Tru Life Pleads Not Guilty To Second-Degree Murder Charges

Tru Life recently pleaded his innocence to second-degree murder and gang assault charges stemming from a stabbing two weeks ago.

The Miami Herald reports that the former Roc-La-Familia rapper is currently being held without bail.

As previously reported, Tru was arrested last week after a scuffle in a Manhattan lobby left Christopher Guerrero fatally stabbed and another man in critical condition.

TL’s  brother, Marcus Rosado, also allegedly involved in the altercation, is also being held as he awaits arraignment. –John Kennedy

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  • $ykotic

    To be continued…

    • Pierzy

      What up $yk!

      I’m sure Jay isn’t happy that they decided to use the picture of the two of them…

      • EReal

        There goes that Roc Contract money. Straight to the jew unit.

    • http://google thabarber

      u fuck nigga from new york CAPOSTAUS
      fuck the east

  • lol

    i wish this guy would jsut go to jail

  • Capostatus

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK we keep it Gangsta up here. All u Southern Country primates better recognise. We have swag, u don’t. We can rap and flow, Ur corn eating country asses can’t, we Gangsta Ur slow southern asses aint. Fuck the south.

  • ANti-Social

    this is an unfortunate event and people are leaving these lame comments. Fuck a region, this is about livelihoods, these cats are facing a lot of years in prison. No matter how GANGSTA a nigga is, no one is trying to do 10-15 years in a state penn. Sad what happens to young men trying to get in the game…

    • http://xxlmag jb

      Dont pay dudes like that no mind. Cats that leave comments like that are lames who want attention.

      • $ykotic

        Real talk.

        @ Ereal

        I can see his mouthpiece salivating right now. Practically free money.

  • Teddy

    anyone ever seen that dave chappelle episode when keeping it real goes wrong lol

  • shorty G

    This is ole boy that got down on Mobb Deep. dude keep it gutta, don’t he?

  • Gerv

    Real gangstas get life sentences nothin cool about that at all.Look like Tru Life gonna be doing life no more stupid youtube videos wit champagne and cereal.It’s strictly spreads,pruno,and unwanted sex.

  • comptonSNIPE

    Wtf! Good talent sitting on ice pending further investigation. SAD! A TRU LIFE stay God fearing , sucka free , & have FAITH OVER FEAR. MY nigga Shortphuze spoke those words deeply & I felt them. Zer0 tolerance da movement Holla! Catch us on twitter @comptonSNIPE , @Shortphuze , & @chukcie .

  • Лапка

    Попытайтесь, пробуйте, и все у вас получится!

  • Александр

    Не знаю как остальным, а мне понравилось.

  • Yura

    ДА надо просто работать и реально все получиться

  • ForexMan

    Cасибо, жду следующих статей!