XXcLusive: Max B’s Lawyer Speaks On Rapper’s Conviction, “We’re Gonna Keep Fighting Until We Win”

Just moments after Max B was found guilty for his involvement in a deadly robbery in a New Jersey courtroom, XXLMag.com spoke to his attorney Gerald Saluti to find out the particulars of the verdict.

According to Saluti, Max faces life in prison after a jury convicted him of, “aggravated manslaughter, two counts of felony murder, three counts of armed robbery, and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery.”

Max is currently being detained in Bergan County Jail awaiting sentencing, set for July 31. He is facing life behind bars.

Saluti explained his goal throughout the trial. “The state’s theory of the case was that Max conspired with this woman Gina Conway and his step brother Kevin Leerdam to commit a robbery,” Saluti told XXL. “It was our contention and it was our defense in the case that a) Gina Conway was a liar – which I think we held to be true through the course of the trial – but more importantly, if anything, the only thing that had been planned was a burglary and that Max had no knowledge that a gun or anything of that sort would be used.”

Yet Saluti feels the case was doomed from the start, due to the fact that Max was forced to be tried next to Leerdam, a man believed to have pulled the trigger in the botched robbery, killing David Taylor.

“Part of the original problem with the case was that the judge would not grant us a severance motion, so that Max had to get tried next to the person that they implied was the actual shooter in the case,” he said, “and that person being his step brother which obviously didn’t help factually. “

When asked how Max’s spirits are, Saluti responded that he is keeping his head up. “He said to me ‘I’ve had a great life, I’m gonna have a great life, we’ll get through this,” Saluti shared. “I think I was more down then he is.”

Saluti added that they were “both shocked by the verdict”but knew as soon as the jury convicted Llerdem of conspiracy to commit robbery, that Max would be found guilty.

Yet Saluti told XXL that he has already filed a motion for a judgment not withstanding the verdict – a precursor to asking for an appeal – assuring fans that “We’re gonna keep fighting and fighting until we win.”

Max has already served 8 years in jail, from 1997- 2005, for a seperate robbery charge. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Jigga Man

    Dammmmmmmmmmmn.. LIFE!

    • geico lizard

      Max needs another lawyer to file his appeal.

      Public defender>>>Max’s Youtube/twitter loving lawyer

  • stobo646

    damn max………. u did it to yourself though

    • mike

      Yeah…I did’nt know he ALREADY served time for a past robbery? You guys tellin me this dumbass didn’t learn his lesson from the LAST time? As stobo646 said: u did it to yourself though. And now 2 to 3 other inmates are gonna DO IT to him.

  • moresickaMC

    Win? win what? LOL its over dummies

    Max -B is done. stick a fork in the wave.

    when keeping it real goes wrong


    DAMN THIS!!! this mofo gona be in da big break house for all of eternity now!!! this shit gone be down wack after that fucker backed his self up inta dat crib wit his fam dawg. damn this be some real a for dem boyz.

  • Jigga Man

    That Means all da ish on my ipod are “classics” max is finished…jim jones must be rollin’ LOL……………..MAX TOUCHED IT UPNORTH!

  • Jigga Man

    This means……….French Montana Don’t Gotta Break Bread! Frenchy set dis shyt ^!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Unfortunately, the judge doesn’t care anything about semantics.

    He was there, he was willingly involved, with an eyewitness account from another participant.

    Smh. Life is a long time.

  • http://www.yahoo.com what it do?

    Damn Max you are a talented dude. you should have focused on music instead of having any connection with this bullshit

    • latino heat

      @ What It Do
      did you just call Max B talented? are we talking about the same Max B? because the Max B i’m talking about sucks balls. and nobody but his close family is gonna miss him. we must be talking about different people.

      • zee

        Shut your faggot ass up. To say that another man sucks balls is a gay ass statement. No hating is needed right now so take that shit elsewhere.


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  • Azhar

    U were a willing participant in a robbery gone bad…somebody lost there life…i find it hard to believe u didn’t know ur co-d had a hammer on him! Never like to hear bout niggas gettin booked, but crime doesn’t always pay… hold ya head homie, be a man in do ya time…and for dude who lost his life, pour out a lil iquor… roll up!

  • Kay

    You do the crime you must do the time. This man is a rapper who is going around showing his money and how much he spends on weed, but your gonna rob someone? Get your own money. It’s a shame that someone has to be hurt over money and now another statistic is going to prison….damn shame.

  • Don Juan

    DAMN… DAMN… DAMN! The haters will surely surface now… KEEP YOUR HEAD UP BIGGAVEL… at least you know in your little time on the streets that you reached a lot of people… hell you almost single-handedly took down Dip Set. Max has an A1 lawyer so, like they said… they’re going to keep on fighting… IT IS NOT OVER JUST YET!

  • jim jones


  • K4dabreadFrm Li

    man listenin…that nigga max and the wave is over the tide is done…no more sunami’s…everybody hop on t he frenchie bandwagon or da jones bandwagon……BALLLLLIN!!!!!UCKJ MY DICK SALUTI

  • anutha_level

    “Max has already served 8 years in jail, from 1997- 2005, for a seperate robbery charge”

    nigga only been out for 3.5 years and couldn’t keep his nose clean after doin 8 years????

    c’mon man, when will the dumb shit cease!?!? botched robbery turned murder or not, you make the bed you lay in homie. time to man up…ol stupid ass nicca

    • tommyboy

      Nah man this shit happend way back in 2006 so he had probably been out for a little more than a year or so. Niggas never learn nothing…

  • http://www.twitter.com/stevietarantino Stevearelli

    all yall gay as shit

    free Biggavelli

    fuck jim jones

  • latino heat

    “bye nigga!!!” – Dave Chappelle

    • anutha_level


  • EHO/BIG ED.163BX


  • Wave

    *Turns up “Never wanna go back” way wayyyy the fuck*

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Dumb rappers need teaching. This jackass already did 8 years? For the same shit? Talk about hardheaded if I was signed to the Dips I’d be in the studio daily hell I’d live there. I’d be at every show inviting bitches over and staying off them corners.

    He desearves what he gets and then some cause he’s been thru this already now it’s worse. What a fool and I’m using it in the proper context. Max B knew better and has paid the price for robbery in the past. What a fool for real.

    The good old fashion shrugging yr shoulders and saying I didn’t know works if yr in the pricipals office. It won’t save yr ass in court.

  • ajas

    Why they wanna take away my OWWWWWWWW?

  • whats CraCCin

    who the fucc is max b?


    FEE MAX B!!!!!!!

  • king

    that good one more gangsta rapper in jail. see bye bye.

  • fireforreal

    This faggot deserves to go to jail again. He can’t stay from doing dirt and now thinks he’s gonna get away with it ? He can have a descent lawyer but it’s not like he has major bread to hire a lawyer like if 50 or even Jim jones got in trouble. His paper ain’t that long that’s why he did that bullshit Robbery/Murder for what 40,000 ? are you kidding me ? Come on people you can’t say it’s haten or Free Max B. This clown did some really stupid shit and he’s already a fellon. SOme people will never learn. And even if he gets off it’s a matter of time before he fucks up again.

  • woopy

    damn son you gone 4eva eva eva eva ….shouldnt have never been doin all them dvds gettin twisted lookin crazy them crackaz be seenin that shit believe it or not …its a got damn shame u was my dude oh well another one we lost…niggas gonna be rockin in jail tho lol lol…

  • streets of queens

    FREE MAX.changed and raped the game for real i been listening to you before you left dip set i always knew you was going to do it my nigga..ah man im still shocked the greatest got these niggas saying waveyy and owww he a real don..hope to hear you still buzzzzin in the streets.

  • monolo b

    i feel bad for the nigga but it is wat it is he make good music but he should of been focusing on puttin out more material like he knew he was gonna go to prison he aint even put out dat much songs but now french is dead too because french montana is corny i dont know why akon threw dat nigga a deal hold ya head max


    DAAAM MAX!… All you can say now is


  • dude

    dude desereved it…all that money he flashed allover the place. He probably stole that too…once a thief always a thief. I’ll sleep no less…

  • i am legend

    That bread aint worth ur freedom u mean 2 tell me homeboy did 8 yrs 4 robbery and turned around and did the same shit again this idiot must like jail its a tragedy bcuz he had a lil career jumping off oh well karma is a bitch with her period on.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    Damn, life in prison…….thats awful……I sympathize with his mother and kids if he has any (not familiar with max b except for some jimmy joints he’s on)………but he already had that jail term before, so idk if this dude listened

  • Street Advocate (GAIN GREENE)

    Max B is not your average rapper. He is a ni$$a from the streets like u and me who got caught up in some BS. Let’s get the facts straight 1. Max wasn’t in the state of NJ at the time of the murder. 2. Max didn’t tell G Conway or P. Sims to do anything. 3.G. Conway was a stripper Max’s was fu*kn. 4. Sims was a ni$$a from the streets that ran with Max for 2 months because he just came home. These were Max’s quote unquote co-defendants. 5. P.Sims over heard G. Conway tell Max she had a trick that had a lot of cash and was going to get that money.(fu*k, suck)what ever she do. 6. P. Sims and G. Conway did their own thing the night of the murder. Max just knew both of them. 7. Max’s record does play a big part in him looking like a career criminal. The police played on his past and the DA made the case. 8. The person who got killed was the brother of a NJ cop so you know what it is. Any nigger from the streets knows what time it is. 9. G. Conway said Max wasn’t their and he didn’t give P. Sims know gun. 10. Max didn’t get anything from what was taking that night. Max is guilty of being a stupid ni$$a but not a murder. Message to all people be careful what you say and the company you keep, you never know what can happened. Yes I am an A&R and a GAIN GREENE lifer, but get your facts right before you judge.

    1. Max wasn’t in the state of NJ during the night in question.
    2. Max didn’t know the victim.
    3. Max did no where G. Conway was going
    4. Max didn’t no P. Sims was with her
    5. Max didn’t prove a weapon to P. Sims
    6. Max didn’t benefit from the robbery.
    7. BAD LUCK


  • Esco

    1 of the few artist poppin up top is bout to go away for life

    this is fuked up

  • Bloodclot

    2 counts of Felony Murder!? Dude is FUCKED, felony murder is the worst.

  • ab

    i don’t even know who max b is/but he is 1 dumb muthasucka/for somebody that done already did 8 years for the same shit you would think a muthasucka a know better/but i quess not/ now a muthasucka looking at the rest of his life/ DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN LIFE WOW!!!!!!!!

  • Destin4Greatnez

    People.Places..& Things…I’ve learned my lesson. Follow me on twitter@destin4greatnez.

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  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    Yall niggas is lames acting like yall happy he going to jail. Then turnaround and be like Officer Ricky make up your fucking minds.

  • Braille

    west philly I totally agree

  • lostgyrl

    So he’s been convicted of robbery before…. He knew his brother had a gun. Who plans a robbery without a weapon. Do I have dumb fuck written on my forehead? Spigg Nice has been appealing his case for the pass 7yrs. Hopefully your fans will hold u down and write………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


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  • Maria

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    that I have really liked browsing your blog posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon!

  • http://engrossinghermosillo.blogspot.com Juliana Weston

    If I had a dollar for each time I came here… Great read!