CTE Rapper B.A.M.A Released From Hospital After Stabbing Incident

After being admitted into the Grady Memorial Hospital yesterday (June 18) for a stab wound to his face during a party for DJ Trauma, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution has learned that CTE rapper B.A.M.A. has been released.

As XXLMag.com previously reported the recent CTE signee was involved in a fight early Thursday morning, along with nine other men in he VIP section at the Luckie Food Lounge in downtown Atlanta. So far he has been the only man identified in the fight, with another unknown victim also ending up in the hospital.

As of yesterday no one has been charged in the incident. It is rumored that the fight was between the long feuding camps of Young Jeezy and DJ Drama, yet when reached DJ Drama declined to comment.

Trauma’s party, which was celebrating his 10-year anniversary on Atlanta radio station HOT 107.9, was a star-studded event featuring a long list of hip-hop heavyweights like Young Jeezy, Drama, Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri, among others. While he did not witness the fight, Trauma told XXL that he’s not worried about violence marring tomorrow’s 14th annual Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash.

“I don’t think [anything is gonna happen],” he said. “I know at our Summer Jam, the way they do it, they space them out. They was like that last year. They both performed last year. And they both were on fire – even more so. They signed contracts and everything. I know they had stipulations and they had meetings about it. They space them about two hours apart. One crew comes, they do their press, do their show and then they leave. The next crew comes do their show and leave. They’re never in the same spot. We never have any incidents. Last year T.I. and Shawty Lo had beef and Gucci and Jeezy had beef. There was beef all around last year and we had no problems. [So] I think it’s gonna run smooth.“

Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Plies and Young Dro are among this year’s performers at this year’s concert. – Max G

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  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


    Must be a slow “news” day.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Damn, Pierzy!

      Is it Bamma, like a country bamma or some strange nod to Obama? I hope this nigga’s name isn’t pronounced “Bama”.

      • EReal

        This guy should change his name to V.I.C.T.I.M.


        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          That’s fucked up….lol

          Dude just got out, E. You didn’t even give him time to drop a single. @ least he has something to rap about now.

          Next, he just needs to get arrested (probably already has) & we’ll have the next big “rap star” on the scene.

        • EReal

          great minds kid, i was thinkin the same thing, that he’d some how get street cred from gettin cut.

          home slice.


        • DevoG

          that would cause the game to shift yet again. getting cut is the new getting shot. it works for aspiring hip hop artist better than getting shot; higher survival rate; quick return to the lab with something to talk about; quick segway to some pussy “I’ll show you mine if I can stab yours”;

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          Lmao @ “getting cut is the new getting shot”

          Young Buck, anyone?

    • MO


    • indya/his big sis

      all of you guys are full of shit.. omg you have absolutey no idea the talent tht you are talkin bout if you listen to his music you will see he had and has plenty to rap about before this hppened and this only happened because these nighas are hoe a** nighas.. wtf type of man slices another man in the face,head, and arm.. thts wat women do to one another… SLICE!!! get a kife and know who you are talking about before you make a very idiotic statement like the ones i have just read.. o yea his nam is B.A.M.A. LIKE ALABAMA.. IT STANDS FOR BEAT A MOTHAFUKA ASS.. AND THE ONLY REASON THEY DID THT LIL THEY DID IS BECAUSE THY JUMPED ON HIM AND ONE OF HIS FRIENDS.. wat you dont know is one was got and he isnt.. well just say its alwys dark where he is.. lol..

  • Bama boi

    nigga its bama not as in obama but like da end of alabama… is dat how up north niggas spell bamma?? well B.A.M.A stand 4 Beat A Muthafucka Ass in da south but i guess he didnt live up 2 dat name since he got his shit sliced

  • BeerGangsta

    It’s so many People out here Brainwash! When I become a Millionaire! I am not going to be around crowed people. When you rich you can avoid all this bullshit. If you don’t believe me ask Will and Jada how do they avoid dum shit. And the will school you dum Rap Fuckers how to do it.

  • toomuchpussy

    gay ass fake beef. somebody please remind these niggaz about pac and b.i.g..please

  • $ykotic

    Speedy recovery.


  • orange gucci

    rap game easy but the dope game gravy!

  • Real Talk of NY

    To be honest, i never heard of this corn ball till today. I hope the nigga don’t get back in the booth & starts dropin garbage 16s about how hard he is…
    ‘we don’t believe u, u need more people’

  • tc

    Just because you get stabbed don’t mean you soft. Smh at you idiots. Anybody can get it at anytime or place. Just because Chuck Lydell been gettin’ knocked out lately don’t mean he wont whoop 99.9% of the worlds population

  • black massa

    daaamn jeezy boyz are always getting fucked up,shot and stabbed.deez atl nuccas are sweet.

  • Mr.Indiana23

    Damn now were going to have to hear about how we can’t take a stab wound to the face.. Can’t take 9 like Fif, and now can’t take a slice like Bama weed? The rap game is ……..well lets just say it is..

  • http://xxl All Dae

    ok so he’s the vic….he got got. he got laid up. What does he want a record deal?

    That’s not G if yr getting stabbed…

  • BlackMobb!!!


    • indya bama big sis

      yea you say fuk south side mofia cus you nt in one of there face i bet me as a women you couldnt say tht in my face and ur shi.. sill be good.. lol all of u up north mf are suuuppper fuunnnyyyy….

  • http://Myspace.com/boonkmuzik Boonk

    Cte4 Life, Fuk the otha side they jealous…..Blogging ass niggas!

  • Larry Nicholas

    Alot of you dude just talikng shit on here, you dont know anything about this guy and you just running your mouth. Hes got his and its a long road to success espically when you trying to get put on. You gonna hear about him and when you do you will know, as far as jezzy he dogged him out. Wasnt even BAMA’s shit and they went after him guess thats the way it is. Oh yea for you guys running you mouth this dude got signed didnt see your dumb asses at the party. We got you man stay up this your white boy I know where to find you we gonna get this shit poppin!

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