DJ Trauma Talks Alleged CTE/Aphilliates Incident & Gucci Mane/Young Jeezy Beef

Earlier this morning, an incident occurred at a party for Atlanta radio personality DJ Trauma, leaving two men in the hospital. Rumors quickly spread that the fight stemmed from an altercation between Young Jeezy’s CTE camp and DJ Drama’s Aphilliates crew. caught up with Trauma to find out what exactly went down and if his station, Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, is worried about any problems at their annual Birthday Bash concert this Saturday (June 20).

According to Trauma, who was celebrating his 10th year at the station last night at the Luckie Food Lounge in downtown ATL, he was too busy having a good time with his star-studded guest list to realize what was going on.

“I didn’t know what had happened, because we were all upstairs in the VIP – Me, Estelle, Luda[cris] and [Young] Jeezy – and I was talking to Jeezy and I was like we about to go downstairs, and perform,” he shared with XXL. “So I grabbed Jeremih, Estelle and my artist Verse Simmons and we went downstairs and we started performing. And just doing what we do. He was doing ‘Birthday Sex’ and [Lil] Scrappy was performing and all of a sudden I was like damn where is everybody else at. And a couple of minutes later some people were like ‘they were fighting upstairs.’”

While the participants of the fight are still uncertain, Trauma says it happened upstairs in the VIP section. A police spokesman confirmed with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that two men suffered stab wounds to the face. No arrests have been made as of yet. When contacted by XXL DJ Drama declined to comment on the situation and a rep for CTE has yet to return phone calls or emails. [Update: Young Jeezy Associate/CTE Rapper Confirmed As Stabbing Victim At DJ Trauma Party]

This is the second time Jeezy’s name has been attached to a feud this week. The Snowman recently released a diss song aimed at longtime rival Gucci Mane, as well as OJ Da Juiceman, after staying quiet about their differences for years. All three artists are slated to perform at 107’s Birthday Bash in two days – along with another appearance at tomorrow’s SuperJam in North Carolina – yet Trauma doesn’t feel like there will be any problems between the feuding rappers.

“I don’t think [anything is gonna happen],” he said. “I know at our Summer Jam, the way they do it, they space them out. They was like that last year. They both performed last year. And they both were on fire – even more so. They signed contracts and everything. I know they had stipulations and they had meetings about it. They space them about two hours apart. One crew comes, they do their press, do their show and then they leave. The next crew comes do their show and leave. They’re never in the same spot. We never have any incidents. Last year T.I. and Shawty Lo had beef and Gucci and Jeezy had beef. There was beef all around last year and we had no problems. [So] I think it’s gonna run smooth.“

Hot 107.9’s 14th Annual Birthday Bash is set to go down at the Philips Arena. Other acts slated to perform include Rick Ross, Soulja Boy Tell Em, Plies, Keri Hilson, Young Dro and Trey Songz. – Jesse Gissen

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  • $ykotic


    Somebody holler @ me. What’s really going on down there?

    • EReal

      HA HA! I knew once them broke ass southern rappers started getting checks they’d tear each other right down like NY did.

      Meanwhile, good hiphop is slowly but surely creepin back up on the scene!!

      Thank you SOUTH!

      • anutha_level

        since when did two totally irrelevant rappers from atlanta havin beef have ANYthing to do with good hip hop creepin back up?

        and you say thank you SOUTH???

        …word? c’mon homie

        • EReal

          I think you missed my viewpoint.

          The south always has this thing about how NY are crab barrel ass nukkas and how the South stay united, blahze blah.

          Now look at the sitchos with lil flip, ti, shawty lo, jeezy, gucci, the aphiliates, d4l n grand hustle.

          Aint lookin so united are we?

          Now re read my comment.

        • anutha_level

          i respectfully disagree. reason being~ i can guarantee that the NY list of beef FAR exceeds atlanta’s. that shit goes back a decade and still goin strong.

          there are WAY more “up north” cats (such as yourself) that take shots at the south on a daily basis than it is the opposite. that’s my viewpoint that i think you missed. any section on this site you can find somebody for whatever reason talkin about how garbage the south is, be it a blogger or replies to the blogger. it’s unnecessary and redundant.

        • EReal

          Yeah, but NY cats never claimed to be all about unity and love bro. They’ve been beefing since forever. That was the shot the south was taking at NY. They bragged on that shit, everyone knows the south is supposed to be “unified”. NY never claimed to get along.

          I’m not from the south.

          I never said the south was garbage.

          It was a criticism of one of the values the south claims to hold, that’s all bro. It wasn’t a criticism of southern music.

          I think sealsaa was right. (I see you bro!)

        • EReal

          My fault, I meant I’m not from the north. I live in Orlando, and listen to a lot of southern hiphop.


        • anutha_level

          whatever mane…it doesn’t matter where you live and what you prefer to listen to. i’m born and raised in the south and can respectfully say that i enjoy northern hip hop moreso than southern hip hop. i have no qualms with that. i’m talking about the disrespectful verbage that comes out of cats mouth on this site about southern people in general…aside from hip hop. heads like you can’t seem to understand that’s it’s not all about hip hop sometimes man…it’s about the overall disresepct of my region. you gotta check that shit before you type/speak it, because the words YOU and these others cats are speaking are anything BUT hip hop…it’s derogatory, period.

          and if you think sealsaa is right about wishin other muhfukkaz (from the south) get popped over some music shit (see blog about southern cats on XXL cover), then there really nothing else we can objectively discuss homeboy, i see where ya head is at….we can respectfully agree to disagree.

        • GregSIDE

          EReal, come on dog you from the south(yes Florida is the south) and u don’t know what the fucc ur talking about. I feel u anutha_level. But my main thing is why would a real Hip-Hop fan wanna see somebody get popped 4 some music shit. They wouldn’t. Have M-fuccas 4got about Pac and Big. I’m from the south and proud of it but I grew up on West Coast music and rode with Pac’s beef the whole way. Then he died, I grew up, and started looking at shit a different way. Nobody should get popped on some music shit. I don’t Like Nobody on the new cover, but I dont wish death on them. I’d rather make a diss song. But u know apparently sealsaa ain’t a real Hip_hop fan. just somebody that thrives on Bullshit. P.S. The East Coast has came 2gether b4…. during the East-West beef. Know the facts b4 u open ur mouth

        • EReal

          Yall should know the facts before jumping to conclusions.

          You guys are so far off my original point.

          I meant the post where Sealsaa said he liked it better when you could just comment and not have to explain yourself.


      • killa cline

        u a hate azz fool go hate to ur self n da corner cuz we dont need a dumb azz n hiphop

      • matty21

        I read ur comment EReal…even w/ the beef n bullsht goin on, good music gon’ keep comin 4sure!…hope u aint expecting a downfall? cuz dis ant gonna stop nothin’ brotha…if nething, it’ll get solved or it’ll create even better music, so get ur mind right fool….N 4 da most part, da south is united or watever, but obviously probelms are gonna rise jus like anywhere n u gotta deal wit dem as dey come…n u must not know, but da grand hustle/D4L bullsht is pretty much taken care of also, grand hustle too busy gettin money n doin dey thing to worry bout stupid sht like dat, dat sht is over….*all u haterz jus hopin n prayinnnnnn it gonna stop, but it jus ain’t lol get used to it, dey tell u all da time…it ant gon stop!

        Thank You SOUTH!

    • joe p

      who gives a fuck honestly lol oj and gucci are fuckin terrible … jeezy he’s ok and im only sayin that cause of thug motivation 101 … oj nd gucci will fall off just as quick as they came up and hopefuly they take soldier boy with him

    • makaveli1671

      It’s a war…..Good hardworking black folks such as myself….against ignit(i know how to spell it but this was so you NIGGAZ can understand it)ass NIGGAZ! Fuck swag,tight pants,lil wayne syrup etc, stanky leg wtf? autotune, rapping about gunz, rapping about coke(as if thats the only drug thats profitable to sale)rick ross fat ass, kanye west style & 808′s & heartbreaks, gucci mane, gucci bandana etc,LV,prada,gay ass man bags/duffle bag boys,mark jacob goggles,Oj the juice man,soulja boy,& anybody thats a grown ass man that listens to this bullshit! p.s. I almost forgot that wack ass halle berry song & the black lipped doberman pincher lookin dude that performs it cuz i hate u black bastards & u stink….PEACE

      • valdez


  • stuckfresh

    Jezzy is a real rapper! Do you think Gucci and Oj will still be hot in 3-5 years? HELL NO! Jeezy is that nigga!

  • Tony Grand$


    I would have much rather read an article full of speculation than a fact-filled void of an actual story.

    That headline should’ve read “DJ Trauma was there, but he doesn’t know what occured either!”.

    Or “VIP room involved in a kerfuffle!”.

    Maybe “We Still Don’t Really Know, Thanks For Nothin’ Trauma.”.

  • Eskay

    Gucci and Oj da Jew man

    Got the streets

  • Sean Coonery

    Gucci and Oj da Jew Man got the streets

    • *BLOCK*

      Yo….Who Da Fukk is this….I bet thats you Treg….stop jacking!!!

  • geico lizard

    I only read this because I thought it said DJ “Drama”. Reading Fail on my part plus I have astigmatism. I dont know who DJ Trauma is.
    *plays young jeezy”I dont know you”*


    • that nigga

      Yeah, wtf Is wrong wit us, I thought It said “DJ Drama” too. That was a wasteful read!! Who the fuck Is DJ Trauma anyway??

  • $ykotic

    I had to do recon on this one. This is a street battle.

    Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.

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  • solo

    yeah jeezy is a real rapper but Gucci is REALLY IN THEM STREETS! I hope they dont get into it tho.

    • LOLO

      And what? jeezy aint in the streets because he’s got a little money and fame now? jeezy is everywhere in the A. gucci aint even tryin to see jeezy face to face gucci is a scarry ass nigga.

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  • Beast McCoy

    I would say this is pitiful but I would only be wasting my breath.

    PS – This article really didn’t tell us much at all.

    • insida…..ya baby momz thatiz

      hold on pimpin’ that nigga jezzy really runnin the “a”, I work for the Fulton county court house and I see his name in all kinda reports. Niggas snitchin on’em, sayin they connected with him and all types of shit. That nigga L-o realy live it too, he jus suck at rappin. Neva really seen nutin on oj and gucci but thats not to say they ain’t street, jus ain’t been caught.

  • KILA

    EREAL u a hater. Its always some type of kontroversy whether or not its in the South or New York. Muthafuckas like you is whats killing hip hop

    True this article was all about something happened but DJ Trauma don’t know what happened…

  • Miss D.G.

    If you did your research you would know that Jeezy is now a corporate thug. He’s should just keep rapping about the past and have his people leave Gucci’s people alone. Gucci is as real or if not, even realer than Jeezy. Jeezy was the initiator of the beef and they were supposed to be boys. He doesn’t want to see anyone else shine and at the end of the day that is the most fake sh- in the world.

    Case & point!

    Miss D.G.

    Follow me:
    Friend me:

  • nellz

    this nigga spelled controversy with a k

  • BeerGangsta

    I have had it up to hear. Ya’ll Rap Fuckers won’t beef. Fuckers live in the same City. This shit is a acting job. They just won’t some dam attention. Ya’ll know where each other live at or hang at. Just kill each other. If the shit is that serious. That’s what I thought it’s not that serious. Stop acting like a bunch of dam kids. Make music or movies and shut the Fuck up!

  • romil

    The only reason southern rappers beef less is because there wasnt too many southern rappers to begin with.


    wow.. no comment you stupid muthafuckas need 2 get wit jeezy. OJ izz Trash and gucci got hard beats but WACK AZZ LYRICS

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  • clos1881

    I have come to the conclusion that New York niggas are the biggest haters ever let me rephrase that up north niggas are the biggest haters you can go any hiphop site and you will find some hater from up north disrespecting the south I love rap period Nas is my favorite rapper but I love jeezy and T.I and andre 3000 and ricky ross you hardly ever hear a south nigga say the shit yall say its crazy that yall niggas act like that yall look like bitches if new york would make good music or good new artist maybe one day yall would be on top again yall really been soft since snoop crushed the buildings yall not producing anybody good in sports or music Damn homie in 94-96 yall were the shit homie what the fuck happened to yall

  • Stoh

    @ clos1881

    For gods sake use some god damn periods.

  • clos1881

    @stoh my bad my dude I typed that on my phone.

  • trey

    they are just not right, love peole, love sweet love.. dance music niggas, not killer music

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  • Refugio Ogden

    If only more people would read about this..

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