Kanye West Steps Behind The Camera For New Drake Video, Jay-Z Makes Cameo

Toronto MC Drake continues to keep his buzz going as he was recently in Brooklyn filming the video for his hit single, “Best I Ever Had.”

An inside source confirmed with XXLMag.com that Drizzy’s self-described biggest musical influence, Kanye West, is directing the clip. And the all-star cast doesn’t end there. Among cameos from mentor Lil Wayne, Common, Fabolous, Trey Songz and his Young Money crew mates, the video may also have an appearance from Jay-Z. Apparently Hov -who as previously reported, has already recorded material with the aspiring rapper – was on set during the shoot.

The video will have a Degrassi theme according to the inside source. Drake starred on the popular N series before pursuing his career in music. A rough draft for the video is expected to be finished in two weeks. – Elan Mancini

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  • BeerGangsta

    More suprises! Drake,Kayne,Jay are big 3 for they group. This how you do it new jacks. You keep the fans guesting at all times. Then you give them something that they won’t to hear. With making music with differednt well-known Artist. This is what the game is all about.

  • $ykotic

    No hate.

  • Azhar

    This dude gettin some big co-signs i hope he don’t disappoint!!

  • http://twitter.com be_real

    Cheers to Drake! You know Jay Z is appearing in the video cuz Drizzy is the hottest thing out and he wanna stay current. Great bussiness move.

  • $ykotic

    ***Breaking news***

    Drake woke up this morning and drank orange juice. The hip hop community co-signs this action as 100.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      damn. orange juice? shit. what kind of orange juice?!

      this nigga drake does everything right!

      hopefully it was tropicana, otherwise a nigga gonna have to go shopping again.

      • Sleepy Wonder

        Mex Sources Tell Me It’s Not Tropicana, He Fucks With That Donald Duck Orange Juice.

        • http://www.myspace.com/fastlifearchitects miles archer

          Juice??? What the FUCK is juice????
          I want some Orange drank…

          I caught homie perform with Jamie Foxx on the Tonight show the other night… he definately needs to work on his stage pressence cause he did his whole verse staring at the ground.

          And why the FUCK does he sound southern??????

          Miles Archer

        • murguiathegreat

          His dad’s from Memphis.

  • Phil

    Why am I already bored with this guy.


    This nigga is the Anti-Christ !!



    • MurguiaTheGreat

      “I am so sure of my rhymes I could sacrifice a line like.. (mumbling)”

      ill huh!!?

  • brand-new

    i heard from an inside source that he drinks pulp-free o.j. with extra calcuim.

  • brand-new

    i heard from an inside source that he drinks pulp-free o.j with extra calcuim.

  • OCHOnomochos

    Somewhere Kid Cudi is hella pissed about this

  • El Tico Loco

    He getting his co signs and all but something’s up with this cat, I don’t know yet but save this post as a reference point.

  • ben slogan

    This guy will never be be than Buggs tha Rocka !!!!!!!

  • j.p. morgan

    i agree Buggs is the real anti-christ

    Drake said in an old interview that Buggs is the reason he started rappin !!!!

    i just went to zshare and got his mick boogie

  • Jriggs

    “He getting his co signs and all but something’s up with this cat, I don’t know yet but save this post as a reference point.”

    I know what’s up. The guy is hot garbage, and that’s what’s up. The dude can’t rap worth a damn. It’s all about surrounding yourself with celebs to keep the buzz going because his raps sure aren’t doing the job. That freestyle was wack on Hot 97. He even admitted that he took out a Blackberry and researched for the freestyle 2 hours prior. Freestyling is about going off the dome at any given point. He can’t even do that. Even Flex was laughing at his ass. Granted his buzz scheme is working, but when he drops that wack album, it will be a detrimental situation.

    • jarbage

      haha listen to comeback season do you even know what detrimental means

  • Mutada al sader the king

    ^ Fuck are you talking about? You heard his last mixtape “Far Gone”?, the one with all them R&B shits ? You heard the one were he kills the Kanye beat “Say What’s Real”? You heard the song “Ignorant Shit” with him and Syrup drinking man kisser? That nigga CAN rap, and can halfway sing too.

    Unlike, AsherEM, and half of these other “Freshman” this dude actually has talent. Unlike half these niggaz he’s being himself.. No made up drug dealer past, no made up gangbanging past, no fake ice grilling the camera and saying “you know what it is”, 25 times in the interview because of their loss of brain cells or lack of ability to string together a coherent sentence.

    I been wondering when a artist would come on line that could successfully straddle the R&B/Hip Hop line, and not make it look extra corny. No ones saying you have to support the dude but out of all these weirdo’s that have came and went over the last 2 years. He’s actually half way decent.

  • Jriggs

    Just because he isn’t talking about drugs and other shit doesn’t make him a good rapper. The guy is a cornball yo. On the majority of his tracks, he sounds like a Lil’ Wayne clone.

    Oh, have you heard of Phonte? The guy does the rap and r&b thing as well and is a more established artist. Drake is just some hack that will be a one hit wonder soon enough. There is no substance in his shit.

    P.S. Asher Roth would smoke this clown in a freestyle and you know he would. Speaking about XXL freshman, haven’t you heard of Blu as well? He is another established act in the underground and doesn’t need a fucking co-sign from Kanye or Jay to validate his skills.

    • scrze

      …so wait u talkin about the phonte who beeeeeen cosigned drake when he had little brother on comeback season the mixtape before so far gone.. fuckin goofies be a fan not a critic u don’t like dude fine nobody asked u to but don’t knock the nigga cause he do it for everybody else including your “more established artist”


    While Jriggs did make a point about him sounding a lil like wayne and maybe asher would kill him in a freestyle but who knows and with all that said Mutada al sader the king
    i gotta say is right overall the dude got spit and his material is way more relevant than all this dope boy this slang crack that and kill everybody and their great grandkids shit. I like Drake and im happy to see the nigga get shine i been a fan for a lil bit since that “Closer remix” that shit is fire you tube it if you think im lying. But Co-Signs aint really nothing to the boy his buzz is already crazy if you ask me these artist is either jumping on the Band Wagon or just plain ole real recognizing real.

    Oh and dont forget how many niggas jumped on 50 dick when he blew up and how many Kanye produced singles doubled on the music scene after college dropout. Same fucking difference!!

  • Jriggs

    ^The guy is not rapping about anything groundbreaking homie. Money, cars, girls, and whatnot? That shit has been done to death. He is just a new rapper utilizing rehashed material. Who cares about 50 or Kanye? Those dudes were garbage when they came out (save for a couple songs on Kanye’s part). A lot of mainstream shit after 2000 is booty anyway. Drake ain’t nothing new. If there wasn’t a Lil’ Wayne, there wouldn’t be a Drake.

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  • Scooby DaBez

    Well i personaly do not like diz dude…but as far as his musik,i liked his song “Ransom”.but yeah diz dude do sound like hes a wannabe lil wayne.


    dats wassup. i am tired of dis nigga, but he’s talented 4real. nigga need to do a video for Uptown ft. BunB & Weezy, dats da joint! best i ever had kinda gettn old, like the birthday sex track.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Not really man, I had the same knee jerk reaction when he started getting buzz, but if you actually LISTEN to what he’s saying. He’s far from a “money, cash hoes rappers”. You get real life spliced in there, (moms, pops, uncles, x-girl friends, etc.) Agreed nothing ground breaking but far from wack. And yea, I’ll give you the Wayne sound alike, argument. But theirs still some question as to what came first the chicken or the egg. I won’t go as far as saying Drakes writing Waynes shit, because that’s just a standard Wayne “hatism”, but I would not be surprised if the whole “sound alike” thing, is more of a Young Chris/Jay-z thing if you know what I mean. As far as Phonte, yea he’s dope….. But wake me up the when Lil Brother has a hit single making its way up the charts, gets cosigns from your father Jay-z, from your favorite AMBIGUOUSLY gay rapper Fish sticks and oh yea…a 2 million dollar bidding war off the strength of a few “wack” mix tapes. And as far as Blu , never heard any of his music, maybe I’ll DL and see what he’s all about. But that’s the reason I said half of these other “freshman” emphasis on HALF…. And Asher Roth can beat Drake in a freestyle battle… Ok… Let me put it this way. 1. I want what ever you are smoking 2.You must be AsherEM himself, so you get the standard “AsherEM is that you?” 3. Have you heard that guy freestyle?.. let me help you out. Go to the XXL MAG search engine on the right of the screen after you click on news.. Type in “asher roth freestyle”… and listen to the 2nd and third results… Then shoot yourself.

  • Jriggs

    “gets cosigns from your father Jay-z, from your favorite AMBIGUOUSLY gay rapper Fish sticks and oh yea…a 2 million dollar bidding war off the strength of a few “wack” mix tapes”

    Who cares about a co-sign homie? Let the talent do the talking. The reason why Jay and Kanye didn’t co-sign Little Brother is because they have real talent and make real shit. You know BS pop shit is what makes it to the radio these days. Drake is radio pop friendly, and that’s what makes headlines yo. Jay and Kanye couldn’t see talent if it hit ‘em in the face.

    As far as Asher, the dude got skills. That whole college/frat boy shit is pretty ridiculous, but the guy has actual skills on the mic. If Drake and Asher went toe to toe, Asher would win hands down. The dude might have corny subject matter, but he would clown Drake in a battle. Don’t underestimate just because of his image. Drake’s big freestyle on Hot 97 was a wack, half-ass attempt. It took him 2 hours to come up with that shit. I don’t like Charles Hamilton either, but he would smoke Drake. Drake is all hype yo. Take away all that celeb shit, and he would be nothing.

  • Real-life bully

    He look like he a bitch.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Agree to disagree, I aint mad at you big homie.

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  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    FTR, Lil Brother decided they’ve had enough of getting ignored by the industry.

    Phonte said the album they’re releasing later this year will be the last one. I fux with LB though. It’s a bad look for hip hop, imo.

    That kind of sucks, because Rapper Pooh doesn’t have the skill to make it alone.

    He’s in need of some Jay-Z co-signs his damn self.

  • Jriggs

    “Agree to disagree, I aint mad at you big homie.”

    It’s all good man. You cool man. I’ve seen some of your posts before. You seem like a knowledgeable hip hop head.

  • youngkid

    man big sean is dope to bad drake getting all the limelight kanye even does more drake than big sean






  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    when i first heard drake i didn’t know who he was. After his buzz started to build i was like he is alright. I will say the freestyle was weak, but that don’t got anything to do with your song writing ability or star appeal. Dude is ready for the big time. Best i ever is crazy. Success is crazy. Dude has hits off mixtapes. I think any artist or person with half a brain and half appreciation for art would realize he is talented. The buzz is justified. His song writing and singing ability vs getting another rnb singer to sing the hook puts him over the edge. If you listen, dude may talk about some normal stuff but his metaphors and witty word play puts him on another level. Again, he had to earn my support, and since earning it i gotta say dude got skills.

  • matty21

    i’m just gonna say: when you’re hot 4real n doin your thing 4real, u don’t really need all deez cosigns….da music and work your puttin in speaks for itself….i duno much, but i do know dat….when you’re really hot, u know your’re hot n dats all dat matters, u don’t need every1 beside you on tv n sht to prove sumthin…you know within urself…dats when i recognize fire, when u know yourself…n dats da most important too, u yourself knowing your hot

    • matty21

      it’s like KAYNE, JAY-Z, WAYNE, TREY SONGZ….all deez cats are moree den welllllllll established superstars n sht…..do your thing comin up, don’t need superstars to stand beside u, their already up there, now u come up n do YOUR thing….not da jay, wayne, kayne thing….YOUR thing………it’s like all deez completely unknown artists dat have T-Pain or Akon on der chorus’s lol….da raps in between are pretty shitty in my opinion n are by a person we are seeing for da 1st time, but dey got huge, popular, well-known superstars on der hooks, n da superstars also outshine dem n defeat da whole purpose of gaining exposure n makin a name neway..i don’t get it, do yourrrrrr thing….u ant gonna last neway if people are listenin to your songs n watchin ur shit becuz of sum1 else, u gota do it your way n on ur own….it don’t work gettin sum1 else beside u so people will notice u, gotta get noticed on your own…if da music is da sht n real, u WILL get noticed, u don’t need ANYONE cosigning da sht, it’ll jus b da sht period….den mayb after a while when u are established n gain sum respect, u work wit other superstars n sht watever….people shuld wanna see u for u, not sum1 else

      • matty21

        N i’m not sayin Drake ant da sht or nething like dat, he may be hot n talented n deserving so on n so forth…i’m jus sayin he don’t need all deez big names sayin he is n reminding us…he should wanna do his thing as an artist n just grow…all deez big names are just gonna take away from dat, he’s a rook


    “but I cant imagine how… cause i just see my ex girl, standin with my next girl, standin with the girl that Im fucking right now”(Say Whats Real) This nigga can spit. Quit hatin!!! Even if he sounds like Kanyeezy!!

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  • KG

    I’m sick of yall hatin’ and they can’t even spell right!!! Do something with your life and stop tryin’ to bring down the next man. Your whole life is just vapor. Faggots.

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  • currupt boy

    i think drake is a good rapper but he’s sorta gettin old already at least for me cuz i had already heard the trax from so far gone a min ago

  • SkepHova

    This dude gt the right dudes behind him so he beta impress,i bump’d to his tapes n he definately gt ma thumbs UP.Go on DRAKE



  • tuffie

    Drake is signed 2 Rocafella remember where u heard it first 416 tdot stand up

    Jadakiss Who’s Real (Eminem Remix)

    check out this jadakiss who’s real remix wid EMINEM


  • matty21

    Hope u wasn’t talkin bout me KG….i am not hatin’ by any means…n i can spell, i jus type like DIS cuz it’s more convenient n i like it….but i ant hatin by any means, i’m da opposite of hatin…i was jus sayin a good artist don’t need a million superstar cosigns, da music speak 4 itself….do YOUR thing, don’t NEED an established man in da game altering your progression in my opinion, u should wanna be your own artist n do your own thing…i wanna see da dude Drake do good or watever lol

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  • http://Bet.com Nicki’sANs

    Drake is a doubLe Dose of FyyyyNE.
    He can come and Peep my show any day.
    Drake, when I seen yu chillin wit lil weezy,
    I waz like dude is Hott, and then you rocked out on the Bet Awards, I am now your Biggest Fan.

  • mhmyea

    Everyone should listen to whatever they like and shut the fuxk up

  • DatYoungin

    Umm don’t you get cosigns from having good music especially when you’re a new artist? I agree that there are a lot of people that have talent and don’t have cosigns by why knock the people like Drake that have both?