Update: Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Goes To Atlantic, Roc Nation Goes To Epic

After news broke last week that Jay-Z has been speaking to both Warner and Sony since leaving Def Jam Recordings, it seems as if the Brooklyn MC has found a new home. Actually it looks like he found two.

MTV News has confirmed that Jay’s new album, The Blueprint 3, will be coming out on the 8th anniversary of his original multi-platinum selling Blueprint. Rumored to hit shelves on September 11, the disc will be on Atlantic Records, which falls under his past partners Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles’ Waner Music Group company.

According to Billboard, Blueprint will also be distributed through Roc Nation and a formal announcement of the deal will take place at this Sunday’s (June 7) Summer Jam concert in New Jersey presented by Hot 97. 

At the same time HitsDailyDouble reports that, while not officially revealed yet, Hov has decided to bring his Live Nation label, Roc Nation, to Sony. Billboard says the imprint will be distributed through Epic. – Elan Mancini

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  • $ykotic


  • ChiTown

    Wow…cant hate on Jay cause he a business man. Lookin forward to BP3

  • $ykotic

    Wow. 9/11 huh? What a good year for the game.

    • Pierzy

      Same date that Blueprint 1 dropped…

      • $ykotic

        Brings back memories. I was there there homie. Saw them both.




    • Pierzy

      Leave it on for “Breathe Easy” kid!

      • Were Read 2 def

        “Breathe Easy” is a beastly track!

  • BeerGangsta

    J good move again. Everybody knew you would land up with Business deal soon. I hope you do something different and smarter with this company. Don’t forget Black Woman with a big Azz. Come to Atlanta Birthday Bash at Phillips Arena June 20th. I will meet you fine woman there. Peace!

    • mo

      Speak english bitch nigga!

  • Braille

    …..(Breathing to calm myself down….exhaling and shit) the Blueprint 3 is finally coming out…(woosa) nigga im estatic nigga…YES BITCH (picks up chair and throws that bitch)

  • http://xxlmag.com o.z

    this is gonna be another 808′s and heartbreak yall dont get your hopes up

    hiphop is dead; jay prove me wrong!

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    Good year for hip hop……..Eminem’s cd gots some dope tracks……..that Red/Meth collabo is dope…..Busta Rhymes shit is dope too……I’d say I’m waiting on that Detox since I’m a Cali nigga, but we all know that shit aint coming out…..I’m gettin that BP3 though

  • corlione39


    • Jack Tripper

      English! Muthafucka! English! Do you speak it?!

  • geico lizard

    GL: Jay i heard your wife makes more money than you?

    JZ: About 30 or 40 grand

    Imaginary Player,FTW
    Peace to the rest of The Commission

    • $ykotic

      “N*gga you ain’t gotta count it/It’s all there money…”


      • mo

        “nigga you beer money I’m all year money”

  • Jimmy Iovine

    He’s signing to Interscope.

  • shone jones

    Lyor and Kevin, Don’t mess this up.


    ‘Vibe did a thing and they had him as the No. 1 rapper,” Gotti said. “Sh*t like that kinda pisses me off. You know why? Because let’s take Eminem’s records. Watch my analogy. Eminem is a great artist, no doubt. He puts words together, he’s witty, a smart lyricist, a great lyricist. But how can we say the guy is the best rapper alive? Look at Hov…I been to battles with [DMX], Jay and Ja, that was some real sh*t. Homie, you wouldn’t been able to survive…I say take Eminem, and let him say ‘Hard Knock Life.’ Still hot. Now, let’s have Jay-Z say the ‘We Made You’ song. They would laugh him out the f*cking building…It would be over.” (MTV) – irv gotti

    what do ya’ll think, i think that irv is onto something.

    • Eric

      I don’t like Irv, but he’s right…

      • mo

        who gives a fuck there’s not one nigga in the game that can touch Jay, let alone hold his mic.

  • DazzOne

    Jay-z knows how to take care of himself as an artist. All you other emcees take heed. I’m looking at you Drake.

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  • Ya Boy


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  • gkid123456789

    Great freaken year for hiphop. The last kiss, relapse,Relapse2,blackout2,back on my b.s,blueprint,losos way,(hopefully) Before i self destruct

    Now this is a great hiphop year

  • gkid12345

    Great freaken year for hiphop. The last kiss, relapse,Relapse2,blackout2,back on my b.s,blueprint,losos way,(hopefully) Before i self destruct

    Now this is a great hiphop year.

  • Azhar

    I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man! 9/11/09! roll up!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    the best that ever did it. period.

    • SJB

      Just curious, because I see people saying he’s the best a lot. I just would want to know what makes him better than Nas…Just want people’s opinion.

      • mo

        Consistency my nigga, Jay held it down for seven straight summers. When Nas was dropping albums like nastradomus, Jay was shutting shit down.

  • big GS

    “What makes him better than Nas”
    throughout there respective careers, Jay has more potent material on a regular basis, better catalog, its close though
    2. Connection w/ Pop Culture
    Jays influence, presence, tower Esco easily
    3. Better Wifey
    Sorry kelis lol, but jay and bey have helped each other careers, the same can’t be said about the joneses, hence the divorce filing while pregnant

  • Tre

    Man I get tired of coming on here and reading when other niggas aint got nothing but negative shit to say… Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. I think dudes should give him props for making the right moves and being a smart black businessman instead of bitching how his last two albums don’t sound like reasonable doubt. Knowing that if they did, then they would complain about how it sounds like reasonable doubt(WTF?) Just give credit for once.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Two example. ONE point.

    Nas is a excellent painter. Nas tells some of the greatest stories from third party perspective. Dude has all the basics and mechanics down when it comes to poetry/rap. Nas is a great painter or rapper because he does it by text book. You have to appreciate his style and his skill level. However, Jayz is more of a free spirited artist. He’s not textbook. He may not be the greatest in one statistical category. He is unathrodox, so it takes time to get his style. Jay may say something that sounds simple but when you listen to it again its as deep as what nas would have said. He uses more double entandres. Jay has more hits, more classics, and is way more successful then nas.

    Second example, Jayz is like the Mike Jordan of the game. Nas is like a clyde drexeler or even a Magic Johnson for that matter. Again, he is just as consistant as jay and will be a legend. Without a doubt nas is just as talented if not more talented. Nas has a j, plays a lil d, he might dribble better then jayz. However, Jay just has this killer instinct in him that nas doesn’t. Nas is very laid back and almost needs a challenge to get going. Come on, if it wasn’t for jay inspiring nas over the last few years, nas prob. would’ve have disapeared. I mean you can blame the death of his mom or any personal problems, but Jayz woke up a sleeping Giant. at the end of the day tho, jayz or mike jordan has done more for the game. He didn’t just rap, he took the game to another level like micheal jordan did. That skill level combinded with his buisness savy. His personal revelation on tracks plus his growth. If you listen to early jay who once said he would take a girl to a hotel and give her no room service, just snacks and shyt to the jay who know openly admits he is in love, you see the growth in the man and the artist. With Nas, Illmatic was prob his best work. He didn’t progress he regressed because of his problems with his identy. That’s why jayz is betta. my opinion.

    Jayz and nas are my two favorite mc’s or two of my favorite and i listen and dechipher their styles and albums quite often. Again, nas is very talented. He is lyricist on some deep shyt, but if you read like i do, nas ain’t really saying anything that ain’t been said before. Jayz really is more personalable and paints from his eye, not from third person. That element gives him the edge in my book.

    • John Galt

      I highly prefer Nas, always have. I like his style, his flow, his sound, his message.

      But this is an excellent argument.

  • Young Barack

    FF 1 said it right.Jay has the edge on Nas as the G.O.A.T. Nas might have won the battle, but when Jay helped sign him to Def Jam, he lost the war. Nas is supernice wit it though. Very intellegent(on wax anyways), Most of his earlier work has a lot of substance, Very conscience to the plight of hood niggas. Illmatic may be,I repeat, MAY BE the greatest hip-hop album of all time. “I gave you power” is one of my favorite songs ever just cuz of the storyline. He the nigga on the soapbox for all the regular project niggas out there tryin to survive.But if you try to compare their catologs of music, Nas’ shit pales in comparison.
    He just doesn’t have that “it” factor wit him like Jay does. No personality. The metaphors aren’t as clever and witty as Jay’s are. He drops albums every 2 years if we’re lucky(sometimes niggas don’t even know when it comes out!)His production on some of the albums suck(Nastradamus,Streets Disciple etc..Plus, one thing that separates the good from the great is their abilty to grow as an artist and let it be put on display. Showing vulnerabilty. Fans, after damn near 20 years STILL dont know who Nas is. Cuz he wont let him in.
    Also cuz I think he writes. Writing v/s bar for bar punch ins are totally different. Cuz sometimes you may think TOO much and try to perfect a line,verse,chorus or song that cant be perfected. Which can create writer’s block.
    As opposed to just goin in the booth wit it.
    Your not thinking as much and lettin the creative process come naturally.
    In closing, Jay is spitting first hand experiences of hustling,the hood,family problems,etc. Talkin bout all the spoils AND the consequences. You hear growth, not stagnation. Plus, he took this shit to a whole nother level that nobody else could without compromising himself or sellin out the black community.

  • makaveli1671

    Question to ffone1? If jay-z is the MICHAEL JORDAN of rap then what the fuck was TUPAC?…..Don’t worry I’ll wait…………………………………..

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    TUPAC is far from the M.J. Number one TUPAC aka Makaveli died before we knew what would have happen to his career. With his death he was annoited the GREATEST, and honestly pac has a way to touch the people. He speaks to the average person well. I would say TUPAC is like a Reggie Lewis or even a Magic Johnson who did a lot for the game, but neither one is a M.J. When Magic broke the news he had AIDS when he still had something left, it shook the world up. When TUPAC died it shooked the world up. The death of him and biggie. Nevertheless, biggie nor tupac in my book has what nas and jayz has. In fact, compare each artist’s first three cds. Look at their initial impact and their growth. In my opinion, tupac is overrated. He is talented and he can relate to the average person, but he is overrated.



      • makaveli1671

        Dont trip IMPECABLE I got him….ff1 I love your point of view because you hold no punches..lol… & your very articulate but really, pac revolutionized the game way more than Jay cause jay bitin pac songs (check some people hate us and me & my girlfriend) it’s like kiss said “you a leader when you can get a leader to follow you” & thats not to say jay ain’t been innovative in rap because he is the reason we have such a huge rapper /C.E.O. movement in rap right now but pac changed & moved not only people worldwide but also the greatest rappers of all-time use 2pac as a measuring stick for their own careers(check EMINEM,NAS,JAY-Z)& they look up to him for the respect that he’s gotten from being so outspoken but also for his work ethic(who could accomplish as much as pac did in five years in the game?)…I can admit pac may not be as good with wordplay as jay,nas & em but as simple as his lyrics were, they MOVED people & ARTISTS way more & had a bigger impact on rap than anybody else…dont get me wrong I think jay is the best breathing right now(even with him not being at the top of his game at the moment) but dont ignore what pac gave to the game…he’s the most versatile rap ARTISTS ever hands down

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    p.s. check out that Death of autotune…it only makes the argument that much stronger.



  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I got some emails about my comments saying that tupac is so much better, but what makes tupac so great? His death boosted his career to another level.