Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman Respond To Young Jeezy Diss: “We Not Feedin’ Into That”

Last night (June 15) Young Jeezy leaked a song targeting fellow Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman.

On the track, titled “24-23,” Jeezy first takes aim at his longtime rival Gucci. “I’m on my Louie shit today/ fuck some Gucci, mane,” he spit. “These niggas still on my dick/ they like some groupies, mane/Can’t keep they lips closed/ they worse than coochies, mane/ And that fruity looking stupid/ like some Coogi, mane/ Let you trick me off these streets/ you must be stupid, mane/ Tell him this ain’t what he want/ not the boy Snow/ But between me and you/ I think the boy slow.”

He then takes aim at Gucci’s friend OJ. “Straight shots to the head, fuck some juice, man,” he added. “Next to real n—-s in the city who got the juice, mane. these n—-s talking bout the work but what they prove, mane. Y’all know these n—-s really clowns but I’m the truth, mane. And this is what you goin’ for then what’s the use, mane. Tell him this ain’t what he want, not the boy Snow. But between me and you, I think them boys slow.”

When reached out to both OJ and Gucci’s management for comment, the current XXL cover stars said: “We not feeding in to that. We getting money.”

The Snowman has a controversial history with Gucci. Back in 2005 Jeezy put out several diss songs against the rapper, claiming he was not paid sufficiently for his appearance on Gucci’s hit single, “So Icey.” Gucci alleged that Jeezy went as far as putting a hit out on him, which many believe lead to Mane killing a man – rumored to be a Jeezy associate – in self-defense. Since ’05 there have been no other incidents between the two rappers.

Ironically all three MCs are set to play two shows together this weekend, 102 Jamz’s SuperJam In North Carolina and Hot 107’s Birthday Bash in A-town. – Elan Mancini

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  • Mobsta

    Guicci ain’t got shit Jezzy, he better keep his mouth closed

    • cport city

      wtf oj raw as a fck them mixtapes kill yall niggas, fck young jeezy big bald ass head WHO IN THE FCK ROCK BALD HEADS??????

    • curtis

      yall wouldnt be sayin shit bout this if jeezy could keep his bitch ass from cryin bout it. if he doin “numbers” then one song wouldent b shit to him unless he need’d the money that bad.even if it ant the money its the principal he cant handle shit on the streets like he brags about. if he apparenty run’s shit why didnt he settle it out of the public eye. where the real justice is surved, in the streets. jeezy’s gotta talk shit bout more important people so he can try to get his name back out in that circle so people will talk bout him. like did u hear what jeezy said bout gucci. when it comes down jeezy trys to put off that no madder what. if u dis him he will handle it. actions speak louder then word. all jeezys doen is talk. or get others to do his personal work that he to scared to do himself . he jus talks like he soooooo hard and he jus another motherfuckr like everyone else. he just ant one of them nigga’s who do real things. he jus good at talkin bout it. please respond if u got a good reply on what i have said.

  • me

    man these 2 is straight coochies mane

    • J.D.G.

      The only reason gucci and oj ain’t got no response but, “we not feedin into that,” is because they have no lyrics to respond with. They some suckas man.

      • JEAH

        u damn sho rite too lol

        gucci and oj got money

        JEEZY DOES NUMBERS…. no competition on the billboards or literally

      • curtis

        yall wouldnt be sayin shit bout this if jeezy could keep his bitch ass from cryin bout it. if he doin “numbers” then one song wouldent b shit to him unless he need’d the money that bad.even if it ant the money its the principal he cant handle shit on the streets like he brags about. if he apparenty run’s shit why didnt he settle it out of the public eye. where the real justice is surved, in the streets. jeezy’s gotta talk shit bout more important people so he can try to get his name back out in that circle so people will talk bout him. like did u hear what jeezy said bout gucci. when it comes down jeezy trys to put off that no madder what. if u dis him he will handle it. actions speak louder then word. all jeezys doen is talk. or get others to do his personal work that he to scared to do himself . he jus talks like he soooooo hard and he jus another motherfuckr like everyone else. he just ant one of them nigga’s who do real things. he jus good at talkin bout it. please respond if u got a good reply on what i have said.

    • kegs

      fuck coochie mane

    • moneymagnet

      hilarious…str8 coochies mane…

  • EmCDL

    I’m not a big fan of Jeezy, but I think he can easily out-spit Gucci and OJ hands down

  • Trill Chris

    I do think Jeezy is a better rapper, and has an ear for some sick beats… and this new track is hot, but its dumb and pointless. Gucci and OJ have the streets on lock in ATL.. The last time Gucci and Jeezy beefed, someone ended up dead… Now Jeezy is throwing shots again? I guess he didn’t learn from last time…. I congratulate Gucci on being the bigger man this time around. Jeezy is just looking for a buzz so he can hype up his upcoming TM103.

    • Detroit P

      Bigger Man? Gucci was throwin shots at Jeezy on his last mixtape as soon as he got out of jail

      • fresh

        Exactly gucci been sneak dissin jeezy on alot of shit writing on the wall he keep goin at jeezy real talk they need to do they research

    • fresh

      but gucci been sneak dissin jeezy on alot of shit writing on the wall he keep goin at jeezy real talk they need to do they research

    • Tremaine

      No Jezzy Do Not Need To Go After Them To Sell Recrods He can Sell Without Them

  • sealsaa

    Here’s hoping that they all get shot…Mane…

    • tru dat

      tru dat,mane

    • anutha_level

      definitely NOT a kewl thing to say…mang

  • Tony Grand$


    I would hate or this to lead to any further violence on either man’s part. That would be a bad look for hip hop, especially southern music. They seem to stick together for the most part. Might be going the
    way of the West Coast @ this point.

    That said, this is probably the least lackluster verbal exchange ever in rap war history. Gucci vs Jeezy. Ugh. 3 & 1/2 minutes of 2 syllable words & adlibs. I don’t think I’ve ever rewound a Jeezy verse like, “Did you hear that?”.

    • southdallassmash

      yeah dats definitely a good strategy 4 jeezy seeing dat da “brick squad” got da streets in da “A”….. dem boys’ll be stupid to clapback cause honestly they lyrically challenged…. jeezy will merk both of dem-hands down!…and I agree with jeezy, ” I think they slow mane” LOL

      ps muthafuckaz…….DALLAS GOT NOW…so fuck with us!

    • EReal

      Its the special olympics of rap!

      • oskamadison


  • bigwill

    Guicci mane ain’t got shit on Jeezy.

  • 850 goon

    new york hate, u niggaz suck

  • Beave

    Gucci and OJ don’t want it with Jeezy.

  • KLO

    Hard body!

  • Yung Los

    To the people at xxl, please dont take this the wrong way. “Just Keeping 100″…. I read the diss links between gucci mane, oj da juice man, and young jeezy. To start off, gucci mane and oj have a big buzz down here in texas, they are mostly in everybody cd decks, clubs, shows, etc. meaning they are the Sh*t, you can not go any where with out hearing them. what I trying to say is that its really over sum dumb Sh*t, back in 2005, when so icy came out everyone had their ears pointing at gucci,” When he first came out to mainstream”. Young Jeezy dissed gucci at the time, for what reason i dont know, and personally dont give a F**k. Thinking the situation would probablly would have ended his career, but no. Since then, here in texas people like gucci, not because he raps about his life and what he involves in it. But the way he sounds when he does it…..its like sum ballin, street, grimmy ass sh*t. Young Jeezy on the other hand, mostly writes about dope dealing and things pretaining to being a drug king. Well remebering the radio interview from 2007 with pimp c “R.I.P Pimp C” about Atlanta being the south. Stating that these artists are nothing but liars, and fakes. The 17.5 Statement that Jezzy made was not really a true thing. Especially knowing personally, that theres not really prices like that in Atlanta. Texas would have a price like that. “if u know what i mean”. But the streets know who’s fake and who’s not. 24 and 23 is just like that song Jezzy made about white girls…..24 and 23 is really d**e #’s but, lets look back on the 17.5 statement………..Gucci mane is really respected down here, as well as Oj,. Back out with new talent and a new vibe. Jeezy, in my opinion, is just hating on him due to the fact he is comming out with more music and videos then him, thinking that dissing him would end his career, such as t.i. with lil flip. But that didnt happen to Flip. The underground is way stronger the mainstream in mixtape sales. Which gucci puts out more then jeezy. Plus, where the hell is jeezy’s group, shouts out to blood raw, he raw like his name. I havent seen them besides Raw doing things. Jeezy raps about the same thing just like all most of these rappers. In conclusion Gucci and Oj and cant Forget one of my Favs. Shawty lo and d4l Run atl. Sorry but people will tell you, if u really get out and the streets and ask. Yung Los

  • Mag

    Jeezy mad Gucci took the streets Ol’ I need a vacation ass nigga… That what you get GUUUUCCI

    • Enlightened

      Ha! They did give his ass that vacation huh?

  • CTE Shawty

    The city iz gonna be on fire this summer, Gucci & Oj gotta either go in or make amendz, this shit been brewing for 2 long..

  • Epinz

    I read sumwhere that jeezy was respondin to gucci dissin slick p and big meech! Its either that, or a bit of jealousy that gucci is runnin atl right now!


    DETROIT if you see this my nigga here is my point made and shout out to you real shit


      i don’t understand what you’re saying bro. break it down for me.

      • FLOSS

        I was saying its a shot a Gucci and hopefully it stays on wax even tho your right its not even a good look that Jeezy went at him its still straight that it aint going of the wax hell according to Gucci he aint even gonna respond. Thats all i was saying but i feel you tho about dumb rap beef.

  • Nat Geo

    When is it gonna end!!! Jeezy is talented sho nuff, Gucci too… Im just tired of seeing our brothas lunging at each other like that. They have way WAY too much TALENT to be wasting their energy like that. Im just sayin. DAM! Yall stop this BS! Represent our black community & embrace BROTHERHOOD with positive vybes dammit! God gave all yall asses talent so stand up for OUR people instead of keep on knocking one another down.

  • Boondocks110

    Do you really think gucci and so icey are not going to turn it up at the birthday bash? ya’ll niggas are crazy if u think my nigga gucci gonna turn bitch. He’s with the action. Real Talk.


    With rap becoming more of a drama show than a actual art form the good people at Street Commodity Ent. proudly present the best unsigned with lines…… The and only Holla Mann hails from the grimey streets of Flint michigan with the rhyme skill of the best out and the heart of a soldier at his finest. Equipped with enough 16′s to upset your more established artist Holla Mann brings forth his debut mixtape series L.I.V.E Thru ME ( life-in-various-events). The 13 track opus is a soundtrack for those from all aspects of life be it ya’ bodega hustler or your average 9 to 5′er. Holla Mann’s uncanny ability to cover a wide range of genres from gutter,conceptual, lyrical and street gives listeners a reason to feel every track. Known for his metaphors, realism and ability to slaughter verses this force to be wreckoned with in the form of a man will make you holla for more! The world has been awaiting a artist like this, so open ya’ ears’ and put ya’ eye’s forward the futures before you

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Those were pointless shots taken. I wouldn’t engage this chump either.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Having Gucci and Jeezy at the same show? Same day (Saturday), same stage???

    Come on, man…

    • EReal

      Right? That’ll be good for rap.

  • scrze

    gucci knows he don’t want them problems.. oj thats just a part of the game when u somebody protege u inherit beefs he shouldn’t have shit to do wit this.. but gucci know jeezy was really the dude he talk about in them streets.. jeezy sent niggas to make change out dude and made dude turn into a blood.. but forreal gucci should be happy cause if he aint have that body NOBODY would believe him

  • so icey goonz

    gucci is the bosss muda fucker , fuck jeeezy


    @ my nigga FLOSS,

    i think that sometimes a lot of people’s opinions are shaped by where they are from. I’m from detroit, a few years ago, our 2 biggest rap groups were the street lords and the chedda boys. them niggas got to beefin which led to blade (the street lords biggest artist) first getting shot and paralyzed, then later gettin shot and killed. wipe out of the cheddar boys was also killed. Bugz from d-12 and proof are both dead. obie got shot in the head, etc. niggas fight in clubs over this shit and all kinds of other stuff…i guess my point is WE DON’T PLAY THAT SHIT IN THE D. not tryin to say that the D is the hardest city in the world, just saying that if you talk that real shit here you get dealt wit!

    that being said, i stand by my point, battle rapping is for battle rappers. BOTH JEEZY AND GUCCI SOUND VERY BAD WHEN THEY TRY TO GET AT EACH OTHER ON WAX! they don’t have the lyrical prowess to make engaging diss tracks, but they make great trap/titty bar songs. I’m in it for the music, and to me good music > bad music that talks about another man.

    • Tony Grand$

      “battle rapping is for battle rappers. BOTH JEEZY AND GUCCI SOUND VERY BAD WHEN THEY TRY TO GET AT EACH OTHER ON WAX! they don’t have the lyrical prowess to make engaging diss tracks”

      ^^^^Word. That’s might be the reason some dudes take that shit to the street. Too much effort to make “clever” dis lyrics, easier to just go shoot up their party. A “battle” is pointless without engaging content. Even if you’re “exposing” them.

      Sidenote; I heard about Blade Icewood (?). Someone on here put me up on him. Yeah, Detroit is a helluva place, & I say that from the heart of south central, 66st & Western Ave.

      • FLOSS

        @ TONY GRAND$

        You from 83 my nigga ?

        • Tony Grand$

          Nah, no NorthSide on mine. I’m just over here making it do what it do, you know?

          I leave all that nonsense to these young cats. But, I’m in the hood, though lol.

    • Detroit P

      “…and they wont never get anotha chance to take me out, and nigga next time you better take me out…Damn”
      -Blade Icewood “Give it All to U”

      Everytime I listen to that shit it’s like listenin to a ghost…they actually took that nigga out after that…kinda saddening

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up P?

        It was at that point when I said “WHOA! This shit done went TOO FAR!!”

        When we lost Proof, Icewood, and Wipe Out… that was one of the most depressing periods in my lifetime as far as Hip Hop goes.

        The Street Lordz and Chedda Boyz had to chill after that because I know that shit fucked them up too. It was mad depressing!

  • yeah yeah

    uhh ohhh..

    who is dat?.. yeah is datz gu**i mane.
    u niggaz ass literally, str8 tushy mane.
    ..watered down ass rhymes yo lyrics soupy mane
    ..goldberg yo ass n i aint talkin whoopie mane
    im bulletproof so it aint like u gon shoot mane
    oj da juice dem ayes lame gone salute me mane
    .bag yo nigga first den 2 piece suite cha mane.
    surprise yo scary ass in hell ima spook ya mane!

  • lac_rider

    Jeezy just bring them down to earth. Letting dem boys know he still that nigga in a- town

  • jeffey liater

    What do they mean they getting money!? They ridin the Soulja Boy gravy train. Next stop Shawty Low

  • dude from birmingham

    this aint even about rap. those dudes are kids. jeezy is foreal.

  • giantstepp

    As much as it pains me to say this, and as much as I didnt see it coming….Gucci Mane got the youngstas here in DC on Lock! Like him or not, Slim (Gucci Mane) is hott right now. I cant speak for the rest of the country, but he is getting his props in DC from amongst the youngstas that is. He aint my style of rapper, but I aint mad at him for getting his from years of grinding. Yeah he sucks, but he’s earning his money right now.


      IT’S LIKE THAT IN DETROIT TOO, AND ATL! GUCCI GETTIN IT IN! I can’t hate on gucci, that nigga keep the titty bar jumpin, but as far as oj goes……

      i thought oj was cool so i bought the bootleg this saturday. all bullshit aside, oj should be like phife in a tribe called quest and rap on like 5 gucci songs per album. he does not have the ability to make a whole album by himself.

      also, gucci is starting to remind me of too short. when short started out, he was garbage…but as time went on, he got better and better, sorta like on the job training! i see the same thing happening to gucci, he’s gettin better as time goes on. he’s still no nas, but he’s alot better than he was on so icey. now all he needs to do is learn how to shine when he is featured on r+b tracks, and he might take over the game!

      • $ykotic

        Yeah my dude. I just finished hanging out with one of my homies and he’s going back to the D today. He told me it ain’t no joke over there. Me being from Brooklyn it ain’t surprising.

        Real G’s are everywhere. Supposed to be.

      • FLOSS

        I can respect that alot Im from LA and we all know banging is real down here its not about just what colors you wear its about where you at and who is around niggas get killed over mad stupid shit “R.I.P. Dolla and B.I.G. ” 40 glock and Spider Loc and niggas like Quick and MC Eight beefed aback in the day and that shit got real lately seems like Crooked I got alot of enemies and Suge got slepted twice in the club. My city is not a good look for street beef and unfortunately niggas that dont rap take rap beefs too seriously i seen niggas fight over who the best rapper arguements “shits wierd ass fuck” but I just dont think Jeezy would go after them niggas for no reason and i heard he lil song on the White Owl tape so i figured it was a matter of time before he said something but Gucci camp aint tripping so i guess this one is not going in the same direction as their first beef. But real shit i heard the D go hard so i can dig it.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up DETROIT?

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up DETROIT?

        Gucci DOES seems like he’s improving with his lyrical content… step by step.

        His vibe stretch all the way out here in Detroit, like it or not. I never hated on Gucci, I just prefer different type of songs as far as rap goes.

        I hate to say it but… A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum” once got me a fuckin’ ____ at the titty bar with no extra charge! Now that’s some powerful Hip Hop shit! Who could resist that song blasting out the speakers when it first came out??

        • EReal

          Gucci is winning people over the harder he grinds, real talk.

          He’s still got clout in the streets and it seems like with T.I. gone, Jeezy played out, Luda doin movies, that its just his time. The wave seems to be coming, just sayin.

        • EReal

          I think this is Weezy’s fault by the way he opened the door for this retard rap.

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  • PerfectPoints357

    Beef will forever be apart of rap music. Yes it is sad when life imitates music in other words when Ima do this and Ima do that goes from wax to real life shit, but some artist best material comes out when engaged in beef. Sometimes you gotta let it be known that you still got it in ya. Whip and money talk and how you pullin this one and that one can lead cats to think you went soft and then BAM you hit’em wit that fiya and they be like ok dude still got it. Beef only gets out of hand when someone strikes that one nerve and the other cant take it. If you cant take the heat stay the fuck out of the kitchen. I feel ya Gstep in the end it all boils down to gettin that paper if dude smart he will go ahead and get that buzz poppin l;ike Jeezy doin and drop another CD. Jus my .02





  • BeerGangsta

    Good diss song Jeezy! Although I am not into South music that much. I don’t give a shit about no Gucci Boy and that dam friend. 2 sorry ugly coward bitches!

  • Federal Ranga

    Wow…. I’on know what the fuck is going on down in ya’ll cities, but Gucci ain’t gettin no shine in Miami like that. So for OJ da Jooo-man, it practically goes without saying. Matter of fact, don’t really nobody get too much shine right now. I love my state, but its in a world of fuckin confusion right now… as far as the music goes.

    Grand$, $yk, P, what it iiiisssssssss?

    Some Raul nigga from “Terror Squad” apparently holla’d at ya boy recently. I aint even gonna entertain the thought with this dude… but there’s more on the story…..

    The search for Paris Pershun continues…

    • Tony Grand$

      Whadup Fed…..

      Yeah, ain’t too much shine going on for anyone out in LA. I’ve probably heard a Gucci or OJ song in passing, but I can’t recollect.

      I fux with Jeezy, though. For whatever reason.

  • Phlip

    Jeezy and Gucci will be performing at the same show in Greensboro, NC on Friday.
    A safe assumption is that Gucci will have his weed carrier with him.
    I am not leaving my house that evening once I arrive home from the gym, and I am hoping that some violence takes place.

  • Mag

    GUCCI that Nigga Jeezy sold out he aint been the same since the mixtapes and 101

  • Phlip

    Anyone who went to a public high school should remember that there was the “special” class, and from time to time, tard rage would get the better of the special fellows and a fight would ensue…

    We ALL knew that we should be doing something more constructive than watching this shit unfold, but we watched anyway.

    Here I am, 2 weeks from 30, and some shit never damned changes.

    • moneymagnet

      TARD RAGE? Man, I forgot ’bout those days! I believe some of these rappers were in those classes because of the dumb stuff goin’ on…

  • BigSpookALProducer

    I like Gucci and Jeezy, but the reason why he’s not biting into it, is because he got his ass kilt the first time. But to Gucci, Bruh niggas stopped listening to u after that beef. Second,If any other dude in the industry know like i know, Your not getting a million dollars off of mixtapes… When ur mixtape comes out.. Niggas gone to,, So tell me where the money comes in besides shows and cocaine… and bruh ur not selling 50 bricks… so that’s not the case either lol beforreal.

  • Mutada al sader the king


    Jeezy kind of gave Gucci the bidness on that “stay straped” (I think thats what it was called), diss record. That “You get high on them X pills and jump in the shower with your homeboys”, line had me cracking up. But yea, all three of these dudes are leaking ass although I’d say Jeezy has steped up his lyrics tad bit. I might have to go with Gucci on this, even if X pills was popping shit, that niggaz Jeezy, got to Plat albums and probably lives in the hills now. Let that them two litlle X heads get they money.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    “Tard Rage” ??
    Funniest shit I’ve read all week…, Philip your a fool for that one.

  • Nate

    Jeezy being the smartest kid with Down’s Syndrome….


    From “waiting”

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  • mY nAMe k’Ree


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  • ruben

    FUCK Jeezy ima TRapoholic WHAT UP Gucci And OJ yall da truth dnt let that cheesy nigga get spot light frm yall Ignore dat lame nd keep gettin money im frm toledo all we ride to is gucci mane Oj da juice Yo gotti and dat boy Drake


    oooohhh SHIT! Jeezy gon be @ birthday bash. he’s da only one on the ticket worth paying to see rip the stage. too bad, I GOT A JOB NIGGAZ!!!
    WHY NIGGAZ KEEP SAYIN GUCCI TOOK DA STREETS FROM JEEZY??? dese niggaz got CLUB MUSIC on lock, but dats bout IT. Gucci & OJ got dem new trappers on they jock, trust me if they put out a album they couldnt do 200k.
    My nigga Jeezy got da old trap niggaz who been doin dat shit & THEN SOME, ON LOCK! Jeezy GOT da streets, he aint worried bout numbers he can do numbers 500k EASY. he worried bout niggaz disrespecting him, he had to go in on them fake ass niggaz. AYE! OKAY!!!

    • JamPo

      Big dawg on point……Jeezy still got this shit fucked up down here….throwback niggaz still fuck with Jeezy…since “Trappin Ain’t Dead” dropped I haven’t really heard too many niggaz jammin Gucci….I mean not on that west coast(Westside ATL)….Gucci and OJ shit is mostly pill music…Jeezy more of kush music…now Gucci do have some good shit….but overall real ATL niggaz fuck with Jeezy…

      but overall its quality over quantity…..

      Yeah but I’m going to check the song out now…I really been in the trap….haven’t had time to check it out…..I been riding to that UGK “4 Life” and that old Macboney “Rico Act”…….


      @ southside A-town:

      club music and young trap niggas are what matter as far as being hot. i don’t agree with it, but that’s just how it is. if you ask the average person what their favorite jay-z song is, 8 out of 10 people are gonna say a club song. that’s what made niggas think jay was better than nas! it sure wasn’t his hood shit! and as far as selling records, since the beginning of time, artists on major labels make very little off album sales, they make more off of shows and shit like that. and RIGHT NOW gucci is in waaaay more demand than jeezy, EVEN IN ATL! if you had a gucci show and a jeezy show on the same night, more people would wanna see gucci right now….and he hasn’t even dropped an album yet! the recession is still pretty recent, yet jeezy doesn’t have one song on there that’s as hot as “quarter brick” by juice.

      historically this is how changes take place. 1st a nigga takes over the hood, then the mainstream. cuz white and well off blacks still look to the hood to find out who the hot best rapper is!

      Gucci right now = Jeezy in 2003

      remember how jeezy came up, it was the same as gucci is doing now. EXCEPT HE DIDN’T GET AS MUCH AIRPLAY AT FIRST! niggas talk about drake having mixtape tracks on the radio…gucci is that king of that shit!


        damn, bruh. u right. club shit does make u HOT, i dont like dat shit either. if gucci was to drop a album, he just might see more (if not the same) money b/c of him being independent. but i dont think (hope) gucci get more money for a show than jeezy, but i do believe he’s doing more shows than jeezy. recession get play all day in my ride, gucci killin em’ wit the radio play. jeezy got gucci on the cameo tip.

        i cant help but to co-sign err’thing u jus said.

        *sidenote* i woke up & turn on mtv, & they playin Degrassi (the show drake acts in). this nigga is about to BLOW!!!

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  • 2 coochies getting fucked

    Coochie and OJ don’t want it with Jeezy talking about “we getting money”. The fuck outta here with that bitch ass excuse. And it was thru a representative. Coochie can’t handle jail. Somehow he got out of a mandatory year. Something went down. OJ look like he’s stoned off his ass. They both can’t rap for shit. How are they making money anyway other than the little shows that they do??? They are mixtape rappers…..artists don’t make money off of mixtapes. Coochie flops every time he drops an album and most of that money goes to the labels, producers, promo guys, etc…OJ doesn’t have an album out and thank God he doesn’t. Like my name says, these 2 coochies are getting FUCKED!!!!!

  • Jose Miguel Gomez

    To me Jeezy is Tha Hoeman. That dude ain’t no trapper. Since Gucci been in this rap game. Jeezy switched up his style. Went Political. “The Recession” anyone? Why? Cause alotta Mutha f*ckas underestimate Gucci. But he is STUPID with his metaphors. He’ll easily destroy Jeezy and his weak-azz crew. Gucci got the ATL & southern streets on lock.Mixtape after mixtape. Album after album. Check out the track Gucci Montana on the Writing On The Wall mixtape. Proof of his lyrical power. And as far as being “Real”. Gucci just got out of jail & still on paper. Jeezy? Not a damn thing. Not even trapping. ANd he on Def Jam. LOL!!! Suppose to be a southern cat & he on a New York based label. That’s why he going after Gucci. Def Jam probably going to drop him if his album don’t sell. While Gucci independant & C.E.O of his own sh*t. Jeezy a Coroporate Thug. LMAO!! SO ICEY ENTERTAINMENT I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT!!!! I was actually digging that Recession album. Jeezy stupid cause just lost a new fan. Going after Gucci. He’s slow.

    • nellz

      shut the fuck up.

  • g

    southside a is a funny style nigga…

    now you dissin gucci and oj… last week you was takin up for them…

    if jeezy wasn’t on defjam he wouldn’t sale shit… and with rick ross flop of a album he might get pushed back Fab!!!

    oj and gucci got a buzz in every major city… period!!! jeezy cool gucci cool period!!! im not in these niggaz squads so fuck um!11



  • Jhon da Analyst

    All three are garbage to me and I’ve never heard anything by OJ da Juiceman!

  • 6Cubed

    This some GD vs. Blood shit. Gucci down with the Bloods. I remember seein’ it on one of his DVDs (the one where he was gettin’ a $100 haircut). Everybody knew BMF was down with GDs this shit is deeper than just rap shit. This is muthaphukka gettin’ killed and dumped in school yards serious. It’s a lot more to it then what’s on these gotdamn tapes. My homeboy was down in the ATL and if you get caught bumpin some Jeezy in Gucci’s neighborhood you gettin jumped.


      “(the one where he was gettin’ a $100 haircut)”

      LOL, i saw that dvd, it’s called “no pad, no pencil”. if anyone hasn’t seen this dvd…DON’T! an hour of gucci freestlying, it gets pretty ugly!

    • yoprince

      mann get outta here with that.. you can go anywhere in ATL bumpin anything with the fucking top down, and nobody will lay a pinky on you..

      i’m FROM East Atlanta.. niggas be frontin’.. i saw some Bloods down there around december. it was some fifteen year olds homey. them lil dudes aint jumpin no GROWN MEN. that’s just youngins tryna be trendy. there’s no real gang history in Atlanta the city.

      and Jeezy a crip, not a GD. and all that crip shit is just country shit in GA. they just join that shit to get the good connect on the work, and so they can come to the city with people.

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  • Master p

    I just think Jeezy is better man and he will always be the best.Gucci & OJ Mane are just fake.

  • DJ Postman

    OJ Da Juiceman and Gucci Mane are straight up garbage. It’s about time someone stood up and did something. OJ and Gucci are killing hip-hop. I can see why Nas said it. I think you would have to be “slow” yourself to like their music.

  • El Tico Loco

    wow did I miss some shit while I was gone and still out on vacation but Jeezy got this. “We making money” is a cop out because gucci was going at Jeezy when he came home. Oh and Mr Gomez up there ^ needs to stop smoke the shit that’s in his lawnmower bag because I can’t believe how skilled he made gucci mane sound.

  • yogi22

    Its deeper than rap wit this one REALTALK

  • nesha

    jeezy is a well better artist than gucci and juice and more poular than them both he shouldnt have even went there really its not like he’s missing that money

  • CAPO Ent…

    okay, I live in the A, & real talk, Gucci aint runnin shyt. Dude got on OJ shyt “Half a Brick” & made himself semi-relevant. Jeezy been had the A on lock. if you not from here, don’t speak what you don’t know, please. You look stupid. Gucci does have a big following in Mississippi I heard, though. & as for lyrics… The Recession is lyrics front to back. I haven’t heard an album that hard since it came owt. Gucci got a fuckin Bart Simpson chain…ghey. OJ, ghey. & OJ has got to be one of the dumbest individuals I’ve ever heard speak, really. but the smartest thing they’ve done is say they’re not responding. they’re lil careers wouldn’t hold up. believe dat.
    CAPO Ent…

  • Aaron James Jr

    I don’t know why any is pay attention to this. All three of these guys are garbage rappers. I don’t blame gucci and oj, this is a wack ass diss he could have done a lot better.

  • Tyrone


  • baebae

    i fucks wit jeezy 4 dat

  • matty21

    “Next to real n—-s in the city who got the juice, mane. these n—-s talking bout the work but what they prove, mane.”

    Yo, i’m pretty sure it’s: “ASK” da real niggaz in da city who got da juice mane?

    clear dat up! “ask”, not “next to”

    i bet Jeezy got dat juice, keep dis shit peacefull ya’ll! keep it to da bomb ass music…futures too bright n too talented for sum dumb sht….keep comin wit da heat n gettin money, love it…….

    N dis sht tyte too…Kobe, Lebron

  • Alia

    Fuck wut u heard my nigga gucci been had da streets long time ago. jeezy aint got shit on dat man gucci is so damn lyrical is riddddddiculous. all jeezy has is sum cool beats other than that he aint bout shit i can name other rap niggas dats killin him 2 maybe even sum local niggas 2

  • domen805

    jeezy is the one with real air play where im from.Gucci is not too hot out here.A little to country.tatoos on his face suggest he is street,and that may be the truth but on wax he seems to be lacking real word play.Jeezy is reaching out to the west coast and it has had a good response.Hope to see any rappers on the south coast out here.but i guess bishop lamont and strong arm steady are gonna keep holdin it down out here.southern rappers need to expand so the rest can see there shine.there are plenty to beef with out here.chuch!

  • Lex

    Mann…yall need 2 chill outt wit all dat…Jezzy dnt wnt nun…Gucci & Oj Run diz shyt…Fuk Sum Jeezy..He aint neva been bumpn 2 me except dat dayum put on(OLD) Gucci & Oj comin outt wit BANGAS & yall juss madd…So Gett Wit It!!!!!!!!!!!BURR…AY AY AY OK!!!!!!