The Associated Press reported yesterday that because T.I. has been given credit for the 305 days that he spent on house arrest, he will probably only spend two months behind bars for federal gun charges. MTV News spoke to a representative for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Georgia to confirm the reports0.

According to spokesperson Charysse Alexander, the media misread the sentence breakdown. Tip, who was sentenced to one year and one day in March, will indeed be given credit for his days on house arrest but that will not count towards his time behind bars. Instead it will go towards his home confinement record, where he still owes two more months once he gets out of prison.

As far as his jail time, Tip will most likely get 55 days taken away from his sentence, if he doesn’t cause any problems in the facility. Any prisoner sentenced to a year is eligible to get 15% taken off.

As previously reported T.I. will turn himself in to the Forrest City federal prison in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 26. He will be a part of the general population, joining 1,5000 other inmates.

The Atlanta rap giant’s rep told yesterday that Tip will finish shooting two new music videos this week, both to be included in the re-issue of Paper Trail this summer. – Elan Mancini