XXcLusive: Charles Hamilton Takes J Dilla Credits Off Album, LP Drops For Free Online This Tuesday

The hip-hop community was taken aback when XXL freshman alumnus Charles Hamilton announced that the late Detroit producer J Dilla would be listed as an executive producer on his major label debut, This Perfect Life. XXLMag.com caught up with the young spitta this morning (June 10) and he has since changed his album credits.

Due to legal issues, Charles told XXL that he had to take Dilla’s name off the disc. “I meant no harm by it and basically my intentions and the reaction have nothing to do with it, it really is a family issue that doesn’t concern me,” he shared with XXL. “And though my intentions were to help the family out, it turns out that it had been a lot more complicated to try to get his name involved in it.”

Hamilton hoped that he would be able to offer some financial support to Dilla’s family by involving him in the project. “My plan was, as everybody in the industry knows, executive producers get a percentage of sales and revenue, so I figured if his name is on the album, at least some money can go into their pockets, because everybody knows about the financial hardships of Ma Dukes.”

Yet, he added the whole situation was a complete “legal mess.” “I spoke to some representatives of the family yesterday they were like dude we totally understand what you were doing, at the same time it’s a legal mess, it’s a lot crazier than I ever imagined it to be,” he admitted. “All I wanted to do is try to help out the family, for somebody who in essence helped me out.”

Hamilton’s album is unexpectedly dropping for free online this Tuesday (June 16). The Harlem MC says that the disc will still be coming out on Interscope later this summer in a different format. “[It’s coming] late August, we’re working on an entire box set for it,” he said. “This is not gonna be your average release. This is more of a campaign of positive living and thinking.”

When asked how Interscope feels about him dropping the album for free before the official release he said, “As long as I’m doing what I have to do with the box set, they totally understand,” he explained. “So it’s a trust thing. This is one of the first times, because of what I’ve been doing as far as putting out free music they trust that, and they know the quality of the music and the album. The hard part, and I say hard but not difficult, like the dope part, [is] the campaign that’s behind it – which is including a DVD [and] a short film. And it’s coming out just in time for school.”

This Perfect Life can be found on various sites online on Tuesday. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Pierzy


  • DV8

    Dilla’s fam would have never seen the *coughs* proceeds from the exec.producers credits. But it was a good notion by CH. He has earned some of my respect for him back.

    • chuck

      Dont let that fool you. he disrespected detroit, thats why he took it off. he made up the proceeds shit to save face, but he was never gonna do that at all. he lied and got called out on it.

  • eccentric e

    hate if u want charles hamilton is different n hes doin his thing, no one gives out there debut album he trust his fans im downloading and coppin starchasers stand up

    • http://www.radiofix.ning.com Bubbieee

      Totally true. That’s great that he would do that for Dilla and even better that hes dropin his album for free. Starchasers are in the building! [I see someone goes to his blog lolz]

    • http://soundclick.com/Asonhi Asonhi

      word eccentric e im downloadin and buyin and forget all the CH haters madd cuz he likes pink & sonic. Yeeeeaaahhh, real good excuses.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Charles is soooooo not poppin right now! he would be cool if he wood jus chill out wit da sonic shit and be himself! he’s a dope lyricist he just cant appeal to anyone who’s not a gamer.

    • Listen to Him 1st

      Yo Charles is himself ya just think somebody gotta be that generic rapper hell no. He’s himself. It’s so sad to see all the hate all over this comment board on CH. It’s like man why do you hate this guy so much. It’s like he killed somebody in ya fam or something. Capt. O yours wasnt was bad as most. He doesn’t appeal to me because I like games beside I don’t even like Sonic I perfer Mario. He’s just a young rapper. Key word young. He says thinks cause he’s young. The world don’t want to hear it. Charles need a mentor man like Em or something cause he’s just flying off the handle.

  • aquma

    At first I thought he was kind of whack, but I have a bit more respect for him now.

  • patkilpat

    CH killed his career before it was born… he aborted himself. I didn’t like him in the first place but I was giving him a chance until…

    Then the “Dilla” produced album where he modified Dilla beats with his on shit.
    Then the Rhymefest shit.
    Then the putting girl on blast and getting punched in the face by her.
    Then the Dilla Ex Prod. shit, the damage has already been done (you don’t have to give him Exc Credit to cut Ma Dukes a check)

    I rage against machines to create audio slaves- Patrick Kilpatrick and The Suicide Notes


  • geico lizard


  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Good look on CH….never really listened to his music yet though. I may check out that free album though

  • Enlightened

    This nigga is fuckin border line retarded if you look at some of the interviews he did trying to defend that shit. Now he got his tale in between his legs.

    If Interscope thought there was any money to be made from your shit, they wouldn’t be letting you drop it for free. Fuck that box set nigga. It’s a wrap for you.

  • Phil

    Wow, this guy will be the most misunderstood artist in Hip-Hop ever. All I saw was good intentions with what he wanted to do for Dilla’s family, but I also saw how Dilla’s fam in the D could have taken it just based off the fact that CH and Dilla never met or connected. It might have appeared like he was going to use Dilla’s name to cement his credibility, but even as cocky as CH is, he wouldn’t do that INTENTIONALLY. It was just the wrong idea for the wrong time. I feel the cat, though.

    • Enlightened

      Really??? So you don’t think that having J. Dilla listed as the executive producer of his shit would have helped him out wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy more than whatever them couple of points on the album would have helped Dilla’s Mom.
      Stop it. That nigga new what he was doing.

      If I drop an album featuring Biggie, that shit is going to help me out way more than anything I could give to his Moms is going to help her

      • Stonyman

        No disrespect to Dilla or his talents but how many sales did his album get this last week, and you are saying this would have helped CH “wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy” more.

  • sweeneykovar
  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Man, this dude is bogus.

    If he wanted to help, why not set up an organized fundraiser in his memory/honor & dedicate the proceeds to his family?

    Wouldn’t that be the most logical, especially since the same album that was supposed to be “exec. produced” by Dilla is getting leaked for free anyway?

    Box set? Man, it would take enormous motivation for me to buy an Ice Cube or Nas box set. If I wanted him & some type of box, I’d buy a Sonic game.

    • box

      perfect comment yell

  • ja.

    CH is dope..

    This Perfect Life should be dope

    haters will be haters…or misunderstanders

  • latino heat

    man this dude is trippin if he thinks Interscope is gonna invest in dropping a box set of his shit. box sets are for artists that have decades in the game, not for a 1st album. your gonna be dropped before your album homie. and like i tried to comment on yesterday, but this site never posts my fuckin comments, does anybody actually watch these bonus dvd’s that albums come with? i have a cd book full of 50-60 of them and have only watched a few of them. there a waste of time and extra money.

    • Vicious Seiger


  • Don’tBelieveTheHype

    How would Dilla’s mom get points off his record? What’s one percentage of nothing? That album wasn’t going to sell 10 copies to begin with, so he tried to sneak a underground legend on for some shine. If the artist isn’t going to make a dollar off the album, you know nobody else is either.

  • FADE

    just put himself on the shortlist to get young bergd

  • corlione39


  • Bishop

    lol at Charles Hamilton…

    I read it intially and said, wow, props on helping out J Dilla’s fam….

    ….Then I realized to be honest this dude aint gonna sell. I mean, he’s comin with a box set? Thats gonna cost the label serious cheese…they gotta be laughin at him for that one. The album would have to go at least gold before CH would see nickels, or J Dilla’s ma would see pennies….

    Not feelin CH based on some of these asshole moves. Not ill.

  • gkid12345

    Wow he just sounds dumb, this idea would have been good if he was a few albums deep. Homeboy how about dropping yo first album first and see what happens

  • $ykotic

    Off topic.

    Resident Evil-Max B

    Can’t front. Good ass drop. He knew he was going in. Worthy for a listen. No promo.

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  • Generations

    Too TOO MANY people are using Jay Dee’s name for their own benefit…tisk tisk. stop it now.

  • ripsta

    im an ol school guy. i love nas, biggie, pun, and many more mid 90′s mc’s. i know hamilton aint that popular but the kid (in my opinion) is dope. if only he would stop dressing like a fuckin easter bunny

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    lol at chuck chilling out and being himself. The sonic and pink is him. its not a gimic he is he, but we judge and that may be the downfall of his career. its no reason brooklyn girl shouldn’t be popping. I would say he should be more humble but still he’s hungry. nevertheless, as a emcee if u ain’t feeling him u can’t be a tru hip hop fan. dude is hip hop.

  • Braille

    agggggggggh da fuck look at this niggas face
    it screams ima bitch nigga in pink but I do digress (breathing to calm down) he did give credit to dilla (doesn’t he kinda look like talib kweli) the creator of donuts its all okay but nigga take them damn headphones off and stop that sonic shit and wearing pink you mufucka (throws chair out the window)

  • Propane

    i will definitley buy this. this guy knows hip hop isnt about the money. hes just doin what he loves to do.

    do your thing Charles

  • http://lyricsfirst.blogspot.com/ Bleys

    Idk how I feel about this whole thing. CH has been breaking all the rules with his shit. He thinks he was paying homage though. This just finally crossed that line. Everyone needs to respect that he is making changes in music though. Check out my site and see who is still innovating in hip-hop: http://lyricsfirst.blogspot.com/. Peace

  • cold


  • JB

    Thats making a big assumption that people want to see him and not just hear him

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicwayne

    Respect for that nice read.