Jadakiss Fills Cam’ron’s Shoes At NY Sneaker Pimps Event

Cam’ron will no longer be hitting the stage in his native New York on Friday (June 26) for the Sneaker Pimps event. Instead his Boss of Bosses tour mate Jadakiss will be filling in for the Harlem MC.

Another addition to the star-studded bill will be Roc Nation signee J. Cole, who will be joining the already announced roster of Big Boi from OutKast, Clipse, Wale, and The Cool Kids. The NYC stop which takes place at Terminal 5, will also include a trade show and art exhibits.

As for Cam, hometown fans will still be able to catch King Jaffe Joe in concert come June 30 at B.B. Kings Blues Club and Grill in Times Square. Dates are yet to be revealed for his co-headlining tour with Kiss. -Devin Chanda

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  • Capostatus

    Well at least he’s being replaced by an N.Y artist. Am sick of all that Southern garbage on the airwaves. Hip hop is coming back were it belongs N.Y baby. Fuck the South. You scumbags aint lyrical and cant flow. Ur top 3 aint will not even make top 100 in N.Y so east a dick faggots. In addition ur swag is pathetic and ur accents sound quite retarded. Everybody know N.Y started this shit and we will end it. cock sucking country ass bitches.

    • yoprince

      lmao. u mad?

      • PKingston

        i think UGK took his bitch man. lol

        • Paterson NJ

          Hell yeah ma man is right ya country ass niggas wit ya dances n stanky legs n shit fuck dat cornball shit .. rap hard n rap about real shit dat niggas can relate 2

    • R.O.C GANG

      quit hating on da south`everywhere u go u gonna hear da south so u can get down or lay down n da south aint all bout dat swaggin shit its real mcs doing real shit down here n be on da lookout 4 yung ralph and da money maker recs fam.ITS A R.O.C THANG CLEVELAND AVE AND MACON DR STAND UP ON DEM HATTAS`RASIED ON CLEVELAND WE SPLASHING ON YALL HATTAS

    • http://www.myspace.com/phillgates pkingston

      damn son…did UGK take your bitch from you?

    • untouchpuertorocNYC

      Fam, you buggin, and this is coming from a NYC dude…You have Andre 3000, Scarface, TI and few other cats down south that are repp’n…now, if you reworded your comment to read “Conscious” rappers, then you might have an argument there…

    • pkingston

      damn son….did UGK take your bitch?

    • King Joffy Joe

      @ Capostatus. MAJOR co-sign. N.Y. all fuckin’ day.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    typical nyc nicca, and he beyond mad, but wouldn’t you be if everybody went to the baggy shorts from those tight nba joints. lol dude is tight, last of a dying breed. the game has changed and either you grow or you die. the south has lyrical dudes as in big boi and j cole who are at the concert. The clipse are in va and most people would consider that the south. Don’t get mad at the success and/or lack thereof of standards by ceo and radio heads for what they choose to promote. Lyrics are beautiful and you still got lyical dudes in each coast of the rap world; however, kids don’t read let alone sit still for five minutes. Music and life has changed. don’t hate on the south. come down get you a thick redbone, let her sit in the passanger side of your chevy, and take a ride down the strip at the beach.

  • *BLOCK*

    “so east a dick faggots.”

    I believe thats what you said…east a dick faggots…i dont know what a dick faggot is per say but hey to EAST there own…Im curious of how people like ron browz,and whoever made the aunt jackie song and jim jones and g-unit get over looked when you talk about wack ass rappers…now i will defend g-unit and say yea they did there thing for a lil bit…but honestly after Buck left so did there quality music…the thing is we do what we do…we dont care what yall do…..And honestly we dont like d4l and all that other stuff but I gotta admit i would rather be in the club having a good time dancing to souljah boy than Hoppin out the window with this one…damn i think he tried to still t-pain swag…oh lets see…jay z is a legend but his plane is landing…Nas…well u know Nas aint really been on his grizzly lately….umm Busta Rhymes aint really been hittin lately…Papoose smh….Dipset….Smh…ummm…Now i will say this there are alot of quality Rappers in New York…The same can be said about every Region..but i tell you what i do believe…New York had to be Home Of The Haters…I dont hear west Coast cats hating or midwest or even Toronto…but if you say south Them up north New york Cats just about drop there heart in a fart…Stop Hating..We have and have had lots of Quality artist…if you have a problem with whatever plays on the radio (which i dont turn on unless i wanna hear huggy low down on Tom Joyner) Then complain to the Record Labels Who push them out…tell puffy to stop puttin out these Pop Tart acts…Tell DMX to get on his grind…Tell Jay to be Jay…tell Busta Rhymes to grow his Dreads back….and for god sakes tell 50 To make a hit or die Trying….until then yall keep Baaaaalllliiinnnnn LMAO AT NEW YORK HATERS..

    One last point…If our music is so Garbage…then whats taking yall so long to flood the airwaves with good shit……oh and shot out to the Slaughterhouse cats…I like that Collective works well

  • http://XXLmag.com PerfectPoints357

    Couldnt have said it better myself there BLOCK. New York had a chance to shine quite hatin the SOUTH cause we all about that grind. I take nothin away from New York but the way these cats be hatin the South is crazy dude act like he is a artisit and food gettin took out of his mouth LOL. I tell you what im definetly lookin forward to Hov new shit and i can wait for that OB4CL 2 to drop.

  • latino heat

    why dosen’t the Bay Area ever get love on tours like this? in case they don’t realize it they do have a fan base out here and i’m sure most of us would turn out for a show like this. if any of your people are reading this please take note.

    • NefariousSun

      I felt the same way about the Rock the Bells tour… I mean the only southern destination they have is Miami… Thats not a good business move on their part.. I figure they dont think they couldnt sell tickets… its political obviously. Like their not getting any concessions or somethin…

  • Federal Ranga

    Wow… ya’ll niggaz went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off subject.

  • Detroit Dave

    New Yorker’s are finally experiencing what it feels like to be overlooked. They still have the talent but it just not there time. In the mid-late 90′s Outkast, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Too Short, Scarface, Goodie Mob and so many more put out classic albums but were overlooked just because they were from the south…. Yall niggas booed OUTKAST! OUTKAST! OUTKAST!

    1995- Andre 3000 quote @ Source Awards “the souf got somethun 2 say” —> 10 years later he was right!

    Ron Brownz- horrible
    Charles Hamilton- cry baby
    Jim Jones- less than Average
    Busta Rhymes- time has passed
    50 Cent- hasn’t made a good song in 4 years

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    why would anybody rather listen to cam than jada?

  • Backwood

    Backwood says: Can we alll just get along and hang Jay-z lol…..we don’t need a 39 year old rappper telling us whats sick or not….we chose when audiotune is wack….and its wackkkkk juuuuustttt NOW but check we can’t hate on brothas grinds……. …justt be a N.i.g.g.a
    Never ignorant gettin goals accomplished as far as southern rappers its criss…lets all get out of the hood if u don’t like their way of expression just changed the channel or don’t download it what the fuck you people are worse then Perez Hilton…FUCK OUTTA HERRE…p.s NYC rap sucks too…Busta should retire…Same with Fagget man JAY-z sorry jadakiss u old like fubu…. who else….. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MethodMan and Red man come on……..what you need to do is get into a timemachine and get the feelings u had when u made that album ten years ago..now u brothas sound like old angry men .

    • http://Yahoo Bx all day

      Some of y’all really talking crazy right now, now no disrespect to the south dem boys got the game on smash you got Luda, ti, scarfsce, ugk, pastor troy, outkast, atliens extreme classic, jeezy, Wayne, gucci, the whole Miami movement. But when it come to this rap shit go back to the 90′s we had big, nas, hov, pun, wu tang, the lox, dmx, the whole Harlem movement big l, cam, mase, mgruff, busta, cannibus, mos def, talib kweli, the boot camp click, heltah skeltah, ogc, queensbridge mobb deep, mega, nature, the clue freestyles, flex freestyles, the mixtape game. All these artists were pure hip hop, lyrics, creativity, style, swag, we set the most trends, most classic material, both big albums, reasonable doubt, first four nas joints, wu tangs return of the 36 chambers, gza’s liguid swordz, the purple tape( only built for Cuban linx), CNN war report, first 3 mobb deep albums, pun capital punishment, etc , I could go on. All the classc freestyles, niggas was spittin some real shit, that was the best era ever. If u wasn’t nice u wasn’t shining. Some of u need to go do your homework. All that music is way better than everything that’s out now, and u could still listen to it today and appreciate the quality of music that was made.

      • Yonkers Native

        true story cant nobody fuck with old school lox dmx none of these ny niggas can be fucked wit

  • BeerGangsta

    Fuck Cam! The show will be 100 Percent better without the bitch. Jada is good. He make a lot of music with wack Rappers. It’s all about the money. Now this will be a good show know.

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  • $ykotic

    Ya’ll n*ggaz are crazy. Falling for this North/South internet beef. Capostatus don’t speak for NEW YORK.

    So what Jada’s in his 30′s. I wanna see what ya’ll do IF you reach that age. He’s getting his paper and is good as his job. Let him punch in.

    I bet when Jay signed to Sony he told them they had to get rid of Jim Jones.

  • Southern Drawl

    The South is pretty retarded tho, just sayin

  • Backwoods

    Backwoods says: Come on……..Come on….how are we going to do shit like Jadakiss if this man aint quiting I’m just saying dude gots atleassssssssst 4 more albums left I know it so you tell me when I get to my 30′s how the fuck am I going to do my shit when dude is making music I’m just saying after 30 dudes should stop preforming and be role models for the youth I’m just saying……leave Jimmy alone alright fuck off….South aint retarded they experienced different shit then we did …we aren’t the same I’m sure I won’t experience the same shit a dude might experience in L.a feel me music is what u experience or word of mouth..I know I know what does this have to do with Jadakiss…and Cam’ron but I am ANTI- GAY Z fucking old man fuckkkk offff put ur mother fuckin jersey up there….leave it…does Jordan come back to play a little bit……after the wizards jordan is gone…he is off rocafella annnnnd defjam which he owned…hmmm so fuck offfffff
    and smoke backwoods.

    • $ykotic

      You might not have heard but Jones got dropped off Sony. The same label Jay took Roc Nation to.

      Is 30 the new 50? Cats are just fitting in or learning their lane at this age. Should they just give up?

      Anybody ever see that movie “Logan’s Run”? That society had you murked immediately @ 28. The people never even knew that was the deal until they turned that age and were led to the slaughterhouse(no pun intended).

      BTW I always use Backwoods.

    • Renee

      Don’t hate on Jay…he making money…that is what is should be about. Backwoods you sound very backwards if you say after 30 you should retire…in other words everyone on a grind should give up their jobs or careers after 30?? You buggin…if they could spit and sell until they 80 why not??? You will have something to live up to and big up to!! Don’t hate…imitate!!!

  • newyawka631


    • $ykotic

      Co-sign my dude.

      F*ck a coast or a region or age. GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC.

  • Backwoods

    Hold on hold on…

    time is changing……embrace the change…..we are changing…….we evolve we change OLDSCHOOL when i meaaan oldschool im not talkin bout the 90s people…….look back 90s didnt sound the same as the 80′s nor does the 90′s sounds like the 2000′s (i dont know how to call it…how bout 2k’s)
    anyways long story short people who used to rock to metal are calling the new shit wack like fall out boy link 182 aand a bunch of other bands….people who are sayin shit is wack shouuulllllld turn off the radio and stop downloading shit they don;t like…as for me i tell people to boycott Gay-z cuz dude is wack his rhymes are offf he sounds old he sounds like hes dictating stuff to me as opposed to hey rock with me….notice he thinks hes a boss….hes bullshit krone is still alive…so is a bunch of other heavy hitters…man i wish B.I.G didn;t go to that party that night. holler

    • $ykotic

      Now I understand you better.

      Sh*t we change everyday don’t we? If we don’t then it’s a problem.

      Knowledge is infinite.

      Does anybody remember that Ross was Jigga’s first signed artist @ Def Jam?

  • http://xxl Gratefultouch

    I never though dat cam was gonna say fuc@ it.

    well still big ups to him and his crew.

  • http://ithinkyoureswell.com antwan

    wtf. i was gonna go, but now, Cam’ ain’t going..

    neither am i.


  • NefariousSun

    Tha fuks wrong with dude with that first comment. Im starting to think alot of u NY niggaz sound like bitter girlfriends. As for the south control of rap…Traditionally the best music is always cultivated in the south. Also since hiphop is mainstream, hiphop has gotten so large and global we even have subgenres…in any case, like Pimp C said “quit hatin the south”. Grind bitches…

  • Julie

    UGH I wish they would announce the tour dates already I am having Jadakiss withdrawals