Cee-Lo will drop a solo new album under a re-launched Elektra imprint as early as the end of the year, according to Billboard.

The Dungeon Family singer has diverted from his Southern-fried roots in recent years, collaborating with DJ Danger Mouse — the man behind the Jay-Z mash up classic The Grey Album — for 2006’s alt-funk breakthrough St. Elsewhere and its equally experimental follow-up, The Odd Couple.

"We are planning on building an eclectic brand," said new Elektra head honcho John Janick. "We're looking for artists with potential. We're not an incubator label; we're going to develop artists and get them to the next level."

Cee-Lo most recently appeared on Asher Roth's latest single, "Be By Myself" on the suburban sensations' debut Asleep In The Bread Aisle.- Devin Chanda