Charles Hamilton Gives The Late J Dilla Exec Producer Credits On Debut, Releases Tracklist

Interscope signee and XXL freshman alumnus Charles Hamilton has released details on his debut, This Perfect Life on his blog, surprisingly giving executive producer credit to late great Detroit producer, J Dilla.

Along with releasing the 11-song track listing, Hamilton revealed the samples used for each song. Among interpolations songs by Sade, Chicago and PJ Harvey, the Harlem MC heavily relied on inspiration from Dilla, known for his famed soulful production style.

“Shouts to Radar at SubCon who did the cover,” he wrote on his blog. “I’m in love with it (the album cover). I also wanna thank James Yancey for his guidance in putting this album together. Sound wise, I couldn’t be happier. Again, the album was mastered reel-to-reel/digital-to-digital, and I couldn’t have done the entire process without him being a total jerk about me getting that EXTRA vinyl-ish sound. Thanks Dilla.”

Sonic The Hamilton, who says he’s so excited about the album, also crowned himself the dopest rapper alive later on in the post.

“So LL is the GOAT (greatest of all time), Jay is the BRA (best rapper alive) and Em is the BROAT (best rapper of all time),” he said. “MC Lyte (after hearing her new music yesterday) is the Best Female MC of All Time, Jean Grae is the Best Female MC Alive. Damn. Looks like I’m the DRE (Dopest Rapper EVER)… I mean, I look at it like this. A lot of people can say they’re dope, and a lot of people can say I’m not dope. But all things considered, I’m claiming the title of DRE. Dr. Dre’s name spawns from his real name. Andre Young. I’m THE DRE… no lol either. I’m serious.”

Peep the album tracklist, with samples below

1. “Barbara Walters”

- “Geronimo” by The Shadows

2. “Three Pound Bullet”

- “Street Player” by Chicago

3. “Ghosts”

- “Tom’s Diner” by Susan Vega

4. “Post Lynching Ceremony”

- “Persuader’s Theme” by John Barry

5. “All Alone”


6. “Cable in the Classroom”

- “To the Other Man” by Luther Ingram (originally heard in “Gobstopper” on “Donuts”)

7. “Baby”

- “Super Sonic” by Zodiac

8. “Reminder”


9. “Tears of Fire”

- “I Come Undone” by Jennifer Rush

10. “Long Socks”

- “The Mess We’re In” by PJ Harvey

11. “Rosado”

- “Kiss of Life” by Sade

As of press time there is no offical release date for This Perfect Life but Hamilton says it may come out as early as June 23. – Elan Mancini

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  • macdatruest

    fuck Charles Hamilton. Dead ass

  • Federal Ranga

    Pierzy! Shit… they got me.

    Since he wanna talk acronyms and shit… I’ll make this short.


    • that nigga

      HA! Funny shit.

    • matt

      yea good one lol

  • zee

    Charles is dope even though the nigga be stealin beats and ish… lol

  • Jamal7Mile

    Haven’t heard this one yet but, after reading the samples he used, I’m kinda impressed by the way he digs in the crates.

    Inspired by Dilla? Fan or not, I’ll give it a listen. I want to hear how Dilla inspires him.

    Won’t argue that Jean Grae’s dope, but MC Lyte is still alive, Charles. That’s MY girl!!

  • cold

    j dilla wouldn’t even listen to this bullshit



  • Tony Grand$


    Didn’t this dude get socked up by his lover? Shouldn’t he be the RORM?

    *Rihanna of Rap Music*

    Dilla executive produced? DRE? Dick Rider Extraordinaire, perhaps?

    No hate, but even his empty logic isn’t going to be enough to garner the attention he desires.

    • Tony Grand$

      *He THINKS he deserves*

      • Capital G

        Cotdamn Grand$! *Rihanna of Rap Music*
        Get ‘em kid! *DRE? Dick Rider Extraordinaire* Tell ‘em why you mad son! Someone feeling extra vicious today? Getting duffed out by a broad is bad enough, you just punched him in his pride.

        • Tony Grand$

          Whadup Cap!?!


          That dude was just funny with that whole skit. Who the fuck crowns himself “Dopest Rapper Ever”? Confidence is one thing, but that’s was douche nozzleness of Kanye proportions. Not 2009 Kanye, I mean 2006 Kanye, letting the coontrocity fly, extra willy nilly.

          & what pride; a grown man emulating a digital hedgehog……..dude left pride in the women’s section of Macy’s years ago.

  • Brahsef

    He’s released a ton of shit, some really great and some where he misses the mark. If he makes an album anywhere near as good as the Pink Lava Lamp I’d be hella geeked though.

    • BIGNAT

      i agree if it’s anything like pink lavalamp he is going get my money

  • Hi Hater!

    Nigga sampled Super Sonic? lmaoooooo

  • DV8

    WTF is he saying?

    Charles is just padding his SDN/DDN stats


    I will check the album out though. I have a few of his mixtapes. I think hes a good artist. He should refrain from doing interviews though.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    *Rihanna of Rap Music* that shit is hilarious

  • $ykotic


    The Album Cover Sucks.

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  • Beast McCoy

    It’s funny that if you asked me about 3 months ago if Charles Hamilton was dope. I might have said yes. I downloaded the The Lavalamp Mixtape and it was incredible the first time I played and then it REALLY began to wear thin on me. I don’t know if it was actually the music, subject matter or just his damn voice but I started to really dislike this kid. He seemed to just really become a unnerving annoyance. He’s like that cousin that you love but you can only take in small doses or else he will eventually prompt you to punch him for just being his usual asshole self. Either way, I wish him luck but I highly doubt I’ll be buying this album. Not to mention that album cover is straight out of left field. He seems to be trying to be different but not because he IS different. Dude needs to concentrate on making music and not on public opinions but on trying to be the hardest working man in hip hop.

  • macdatruest

    I think I mighta said this already, but fuck Charles Hamilton

  • Jeff

    respectuful of his dream of being a professional rapper…(whatever that is nowadays)

    there’s way too much hype ..and not nearly enough talent… too much talking, not enough great lyrics…

    I’ve been in the studio with him a few times and heard dude rhyme on and on..and i’m really not impressed..I figured when I hear “the stuff good enough to add to the album, i should be blown away…

    and sadly….every time I’ve seen him he’s drunk…

    just drop a dope album..stop talking so much, you obviously aren’t smart enough to figure out how to turn what idiotic stuff comes out of your mouth into marketing gold….you just look like a slow talking idiot..

  • Fireforreal

    He should put a dvd with the cd showing him get punched by that bitch lol if you haven’t seen it you got to go to youtube that shit is hilarious lol I just hope he doesn’t become hip hop’s new punching bag like yung berg.

    • Capital G

      At least Berg gets his ass whipped by dude’s like Trick Trick, not Trick Trick’s daughter.

      • $ykotic

        Who’s Berg?

        • Tony Grand$


          Didn’t he get his Mickey Mouse anklet taken at gunpoint by one of Eminem’s bodyguards?

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  • Scaggs

    I hope People do know that this kid never met Dilla at all. He is catching mad heat right now from Dilla’s close friends and Fam about claiming that J had anything to do with this album other than inspiration, and that he is claiming that proceeds of the album will be going towards a Dilla foundation that doesn’t exist. Kid is Bullshit and needs to learn the rules of the game quick.

  • mdb

    can this dude just disappear already? hes a fucking moron and doesnt have the talent to justify his half popular status

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  • $ykotic

    I’ma cap it off. I would still boink his cuzzo(MC Lyte) though.

    • Enlightened

      Is Lyte really that nigga cousin?
      If so, please say yes, so I can understand how this corny ass nigga got any light shined on himself in the first place.

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  • Jhon da Analyst

    Chin Check Charlie

  • irv

    first of all wats funny is a lot of yall think he is a dick but yall wanna losten to his music…yall think being a hater is dope lmao
    second ..the kid thinks he is the wat, its his opinion

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  • nas

    This kid is whack. the only reason i heard of him is from some whack wanna bes from my hood. Enough already. When is the next NAS coming out. We want more knowledge and rap skill not nonsense that ryhmes.

  • TAIKY3

    you catz is fuxxin stupid as hell…ya’ll probly some soulja bitch fans. Charles is the shit. If you don’t like him then why are you reading about his music? exactly

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  • Vern Lisk

    I do not think I’ve ever seen a site with this several responses in it!

  • dynamicwayne

    I’m with DV8 on this one lol

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