In response to the recent outing of Grand Hustle rapper Alfamega as a DEA informant by The Smoking Gun, label head and “King of the South” T.I. plans to address the media “soon," according to DJ Drama in an interview with last night (May 7).

“I spoke to Tip about it and Tip is definitely preparing to speak to the media about the situation,” Drama told XXL. “And as boss man, I would definitely honor him to make a statement before I make a statement, but there’s definitely a consensus among [Grand Hustle]."

Though The Smoking Gun has been known to invade the private lives of rappers — also outing Rick Ross as a corrections officer last year —Drama remains understandable of the intrusions in the name of authenticity.

“When you put yourself as a public figure and you put yourself out there to represent one thing and it comes out that you represent the opposite, the public has the right to be aware of that,” said Drama. “We all know hip-hop is about being true to yourself and being true to your name. Ice Cube said it long time ago — it’s about being real with yourself whoever you may be.” - Devin Chanda