After placing fourth on Forbes magazine’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, G-Unit leader 50 Cent predicts a return to number one spot next year.

In an interview with, the Queens rapper says he’s not sweating the drop from the top slot this go-round.

“I’m on deck,” Fif told XXL. “I’m loaded. Call me ‘four’ this year, and then you call me ‘one’ next year, because I’m really preparing for my cycle.”

While 50 attributes his place on the list to his fourth solo album, Before I Self Destruct, getting pushed back, the rapper shrugs off his ranking.

“They’re fine,” he says of Jay-Z, Diddy, and Kanye West, who held the top three spots, respectively. “What kind of person would be upset at what position they fall when they’re on the Forbes list. That person would be a complete idiot.

“Ask me to show you a person who’s happy, and I’ll show you someone who’s content,” 50 continues. “And if you ask me to show you a guy who’s piss-poor with really nice things around him, I’ll show you the guy that’s on that list that’s worried about being number one. And [the person] won’t stay there, trust me.”

50 Cent raked in an estimated $150 million between June 2007 and June 2008, to top the 2008 Forbes charts, besting Jay-Z’s $82 million earnings. This year, Jay stacked $35 million, $15 million more than Fif’.

Before I Self Destruct is slated for a late 2009 release. –John Kennedy