Slaughterhouse Backs Joe Budden In Method Man Debate, “With All Due Respect, I Think [Joey] Would Tear Meth A New Asshole”

With Joe Budden’s recent war of words with Method Man over who’s the better MC, Jump Off’s Slaughterhouse groupmates weighed in on the debate when speaking to last night (June 11) at HeadQcourterz Studios in NYC.

“With all due respect, I think [Joey] would tear Method Man a new asshole and that’s just my personal opinion,” said Royce resolutely. “Let’s just keep it all the way funky. Nobody means no disrespect, man. It’s like when Allen Iverson crossed over Jordan. It’s like, ‘Come on, man. He just got new legs.’”

Ortiz broke it down, differentiating between lyricist and MC. “Mcing comes with a whole bunch of things,” he explained. “I’ve seen a Method Man show and seen how he rocked it so I’m answering this as a fan and not being biased to my group. They both have strong points as MCs but Joe Budden’s clearly the better lyricist.”

Crooked also sided with Budden, saying, “If them two get on a song right now, [Joe’s] gonna have the best verse,” he said. “That’s just what it is. It ain’t even about being biased. That’s like if I get on a song with Em right now, I don’t know If I’m gonna have the best verse.”

The feud began when Joey objected to being ranked significantly lower than the Wu-Tang MC in Vibe’s “Best Rapper Alive” tourney brackets, posing the question, “You mean to tell me if Method Man was standing in front of my face right this second and we had to rap back and forth that Method Man would be the victor?” Feeling disrespected, Meth responded on DJ Enuff’s radio show, “He feel like he can out rhyme me? Shit, I feel like I’m the best nigga, can’t nobody out-rhyme me.”

The former Def Jam MC finally got his two cents in when asked about a major label future for Slaughterhouse past their self-titled debut slated for a August 11 release on E1 Music – one month later than its original due date. “We’re not idiots… and we’re not that narrow-minded or that close-minded to where we’ll say, ‘Oh no, we’ll never do that again,’” said Joe in regards to going major despite all members going shelf woes in the past. “If a great opportunity presents itself and God happens to put a situation in front of us where the four of us and our teams individually and collectively feel it’s a great idea, then yeah, it would happen.” - Devin Chanda

Stay tuned for a video from the interview coming later today.

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  • BeerGangsta

    I see we are giving Slaughter House a lot of props lately. Hope they can live the hype. I hope this CD is hard like hard copy. We as people need to hear good music.

    • joe p

      “wu-tang clan aint nothing to fuck wit” come on man everyone knows that ! i got my money on method man all day

    • Mr. Fly as a Pelican

      I actually dig the comment Ortiz said. Budden’s bitch ass may have more lyricism, but Meth is a way better MC with quality music. I’ve bought every Meth project. I MIGHT download slaughterhouse just because the other 3 dudes. “Hard like hard copy”?? Fuckin idiot. ^^^

      • Key-Ye


    • real taka

      Yall niggaz always talkin bout Joe Buddens(laugh’n at name). His albums are holding no kinda weight in the rap game. lol One bullshit hit single.(DAMN!!!(extremely loud) Slaughter House, this fuckin group name is ass wiping material. lol And in the picture above they all look like old dudes thats bout to get ready to cook on the grill. And brokkkkkkeeeee !!!!! lmfao WU – Tang NIGGA !!!!

    • Grapeske

      Wow Beergangsta. That is some real cat ish right there. Hard like hard copy. I’m might take your keyboard for that.

  • http://yahoo nacho libre

    both these dudes is nice. and slaughterhouse is nice. but lets keep it a stack for a minute aint nobody really checking for neither one of these dudes right now for real! if it wasn’t for them talking bout each other we wouldn’t be hearing nothing bout neither one of em on a major level!

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    oh shit. I’m looking forward to some epic battle shit. Wu-Tang Clan v. Slaughterhouse. Man, Hip-hop’s already been back alive, but if this happened, it would be on some 110% healthy ready to run a marathon shit.

  • the real gangster

    fuck joe budden method man would eather that bitch!!!!!the hole WUtang clan would rap circles around slaughter house!!!!!WUtang clan ant nothing to fuck with.

    • GregSide

      Damn str8, Little Joey Jump Off ain’t fuckin with Meth. He’s just trying 2 to take a shot at who’s got the hottest shit in the streets right now, BLACKOUT 2, to boost up some hype 4 Slaughterhouse. I’m sure Eminem was ranked way higher then Joey and he ain’t taken shots at Em cause them boys ruin careers while Meth ain’t ever really been about beef. He had 2 pick between Em or Meth. Either way it would of a bad choice. What about the rest of the emcees ranked higher. He played himself with that bullshit. WU-TANG Clan ain’t nothing 2 fuck wit’, str8 up. I don’t know why there’s 2 east coasters in the group anyway. I think if they would have pick a Lyricist from the south it would have been a better fit. 1 from the East, West, Mid-West, and South. Think about that shit.


    I feel like Ortiz close but still no cigar , Meth is a vet but Joey is a young lion that nigga got flows hate if you want to. Tell me the last time you rewinded a Meth verse cuz i always listen to Joe shit like twice just to catch everything he be saying.

    Patiently Waitin on that Slaughter House CD till then im still banging the Kiss my ass mixtape and So Far Gone chopped n screwed




  • Jamal7Mile

    They should both jump into the cypher and have at it! That’s the way it goes down ALL OVER Detroit. Belle Isle, Chene Park, random basketball court, backyard parties… it was all good! And fun! No love lost, win or lose!

    • DetroitDraper

      Hey if you know Chene park u should know the King Homes right across the street. Its always a good dice game/rap battle lol

      • DETROIT

        and a good number of hoodrats ready to get down! dem king homes hoes get it in!

        • Jamal7Mile

          Oh yeah, I know a little about King Homes!! Never stayed there too long. River Place is my spot! My cousin runs the security over there so back in the day I had, ahem, free reign to run amok!!

          Sometimes I still jog/bike up and down the Riverfront, and Hart Plaza is one of my most favorite places on Earth!

          I’m hoping the Red Wings bring home the Stanley tonight so that we can get that parade up and poppin’! Best believe I’ll be there! I’ll be the drunk black dude disturbing the peace!!! LOL!!

        • DetroitDraper

          Yea I grew up in them homes…its some rats too lol

  • Dboz

    Faggott just wishes he was better than Meth….He aint even fit to roll meths blunt,

  • west philly’s finest

    Wow u always here how people like Soulja Boy dont respect they elders then somebody like Joe Budden and Slaughterhouse say whatever they want.

    The fact of it is Meth was apart of the best group in rap history an its first breakout star. If Slaughterhouse is a overwhelming sucess they wont even come close to the impact Meth had by himself.

    Thats just like saying they better than Nas right now cause he making songs about fried chicken maybe but for as long as they live they couldn’t put out Illmatic. So how much better are they really.

    • Trenton Watts

      West oak Lane I co sign you on that shit.. It’s about the impact you make on the culture… I remember the first time I heard Method man spit on a mic, Joey cant live up to what Method man Black thought Nas and so others have done in the past.. Joey might be a better lyricist right now but that dont mean shit.. it’s all about not compromising your art and being successful at the same time. That’s Y jay is the best, Big was brilliant, Pac was on some other shit, Blackthought had the right format, and Nas was just to nasty for the ear drum. B-more Careful it’s the West in me…

  • Real Talk

    It is what it is. Meth is a legend past his prime. Joey’s knockin them verses out of the park. Its really like sayin Nas is more accomplished than Rakim. He been apoligized for singlin out Meth, and everyone knows that the Vibe list was wack.

    Meth and others (Busta Rhymes now) continue to talk shit in interviews, so it’s only right that Slaughterhouse airs it out. (It’s not like this could be Slaughterhouse attemptin to put a little buzz behind their releases, bein that their EP’s and album is comin out next month shhhhh!!! lol).

  • OG Matt Herbz

    What are them dudes doing at Headquarterz?

    Does that mean a Premier beat?

    I hope so…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • D-Block

      nah man no premo beat on the album, sorry to ruin you hopes i was hopin the same thing


    looks like the rest of the group got the memo….WHEN YOUR BUDGET IS LOW, FREE PROMO IS YOU BEST FRIEND!

    isn’t crooked i the same guy that always bitches about og’s in the game not helping out new niggas? i see a lil hypocracy there, but i don’t have time to get into it…have a great weekend people…100!

    on the real, JOEY NEEDS TO MAKE A UNDENIABLE HIT SONG BEFORE HE EVER MENTIONS METH’S NAME AGAIN. hell, cannibus is a better lyricist than jay-z…but he’s half the rapper!

    like x said in belly “learn how to bag the weed first, THEN GET MONEY”

    • Empress G

      I so agree with everything you said for real…Detroit you’re on point…

    • “The Party Killa”

      Co F**Kin SIGN^^^^



  • http://xxl Born

    Royce and the rest of his crew are crazy and whatever they are smoking they really need to pass that shit this way, so i can lose all sense of reality!
    I like Joe! four walls is my song but, he cannot see mef! This one verse from mef smashes everything that Joe has put out! check this verse out:

    This rap shit bust yo’ gums, and leave you stunned
    Pull your plug, now you can’t function
    There’s no to-tal or sum to this equa-tion, you fro-zen
    Many may come but few are cho-sen
    Pretty niggaz want to play the war po-sin
    When the ruckus come, they be the first to get their shine stolen
    Do or die, it be I, Meta-physical Man
    Holding court from my Wu, indivisible clan
    I see your thoughts and your hand reachin
    It’s getting deep in this mud
    Cats heat seekin, for one blood
    Nameless thugs with aimless slugs, shootin at these stank bitches
    Less he gon’ bring this above, I make switches
    From the lamp I grant three wishes
    Johnny be parlayin, I Blaze britches, then I roll
    One hundred percent mind, one hundred percent body
    One hundred percent soul, individual
    Assholes tend to run
    From this PLO extortion to the one
    The next chamber, you fuckin with the star spangler
    To the dawn’s early light with this head-banger
    Boogie, represent this shit fully
    Like I’m constantly at war with the town bully
    Who want that pressure, about to get smacked silly
    Like a fat bitch in Spandex, free Willy!
    We on some milli, check the joint, engine number nine
    Niggaz wastin time worryin about me and mine
    Get your own shit.

    Joe cannot see mef!



      niggas act like meth’s best verses aren’t 10 times as complex as anything joey has put out! joes rhymes are very basic. pac made a whole song around the first 3 lines of “bring the pain”!

  • hejsa

    like it is said before
    M.E.T.H.O.D MAN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Than Joe’s life long career:D


      THE SKIT BEFORE M.E.T.H.O.D. M.A.N >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> JOEYS CAREER! LOL

  • D-Block

    why is everyone crowning meth like hes the G.O.A.T.? ya he was in one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time but in reality he is an average spitter. with that being said joey is pretty average himself. just because the man is a legend it dont mean that he some sort of super lyricist. honestly i think it would be a pretty fair battle if they stood toe to toe.

    • http://xxl Born

      if that dart was directed at me, my post states no where that mef is the best, all it said was he is and will always be better than joe, and to be completely honest with you, I do not say that this person is the best mc of all time or that person is the best mc of all times. I feel that there are some who are great, there are some who are average, and then there is those who suck! This is my opinion!

    • Brass Tacks

      Naw my dude i have to disagree the Funk Doc ain’t never been an average spitter…

      • http://xxl BORN

        iron lung homie, funk doc is red man!

      • Detroit Ice

        lol when trying to look cool and act like you know an artist by using a nickname goes wrong. i wonder if this nigga heard of red & meth before BO!2 lol niggas

  • http://yahoo nacho libre

    why yall even arguing about this? neither one of them are the best in the game right now, would you be arguing over who is better between wally scerbiak and delonte west, so who gives a f*%k! just get to the money!! and why they keep posting ish about slaughterhouse? they not even the best group in rap!! yall ninjas keep forgetting bout my dudes the Lox!! can they get some promo can we have some d-block promo?

    • http://xxl Born

      it is not even about that it is the fact, what they are saying is incorrect! Like royce using the analogy of jordan vs. ai yeah ai crossed mj up but, he is no where near as good as mj and we both know that!

      • Empress G

        I agree with you Born.
        To me these people are starting to sound like they are all making comments and don’t fully know the artists Wu-Tang or Meth’s music pass M.E.T.H.O.D. Man and C.R.E.A.M. They have never really listened to these artists on mix tapes, solo albums, etc. to truly understand their level of lyrical skill.
        Joe Budden as I said before and his whole crew are WACK. They don’t spark any thoughts or feelings when i hear them and they damn sure can’t compete with the likes of MC’s such as Rza, Gza, Raekwon, Ghost, etc.
        Meth may not be the best of all time, shit no one is, but he sits right up there with those that are considered on top of the game. Record sales don’t mean nothing, there are artists who aren’t even signed yet that can out spit Slaughterhouse,so Meth and Wu not making sales is irrelevant, they made sales in their time. Now is Budden’s era and he is makin no noise, nor will that crew ever be honored because they have contributed nothing to this industry that was different from anything I had ever heard. When Wu came out it was a new breath of fresh air for the rap game and for that reason, Slaughterhouse can just give it up and all their supporters can face the truth that after this little issues subsides no one will even remember the name of their last album, lmmfao!
        Sorry I had to vent.

  • http://xxl Born

    Well if that dart was directed at me, my post states no where that mef is the best, all it said was he is and will always be better than joe, and to be completely honest with you, I do not say that this person is the best mc of all time or that person is the best mc of all times. I feel that there are some who are great, there are some who are average, and then there is those who suck! This is my opinion!

  • Empress G

    There’s a difference to me to being a better lyricist, songwriter, and MC. Personally, I am cinfused as to why Slaughterhouse would feel threatened by Wu-Tang’s rating in a mag when they are considered ol’skool hip hop now anyway?! Why aren’t they challenging Eminem or Busta or lyricist that are actually still making charts in the industry to prove they are worthy of a higher rating then Wu? To me Buddden, Ortiz (whom I’ve seen live), and the whole Slaughterhouse click are CORNY. I am a lyricist (lyrical quality on point and creative), a songwriter (I can write a song), and an MC (I can perform and move the crowd) – I think that I am better then Buddewn lyrically….sheesh maybe I need to re-listen to their joints cause I was never impressed. Meth….his flow….it’s unbelievable…his metophors…outta this world, as soon as he starts in on a track u know it’s him, your head starts nodding, and you are captured by his lyrical flow. Budden…Ortiz…and the crew…never got me hyped before off their music, never – NOT EVEN AT A LIVE SHOW, sorry.
    I believe Meth & Wu will tear them all a new asshole and send them running back to the lab, to their dictionaries, and their books of knowledge to decipha what happened to their publicity stunt turned into a total failure….you guys are making a cannibus move seriously…let it go. If yoyu so nice prove it in sales. Can u out sale the Wu or Meth? At this date and time neither of you are selling shit, and THEY are the OG’s in the game, they got their awards and plaques…what chall got? NOTHING. Same as your career after this stunt, you’ll be NOTHING.
    Meth don’t even stress these little duns.

  • sealsaa

    Slaughter House VS. WU Tang! TIme for GZA, Rae, Ghost and Meth to jump on a track together.

  • Real Talk

    Seriously Mef IS one of the GOATs, NO WAY he an average spitter by any means.

    Like they say though, he is past his prime, i mean he still kills it though, but i for one aint really rushin to cop his new shit like I used to, even though I give it a listen.

  • Real Talk

    Matter of fact, I was one of the biggest Wu heads, I dont mess wit Wu’s new shit like that, its just same old same old, and yall cant deny that. Last album I really liked from Wu was Ghostface Fish Scale, so you know Im not bullshitin that was a dope album.


    what’s with the “no disrespect”… then sideways dis cats are doin nowadays?
    no disrespect, but i think slaughterhouse are letting the hype get to their heads a little bit
    when i first saw this about budden calling melle then meth out i was like fuck buddens
    but i had to at least see what his new stuff sounded like right? maybe he really was spittin
    lo and behold i couldn’t find anything for like 10 minutes other than him runnin his mouth and the first thing that comes up is some wack-ass video with him shirtless?!!

  • King Joffy Joe

    Method Man vs. Joe Budden? In a BATTLE? Please. Meth would demolish that boy. Not taking anything away from Joe. He got a pretty good spit game, but when it comes down to it, Meth has that, how should I say, “veterans edge” about him. Don’t belive me? Just take ANY Joe Budden record, and put it up against Method Man’s “What The Blood Clot”, and then you’ll see what i’m talking about.

  • El Tico Loco

    They both need to dead that shit, they both can spit and both been shitted on by Def Jam, they both beasts but not the best in their crews, they both have a trademark song, they both on Def Jam Fight for NY, shit they might have the same parents too many parallels to be trippin about anything just make some good music already.

  • Nate

    Method has probably rocked 5* as many stages in his career, with Wu so as far as touring experience/MC he has that side.

    They are both good lyrically. But I just liked what I heard frmo Joe’s album and street album in the sense I think he’s a better writer/lyricists. It’s not taking anything away from Meth though but if voting I’d put Budden a little higher.

    Some people don’t just because of timing in the game and knowing Meth’s name more…

  • AL23

    Budden would destroy Method Man.

    Method Man is played out.

  • 1-4 all & all 4-1

    Man what Joe don’t understand is if 1 is defeated in the WU, he gotta match skills with every 1 in tha clan. U don’t watch karate flicks? It’s a losing battle lil joey. You’ll get you ass whopped in tha mic, and six niggas a fuck your girl while U lying on tha ground feeling da pain….

  • kingequality

    Yall killing me with this and im a jersey nigga but joe buddens still rap like method mans his favorite mc he shouldnt even respond to buddens or slaughter house even though I like their movement its a group made up of unsuccessful niggas you cant even market none of these dudes its a whole lot of cats that could out rap most of the mcs in the game but if you aint making no money than your 90% of the niggas in the hood rapping for a fucking hobby plus yall know mc means move the crowd and when the last time joe buddens moved a crowd Yall keep supporting the homo thug if ya wont I still lose my mind when I hear bring the ruckus and protect ya kneck if it wasnt for meth it wouldnt be no buddens how you gonna diss the nigga that you came in the game trying to sound like

    • El Tico Loco

      . . . like their movement its a group made up of unsuccessful niggas . . .


      Sounds a lot like WuTang or Prince Rakeem Tommy Boy deal or The Genius Cold Chillin contract. Too many similarities.

      • that nigga

        Nice analysis. 2009 Joey will rip 2009 Meth a new asshole. Just a fact. Stop talkin bout niggas way back and going off a niggas rep or who he’s associated with. We talkin bout right now. Today.

  • the daw

    there is no way in hell any of those 4 could fuck with anyone in the wu, let alone method man. when’s the last time any of those mc’s put out a classic album? meth’s been goin strong for over 15 years and joe budden has “pump it up.” there’s no comparison there.

  • EFFeX

    XXL, I’m disappointed with you for how you guys are continuing to push this topic. They are trying to dead this issue and because media outlets are in love with beef, the topic keeps getting resurrected. You have the opportunity to sit down with a group that could potentially breathe life into Hip Hop and all you care about is negativity.

  • who cares

    who cares about this group. they’re nothing more than four mcs who can’t write a song. hip hop is more than putting on a hoodie, and linking together words with no point. all of them were dropped from a label at some point. i’ve seen all of them get destroyed at one point. they’re not worth news.

  • Boris

    Who the fuck cares who the better MC is.

    When are yall lames going to start making GOOD fucking music.

    Chill out with all that other BS.

  • shad86

    WAKE THE FUCK UP PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This isnt about who has had the most succesful career is about right now in 2009 whos better.
    You idiots need to be honest with yourselves meth is not the same rapper he was in 95 and just that simple. Its like sayin Magic is better than CP3 right of course not, he may have accomplished more but theres no that at this time that he could keep up with him. This right here is the same exact situation. You ppl really piss me off because its obivousyou no nothing about hip hop. Stop talkin about protect ya neck, tical, and wu tang thats in the past that was all 90′s shit. Ask your self when was the last time meth released something solo that was FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m think and i cant come up with anything in this damn millennium. If so let me know. When i think of Joe Budden Mood Muzik 1,2,3…….if im sayin something thats unture ( i doubt) please feel free to comment……everyone is entitled to there own opinon but lets at least be objective

  • What the ?


  • Real Talk

    Man its like arguein apples versus oranges sayin whos the best. I think Method Man is considered one of the greatest that ever did it, Budden is not even close at this point. But lyrically right now, Budden is innovative and killin every track he spits on, and Meth is spittin wit the same flow from 1996.

    Matter of FACT, Royce Crooked AND Ortiz is shittin on everybody in the industry lyrically, songwise, beatswise, Method Man, Wayne, Jigga, whoever. Yall is stuck in the past, yall are gonna be sorry once you go listen to how dope the music is and everyone is on Slaughterhouse dick, so you might as well stop frontin on they , check they shit out, and jump on the god damn bandwagon.


    “Matter of FACT, Royce Crooked AND Ortiz is shittin on everybody in the industry lyrically, songwise, beatswise, Method Man, Wayne, Jigga, whoever.”

    if that were true slaughterhouse wouldn’t even exist. the reason slaughterhouse is necessary is due to the fact that all these niggas, except royce, individually suck at MAKING SONGS.

    being a lyricist is like being a shooter in basketball. eddie house is considered a shooter, because all he can do is shoot. kobe prolly shoots as well as e. house, but he’s not considered a shooter due to the fact that his game is so complete. some of the best lyricists in the world are horrible rappers.

    • X

      Good analogy about the shooters and lyricists, Detroit. Never thought about it like that.

    • Supreme

      It was a good one…but I’m from Detroit and I’d rather listen to a Budden song over a Royce song (nothing against Royce)

  • Real Talk

    free Slaughterhouse mixtape (not sure if the link is still up, but check it out):

    yo Detroit, Im not even gonna front Royce is my favorite, but seriously you way wrong on the ability of the other members. You and alot of others is sayin they lack diversity and they just straight lyricist when that aint true. Check out Crooked I’s Dear Tupac, thats my favorite Crooked I track for a minute, matter of fact he’s got a few joints on the hiphop Weekly that prove hes diverse. Check out Joell Ortiz “Renees Revenge” shit is nuts off that “covers the classics” mixtape. Joey check out Exxes, Do Tell, and Pray For Me.. sick my dude im tellin you.

  • corlione39


    • Kingpin

      WTF? Is this even English? Bro please tell me you are writing like that as a joke to try and get some laughs!! Saigon is not even in Slaughterhouse u fucking moron!!

  • JNas

    Say It Ain’t So Joe!

    Lets put this in prespective – this is a little long but it clears everything up.

    Joe Budden is an internet rapper. Since when did he become the voice of the younger generation? He shares the same birthday with me but hes almost 30! Method Man came into the game in his twenties. As for Royce, Iverson was 20 and Jordan was almost 40 that comparison is wack. I’m from Philly and everyone here would say Jordan over Iverson any time anywhere. I think I am going to challenge BJ Armstrong to a one on one bball game. (he’d still beat me). Where was Buddens ten years ago? Where were these guys? Joe budden is the asscrack of hip hop no joke. His name even sucks. Joe Budden? I mean guys come on. Joe Budden. Hahahahaha. Where were these faggots ten years ago to call out Method Man? What a joke. Lets fast forward to 30 years from now. Who will remember Method Man? Everyone. Who will remember Joe Budden? No one. Joe Budden is minor league and always will be – and anyone over the age of 22 and has been a rap fan for more than 2 months knows this. Let me go diss someone who is in jail? Anyone say OJ Simpson? These guys are complete fools. They are going after Method Man because no one likes them. All you can say he’s real nice he comes with fire…obviously the hip hop industry does not think so. Who has defended Joe Budden? N.O.R.E? He has been straight up lame since the War Report. That’s the year Joe Budden “came into the game.” He is a straight up loser. I actually thought Royce was kinda of a good rapper – but I cannot feel douche bags. Method Man has accomplished more in a year what Joe budden could accomplish in five lifetimes. Look in the mirror Joey. P.S. – Method Man is better anyways.

  • $ykotic

    Ha Ha! I see them #7′s out there! Knowledge Knowledge.

    Budden is lucky this isn’t the 90′s. He would have caught the beatdown already. Don’t forget the Wu invented the “rap entourage”.

    But we all know Budden bit Meth’s style to get a deal. Now Slaughterhouse vs Wu? Not even.

    Crooked v Cappadonna
    Ortiz v Deck
    Royce v GZA
    Budden v Method

    And the Wu got 5 ringers on the bench.

    • Tony Grand$

      “And the Wu got 5 ringers on the bench.”


      Second string with fresh legs, but not a decent jumpshot between them.

  • DazzOne

    I don’t care who wins, JUST KEEP IT HIP-HOP!!!!

  • Rodjilius

    you see now this is gonna cause more unneccesary controversy even tho it’s true but it’s ok cuz they both nice as hell

  • X

    Even if he is past his prime, Method Man>Joe Budden. Budden isn’t a slouch, but Method Man is better.

  • render

    I like Joe and I like Mef more but I don’t hate this beef

    rather hear these niggas come up with some diss tracks and quotables than some non rapping, pimpin curly ass bullshit

    no matter who you down with, you cant deny that wu vs. slaughterhouse would produce some quality music as long as they don’t get too personal and keep it about hiphop

  • Q! tha Great!

    both MC’s is nice. people probably a little biased because Meth is a legend now and he has that under his belt. Joe Budden is one of those “ain’t make it yet” niggas. maybe this is just promo for Slaughterhouse or maybe not. But take Meth in his prime and joe in his prime and I think it’s a even battle. Joe against Meth now, might lean towards Meth because of his status. Lyrically Joe would proabably give Meth a run but Meth would posterize Joe with the flow. I think Slaughterhouse should focus on somethingother than a little controversy, like making a good record for a lead singel and getting that push for nationwide radio play. gotta appeal to the masses then when the album hits, bump niggas in the head with that real hip hop! Focus slaughterhouse ya’ll got alot to prove and way too much talent. failure

  • Q! tha Great!

    is not an option or all ya’ll individual careers will suffer greatly! i’m just sayin’

  • balaramesh

    i cannot think of anyone in the game that rides the beat like meth. however, today, i’d nearly bet my house on joey over method.

  • hellyeah

    what a bunvh of unbiased opinions!! fuck outta here butt budddies! ain’t nobody checking for the these net attention whores

  • Jamal7Mile

    What’s up Balaramesh?

    Your first sentence made me think back to a standout track on BlackOut (the 1st one) called “Y.O.U.”

    First, Red was nuts as usual! And this was one of the type of beats that make me love Erick Sermon.

    The way Meth rode this beat?? Maaaan!! Now that’s God-Given talent at work! That shit was Blessed, in every sense of the word!!!

    Joe Buddens is a great lyricists! I take nothing away from him, but… I’m more familiar with Meth than I am with Buddens.

    Why?? It’s a BUNCH of reasons why. I’ll throw out some top ones, though. I try to back up the shit that I say…

    1. Method Man (MM) is Wu-Tang!!

    2. I haven’t heard enough from Joey Buddens. That could be unfair (promo ain’t free) but there’s a bunch of shit in life that’s unfair.

    3. Meth AND Joe got maaad love in Detroit, but I’ve seen Meth at The Hip-Hop Shop (umm, an historic-but-defunct cypher, if you will *cough8milecoughMoviecough) but I don’t recall Buddens being there (the age thing is part of this equation, in defense of JB). ***

    4. If I was blind, I would know Meth when I heard him rap. Me still being blind, I would struggle to recognize it if Buddens was rapping. Why? Because there are so many mofos flooding the market (even underground) that I can’t keep track of them! METHOD MAN STANDS THE FUCK OUT!! Just like DMX, Busta, ODB, Twista, B.G., B.I.G., Helta Skelta, ONYX, Snoop Dogg, OutKast, etc, etc.

    Get my drift?

    Balaramesh, that was a GREAT comment you made! Keep ‘em coming, man! I just had to get all of that out somehow. Since I don’t have a blogspot, well…

  • Sleepy Wonder

    LOL Damn! Slaughterhouse Is Adding More Fuel To The Fire. Method Man Is One Of My Favorites, But He Needs To Start Putting Out Those Diss Tracks And Go At Joe Like Saigon Did Instead Of Whining Like A Girl. And I Suggest Raekwon Stay Out Of It And Focus On Putting Those Finishing Touches On OB4CL2 Cuz I’ve Been Waiting For It Since XXL Put It On Their 10 Most Anticipated List Back In 06 Or 07 I Believe.

  • where is hip hop

    Joe Budden sucks period!!! haven’t listened to any of his shit since he dropped that stupid brick of an album! and i refuse to listen to anything he has to rap about then and now!!!

    keep disturbing Meth, u might just get what u not looking for!

    Black Out 2 Rocks!!!!!!! A-YOOOO

  • Sleepy Wonder

    P.S. Fuck Busta For That “Joey Needs To Get Smacked” Comment, That Nigga Mad Stupid Yo, This Is Hip Hop, Expect A Challenge.

  • 6Cubed

    Wouldn’t it be crazy!!! Meth, Red, & Busta vs. Slaughterhouse? Leave the kids out of your rhymes, guns at home, keep your fist to yourself and don’t do any dumb azz internet shit and just go at each other lyrically. This battle will be one for the ages for real…I cannot wait!!

    • El Tico Loco

      It won’t happen I think is gonna get squashed once all the instigating stops, if it did go down it will be in all respect because they share a common goal and both parties will benefit at the end, IMO.

  • stobo646

    meth shouldn’t even pay him no mind them nigga’s just tryna get some free promo off this shit

  • stobo646

    and joe buddens pops more shit than a motherfucka i used to be a fan but every other day he got somethin to say about someebody….

  • e20

    PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!!!!!!!

    This shit is so tired. They need to just leave it alone.

    Slaughter House, please leave Method Mans and any other rap legends name out of your mouth.

    Its a bad look for you guys.

    Just make music, chill, and network. Yall got a long bumpy road in front of you and this ain’t helping.


  • nellz

    WTF? Meth’s last solo album was ass.

  • http://xxl ryan

    1st off method man is not a legend when you are talking bout solo artist. thats like saying pras from the fugees is a legend. n if he is a legendary solo artist why is it when u think of him you think of his association with the wu or redman. he only got legendary staus from being with the wu. meth put out 1 good album thats it. it wasnt a classic by no means. think about it when you think about classic albums before this beef went down im pretty sure no of yall would of said tical off the back. joe budden is a hell of a lyricist but thats all he is. joe would tear meth apart if they were 2 go verse 4 verse becuz joe budden strong point is verses. dont get me wrong i lik meth but yall need 2 stop jockin his past lik he was biggie reincarnated.

    • http://xxl BORN

      pras get real man are you serious right now mef is on a whole different planet then pras. You have been smoking that slum house shit that make the mind go into a dormant state. joe does not even have an album that could be considered a classic he has some good song and some clever punch lines but, that is it! Mef would punish joe’s ass!

      • http://xxl ryan

        @ born
        1st off its an analogy. jus by ur response i see how ignorant you are. wat does a album have 2 do with proving whos a better lyricist. n if meth is so dam hot with verses do you remember the name of his last album? u cant answer that without looking it up. wat has meth done lately 2 prove he is a good lyricist? stop bringing up albums done over 10 years ago. wat you done years ago dont give you a past 4ever you have 2 keep producing fire.

        • http://xxl BORN

          ignorant never! Your analogy was about as dumb as this last post! the verse I posted earlier is the one i like the most from mef. fuck answering those question mef is better than joe! stop trying to put words in my mouth with your dumb ass! i am not at all saying mef is the best rapper HE IS BETTER THAN JOE YOU STUPID COCK SUCKING MOTHERFUCKER. i hope you understand that analogy!

        • http://xxl BORN

          oh and on top of that mef is better than pras if your going to use an analogy you need to uses someone who is on the same level as the person you are doing the analogy on.

        • http://xxl ryan

          yup ignorant was the perfect word 4 you. tryin sound gangsta over the internet proves it. bac 2 the debate meth has done nothin lately 2 prove he is better than anyone. if he was in the slaughterhouse group he would easily be the weakest link. u understand that or i got 2 add bitch 2 the end of that 4 you 2 understand.

  • Emperor Doom

    Budden is ass

  • Avenger XL

    In my honest opinion slaughter house ain’t gone sell very well and this whole meth thing is just another stunt. They are just doing this for buzz or maybe the fanboys who mathmatically count syllables in bars like DP have them waaaay to amped.

    Simmer down now you wanna bes

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  • Pingback: Slaughterhouse Backs Joe Budden In Method Man Debate - Hip Hop Board

  • dolo

    “lookin momma baby boy actin like he grown” – Method Man on “Shadowboxin”

    Meth might not be as good lyricist but he wins with delivery and voice. And hes always been a cameo killer. He’s an Mc icon, been sampled countless times ( a la rakim, slick rick, krs). Buddens is the quintessential mixtape rapper.. get off the block and make some int’l shyt…

  • Real Talka

    Yall niggaz always talkin bout Joe Buddens(laugh’n at name). His albums are holding no kinda weight in the rap game. lol One bullshit hit single.(DAMN!!!(extremely loud) Slaughter House, this fuckin group name is ass wiping material. lol And in the picture above they all look like old dudes thats bout to get ready to cook on the grill. And brokkkkkkeeeee !!!!! lmfao WU – Tang NIGGA !!!!

  • Just me

    It’s funny reading people talking about who gonna wreck who and who’s gayer than who.
    Let’s just wait for their next EP’s and see who’s still in the game. What someone did 10years ago holds no weight anymore. All respect to the OG’s but when you’re outdated you’re just outdated.

    And someone saying “Slaughterhouse won’t drop new Illmatic/.”
    It’s true.It’s true that you can’t give birth to a child twice, but you can teach him how to ride a bicycle, and that’s what Slaughterhouse is (hopefully, atleast what I’m so far hearing) doing.



  • mr sin

    royce 5’9 talkin’ shit only gonna open the door for a wu tang member to step in and shut that nigga up. these fools aint got no chance against wu tang. these fuckin HOUSE niggas gonna get SLAUGHTERED!!!!

  • GetGrooVe

    . . practice makes perfect. . you go against people better than you and it improves you. . if this battle were to actually happen . . joey’s game will step up to about 3 from the -4 he is at now. a punchline rapper might get the public vote .. but as far as real music listeners.. joe better come with SOME SHIT. .

  • Nehemiah

    Wu Tang Forever! The M-E-T-H-O-D MAN would tear Joe Budden a new ass! Listen to Meth’s verse in “The What” w/ B.I.G. and “Brind da Pain”

  • kedordu

    joe buddens is a lame . he keeps trynna play on his strenghts like .. oh i got content in my raps . fuck u . method mans flow is top 10 of all time . just behind these niggas…
    1 biggie
    2 rakim
    3 g rap
    4 slick rick
    5 eminem
    6 jay z
    7 nas
    8 tupac
    9 snoop /beanie sigel

    i aint talking about lyrics .. but flow . the most fundamental attribute of a rapper . joe flow is just ass . im sorry . no way would i sit thru an hr of him spitting . what do i look like .

  • fireforreal

    I feel you that meth did bring the heat on Bring the pain and the What but that was 15 years ago.Method man doesn’t have that hunger any more.Maybe because he’s reached a certaine level of success going plat and multi movies,etc….. but he’s just not one of the top mc’s today. Joe even said on the radio with ed lover that he use to try to be like meth back in those early wu days but now meth is washed up and he’d destroy him.

  • ear2thestreetz

    This is what’s wrong with the game now. A bunch old ass overrated ass rappers thinking they’re exempt from a defeat. Keep it funky, Method Man happens to be from a legendary group, but has never released a classic album or a rhyme for that matter. Maybe if you were talkin about Raekwon or Ghostface, then I could see Buddens having a serious problem. ON ANY DAY JOEY WOULD MURK METHOD MAN!! And enough of the speculatin’ they both need to go in and niggas will hear the truth.

  • shaffaaf27

    what ever happens, crooked i will out rap all of wutang.

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  • stobo646

    young nigga’s got no respect for nigga’s who paved the way ya would shit on martin luther king and malcolm x if they were here today talkin bout the civil rights era 40 years ago

  • tymberland

    Meth verse: apocalyse now/mind over matter next batter be tical….. Meth was crazy on that Wu cd. But Joey just didn’t pop. (maybe he shouldve thought again about taking that “pump it up beat back from jay. he murked jay version also” If he had sold 2 milli, he would be viewed in a whole different light. It’s crazy how respect level changes for LYRICISTS (not trends) when you can move those numbers.

  • amen

    Let’s be real, joe buddens is the weakest link in slaughterhouse. Meth WAS a sick emcee, now not so much. One of em needs to just set it off. Joey had a problem with his ranking so he should set it off. Keepin it all the way gangster the GAME destroyed joey so until he battle someone relevant someone currently hot he ain’t sayin or doin nothin.

    P.s. I wanna see crooked battle someone!

  • saint

    I’m not gonna front; I like Joe Buddens. I fucks with him, for like 5 years now. Meth? I don’t know. I mean I’ve held Meth and the Wu down since ’93 and hehas been that nigga for so long, maybe I don’t hear the age in Meth’s voice, or maybe Joe’s hunger aint stomach rumblin’ like it once was. To me, Royce, could say that shit, because he already bodied Meth, and Jay. Joe?!! I don’t know. He got it, but it feels like somethin is missin. Meth needs more current work than Blackout 2 to judge fairly, because if we dive into the Wu- archives, no one in the past 5 or 6 years can run with him, except for a few select MCs.

  • Gusto

    I liked them dudes too but Joey is a fuckin bum for this b.s and the rest of them become bums by association for co-signing that zoloft popping pill junky.




    + WU = WISDOM of the UNIVERSE.








  • Big Tay

    You young cats got the game messed up. What you fail to realize is Budden does nothing but sling obvious metaphors in a freestyle fashion. HE CANNOT PAINT PICTURES THROUGH THE ART OF STORYTELLING. Go back and listen to Meth and Wu songs. Really listen. Most so called music lovers let a good beat bias their descision as to who is hot. List of rappers Joey could not touch-Keith Murray, Redman, Grand Puba,Talib Kwali, Black Thought,TIP,Outkast-List goes on.

  • Supreme

    Joey clearly stated that if him and Meth were to rap back and forth right now he would be the victor. RIGHT NOW. Not against Meth in his prime, at that very moment. Method Man is past his prime and Joey has been on top of his game since Dec 07 when he dropped Mood Muzik 3. As a fan of both, I’d say Meth in his prime vs. Joey now, meth would have an advantage(not saying he would win though)…but Joey now vs Meth now…I’d have to say Joe would easily win. After hearing a track like Talk to Em’ its hard to think different…

  • Beast McCoy

    I know a publicity stunt when I see one and guess what… this is one right here. If neither rapper had an album coming out I might have took this serious but they are both are involved with new projects this summer and we all know [courtesy of Em & 50] controversies move units and act like free publicity. So in the battle of Meth vs. Budden the loser is YOU the fans. Because artists nowadays don’t have enough faith in their own product to just let the music speak for itself. Hip Hop Gone Hollywood Gone Kitty [PU**Y].

  • phabric

    ya;ll are fuckin stupid if you think hoe buddens can eat meth itz not even about legend status or who’s rich or poor it basic common sense meth is a fucking beast yall forgot about the verses on the last wu album yall forgot how yall fucked your main squeeze to your all i need whut yall forget biggie and meth collabo ya’ll are fucking retards to even suggest that a slaughterhouse battle against wu is a good battle gza and rza alone would take out those fools joe budden wack first he tried to sound like jay and would prolly would suck his cock for a solo venture joey couldnt beat ransom how the fuck could he beat meth use your fuckin head seriously

  • FM

    Even with his ups and downs, Meth is still that nigga. No-one ever rocked a RZA beat harder than him (even Ghostface and I am a Ghostface fan for life).

    I was feeling Joe Buddens when he 1st came on the scene (despite the fact he rode Jay-Z’s dick), but now I’m tired of this wishy-washy, low self-esteem bullshit. It seems he repeatedly whines about being underrated, calls a nigga out, and then backs off and sings some “We Are The World” shit when things get too tense. That shit is played out.