Update: Eminem Comes Close To Platinum Status, New CDs From AZ & Torae Fail To Chart

In this week’s Nielsen SoundScan report, hip-hop is sparsely represented. Yet Eminem continues to keep registers ringing as he slowly inches closer to platinum status.

Eminem finally drops to the no. 2 slot, after holding onto the top spot for the last two weeks. Shady sold sold 141,200 copies of Relapse this week, bringing his three week total to 961,600.

The next rap release doesn’t fall until 28 spots down at no. 30. Redman and Method Man’s reunion disc Blackout! 2 fell 12 slots this week and dropped 30% in sales. The veteran duo pushed 14,400 units this go-round, making their overall tally stand at 92,400 after three weeks.

Further down at no. 40 is the Miami boss Rick Ross. The rotund rapper’s third album, Deeper Than Rap, continues to keep fans in the stores, selling 12,000 CDs this week. The disc’s seven week sales figures sit at 315,900.

Debuting all the way down at no. 96 is the posthumous release by famed producer J Dilla, Jay Stay Paid. The album, which features appearances by Black Thought, Havoc, Raekwon, DOOM and Lil Fame, among others, sold 5,400 copies in its first week on the shelves.

Failing to chart this week are East Coast mainstays AZ and Marco Polo and Torae. The Brooklyn rapper’s latest LP Legendary sold 1,600 units this week, while Duck Down artists Marco Polo and Torae’s collabortation album, Double Barrel managed to sell 1,300 discs its first time out.

Next week look for Mos Def to debut on the charts. – Elan Mancini

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  • King Joffy Joe

    Damn! D-Block = A major brick!

  • thatmojoflow

    Wow, under 100? Time to hang it up. I don’t think this performance from AZ is going to help get him a talk show. Just a thought.

  • YaMutha

    Uhm, D-Block did less than 100 or less than 1,000?

    Either way, I wasnt expecting good numbers from them. Kiss aint even gonna go gold, his name wouldnt translate into sales for the crew.

  • Pierzy

    You knew D-Block wasn’t going to chart. Had it been an actual LOX album, then that would’ve been a different story.

    Em still doing his thing…

    • Phil

      Good Lord, dude, I was waiting for someone to just say that shit! Enough with the solo careers and “label” albums! If that was a LOX album, I would have copped instantly. I can’t buy another Sheek album, another Styles P mixtape, or another Jada album! Just sign the line already guys!

  • Azhar

    No suprises here…but AZ new cd is fire

  • YaMutha

    The new AZ album is not fire, stop it.

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Damn rap is fallin’ off hard. That D-Block is an official album or just a mixtape? Em will hit platinum next week dope album, hi hater.

  • http://governmentnames.blogspot.com GovernmentNames

    The release date for the D-Block album was yesterday, June 9th, which means its first week sales numbers will be released by SoundScan next week. The 100 copies they moved last week were retail violations by stores that sold it early.

    • General

      XXL must have beef with D-Block to try to put that shit out there that they only sold 100 copies when the shit wasn’t even officially released until this week, WTF???

      I doubt they will do very good numbers with little promotion, but 100 copies, c’mon XXL ya’all are fuckin horrible at givin accurate information


    no shit no promo

  • Nate

    Roughly 66% of week #2 sales shows Em isn’t falling off. Everybody falls off from Week #1 to #2, but let’s go back and check what Officer Ricky sold from week #2-#3 Offhand I’m guessing Week #3 was 35-45% of #2. Em hitting plat by week #4- not bad.

    I’ve got AZ’s 7 albums prev, but now I hope this new one is good also. Keep in mind though that Cozmo is doing most all the production. And Real Talk makes some so-so quick ass albums for previous Gold/Plat artists that are struggling late in their careers. I hope this lives up to his last two albums because AZ is the most underrated or one of the most in the game.

  • da Truth

    didn’t D Block’s album just come out today ?? How could it chart idiots !

  • TRUest

    D-Block album was released yesterday! Get Ur facts right!!! Again, release date for “No Security” was June 9, 2009. Thank you.

  • Dj whitegirl

    Damn e they done seen ya dre day.

  • me


  • P

    what about Jada??

  • H-DUB

    You Guys better listen to that Marco Polo & Torae Shit! Thats some good Shit! Can not believe they sold 1.300 ???? Check the XXL Review also please, its the truth. the new AZ is waaaaaay to soft, don´t know what happened to him, the Beats sound all the same to me….no Bangers, nothing!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Well numbers don’t lie. Em’s tops and the rest flopped.

    don’t blame marketing and promotion. With the web and magazines and underground word of mouth, I know when even shit off unknown lables drop…Double Barrel and Legendary has noone checking for it. Noone.

    Even if the underground heads bought yr shit thats gold add some pop fans that Platnium.

    1,300 copies damn yr not even copped by yr own block. Theres 2,000 people in the building I work in. if yr that unknown and unwanted why try to drop an album. Just play yr joints on the radio and internet.

  • BeerGangsta

    Did I tell ya’ll last week that EM will not go platium until 1 month. Next week is 1 month. I know what I am talking about. Take notes ya’ll.

    • jburg

      You want a cookie? Alot of people guessed that?

      • Braille

        aren’t you the same mufucka that said em wouldn’t sell shit and if he does it would be caue he’s white…but mufuckas like haystack and bubba sparxxx don’t even do gold…yup…you the same mufucka saying detroit gay when we are the most dangerous city in the nation…yup you that dumb mufucka named jburg…damn you is weak

  • http://xxlmag jb

    I didnt even know AZ dropped! Is it his official album or one of those bullshit mixtapes? IDK.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Man I still haven’t gotten that Em album yet! I meant to get it yesterday but my pockets were low after getting them Mos Def and Blackout!2 albums. Mos Def’s album is ok…gotta give it another listen. I could do without some of the singing that he was doing, but other than that its pretty dope. Still haven’t listened to the Blackout!2 album yet.

  • $ykotic

    Off topic.

    Resident Evil-Max B

    Can’t front. Good ass drop. He knew he was going in. Worthy for a listen. No promo.

  • latino heat

    co-sign i wish Mos Def would never sing again, especially at his live shows. i hate that shit.

  • DazzOne

    Ohhh, I’m hating!!!!

    I said it would take Em 3 weeks to go plat. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in ALL MY LIFE!!!

    It didn’t take “Curtis” THAT long to get plat.


    Aight. I ain’t gon’ tell nobody else…

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  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    i haven’t listen to the new AZ but i bet its true. Az apparently does it from the heart because his sales are never out of the water. I appreciate his music and its a shame hip hop fans can buy Em but not support AZ. look at that huge gap between the two, and u can’t be human to not see that they both are equally talented.

    • http://www.myspace.com/lab3lm3 Drew Taylor

      a lot of it is marketing too.. Only dedicated heads have the time to be checking websites for new releases.






  • Young 50

    Cosign Nate and Me. Ricky Ross doing all that talking talkin bout he bodied the monkey u are about to be out for two months and is no where near gold status enough said.

  • P

    Dazzone is suffering hardcore from faggotism.
    How is Em falling off? you compared curtis to relapse when both exist in two total opposite states on economy, its niggaz like you who killed hip-hop by supportin the likes of Souljah boi and Rick ross. Next time grown folks talk nigga close your mouth.

  • P

    Dazzone’s sucked so many dicks in his life so far the siphilis is already fuckin with his brain….Nigga, please explain to me how Em fell off?? you cant compare Curtis sales to Relapse sales when they were released in total seperate states of ecomony, and if you wanna talk album sales then you have to say Jay-Z fell off too cuz that nigga hasnt done decent numbers in a long ass time but no one says he fell off. Do your research nigga, when jobs and unemployement are down people arnt buying as much as they use too, people now are picking up essentials not the fuckin CD either….damn some people have no idea whats goin on outside .

  • wrong

    d-block dropped this week. those numbers are simply any stores who sold it early. jadakiss did like 170k his first week, that would certainly mean more than 100 people gonna buy his peoples shit.

  • DazzOne

    Damn,Em! It’s like THAT son!?!?!

    I don’t think the state of the economy from 2007 to 2009 is that much of an issue. In fact it’s a WEAK excuse. The fact that he doesn’t have a hit single, and most people are mixed as far as on his subject matter this go ’round, not as many people are buying this album as he’s last one. Face it. The quality of his lyrics and content have gone down. Besides, we are not as shocked any more by the same behavior. Even HE sounds bored.

    And just last year Lil Wayne went plat in a week. Why do people think Em is on some throne? Doesn’t he have to top that first?

    You do know there are more hip-hop artist out there than Eminem, Rock Ross, Soldier Boy, and 50, right(It’s ok to buy hip-hop from someone who’s not white. Trust me!)? The last hip-hop album I’ve bought was “Rising Down”. And, yeah lack of funds leads me to but quality and to consider the quality first before making a purchasing decision.Hip-hop isn’t going to die if you don’t buy every Eminem album that drops, and the alternatives to that VAST beyond the likes of Roauwse and Mr.Boy.

    Are you an Empty V slave or Viacom dickhead? There is so much more music out there. You should move beyond your bias toward Em and embrace true hip-hop, not that “Playing dick swords with the Jonas Brothers” nonsense. Mos Def would add nutritional value to your rap diet. Maybe you should be prescribed some Slaughterhouse? Big Pun’s “Super Lyrical” maybe? “Twinz’? NONE of MY hip-hop heroes rap about gay shit and are about putting nuts in their mouths at the Empty V awards. ‘Pac, Pun, 3stacks, Black Thought, Mos Def, Rass Kass…I can’t think of anyone susceptible to ghey endevours.
    Oh yeah. Eminem. Damn…

  • Stylistic

    Glad to see that Em, and Red and Mef’s album are selling well. I’m glad that these 2 albums along with Jada’s last kiss have moved a lot of units. Just goes to show you how sick people are of hearing wackass bullshit rappers spittin wack lyrics over boring beats and rockin jewelry that ain’t theirs in front of cars that ain’t theirs. Shit’s been wack and is played the fuck out! Also goes to show you how tired people are of corny ass rappers with corny songs to go along with their dances. It’s good to see emcees who actually have lyrical talent back on the charts again. Welcome back Em and welcome back NY…

    • Wrong wrong

      dblock album came out this week so the 100 copies were because stores were selling it early. jadakiss moved close to 200k his first week, i would think they can at least register more than 100 fans.

  • problemz

    yo that AZ album was wild disappointing..smh..the beats on that album was trash.See thats the thing with indie artist now…they greedy trying to make that indie bread but don’t have a budget to get some ill beats to rhyme to..same with Cam’s album and a bunch of other dudes who have dropped indie…

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  • Gary

    So what Eminem is about to go platinum. Besides the awesome production from Dr. Dre on 15 of the 20 tracks….RELASPSE IS GARBAGE. I BOUGHT the real cd and besides the first 6 tracks and 2 more songs scattered throughtout this CD SUCKS.

    Eminem show cd was my shit. These last two offerings by Eminem are straight do do. So what you are lyrical at times…..HE IS SINGING ON HALF THE ALBUM. For goodness sake just spit. Where is the hunger?

    He losing his hunger….this is like DMX when he put out his Depression cd. All downhill from here.