Fake Drake CD Sold On iTunes, Rapper Plans To Sue

Drizzy Drake, arguably the most talked about unsigned rapper this year, has a buzz so big that an unauthorized CD has hit iTunes trying to profit off his work, Billboard has learned.

According to the site, Canadian Money Entertainment released the album, titled The Girls Love Drake, on May 28. Distributed by Independent Online Distribution Alliance, the CD features tracks from Drizzy’s free mixtape So Far Gone.

The Toronto MC’s people told Billboard that they did not OK the release and said they are trying to clear the samples themselves off So Far Gone so they can officially sell them in stores.

Drake’s manager Al Branch has sent a cease and desist letter to iTunes and plans on suing Canadian Money Entertainment. “This is a straight bootleg, a scandal,” he said. “We are behind promoting records at radio, but haven’t sold it. iTunes position is that they are store and they stock everything. They have a waiver and as long as people sign it and are responsible for the product they submit, then they go for it.”

As previously reported Drake is currently involved in a serious bidding war between at least three major labels. The rapper will most likely sign with Universal, due the the label’s affiliation with his mentor Lil Wayne’s Young Money, which is in no way associated with Canadian Money. – Elan Mancini

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    FIRST ! Yeah Drake should sue and get some money hopefully. That’s a straight up bootleg move.

  • http://thegirltheycalles.blogspot.com Es

    that’s some bullshit! How they gonna do Drizzy like that?! I wonder how many records they sold though


  • HNIC

    There are several mixtapes out there featuring his material. I wonder if he’s caught wind of those? And if so, will he be sueing them as well? I ain’t mad at him. Since everybody else is getting cake from his material, he might as well receive his share. He’d probably get more money directly from it, then he would from a major, anyway.

    • B Nevz

      You gotta understand. Mixtapes are promotional tools, they can be sold or distributed for free. I-tunes is something u must pay for. It’s different

    • B

      If they show up on iTunes, yes. having bootleg material on the internet is NOT the same as having bootleg material on iTunes.

  • http://xxlmag.com PM

    No hate on that, get that money n sue em.

  • geico lizard

    Litigation is gangsta.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


    Did somebody say suing for bootlegs?

    That’s Wayne’s lane.

    Young moolah, baby.

    • Pierzy

      I find this ironic considering how he was wearing fake Jordans in that one picture…

      • $ykotic

        Wonder if he’s suing that guy who sold them to him…

        • EReal

          Him an Ross can start a class action suit.

      • Sneaker head

        If you were a true sneaker head you would know that those J’s actually arent fake…TRY AGAIN DO SOME RESEARCH

  • BeerGangsta

    We talking about Drake like he have sold 10 Millions. He getting a lot of different looks. We will see what that CD sells.

  • corlione39


  • o jada jew main

    wat duh fuck is dis??? o jada jew main head da bess oubum udda yia…fuck awe yow bitch add niggas……fuck drate nigga we make duh trap say AYE!!!!

  • Dee-Nyce

    do what you gotta do homey…on another note has anybody heard that so far gone mixtape and thought it was dope? I ask that because I heard the buzz around this dude so I limewired some tracks and I think he is cool…but I downloaded the mixtape and it was wack to me..I didnt like the singing songs on there not one of those were good…but I think he is a good rapper tho…but that mixtape not so much….what yall think?

  • Rick James bitch

    what a weenie fuck he should be stoked any body would want to put any of his bullshit out but he is a white boy and white boys do sue

  • Killa

    drake is a pussy