50 Cent Dropping New LP Online This Tuesday

Seemingly out of the blue 50 Cent announced that he would be releasing a self-described street album for download this Tuesday (June 16) on his wesbsite ThisIs50.com.

Fif revealed the news in an interview with MTV News, where he said the disc, titled War Angel, is more like a street album, as opposed to a mixtape. “Creatively, this is not even a mixtape,” he said. “That’s why I put LP next to it. … My core audience will understand it immediately, and it’s written specifically for that.”

The G-Unit honcho is very proud of the 10-track project. “When you hear it, out of all the material I put on the street, you’re gonna say that’s the best body of work I put out in the mixtape circuit, period,” he boasted. “The way the mood of music is right now, when they hear what this is, they’ll say, ‘That’s what we needed.’”

While the Queens rapper is hard at work on his long delayed studio album, Before I Self-Destruct, he plans to drop several other releases in the meantime. “I have two other tapes to follow it,” he shared. “Fourth of July, Sincerely Southside Part 2 coming out with mostly ’90s music on it. Timeless music, classic hit records. Then, after that, there’s a G-Unit mixtape. It’s actually untitled. I’ll be finished with it in the next day or so.”

Before I Self Destruct is now slated to hit shelves sometime in September. – Elan Mancini

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  • http://yahoo nacho libre

    dont tell me about one im going to love or like, don’t tell me its your best material, just drop it and let me judge if for myself! i respect 50 hustle doe can never knock that! but just drop that music fif and stop talking bout it.

  • DV8

    Mixtape 50/G-Unit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Interscope 50/ G-Unit

    • EReal

      CO SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It shows you the exact effect that the TI’s have on the industry.

      I been preachin this. No body can say that G-Unit doesn’t drop hot mixtapes.

      If Jimmy would keep his outta touch hands offa shit, then Buck the World and Rotten Apple mighta been 10x better. Those gang green tapes are hot and that Cold Corner mixtape is fire. That new Buck & The Future is fire too!

  • RL

    50, Get Rich or Die Tryin was the last album I bought in your catalogue. Do I have to explain why? I hope War Angel is worth my time. Looking forward to it.

    • yoyoyoyo

      its a FREE MIXTAPE not an album. LP is just to show its quality but this is a free mixtape on thisis50.com

  • zee

    stfu Nacho libre… nigga gotta say its coming out for niggas to check for it..and what you expect to for him to say its going to be hot garbage? well he could have said that about Curtis but thats a different point… i hope its decent.

  • Mad Dunder

    Check out for this new dude out of Chicago. He is actually pretty good. Think his name is Peru White. Killin shit!

  • yoprince

    war angel?? lame! you’re done 50.

    • MC

      your an idiot

    • the real prince

      u havent even heard it yet dumbass



    • EReal

      I know man, its for sure over for Pimp C corpse ass. You gonna smell my rot!!

      • macdatruest

        how can you say some bogus shit about a dead man just to defend fiddy cent?? damn you lame. I hope somebody shoot you in the face nigga how bout dat?

        • EReal

          not defending 50, just sayin.

          knew someone would get butthurt.

          dont be talkin, oh what would pac say gtfoh.

          aint no tact in me, bruh. sorry.

  • moresickaMC

    cant wait…

    dont like his music dont dload and move on with yr life, nuthin to see here

  • http://myspace.com/unbornmc myspace.com/unbornmc

    myspace.com/unbornmc for real hiphop

  • EF Diabolical Haters

    A bunch of Skip Bayless’ on here. HATERS!!!!

  • t

    By move around do you mean Vitamin Water, Diet Vitamins, Movies, Books, and a Clothing Line? I would say that’s a lot of moving around.

    Everybody knows he’s gearing up to make another boat load of money when his contract is up with Interscope.

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    i like it. i hope it’s what he says it is. we need that authentic 50.

  • King Joffy Joe

    It better not have ONE r&b/singing the hook/aimed at women track up there, ’cause if it does, 50 might as well never set foot in another studio again for the rest of his life.

    • yoyoyoyo

      ur stupid. name one bad 50 mixtape.

  • Nate

    Back to the mixtapes, to continue bringing the buzz. 50 wants to bring the demand before he puts out more music.
    Went to DJ Quick/Kurupt last night. One of the best concerts in a while. If they come to a city near you (west), don’t miss it.

    • latino heat

      good looking out Nate, i got to check for this. i went to a Quik concert a couple years ago and that shit was fire!

    • latino heat

      fuck! i just checked the kmel website and obviously i missed the show last night in S.F. i didn’t know anything about it. i guess that’s what happens when you don’t listen to the wack ass radio.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Nate thats dope, may have to check that Quik/Kurupt concert out.

    I like it too, maybe its only 10 tracks because he’s got the best of the best. Or maybe its just a butch of bullshit about a guy talking about guns, drugs and murdering people. Even though he’s worth 100 million dollars, is shawdowed 24-7, by police officers and lives in a the never land valley ranch of CT. We shall see

    • EReal

      The music is for the streets, besides no one needs street cred anymore. Just “swag”, remember?

  • Worley

    That Sincerely Yours Southside mixtape was fire. I’m looking for part 2. I’ll check that War Angel in the meantime.

  • BeerGangsta

    Buda is back again! I am not going to listen to kitchen nuts. I will keep getting drunk and making money. Ya’ll save your time and money.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Dude, it seems as if you’re drunk every time you comment. Keep up the good work. You liver will thank you generously….

      Anyway, I’m going to see what 50′s talking about. For him to just up & decide to drop this, & call it a “street album”, & give it away, (I hope) there’s more to it than the normal Curtis Jackson experience.

      God forbid this “album” is hot shit, then BISD may be getting pushed back again.

      • $ykotic


        When I saw this I immediately said, someone caught the CRT definition. Switched it. “This is an album…” Mixtape is sooo irrelevant.

        I am loving it. Besides his CRT’s are good. Even the “Sincerely” one. All break beat and R&B samples.

        But WE know War Angel is a BISD CRT.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          Whadup $yk!

          Yeah, someone already said it, but I’ll say it again…..

          Mixtape 50/G-unit>>Album 50/G-unit

          His might be one of the rare instances that the CRT’s are way better than the TI productions.

          Maybe somebody reminded him the day before yesterday that the mixtape circuit catapulted him into the stratosphere.

          But, if it sucks [||], he’ll have no one to blame. Not the ‘Nets, not the label, not Rick Ross.

          Em fucked around & put pressures on him.

    • Nyallday

      fucker u retarded?? shit is free and right now I cant vouch for the music that’s out there and I dont kno what street u be on cause NY needs this shit in it’s veins… hate it or love it this dude’s still in the news and I sincerely yours was epically banana for bein a mixtape jus pointin out for the other posts…

  • yoyoyoyo

    all of you are stupid. this is a FREE MIXTAPE. not an album. he just put LP to show it was almost album quality. available on thisis50.com on tuesday.

  • The_Truth

    ***”War Angel??” are yoy fuckin serious? “War Angel??”

    Let me guess. . .this is 50′s way of apologizing to the streets for straying 7 years ago, right? Title an album “War Angel” and dudes will unscrew their face at the sight of your name. . .dude, it’s O-V. All that, “My albums #1″ sh*t ended your career, accept responsiblity.

  • latino heat

    i said it yesterday about Game, why do rappers love giving away half assed free music these days? we don’t want that shit, put that time and effort into a quality album. something the fans are actually gonna remember instead of a mixtape or whatever he wants to call it, that most people aren’t even gonna pay attention to. Bol wrote a blog about this not to long ago and he was dead on.

  • nahh

    latino heat u gotta take into consideration that mixtapes are for the fans… like the real fans not the half fans… Like if 2 pac or Biggie was still here and they dropped a mixtape dont tell me u wouldnt be excited to hear it. Mixtapes keep the fans interested ya know.

  • DazzOne

    Let’s wait and see. Hope it’s that “Power of a Dollar” 50.

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    for some reason i believe 50 this time
    i guess he was inspired by Yayo and Banks mixtapes
    those were fire
    and did anyone notice that 50 says “actual” and/or “actually” in every single interview and statement?

  • RWord

    Did Ross murder this monkey already


    Deeper Than Rap is CRAZY!!!!!!!!

    • allhiphop>xxlmag

      Ross thinks he murdered him
      and im tired of his boss/drug lord shit
      Slim Thug is the boss and coke rap was 05/06 when Wayne, Jeezy and Clipse were doing it
      Ross is just a product of Jay-Z just like Rihanna

      • EReal

        Ross got that gold plaque yet?


        Is Shady Aftermath back?


        How you talkin shit about murdering someone when he sold twice your total 5 week sales in one week?



    rwordhop hop off rawse dick, he didn’t murder anyone for gods sake, he was a C/O. I guarantee you’re from thaa DERRTYY SOUTH cause ya’ll (LOL) the only ones buying this fat fuck shit!

  • Sleepy Wonder

    If You’re Expecting 50 To Recapture That “Power Of The Dollar/Get Rich Or Die Tryin” Type Of Shit, You’re A Fool. Those Days Are Long Gone, His Last Album Was The Worst Shit I Ever Heard In My Life. His Mixtapes Are Decent Though, So I’ll Definitely Be Checking For This One.

    • EReal

      im sure u heard worse.

  • DJ Whitegirl

    What i done told ya!!!!

  • tru predator

    im a big fan of eminem,a fan of fifs old music(his 1st 2 album’s,and one of the best underground battle rap cd’s i ever heard. dj green lanterns invasion cd about ja rule and murder inc.).but right now.my mind state about fif is,who gives a shit.its show and prove time.your only verse on ems new cd was weak.
    step your game up!em’s new cd is fuckin crazy(to put it mildly,but there are some gems on it tho).ill put my money on it.mark my words.when the song beautiful drops on local radio,em’s cd will sell way better than it has because,”its that single”.

  • 50b

    50 got a new mixtape man ill chek it out, but when is u bringin out BISD, i been waitin for about a year now fif
    i heard some instrumentals of BISD on youtube, search it
    dope as fuk beats 50 will kill it

  • Federal Ranga

    Grand$, $yk…

    Whats uuuuuuuppppppp? Is Paris still missing? War Angel sounds like it may be pretty hot… Anyone heard that Yayo Swine Flu mixtape yet? Y’know I still haven’t heard the new Eminem yet? Weird, right? I can’t find it anywhere…

    And now for some shameless self promotion. Feel free to venture BACK to my Myspace page a hear my two newest tracks and 7 videos including a world premier of a Turn My Swag On Freemix live from the studio… cuz I believe everyone deserves a good laugh (Yes, I am talking to you, Yawka… I changed it up for ya.)

    See ya’ll in the boards!!!

  • Federal Ranga

    Stupid me… forgot to post the site. HAHAAAAAAA!!!! With that said…

    I’ll try to fill in for Paris with this one…



  • anutha_level


  • Mr. Chazb

    Fif is dat niaka and I respek his hustle mane… I’m anticipatin dat isht mane and I believe fif is on to somethin… I love all his news singles…

  • hiphop since 2003

    First trappin aint dead and now this,finally good music is droppin for the summer,i bet war angel will be a classic.smart move for 50,the best commercial you can have is a classic promo disc before your album drops,i like how catz are killing the old mixtape format,and giving all original music because no one likes to hear anyone rapping over the same beat thats been played for a week already.take notes new trash artist

  • http://myspace.com/unbornmc myspace.com/unbornmc

    hiphop’s past present and future

  • Juan

    50′s back.
    Murda (Redrum)
    Ricky better watch out.
    Lately I’ve been feelin regretful for buying Ricky’s album.

    • Smoke one

      I got Ricky’s CD and it is trash.

  • macdatruest

    More shame juice for g-unit hanger-ons who cant accept his bitch ass is done wit no real reason other than he sucked balls musically. Nobody left to bully, and after he didnt do shit but turn comedian when Ross ASKED for beef, nobody believes his fake ass poofball gangsta. Maybe he’ll beef wit Nicki Minaj or some bitch, cause niggas is shooting this nigga up, and talkin to him like a bitch and all he do is run to Em for pills.

    Fuck yo street album–how u know whats goin on in the streets? The streets of Farmington? nigga you gay as a bitch and every nigga that like yo shit that I know is nerds who wanted to fake hard by liking you when real niggas used to, but now real niggas moved on to real shit and its all over but for nerds LMAO

  • http://jackmurphy.us jackmurphy.us



    Who really cares?

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