While awaiting sentencing in Bergen County Jail for murder and manslaughter charges, a spirited Max B recently phoned into G-Unit Radio on Sirius XM to speak on the status of his appeal and his lawyer.

Last week, Tony Yayo spoke to mtvnews.com about Max’s outspoken attorney Gerald Saluti, saying he might not have been the best choice to handle his case. "It's an unfortunate thing that happened to Max B," the G-Unit soldier said. "He just had a kid. I fuck with Max. I think he had bad representation with his lawyer. What lawyer do you know that's gonna do a blog with you,” Yayo questioned referring to a video clip the two posted online before trial.  “That's when I think everything got messed up. That blog fucked it up. You know I'm always in trouble. When I have a case, I don't do no press, nothing. If you don't got a lawyer there telling you, 'Shut the fuck up,' you're fucked up. The lawyer was wack. Your lawyer wants to sit there and do a blog with you? [Max's] lawyer may not have been the one to handle a homicide."

During the course of the short interview, radio host Miss MiMi echoed Yayo’s sentiments on air, asking the Harlem MC if he will be sticking with Saluti in his appeal. “I don’t know yet,” Max said, giving a shout out to his lawyer. “We’re gonna see what’s up. I’ma keep that anonymous [for now].” [Listen below]

Despite the shaky response, Max told MiMi that he doesn’t believe it was Saluti’s fault that he lost the case. “It wasn’t the lawyer, it wasn’t the defense, it’s God’s will,” he said. “You know they got me here for a minute but I’m about to get that appeal so fast your head’s gonna turn.“

Biggavelli also took the time to promote his new projects, including his upcoming OFO mixtape with Big Mike and a free event surrounding the release. “We throwing a party on Saturday July 18 at the City College Campus,” he plugged, “[It’s] running from six to midnight [and] after that [there’s gonna] be another party.”

As XXLMag.com previously reported Max was found guilty on June 9 for his involvement in a deadly robbery in New Jersey. He faces life in prison after a jury convicted him of aggravated manslaughter, two counts of felony murder, three counts of armed robbery, and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery.

Max, who is facing life behind bars, will officially be sentenced in the case on July 31.-Elan Mancini