50 Cent Drops the Price of His Mansion…Again

The price tag on 50 Cent’s Connecticut mansion has taken another slash, this time by nearly 25 percent.

According to the Associated Press, the rap mogul has dropped $3.6 million from the $14.5 million asking price of his 50,000-square-foot home of five years. The estate—originally owned by former boxing titleholder Mike Tyson—is now selling for $10.9 million.

As XXLMag.com previously reported, the 19-bedroom property originally hit the market for $18.5 million in May 2007. In December, 50 cut $4 million from the initial valuation.

The AP says Fif is tired of frequent two-hour commutes to New York City. His fourth solo LP, Before I Self Destruct, is slated for a September 29 release. –John Kennedy

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  • $ykotic

    Damn that’s a steal. Fif don’t want n*ggaz in his crib no more…

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      If he drops it one or two more times, I might bid on it. Ha!

      • http://yahoo.com nealjd

        i know what u mean i mean please he say that he droped it he barlie took a dime he has billions of dollars but he can’t take it down to 10,000 that would be reasonable


    The only way nigga are going to buy it is if he drop it to 20,000 dollars

  • S.I.O

    Not Really Sky, He made a bad investment and now he can’t get rid of it in this market. He originally paid like 4.5 million for it, had to end up investing another 6 in renovations, hence the 10.9 asking price. He’s not really dropping the price to match the market, he’s just trying to break even on deal that he got burned on which he’s trying to recoup in the courts. Any amount of money i bet he’s going to have to sell at the price at which he originally bought it for, only because of the “On Demand” society we currently live in Too much information is out there about his business and some one is going to exploit that,Trust!!

    • $ykotic

      Real talk S.I.O.

      Cause I just picked up a 2K3 Pathfinder Armada and the dude was talking “I just bought those rims”. 24′s”.

      I’m like “So. Where are the original wheels? Better resale comes from having ALL original parts…” Hurt homie’s feelings.

      Copped it WITHOUT the added “costs”. 3 1/2 stacks less than the asking price.

    • http://chadlones@live.ca matt



      • S.I.O

        Wow $ykotic, Pierzy i just caught my first piece of hate mail, I Have Finally Arrived. I Guess I’m part of The gang now ( Turning Notorious B.I.G “Player Hater” WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY The Fuck Up) I See You Pierzy.

        @ Matt

        First Spell The name right, Second Thanks For The acknowledgment, And third if you spell Matt backwards you almost get TTAMPON you faggot, No disrespect to the gay community, but we all know you don’t have to be gay to be considered a faggot
        (Matt oh Excuse me TTAM)

        @ Complex

        Good looking out on the cosign, there is quite a few thoughtful and insightful ($ykotic, Pierzy,) people on here and then there is your ignorant assholes too. you just got to weed through the bullshit to get the jewel your looking for, but one thing you won’t regret is you will be thoroughly entertained ( I Know i Am)

        • $ykotic

          I see you!

          Damn I at least dropped first! The spelling is clear! HA!

          Can’t do the little things right what happens when it’s the BIG things?

          N*gga mad cause I copped a whip? WTF?!!

          The easy comeback is, “I meant to do that…”

          Come build S.I.O you’re more than welcome.

  • http://www.complexgraphics.com Complex

    WOW…S.I.O. probably one of the most accurate and intelligent comments ever listed on a blog…couldn’t be more accurate. This is the first time I ever commented on a XXL story but I just had to. COSIGN!

  • http://youtube.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    If 50′s house was on a Monopoly board, I would try my best not to land on that spot……. EVER.

    Damn, Fif… better hurry up and drop that BISD. COMMISSION!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    I say The Commission buys it so we can all move out of our parents houses and live together.

    Don’t forget to check out my new vlog-www.youtube.com/federalranga-XXL.COM PRESENTS: FEDERAL RANGA-LIFE OF A GAY FLORIDA RAPPER

    • http://www.myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

      I ll give away the secret. I m the gay Florida rapper, but please make sure you watch.


      • Curtis75Black

        Damn Fed. I ain’t know you was like that.

        It’s cool though. I know how hard it is to be gay in hip hop.

        • Curtis75Black

          A yo, whoever you are, there’s no reason to play with my name and credentials by fucking with Fed !!

        • Curtis75Black

          Now lets not get mad at ourself because we came out of the closet. Me and Fed are really tight like that

  • http://b Ummmm

    you people seen that house on mtv?
    yayo takin elevators to his room
    stripper poles..

    dont no honky need that..
    who he trying to sell that crib to man?

  • http://n Pierzy

    I love 50

  • http://tonygrand.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Don’t worry we got your back Fed.


    Plus I’ve had a thing for Mex for a while

  • k.ing

    nigga how you know he put six million into it…

    stop lyin…

    a 5 sale it to oprah…

  • http://xxlmag.com yogi22

    Whats wit all the gay shit?Anyway he should just sell it 4 about 5mil he’s paid anyway

  • kevin

    haha wow get the new jada mixtape “g13″ and listen to block lockdown..hilarious stuff

  • Vicious Seiger

    Truth be told this sounds like a man trying to scale down his lifestyle because the money is not rolling like it used to be. Not to mention it’s Connecticut not exactly the playground of the rich as well as famous. You know some things sound great on paper but when you add them to your home it’s usually hurts the value rather than increase the value of the property. Yes, a stripper pole sounds great for you but not everybody shares your “exquisite” taste. Most cats rolling in that kind of dough are not having that many stippers at their pad at their age [thirtysomething and up]. Grown men don’t bring “play things” home as much [you take her to your penthouse in the city]. There are rich ppl in Ct. but I doubt many of them run in the same circles as 50 hence the lack of interest in the property.


    all this crap i say is fake i hope u didnt believe me guys. im actually a white boy from london.

    PS- i wear tight jeans.

  • HU

    Let’s face the truth, 50 is another dumb rapper who got too rich too soon, bought a big ass house he couldn’t afford, and renovated it to something that no one with wealth would ever want. As stated above, no white man with hundreds of millions of dollars is aching to buy a mansion owned by 50 Cent and Mike Tyson with “negro” renovations. Realtors and Jewish land owners love taking rapper’s money like this.

    • Afi K. James

      God I Hate this son of a bitch, he needs to be kicked out of the game just like his enemies, he sucks ass.

      He is just like fat hoe and the rest of the NWO Filths, I’ll be glad karma finally hits his ass next

      and some person say that he is not pop rap, bullshit, he is just as commercialized pop rap as the rest of them trashes and people are finally waking up and exposing this clown.

      I’m glad game and buck finally woke up and left gay-unit’s sorry excuse of a record label.

  • DJ DaveLee

    HU, U sound like a white Jewish boy yoself. Try to get off that man dick and and find yoself some pussy. Sounds like u get off on the white man, fucking over the black man

  • $ykotic

    @ HU

    Thank you for revealing your own racial undertones. I always want to know a bigot straight up than a closet one who tries to act like they’re down.

    What about Dan Marino’s house? And your excuse is…

  • geico lizard

    Pierzy you have to invite me to the party when you buy 50′s mansion. I want to throw around money in the private strip club like pacman jones and jermaine dupri.


  • http://myspace.com/thelabelrecords Sammy P.

    Who gives a fuck? anybody got anything better to do than worry about how another nigga get his money right?

    • $ykotic

      It’s a public sale homie. So the info about it will be public. Not even counting the celebrity status.

      Welcome to media coverage my dude.

  • HU

    @ Sykotic. Point out one thing I said that was inaccurate. Both 50 and Dan Marino are going to have trouble selling their houses for one underlying similar reason but also different reasons, thus you have no point. No bigot here, I’m black, have a MA from Howard U and am in law school now. You need to face reality.

    @ Dj DAve – What you said was incoherent. No reply.

    • $ykotic

      And I responded to you but it never posted.

      The summary is utilize that knowledge you have obtained and refrain from hatred rhetoric. You can become part of the problem, and not the solution, which you have spent time and $ becoming a part of.

      There are ways to prove a point.

      And I never questioned you’re level of intelligence.

  • DJ DaveLee

    hu, With all that education U can’t read internet talk. U really a wanksta dude. I say u ain’t got shit

  • stoik udeen

    shut ur skunt DJ Davelee. wat do u know about education.