Mos Def Album Dropping Next Week Despite Push Back Rumors, TV Spots Announced

Yesterday (June 3) reports hit the net that Mos Def’s new album, The Ecstatic, had been pushed back to August, but Pretty Flaco’s new label Downtown Records has denied the rumors.

In an email the label said the album will be hitting stores as planned on June 9 and will come out on a day earlier in mp3 format. In addition starting on June 6 the disc can be streamed for free on Mos’ MySpace page.

The rapper/actor will be making several appearances on the small screen to promote his latest effort. Tomorrow he will be on BET’s 106 & Park, while this Monday (June 8) he will be on Late Night with David Letterman and will pay a visit to Jimmy Fallon Tuesday (June 9).

The Ecstatic features production by Madlib, Oh No and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, with cameos from Georgia Anne Muldrow and Mos’ Black Star rhyme partner Talib Kweli. Their collaboration “History,” produced by the late J Dilla, leaked yesterday [Listen Here]. Also make sure to read a sneak peek of Quiet As Kept, the Mos Def story featured in XXL’s July issue.– Elan Mancini

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  • geico lizard

    The Mighty Mos>>>

  • $ykotic

    Ha! Gonna check that stream!

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  • DazzOne

    Life is Good(only always)!!!

  • Epinz

    “MY NIGGA”!!!! (denzel voice!)

  • Around and Around

    Coo, as long as he’s done trying to push the “artistic envelope”

  • EmCDL

    Definitely looking forward to it! Been waiting on this like forever!

  • TonyStackz

    Yo from the couple songs I’ve heard off this album and the samples on amazon it sounds like something REAL serious y’all I’m defenatly not stealing this from target or bestbuy like I did with Rick Ross,Cam’ron and DJ Drama’s albums (sorry but times are tough n pockets are hurting lmao) I’m a break bread like I did for Relapse & BlackOut2! both albums bangin by the way…Y’all already know how the might Mos gets down so quit bitchin about the fucked up state of Hip-Hop right now and next week when the album drops go out and support REAL music!!!

  • Azhar

    Good shit Mos……Roll up!

  • mdb

    what the fuck is the problem with pushing the “artistic envelope”? would you rather listen to the same shit over and over again?

  • BeerGangsta

    Mos hustling and grinding. People don’t give him his props. He’s the truth. Fans Change like clothes. Ya’ll need God! If you don’t see what this man is doing.

  • DaveBLAZE

    Much love to the game_ Mos Def_

  • Nate

    There is nothing wrong pushing the artistic envelope at all. But you need to be real to self. And Mos def is the biggest fake disappointment in the category. Always capatalizing off the image of the caring progressive who protests and cares about all the causes that environmentalists, feminists, and civil rights activists promote, he does so to differentiate himself from the hardcore artists who also happen to make good side money acting. (He has done only 2-3 albums but 16 movies.) My siblings college classmate here in Cali experienced his treatment when he visited her at her “adult dancing establishment” He tries to turn on the charm and expect free dances (as if all girls should know him) then call them ho’s because they treated him as a regular customer.. The girls in the club aren’t there for free… He is Opposite from the image he projects on records and on camera. Secondly I was more suprised to read in the XXL article that he was raised under strict Seventh Day Adventist mother and fam, yet he wants to play both sides of the fence in real life depending on how it benefits him. He comes to Southern Cali and the Bay often getting involved in all kinds of good activist related events, but then uses that front so he can have a concert on the side. Very two faced, and my sources are legit. I liked Black Star in fairness, but thought his last album was way out in left field. When facing a choice for Talib or Mos Def, always pick Talib because he doesn’t act like something he is not. Plus he shares the wealth pushing to make Strong Arm Steady a force.
    Mos Def is a hip-Hop equivalent of a politician. The Gavin Newsome or Bill Clinton of Hip Hop. Don’t let him fool you because you haven’t poked around for a lot of other quality lyrical/responsible/”conscious” rap out there. (Hate the term conscious but it’s better than backpack)….Just because he went gold once in his career (when all sales were much higher) doesn’t make him special. He just parlayed his movies into the late night talk shows to plug his wack albums. Q-Tip, Little Brother,Brand Nubian, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, Murs, etc, etc, etc, you can go on with names making better music than dude in that vein of hip hop.. Don’t fall for it

    Beergangsta is right.. we all need God.. but we don’t need Mos Def. I’ll take some Talib instead.

    • ocrise “oh christ”

      damn nate,you just ruined my day.

  • N.S. Ugezene

    I am gonna’ see if FYE has clips right this second. Black Dante!!!!

  • IndyKid

    Haha I’m stoked. I’m watching ‘Be Kind Rewind’ right now. This dudes awesome…