Young Jeezy Brings Out Jay-Z, While Cam’ron Is A No Show At Summer Jam ’09 [With Exclusive Video]

Although Cam’ron didn’t reunite with Dipset on stage as everyone had hoped, another New York superstar still made the final Summer Jam at Giants Stadium on Sunday (June 7) a night to remember. Jay-Z proved to be the biggest surprise of the night, as he performed “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” standing shoulder to shoulder with T-Pain. [Watch Below]

The moment came midway through Young Jeezy’s performance, which included street classics like “My Hood,” “Go Crazy” and “Trap Star.” Referring to Summer Jam’s penchant for unannounced guests, Jeezy shouted, “This is Summer Jam isn’t it?” and then brought out Drake to perform “Best I Ever Had.” [Watch Here]. Following the Toronto newbie, Jay-Z walked out and had the stadium in a frenzy when he spit his verse on Jeezy’s “Put On (Remix).” Dressed in all black, Hov followed with his lyrical eulogy to Auto-Tune, “D.O.A.,” which debuted on Hot 97 two days prior to the show. At one point, Jay pantomimed the sign of the cross while requesting a moment of silence.

Of course, Summer Jam wouldn’t be Summer Jam without the surprises. Kicking off the show were Day 26, Pleasure P, reggae artists Serani and Mavado, and The-Dream, who brought Fabolous out to perform their recent collaboration, “Throw it in the Bag.”

Flanked by fellow D-Block members Styles P and Sheek Louch, Jadakiss performed a grimy catalog that included “D-Block Anthem,” “By Your Side” and “Knock Yourself Out.” He brought out R&B newcomer Jeremih for “Birthday Sex.” And then an all-red garbed Busta Rhymes interrupted the L.O.X. set with “Respect My Conglomerate.” After a brief Notorious B.I.G. tribute, ’Kiss culminated with “Who’s Real,” alongside Swizz Beatz, who proclaimed, “The Ruff Ryder movement will be back in 2010!”

Mary J. Blige performed next, backed by a full band and backup singers and dressed in all black with multiple gold chains. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul belted through hits from her classic LP My Life (“I’m the Only Woman,” “Real Love”), as well as favorites like “Love is All We Need” and “Everyday it Rains.” Blige broke up her set with “All I Need” alongside surprise act Method Man, who then ushered in Redman to perform “Ayo” and “Da Rockwilder.” “Because of you I’m the most valuable player in the game,” said Blige, before launching into her “Hate it or Love It (Remix)” and capping with “Just Fine.”

Right after Jay-Z declared Auto-Tune dead, T-Pain ironically resurrected it with a set that consisted mostly of him rapping, and dancing with a mime on stage. He interspersed his own catchy singles (“Buy You A Drank,” “I Can’t Believe It”) with his cameos (“Good Life,” “Shawty,” “Low”) and brought out two guests—Maino for “All the Above,” and Lil’ Kim for “Lighters Up” and “Download.” Acknowledging the crowd’s lukewarm reception, T-Pain exclaimed, “Even if you don’t like my shit, thanks for sitting through my boring ass shows.” DJ Khaled and Ace Hood helped Pain close out with “Out Here Grinding,” “Overtime,” “I’m So Hood” and “Go Hard.”

When Jim Jones finally hit the stage as the final act after four hours of performances, the crowd stood in anticipation for a potential Cam’ron sighting. Instead, the Capo rocked with Juelz Santana, who performed a few minutes of “S.A.N.T.A.N.A.,” “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma.” Jim Jones also took shots at Jay-Z for the “D.O.A.” concept, stating, “I heard my man Auto-Tune got killed. Is this a fuckin’ funeral or we came to party?”

With no sign of Cam’ron, Giants Stadium began filing out. But Jim still left room for his departed brethren: “We here and we love Cam,” he said before playing Cam’s “Touch it Or Not” in tribute. [Watch Here]. Jones ended with surprise guests Soulja Boy (“Turn My Swag on”), Ryan Leslie (“Precious”) and the finisher, Ron Browz, who aided with “Pop Champagne” and ”Dancing on Me.” Jones closed with his biggest hit, “We Fly High.” – Clover Hope

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  • me

    wish i was there

    • geico lizard

      co-sign, I wanted to be there or in bed with Tyra Banks…guess which one I chose?

  • geico lizard

    Dana Jacobson on espn looks like a fat version of that ugly Millionaire Matchmaker lady.

  • Epinz

    Sounds like a great night. But how the fuck is jim jones the headliner?

  • BeerGangsta

    New York at its best. This is Hip Hop Birthday! York always have the best concerts in the summers. I am from the South. Love LA also. It’s going to be off the chain this summer in New York. They get better and better every summer.

  • nellz

    sounds whack as fuck.
    worst summer jam ever.

  • Azhar

    Sounds like good shit, except for the T-Pain and Jim Jones part.. roll up!

  • Floss

    I would be way more into T-Pain than Jim Jones his lyrics are boring as hell and he is like the East Coast Baby as far as spit game goes. “we superstars no Lupe’ ” – Are you serious. But still sounded like a good show overall.

  • Jamal7Mile

    What a weekend for Hip-Hop!!! If I had a choice, I don’t know if I would’ve gone to NYC or The Roots picnic in Philly (see DP Blog).

    Looking forward to those vids, XXL!!! Hurry!!!

  • diggsy

    I’m ready for Birthday Bash in the A

  • EmCDL

    Sounds like it was a good show…some of the acts I don’t necessarily care for (T-Pain, Ron Brows, Jim ‘Dirt Clump’ Jones) but it would have been good to be there nonetheless. Can’t wait for Rock The Bells!

  • Uncle B

    Jim Jones performed last? He shouldn’t have been on the bill period.

  • that nigga

    Summer Jam fuckin sucks and this was the worst. Check out past Summer Jam line-ups and compare It to this shitty one. My lil sis goes every year and complains every year and I dont know how the fuck she still spends her money on tickets?

  • Mpho

    lol @ “With no sign of Cam’ron, Giants Stadium began filing out”… Jimmy is a joke!!!!!!

  • E-Hustle

    ROFLMAO@ everyone leaving during Jim Jones set & T-Pain getting lukewarm reception from the crowd! LMAO!

    And really, how did Jones get the final set?

    Show recap sound really lame overall.

    I fucks with that D.O.A track though! Get that bullshit out of here! Yeah, we talking to you Ron Browz, you come out all auto-tuned and shit dick ridin T-Pain shit!

  • DV8

    its a damn shame what happened to NY’s Summer Jam. I remember being a teen in 90′s and wishing I was able to go to NY’s Summer Jam. Now I’m glad I live way across the country in Cali. Rock the Bells, anyone?

  • $ykotic

    The only set I feel I missed was Mary J.

  • Fireforreal

    Does anyone slighly give a fuck that Cam’ron wasn’t there ? Cam is so weird that nigga will say he was there he just didn’t feel like performing. I bet he was intimidated with Jim ending the show and knowing Jim and juelz are still cool and get more llove then Cam lol

  • Rae Tha Great


    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Rae?

      I think “Rock The Bells” is coming to town this month. I heard that it might be at The Palace of Auburn Hills on June 28, but I’m not really sure. That line-up is supposed to be pretty tight (Nas, Damien Marley)!

  • dark vanilla

    Two of the best Summer Jams:
    The one were Jay-Z dissed Nas
    The one were Game started G-Unot and beat up the rat.

  • Nate

    Sounds like Jenny Jones likes to party and play
    i knew he wore purple and pink but didn’t know he was so gay
    he never was legit, can’t respect what he say
    he never dumbed down his rhymes they were always that way

    He can keep partying with that first week 43K
    link up with Cam for a bachelorette party then
    put him back in his grave
    There is better technical rappers from down in the A
    who aren’t hiphop sellouts, & aint for play

    So how the FUCK could you ever be down with JJ?
    okay, okay, okay, ……

    (just 5 minutes of boredom from out in the Bay)
    I’m not following that Pied Piper
    If you like JJ then you prob like that wrestler dude on TV that does a rap before he goes on…..
    Throw on your tight gay jeans, pink, fake chains and start BAAAAAALLLIN at home now guys.

    Kind of glad that we don’t have Summer Jam here. The lineup for Rock The Bells gets better every year and is the best yet. Plus you have real groups like Slaughterhouse performing. Even the Paid Dues tour eclipses Summer Jam.

    Summer Jam is o.k. Half of the artists are worthy and half are undeserving regional flavor of the months…

    Hope NY is scheduled to have RTB too

    I won’t apologize for the truth above because it’s real unlike Jim Jones one liner to Jay. Must have been a real barrel of monkeys.. too bad I missed it. I bet it made all the gay bitch boys at SJ “twitter” and “tweet” with delight with JJ’s Auto-tune/funeral/party line…

  • Doc

    Where were weezy n tha game at where was nas at wtf hows jim jones gonna headline booooooooooo \
    horrible line Santana hova n jeezy only artist worth mentioning
    Fuck summer jam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doc

    Where were weezy n tha game at where was nas at wtf hows jim jones gonna headline booooooooooo \
    horrible line Santana hova n jeezy only artist worth mentioning
    Fuck summer jam!!!!!!!!!!!!