 k thats a flop…

    fuck maino….

  • macdatruest

    Fifty Cent was a real stick up kid. “Fiddy” Cent is taking someone’s persona too, and “those other guys” that he’s talking about, what they’re doing is called staying in the streets. It may not be the smartest thing corporately–but some rappers-Real Gangsta Rappers mind you, Fiddy- still have ties with their hood and respect where they come from.

    I always wondered about Fiddy being called a Gangsta Rapper and always talking so tough- what real gangsta type nigga move like him? Ross was askin for the face to face instead you tape Khaled moms wit a poem and post it online? Then you waste time and energy doing Pimpin Curly for months while you get in the booth and claim you will kill???? Joke. and fail.

    I think dude is the biggest fraud of all he threatened to pull Interscope advertising out of XXL when Jimmy Henchmen’s article was gonna be featured- who is his old manager. And mark my words, now that G-Unit got dropped from Interscope Fiddy is next to get outted. Oh yea Rick Ross sold 330k, but War Angel(SMH) is free. And I still aint heard nobody slappin that bullshit.

    Fiddy lied about getting shot. Then he callin Buck a junkie and puttin him on blast, but Eminem been in rehab while he was taping phone calls. Fake ass nigga I seen that unreleased Bang’em Smurf interview on Youtube nigga you abandoned ya homeboys on some bullshit. Fake ass target dummy

    • 619

      “Fifty Cent was a real stick up kid. “Fiddy” Cent is taking someone’s persona” ^^^^
      Yeah and Freeway Rick Ross was a real hustler. “Officer” Rick Ross is taking someone’s persona.

  • Nate

    Mo, 50 doesn’t stress HIMSELF smoking weed. He just did like 1 or 2 out of hundreds of songs mentioning weed. He doesn’t talk about it nonstop like Devin. His take is basically promoting it. It’s like not being a snitch or fake (Officer R), but it doesn’t mean as a artist that he has time to do major dirt. Stars don’t have time for that… Little artists do…

    And Yes, it’s not a scam.. 50 did get shot many times, too much physical evidence on that, but does it even matter if it was 9 or 7?? Not really.

    Any more bullshit lies or rumors you want to spew?
    You are delusional if you haven’t seen the dozens of times 50 comes through the hood. He’s righteous in what he does for the community and how he gives back. Sure publicity helps him and it’s a win-win, but check out the special days he’s planning to give back to Queens.

    Most artists move out when they get big but ones like Snoop and 50 always go back from time to time. The haters always force it to be a no-win though in their perspective.

    If you throw too much money around people say you are showing off. If you never show your face, people say you turned your back. So 50 partners up, creates positive things, and gets everyone involved. Why don’t you show up to the day he’s planning. Rafer Alston and Lamar Odom will be there too. Then you can talk all the shit about them too when you show up. I’d like to see some bitch ass get beat down, and I’ll be able to ID you when it’s done.

    50 says so much that pisses people off but the common denominator is

    And I know how much the truth hurts the Officer and Lil Bitch fans

    50 IS out and about at places where he isn’t afraid to take anyone he mentions one-on one. But the scary people he sons like to take their bitch ass 10 man no name crews. Tell me MO, which rapper could take 50 if they just dropped them thangs and boxed?

    Fatty Hoe?- Hell no
    Officer Ricky?- Hell No (2X)(assuming he’s not packing a nightstick)
    “Killa” Cam- Nope,
    Nas?- Nas is a writer, not a fighter
    Ja Fool? No, 50 already beat his bitch a$$ down
    Game? well, yes maybe- that would actually be a fight I would like to see, as long as Game doesn’t get emotional and cry whether he wins or loses…

    If you seriously want to try 50 through the coward guns way, I think we know that he can buy shooters to take out all his enemies shooters. So AGAIN.. make a claim that makes sense… 50 never spoke on anything that wasn’t OLD NEWS…

    If you didn’t know then maybe you just aren’t up on what goes on from where he’s from…

    Get some FACTS, and come back….
    Oh, and that last thing.. “hasn’t killed like he raps about”
    You never really know… Thousands of rappers talk about it, and it’s not the kind of thing you detail…

    But I tend to place more possibility of the ability on a artist that is as successful and competitive as 50… of course a Diamond artist is a boss that can let his people handle his business for him..

    Any other BS?? Wanna say he’s never made a hit song or wrote a true or good verse???
    Didn’t change the game? Didn’t make $$$??

  • macdatruest

    The minute he say something true niggas act like he aint rap’s biggest hypocrite- Two Words: JA RULE. Where would he be without Ja’s whole style? The style he got everybody to hate Ja Rule for so he could add his own bitch ass harmony whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Plus what Gangsta get a restraining order? whoa whoa, indeed Fiddy lol

    • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

      on point.glad i ain’t the only cat that saw that. niggas is sheep.

  • macdatruest

    Fiddy You a Lyin Ass Nigga

    May 16, 2007. When rapper 50 Cent first hit the national scene, he shocked fans with claims that he survived being shot 9 times. But in now looks like 50 Cent may have stretched the truth when he described the fateful event.

    In a MediaTakeOut.com exclusive, we got our hands on the official police report issued on the shooting. And according to the report, the Queens rapper was shot only 3 times (see below report).

    Unfortunately, that’s not what 50′s been telling everyone. In an interview with hip hop journalist Davey D, done in 2003, 50 was quoted as saying the following:

    50 Cent: 9 times on May 24, 2000 I got shot… I was in the hospital for like 13 days…and it sounds crazy… it hurted more to not know what I was gonna do with myself AFTER being shot.. like when I called Columbia Records and they didn’t know what to do

    And the gunshot distortion is repeated on 50 Cent’s official web page. Here’s how Interscope Records describes the shooting incident in 50′s bio: “In April of ’00, 50 was shot 9 times, including a .9mm bullet to the face, in front of his grandmothers house in Queens. ”

    WOOOW! Sike. Niggas been knew he lied who wasnt caught up in the fake ass hype.

  • macdatruest

    ya ya fiddy it all sound good when you get dropped from interscope right?

  • Tone

    Actually %0 street cred is valid this nigga was a goon knockin niggas heads off and i think any person or rapper who gets shot before they were famous is obviously in some street shit or around some street shit.Fifty (a.k.a ) boo boo was a one hitter quitter nigga he used to knock niggas out all the time do your fifty home work

    • macdatruest

      I did my homework and it aint no documentation about Boo Boo one hitting quitting nobody, but his restraining order against Ja Rule is on file in the city of New York police database-you should check it out. I would think he would fight Rick Ross too. Why not, he dropped from Interscope he got free time. Fiddy gotta kill a Bear before I believe that nigga is gangsta. Coulda fought Game too, but he kissed him instead at the press conference and he build dildos that some gay shit nigga, I dont care what no nigga say. If kissing a man is gay, building dicks is gay too for a “hood ass one hitter gangster” dont you think? Of all the things on a GANGSTER’S mind….SMH

      • Forever King>War Angel

        what type of gangsta types “SMH” shut the fuck up

    • Stopitnow

      Forreal? Ray J was also shot at. So by your logic Brandy’s little brother was a goon also. Stop It!

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  • Fireforreal

    50 started working out after he signed because Ja beat that niggas ass back in 2000 lol for that your lifes on the line song But let 50 tell it he was jumped by 8 niggas.Than waited until his get rich or die album to really go at him ? you gotta love the rap game.

  • l.a Vet

    why is this Wigga getting shit from Media take out… thats a bitches gossip sitE…

    the same site that said T.O.S was projected to sale 700 k…

    and as far as 50 takin ja watch … or knockin out fredro starr…. yea it’s been confirmed…
    the sofest nigga in the world talken about he could fight game…

    at a peace rally???

    and is it a order of protection or a restraining order you fuckin wigga stan…

    you saying he got dropped like you was ever signed loser… and you lyin… nigga ai’t no where near a mac always worried about another man…

    if he ain’t shit why comment…

    why at the awards when he went in the audience nobody said or did shit like Pimp C (a real Mac) said…

    and he told u he wasn’t a gangsta on wanksta… why do wiggas have such an obsession with gangsta??? is it that you can’t go outside and see the shit…

    wierdo as niggas couldn’t survive a day in LA

    • macdatruest

      Dawg, Wiggas go to media take out now right?
      it’s credible for outting Rick Ross- but when it comes to Fiddy now it’s a bitch site??? You musta sucked Pimpin Curly’s dick. Other sites like The Smoking Gun and All Hip Hop are Gossip, Media Take Out, i fuck wit cause they post the documents.

      Don’t get mad at me because the truth was out there and I found it. What type of nigga lie about getting shot?? Ooh ooh I know! A fake ass nigga tryna prove something. Would it not be lame if some rapper from the south lied, like WAYNE or somebody and said he got shot in the face.Niggas would eat it up…

      I seen Fiddy beef wit half the rap game, but never put hands on nobody. Young Buck faced attempted murder shankin a nigga for Dre, where was Fiddy??? He cant even fight his lyrical battles. He recruit lames like Spider Loc and 40 Glocc, fake ass rappers that’s really on the payroll to help fight his battles. Niggas a lame, like you.

      As far as Pimp C, it was a point he was makin about rappers talkin like they was gone get Fiddy and aint do nothin’ East Coast rappers. Fiddy was also included in that statement too, he talked shit but aint do shit to AAAAANNNYYYBOOODY. Accept Shanequa. And if you wasnt a bitch, you would been known Rap-A-Lot been going at them niggas THe WHOLE LABEL from UGK to Scarface to Z-Ro to Yukmouth, “We Don’t Talk To Police” off Scarface album for example featuring Bun B. You a bitch like Pimp C say.

      And If Fiddy said he wasnt Gangsta on Wanksta, why he makin so much of a fuss about bringing back Gangsta rap?? If you aint in a gang, and you aint in the streets, he should just make good club music and wear them gay ass candy striped tanktops he invented

      So in conclusion, just cause I never got signed dont make me a loser, cause every nigga dont gotta dance a jig, bounce a ball or sing a diddy to get a few bucks. I got money and a raw ass bitch. And nigga please believe I’m a Mac, you jumped on my dick soon as you logged in, see how I attract hoes? Do yo bitch see how much you love Fiddy?? She should buy you a G-Unit Dildo and as far as surviving in L.A. fuck surviving in L.A. it aint shit for me out there to survive for yall whole state is broke, ask the Terminator.

      • Forever King>War Angel

        macdatruest is gay yall. all he talk about is dildos and what a nigga’s wearin. u say the dumbest shit. Im a Mac. u serious?

        • macdatruest

          I said a lot more than that, those is just the parts that hurt your feelings, cause you a bitch. How do I know you hurt??? Nigga you pleading to the whole room and shit talkin bout yall. Nigga you know you a dickrider, why the room wide damage control?? I drop knowledge and insults accordingly. Now go get some Tony Yayo Ass Beads and a Fiddy Cent Blue Dildo and get bro raped by Olivia

        • Forever King>War Angel

          again wit da gay shit…

          this guy’s funny. writin paragraphs and shit. im laughin at what u write. u over there steamin and putin ur gay fantasies on people.

          o, and yo mama…lol

        • macdatruest

          A paragraph a day keep ignorant niggas away

  • k.ing

    50 started working out after he signed because Ja beat that niggas ass back in 2000 lol for that your lifes on the line song But let 50 tell it he was jumped by 8 niggas.Than waited until his get rich or die album to really go at him ? you gotta love the rap game.

    once again wigga….

    in 2000 ja and 50 wasn’t beefin in 2001 when the beef started 50 was gettin at ja on every mixtape and sticy fingaz… and jay z…

    you faggots are lame just makin up shit as you go along…

  • k.ing

    now this faggot who must work for murder inc….

    Said 5o stole ja style… 50 been singing since ghetto quran…

    ja stole his singin shit from pac and bone…

    yea i get it you either ja or his son…

    when ja was screaming murder 50 was singing life on the line…

  • k.ing

    boo boo had a team of niggas under him see a you tube on bangem smurtf…

    teflon didn’t have shit…. he was ghost writing wack shit for trina…

    you can hear 50 enimies say his was real… i never heard one nigga say rick ross was real… not one nigga…

    see beef, or bang em smurf tells niggas how 50 ran the block…

  • e20

    so 50 cent is suppose to be the person he raps about? Laughing my black ass off! If that aint the pot calling the kettle black. The fukk out of here son.

  • http://myspace.com/millsberrydoeboy mill

    50s background story spoke for its self, he doesn’t kill us with the im gangsta image,i wish he did but he just defendes he’s self most of the time an makes good music. plenty hits and lady records that when he makes to many of them, the people say that not gangsta. what is gangsta? to me gangtas is doing what ever u wont an not what your told. witch 50 does while the rest of this rappers are puppets. in the music game u gotta be a puppet to make money, its called saling out. everybody favorite does it, but 50 sale his self out more then let some one else sale him out. he makes money of his self an believe if he told on his to much he would have been indited like the rest of your favorite dope boys will be if they keep trap rapping. get over it saling drugs is played out. time to get realistic and creative niggas. that when Mill Gate$ call in to play. myspace.com/millsberrydoeboy

  • L.a Vet


    but he really lived it….

  • 876

    it;s redioulus!!

  • twoholla

    …some of you are saying that 50 hasn’t killed anyone or this or that…but to me…the real difference is that at one time he put himself in that situation to sell drugs, to hold a pistol, etc. & something that has been verified from people who knew him back then & his jail record…now that doesn’t mean that you can just talk overly reckless ’bout sum shit but it does give you more of a PASS, in my mind, to speak upon it…now look at SCARFACE…his past criminal activities can be hood verified…but of course we know he’s not doing any of that shit now…so for all the ricky ross’s & plies…i’m not saying you can’t spit gangsta rap…but when & if you ever get called out on it…you should just COME CLEAN & say you’ve never done it & what you do is just entertainment…let’s even look at ICE CUBE, who is, or was considered a GANGSTA RAPPER…now did he ever did anything ‘gangsta?’ the dude was in school for architecture right before NWA blew up…his response was: i’m a street reporter rapping about things i’ve either done, seen, witnessed, or heard about…so for me personally, i am going to give a little more creedance to those individuals, who put themselves, at one time or another, in street situations…but at the same time…i’m not going to believe every word that any gangsta rapper puts forth & that it is STILL ENTERTAINMENT…

  • http://www.myspace.com/gqnaija Darq

    While Fif was on point this time…i really think he’s also a walking talking contradiction of everything he said on here. I mean…you talk about how you ski mask…how you go hard in the streets…how you push them keys…and you can’t even step in them streets!!
    That’s ridiculous to me…the same way he went at Ja for all them ‘candy bar’ hooks…then turned right around and did Candyshop and Lil’ Bit.
    Honestly…really i’m tired of 50. I’d rather listen to Game all day now.

    • Forever King>War Angel

      the difference btwn 50 singing and ja singing is, 50 never did a “rainy days”. tryna hit real notes under waterfalls and shit

      • $ykotic


  • Teddy

    fucking 50 man the dr.phil psychoanylist of the rap game will he never shut the fuck up with his bullshit interviews always anaylsing everything and trying to create smoke and mirrors with interviews instead of actually making good music and all this bring gangster rap back is bullshit it didn’t go anywhere its just not particulaly mainstream at the moment its still potent on the underground it has just switched with the more back pack music (through kanyes movement then lupe then the freshmen and so on, fuck their just making better music now can’t front on that and shed baby gutter gangster 50 tears) that used to be underground when gangster rap was commercial

  • http://www.youtube.com/elwikiwiki MONEY LEGACY



  • kingequality

    Come on people i hate to even respond to this but yall soud like straight bitches its all entertainment rap is just another form of music yall take the shit to literally aint none of these niggas gangstas I wouldnt give a fuck if a nigga buss his guns or read romance novels at night as long as the music is good everything else shouldnt matter and that rick ross cd is alot better then most of the shit that came out this year plus it dont matter yall niggas dont support none of our stars anyway the white kids love their stars we too busy hating and trying to break motherfuckers down aint no llove in the black community at all we should be happy at the fact that black men are getting the chance to make some paper

  • Moi

    if hip-hop didn’t have big, larger than life personalities, what would it be? however, post-Chronic (f*ck making records, we can handle it in the streets), 2pac (keep it real and all that), and 50 Cent himself it became like, “hey this is me, who i really am, a criminal and my street resume is what it takes for me to be a good rapper.” and on that front, 50 may very well have been involved in whatever but he never “did a 3 to 9.” chi-ali is the greatest gangsta rapper of all time.

  • DaBigBoy

    I co-sign, fif you di boss!! I couldnt agree more!

  • macdatruest

    “I need to make a 50 Cent condom, and a motorized version of me. A motorized version of me will definitely have to be waterproof, so you could utilize it in the tub. A lot of them (vibrators) aren’t waterproof.

    Blue is my favorite colour, so it would probably be blue. But I don’t know how big. I don’t know if big is better because I’m not sure a man wants his woman playing with a really big dildo.”- 50 Cent

    Somebody tell me the definition of a WANKSTA????

    • Forever King>War Angel

      Definition of Wanksta= macdatruest

      • macdatruest

        Forever King War Angel: Is that a name or just the description of who you work for? You been on my dick since I commented. Why you so mad??? Damn, I’m sorry Fiddy wanna make Sex Toys aaight nigga you happy?? Real niggas make dildos aaight? Is that what you wanna hear? Larry Hoover made sex toys nigga aaight?? Damn hop off nigga. I think Fiddy need his ponytail in his doo rag re-tied nigga so “get up” and do that shit while Yayo get the tub ready hahahahaha

        • Forever King>War Angel

          So angry…i kno it feels good to hate. its ok. i hate on haters. and u the best rapper on xxlmag.com. and u the maccest of the macs. and its ok if u like dildos

  • adrian smith

    fake rappers were do you start rick ross vs the real rick ross people should no in the real world whats fake and whats real 50 cent drop ya album this year

  • Krack Mo

    i simply dont understand we blacks…u got shot 9 times and so what?u sold cocaine before coming into the rap game and so what? i mean why do these rappers need these ugly past whether fictional or true for?blacks need to grow up.what hip hop fans need to do is to buy them cds and stop downloading.and these rappers need to make donations like madonna did in malawi and stop showing off in mtv cribs.does justin timberlake need some ugly past like this before he can sell records?to be frank most of these rappers are fake and they only come to the hood to shoot videos.stop eating up everything they say on records.

  • L.a Vet

    why is mac so obsessed with 5o dildo…

    months and months thats all you talk about…

    let me tell you somthing wigga… once a person sales crack to they own people he will sale anything….

    don’t be dumb or a stan….

    you do know bitches use dildo’s right…

    • macdatruest

      you do know bitches use dildo’s right…
      Yea I do now, bitch.

      • macdatruest

        let me tell you somthing wigga… once a person sales crack to they own people he will sale anything….
        One of the biggest lies I ever heard. Most niggas that sell crack do it out of necessity not because they super greedy and will just sell anything whatsoever and they dont look at dopefiends as “they people”- what type of Vet are you??? You just made a bad ass excuse for a nigga makin’ sex toys and you tried to pin it on all dealers. I dont see Jeezy Anal Beads nigga that nigga sold a lotta dope!!! I sold crack before, but Im not bout to sit up and let some man mold my dick and let them shits sit on the shelf, crack moves buddy. What the fuck kinda vet is you? A Gayside Gangsta

        YOU dont be dumb. Soon as Wayne come out with “Lollipops” or Kanye West come out wit “Glowsticks” them niggas is gay right? You in denial about some obviously gay shit even a lil white dude on allhiphop was real enough to put on blast. L.A. Vet? you a ho, and again terrible excuse LMAO@ a person who sales crack to his own people will sell anything I know you white now!!!

  • m tizzy

    wow…its crazy the lies haterz spew….

    Quoting mediatakeout like its a reliable source of news…..

    50 showed all of his bullet wouunds on smack dvd before he even signed to aftermath…Ill take video evidence over a “report” anyday….

    What about “homocide” the guy that shot 50 being gun downed a week later…

    “Homo(cide) shot me, three weeks later he got shot down.Now it’s clear that I’m here, for a real reason’Cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain’t fucking breathing ”

    It was JA’s chain that got took and interscope decided to give Ja a watch in exchange to try and cool the tensions…

    Then murder inc crew went to 50′s studio to try to fight and black chuild said “50 went to grabb the burner and i stabbed him…then ja al;so said “i had this crutch so i was hittin him with a crutch”….Sounds like a bitch fight on all angles…And in the state of new york and order of protection is automatically placed on anyone involved in a felony assualt(hence 50 gettin stabbed)

    Now as far as stealing JA’s style….ill tell you to download “50 cent is the future” dude has been singing on songs since 96…

    but yall haters say he stole jas style from the line off “back Down”

    “you sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster”..he wasnt making fun of him singing or bitches he was makin fun of the fact that he sounds like the cookie monster while doing it you simple mutherfuckers….

    Now as far as the snitch shit….Where is the paperwork???? We seen alfamegas shit…wheres the paperwork on 50?

    and dont bring up supreme cuz even he said 50 aint snitch on him…

    im done with my rant….Im spittin facts and your spittin lies….

    • Forever King>War Angel


    • macdatruest

      These is the words of a nigga who grew up wit Preme AND did 30 years, so yall dickriders don’t get mad at me, get mad at the truth!!! Just go fuck yourself wit a G-Unit dildo okay little guy?

      “The brother Supreme grew up in the ’60s and “70s, when guys in the life had a semblance of principles.” says Terry Trice, a close friend of Supreme’s and a D.C. convict who has done 30 years. “He stays true to his word as a man.” Supreme grew up in Southeastern Queens, and Terry says. “His whole family is square. All his brothers and sisters are professional people in their own lives.”

      “Success would have been insured without interference from the feds,” Terry says. Regardless, Supreme’s story took another turn. As the Fed’s latest investigation took off, a Queens kid — Curtis Jackson, who you may know as 50 Cent — put out “Ghetto Quran.” where he spit, “When you hear the talk of the Southside, you hear talk of Team/ See niggas feared Prince and they respected Preme/ For all you slow motherfuckers I’ma break it down iller/ See Preme was the business man and Prince was the killer.”

      With the ongoing investigation, 50 Cent’s lyrics obviously added fuel to the fire. “That chump 50 Cent wouldn’t even be a factor in the rap game if his lyrics weren’t snitch-oriented.” Terry says. “He owes all his success to the media and his beef with Murder Inc.”

      In January of 2002, FBI agent Gregory Takacs started investigating Supreme’s ties to Murder Inc. Two affidavits heightened the investigation and led to the January 2003 raid of Murder Inc., The first, prepared by IRS Special Agent Francis Mace, said, “Gotti is the public face of the label and that McGriff was the true owner of the company.” The affidavit alleged that Supreme used the label to launder drug money and linked him to a narcotic-related double homicide that occurred in Maryland in 2001. The IRS sought forfeitures from Supreme’s Picture Perfect Film Company. The second — prepared by Detective William Courtney, who was with the NYPD’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Taskforce — linked Supreme to the 2001 Queens Village revenge slaying of Eric “E-Money Bags” Smith.

      • macdatruest

        50 gave all the inside details of Southside Jamaica Queens happenings and put it on a song. When he got shot for having a flaunkie snatch Ja’s chain and taunt Murda Inc owned by Supreme a real Street Boss with “Murda, Murda I dont’ believe you!” Everyone knew that Supreme was a murdarar not a damm rapper but a real gangsta.

        When 50 got shot he told the police to check his song…I think he got shot for that song more than anything. But he was being a smart alec hiding behind a restraning order as if real gangstas give fukk about that…they still shot his azz. 50’s snitching lead to indictments against Murda Ink…by the Feds and Hip Hop Police. 50 is a damm snitch no matter how you sum it up or try to run away from it.

  • newyawka631


    • $ykotic


    • macdatruest

      New Yawka, you back stil tryna battle me/Stay off my dick damn bitch niggas keep tryna straddle me

      Ja Ruled me? Right nigga you gave up/Style broke to even freestyle you gotta save up

      I never wanted to be a rapper, cause rappin takes no etiquette/and rap niggas be ducked off makin dildos in Connecticut

      Im way too fresh with too much potential/You still at MacDonalds, drive thru window

      Instead of trying to battle, you really need to apologize/I swear to god last week they forgot my fries

      Then here you go, employee of the month getting wise/Yall know how many times I battled this lame,how many blown highs

      I had to endure, cause New Yawk’s not really sure/Whether to battle, flip fries or start mopping the floor

      I give a fuck about rap really, this shit like a hobby/But enough about me, finish cleaning the lobby

  • ollie montaine

    he’s right…he’s up to something but he’s right

  • clos1881

    I guess im different than yall because I dont give a fuck about what they do in the personal life I just to hear good music and be entertained I would rather they didnt actually

  • clos1881

    I guess im different than yall, because I dont give a fuck about what they do in the personal life I just to hear good music and be entertained. I would rather they didnt actually .

  • Apollo

    yo, ya gotta check the verse i spit at impecable, gonna have son crying, this battlion shits gettin good

  • macdatruest

    Dry Snitching

    Dry snitching is one of the most common practices within contemporary hip-hop culture. The term emerged from prison culture to describe an inmate who, in an effort to avoid a confrontation, would talk loudly or otherwise draw attention to himself in order to attract a nearby correctional officer. This is done as a way of “snitching without snitching”. Dry snitching also refers to the act of implicating someone else, intentionally or unintentionally, while speaking to an authority figure. Dry snitches are typically considered to be weak, naive, passive aggressive, or self-centered, all of which present ethical and practical dilemmas that must be weighed when discussing the practice of snitching.

    For example, before channeling Tupac and becoming America’s thug de jour, 50 Cent was a struggling rapper attempting to make a name for himself on the underground scene. In a 2000 song “Ghetto Quran”, 50 named and described many of New York’s most notorious drug dealers, including Pappy Mason, Rich Porter, Fat Cat, Prince, and Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. The song earned 50 many enemies in New York’s crime underworld, who were angry at the precarious legal position in which they believed 50’s public disclosures might have placed them. It was this anger, according to the federal prosecutors involved in Chris and Irv Gotti’s recent trial that led to 50’s May 2000 shooting. To many observers, 50’s sonic, dry snitching revelations undermined the very ghetto authenticity that the song was intended to evince.

  • Master CHeef


    You’ve got no zeal, no?
    let me tell you how the real goes
    a real pimp mess with trill hoes
    all mac think about is dildos
    guess he loves to feel those
    this dude’s gay and it still shows
    i’ll kick you with my steel toes
    that’ll make you keel, yo
    so you better lay real low
    quit putting on a squeal show
    you’re looking like a meal, bro
    and like 50, i’ll still kill, tho
    always talking bout dildos
    you prolly got about 10
    just as many as your mouth will fit in
    i had your girl and violated her
    you were somewhere ridin your vibrator
    you can die now or die later
    but since you’re here, Hi Hater

    • macdatruest

      You thought you had a ill flow rhymin shit wit dildo/you still in the matrix you took the wrong pill though

      In reality you wack rhymed dildo twice/cause yo rap was gimmick based case and point, you not nice

      You still a dickrider quoting shit Fiddy and Em say/You’ll never meet a star until I send you up to MJ

      Thats Jackson not Jordan, you raps is straight borin’/You on here addressing me while Im on the block scorin’

      And niggas talkin bout Im stuck on dildos thats bull/ Cause yall faggot’s favorite rapper got a warehouse full

      Violate my girl? thats a topic you shouldnt rap on/ Especially when Fiddy is fuckin you wit a strap on

      What the fucks a squeal show? I dont know that sound homo/ you the type of nigga wit a knot tied in back of his polo

      Hi hater? Who hated you start rappin to Mac first/tryna rhyme in short spurts man you keep a wack verse

      On standby, hatin on me talkin bout damn Hi/Winner of the battle Mac da Truest by a landslide

  • Master Cheef

    they wont post my response. i’m gonna try to post it somewhere else.

  • Master Cheef

    mad cuz i said dildo twice
    compared to you bringing it up a 1000 times x thrice
    mac gets a dildo and deep throats it
    that’s why he get online to e-loathe it
    cuz he know he secretly wants it
    put 2 in his mouth, 1 lightly in his ear
    1 in each hand and a tight 3 tight squeezed in his rear
    makes voodoo dolls of em
    boo boo’s what he calls all of em
    he set up a shrine to it
    so he can tug his line to it
    you must be a fat dude
    always talking bout fast food
    yawka’s right, you got a fetish
    gunit dildos and big “macs” with lettuce
    so let us stop with the threats cuz
    Im serious, you’re delirious
    like all wiggers is
    i stack figures, kid
    you worry bout what other niggas did
    your rhymes are not hot
    you shoulda got shot
    you could stop and rot
    I’m like a virus except newer and lean
    shutting you down through a computer screen
    you must know that you have no gusto
    that’s why you always on another nigga’s nuts, ho
    talking bout street cred n shit
    and who lives in connecticut
    you must’ve known the disses is coming
    that’s why you’re tucked away in wisconsin

  • macdatruest

    Im in Wisconsin cause thats where the money is/I rap about food to prove Im the hungriest

    Shut me down? You gotta be jokin/I hope i didnt put out whatever crack you be smokin

    No gusto but I got your attention/undivided, you come lookin for my dick to come and ride it

    Faggot ass nigga I can see it in your iris/you just a common cold nigga you nothing like a virus

    Allow you to Sun yo bitch ass like Osiris/My goons come by sea Im African I know pirates

    My hydro from Canada I swear I know pilots/Im the opposeite of Dr. King Im pro-violence

    I can turn-around, round-house and other kicks/All you and Fiddy know is how to mold eachother dicks

    So you lame as an MC as a man you fuckin sick/fuck cookies you keep a dildo and some milk to dunk and lick

    I cant believe you said tug his line in a rhyme/when I see the shit you write all I think is Dinner time

    You gettin’ ate up, go head and get ya weight up/or either learn how to really spit and give the iHate up

  • Master CHeef

    I know you’re on a gunot mission
    But you’re problem is repetition
    clear to see like high definition
    you might want to think about quitting
    not just rapping, but the life that you living
    nobody will even notice you’re missing
    you need some betterment
    how dare you talk down to a veteran
    taking a gamble, you should be a bettor then
    you’re about as straight as the letter ‘n’
    yo moms came to my place, i let her in
    had her out of her sweater in less than ten
    she said she’d never be wetter ever again
    you get on 50 cent threads just to hate
    you give lots of men head just to date
    you lost your place, fucking closet case
    you’re a loss of space, i will off your face
    i know you think nobody as hard as you
    more chicken in you than a barbeque
    i will slaughter you, and your daughter too
    cut your head, they call me the barber, fool
    you won’t be recognizable
    better pray for survival like it’s a church revival
    i know it hurts, undeniable
    shouldn’ta messed with the diabolical
    i’m more than a obstacle
    i’m the unstoppable, atop all of ya
    you’re talking to a lyrical assasin
    who will give you a literal smashing

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  • macdatruest

    A literal smashin? you spit wit no passion/You need me to respond so you can bite my shit and cash in

    You tried to use big words but used them all wrong/still came off as bullshit just twice as long

    Slaughter me and my daughter? Nigga you must be mental/lines like they call me the barber show ya lack of potential

    All you need for this garbage is a wack instumental/and yea you clapped before, then you hit the snare and the symbol

    Im a young vet my claps come from guns not from drum sets/You keep a bookbag full of dildos and carmex

    You fuck wit me? Negro Please, like Ron Mex/I can kill you wit text or any number of objects

    For now Imma use ya own ignorance against you/Stealth Assassinate this nigga like the game Tenchu

    Watch the weak shit you write that shit represent you/for that wack letter ‘n’ line Cam’ron need to bench you

    Stole that nigga flow format to lose a battle wit/when niggas bring beef to me i just cattle tip

    stop tryna battle, quit.

  • Master Cheef

    Your angst is misplaced
    dont wanna fuck wit me in this case
    look at cheef, this is his race
    i know you prolly wanna play kiss face
    sorry, tell me how my dick taste
    Master Cheef smoking that weed
    that’d have u swearing the shit’s laced
    shit, what you wanna get ethered for?
    i can do that n kill u, either or
    you better take a breather, whore
    what do i need permission for
    ill choke u with an extension cord.
    you couldnt get an expensive ford
    cant even even afford a cheap honda accord
    everybody told yo momma she shoulda abort
    wishes she wouldnt’ve ignored
    you’re the result of too much pollution
    we need a resolution and i’m da solution
    you should be salutin
    but i understand for you it’s convoluted
    for me, it’s simple, I’ll just pull it and shoot it

  • clos1881

    are you niggas battling?lol

  • i ♥ macdatruest

    its ok mac, g-unit’s not to ur liking/
    u just mad cuz brett favre finna be a minnesota viking

    o yea, and ur ryhmes are so weak/
    the last time u scored on the block was on nba street

    and ur life u need to fuckin end it/
    e-thug ass nigga typin a million words per minute.

    it dont matter what u type under this too cuz u suck. this guy takes this shit real serious. its fuckin hilarious

  • http://Hiphopgame.comurnumber1hiphopwebsite westside

    The game ur arch nemises nigga
    the game on top
    Ricky is better than u…..
    Get rich or die tryin more like stop snitchin and stop lying

  • chukky stakks

    yo why all u haters?

  • tee

    read the book “Convict’s Candy” and see who’s now outting 50 cent in that book…The author Damon Amin Meadows & Jason Poole both were inmates with 50 back in 1994 and is speakong on 50′sw brief but yet still undercover relationship with a pre-op transexual named “Candy” but his/her well-known priswon name is
    Pocohanus…..whom which transferred the HIV VIRUS to him back in 1995,while they were in the upstate ny boot camp facility….GET THIS TELL-ALL BOOK ABOUT CURTIS JACKSON….


    everytime im tryin to show how i RAP.But nobody wants to listen me but i hope that ya will read my comments and you will help me. im an INDIAN guy.Just only once send me your reply.So i will suppose that i live my life as i would like to live.

  • Anonymous

    My bad my niggaz im just a punk ass myself, but if i can let me ask u dudes sumin.If 50 is as pussy as everyone says how come when j.z. and jah rule was these big superstars , why did they even answer back 2 50 if he wasnt a real street nigga. not that im taking sides with the man i just dont understand thats like afilthy rich nigga being diss by a bum he is nuthing. with all this beef and so forth you all have been doin i just dont find jah or j.z. any reala for fucking with somebody who was supposed to be a nobody

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  • Dave

    Funny “fitty” got his opinion in here……I mean……after “getting shot” all those times and all. Everything every one of these people says is horse-shit. Anyone who believes it….well, go visit any county jail or holding center and see the people who believe this shit is real. It’s priceless. The only thing I can compare it to is wrestling in the early 80′s- when my friends and I were 5, and thought that the Ultimate Warrior and the Undertaker were really duking it out. The only difference is: We were 5, Not grown men. I fully believe “gangsta rap” was created to keep jails/prisons full, and keep prison labor well stocked. That said, I’m glad that the retards who believe that shit is real took the bait and put themselves in cages without exhausting a single brain cell in the process. Well done, white man!