It’s official. 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct will not be coming out on the same day as Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3.

Despite rumors that have been floating around all week that both discs would be hitting shelves on September 11, Fif told that the disc is coming about two weeks after Hov.

And the G-Unit General said his long-delayed project is finally finished. "My album — it's perfect, I feel," he said. "I'm ready. I'm ready to put this album out. I really don't need adjustments. I need a few songs to be finished, mixed. Dre, he drags his feet. He's slow, but it's because he's so creative. He's gonna make sure it's perfect. I'm never mad at it. I understand that process from him. But for me, I kinda go on my gut.”

“Ain't nobody pick 50 Cent records,” he continued. “'Wanksta' went on its own. They caught up to my records. The only record they launched was 'In Da Club.' When we was all on deck and they launched it. Even going back to the last record —'I Get Money' was going at a great pace, then 'Ayo Technology' fell on top of it. I had all of the records that sold the Curtis record laying there the whole time. I was just like, 'I can't put this out until after I've done this.' My core, if they can't expect aggressive content or that content that feels like what's going on for them at the moment from me, then who can they get it from?"

50 recently released his War Angel LP for free on his website,, as well as Forever King, a mixtape in the vein of last year’s Sincerely Yours, Southside. –Max G