Rick Ross & Jadakiss The Only Rappers In The Billboard Top 40, Several Indie Rap Releases Fail To Chart

Leading up to the biggest super Tuesday that hip-hop has witnessed in a long time next week (May 19) with new releases from Eminem, Busta Rhymes, DJ Drama, and Redman and Method Man, rappers in the top 40 on the Billboard 200 continues to be very scarce.

Holding on tight to his top 10 status at no. 8 is the boss Rick Ross. The Miami rapper’s third album Deeper Than Rap continues to slide down the charts in its third week moving down four slots and dippng 32% in sales. Selling around 34,800 discs this week, his grand total now sits at 244,000 according to the Nielsen SoundScan.

The next rap release does not appear again until Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss album, which landed at the no. 34 position this week. The Yonkers, New York MC’s Def Jam debut continues to keep registers ringing in his fifth week, bagging up 15,900 CDs and bringing his overall sales to 246,100.

Outside of the top 40, new releases by several independent artist hit shelves last week including DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother, a compilation by Bubba Sparxxx and DJ Greg Street and a tribute to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. The only album to chart in the Billboard 200 of the crop was DJ Paul, who landed at the no. 157 seat, pushing about 4,000 units of Scale-A-Thon out of the stores. The next biggest seller was North Carolina’s Big Pooh who rang up 1200 copies of his first solo effort Delightful Bars: North American Pie Version. Sparxxx and DJ Greg Street’s New South comp only managed to sell 230 CDs in their debut week while the ODB Tribure, All In Together Now Raw failed to even crack triple digits.

Next week look for Dipset Don Cam’ron [peep XXL’s predictions] and the People’s Champ Paul Wall to debut on the charts. – Elan Mancini

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  • $ykotic


    • Pierzy

      What’s poppin, $yk?!

      • $ykotic

        What it do, P!

        I told everybody Ross ain’t gonna last those weeks before Eminem drop. With all that heat coming next week? He might not even sell 10k in 2 wks!

        Kissanova’s still going! I’m copping Em, Busta, Red & Meth, Cam, and Tech9 next week!

        • Pierzy

          You-Know-Who wasn’t even mentioned in the top 200? HA!!!

      • Pierzy

        Gonna be a big week…I love the new Em album. I can’t stop playing it!

        Cam’s lucky to be dropping basically by himself this week before the big day next week…

        • JCITYHUSTLA617


  • Pierzy

    Keep it up, Jada!



    • $ykotic

      Watch next week how the numbers rise.

  • e20

    Didn’t Juelz Santanas Skull Gang CD drop last Tuesday?

    If it did apparently nobody knew.

    • $ykotic

      Who’s that?

      • Pierzy

        You don’t remember? He’s what the game has been missing…ha! Now he’s MIA

        • http://www.myspace.com/the_trap_boy El Negro

          lol what tha games been missin lol yall trippin but on sum real shyt that album was prolly tha last gud shyt tht tha ”shotta” will ever put out



  • UntouchpuertorocNYC

    Officer Pig Rossifer is neck-in-neck w/Jada! I guess the “Pig” may not crack gold if his sales continues to dip 30% every week.

    • Rword

      UntouchpuertorocNYC, how many records you sold?

      wipe you lips, you got white stuff on it – 50 dick rider

      • Jamal7Mile


        Everybody on this site knows it’s you man! What up with them LV shades, homie?? Not that I care.

        How come nobody heard about you coming to Detroit during that freezing snow storm, yo? We would’ve shown you some “Midwestern Hospitality” if only you anounced your visit. If we knew you were in Detroit you wouldn’t have to worry about them shades appearing on the XXL cover… we would’ve took them too!!

        What’s ya next move, Bawse???

        • Rword

          WWAASSAAPPP 50 DICK RIDER!!!???

          Everybody on this site knows it’s you man! What up with them cum on your lips , homie?? Not that I care, im not gay like you.

          How come nobody heard about you are not going to Gay Parade during that freezing snow storm, yo? Those gays would’ve shown you some “Backdoor Hospitality” if only you anounced your visit. If we knew you were in the Gay Parade, you wouldn’t have to worry about them being in the closet about your homo ways, appearing on the Gay Lifestyle cover… they would’ve took your manhood too!!

          What’s ya next move, Fag???

        • Jamal7Mile


          Thought you’d be too busy hustlin’ to reply! Dick-rider? Nope, not me. You gotta look in the mirror to see one of those. You should put a bra on first, though. That’ll cut down on the nausea.

          “If we knew you were in the Gay Parade, you wouldn’t have to worry about them being in the closet about your homo ways, appearing on the Gay Lifestyle cover… they would’ve took your manhood too!!” – Rword a.k.a. Rick Ross

          Gay Parade? Nah, I’ll turn down your invitation. I don’t swing on THAT side of the playground, fat boy.

          Holla atcha later, chubby! I got more important shit to do at this hour.

      • matty21

        yo Rword, ain’t no1 dick riding 50…it’s just dat REAL fans know dat ross makin a fool of himself on da radio n shit, he beatin himself wit all dat fck boy talkin, 50 ain’t really gotta say anymore…ross on da radio screamin i wonnn i wonn u monkeys lollll who respect dat? he beatin himself and makin a fool of himself…n he ain’t beat no1, as soon as 50 n gunit start coming back out wit dem hits(which are probably already complete at da crib) u know every1 gonna be right back ridin wit him, n 244,000 is gonna be a joke lol n we’ll c who won den, trust me, 50 will be back on top wit hits after shady…ross, khaled n da wholeee def jam south(we r da world crew) r all teamin up on 50 like it’s gonna do somethin lol dey got like half da industry against him it’s comical…like i said: DA REAL ONES KNOW THIS, 50 ain’t goin newhere…ross or no ross…ross think he’s biggie or somethin, be yourself, n his recent hits ain’t nooo good w/o john legend or da dream(dream is tyte)..he tryna be like fat joe? no1 wana hear deez cats, you should know better…da REAL ones do…50 be back wit dat CRACK

      • matty21

        n Rword, wipe yourr lips homie, u obviously da ross dick rider faget…n yea jamal7mile how bout dis cat going around to cities standing outside like he’s showing some1 up lollll…i’m tellin u, dis dude is makin suchhhh a fool of himself man, we know…n he might of had a chance if he wasn’t such a lameo lol..he’s completely beating himself upp…..i WAS a ross fan too, i ain’t gonna lie, until he got all big headed, but u know sht happens n dat sht goes to your head, i guess it was bound to happen tho..gotta stay real….he going around to cities standing out in da middle of da public, like these huge superstars still stand on da block or something? loll n just shows up out of nowhere, unannounced…he livin in a fantasy world or somethin man 4real, i guess some of deez dudez r livin a fantasy world dats y dey gona fall off n ain’t no real fans gonna care what dey have to say…don’t even know what real life is nemore, mixin entertainment n real life..geez fck boys screamin i wonnnn :) yayy monkeyss…we are the world, we are the children..n also misrepresentin da real ones out miami like trick daddy n plies ha gunit

        • matty21

          *n deez fools also think dey foolin da fans? insultin our inteligence n sht man..jus stop wit da bs n b an artist or somethin

        • Rword

          Ah…isnt that cute. 50 dick riders coming together to support their homo partner. Wait…What i am saying, that is what gay men do – cum together and support their homo partner…LOL!

          Shout out to xxlmag you have the editors commenting on their own articles as “different” people to make it look like it real…LMAO!

        • EReal

          Thats gotta be Rawsee cause he’s always talkin that gay shit.

          Even watched thousands of gay pr0ns just to find a gay guy that looks like banks, now thats gangsta.


        • Rword

          lol….nah, i leave that to the rapper artist photographed smiling hold dildos and wear curly wigs. That same rapper release pronos already so he is used to looking at it

          EReal, how much xxlmag is paying you are a blogger? and is post comments as differnt name against policy?

        • EReal

          Enough to buy real louie shades, playa.


  • latino heat

    Busta is dropping next week too? where is his promotion?! i could say the same for Red and Meth too. where is the love for the og’s of this shit!
    it damn near feels like it’s the 4th quarter of the year already though. 4 big releases in one week, haven’t seen that in a LONG time.

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Man Busta’s promotion has been all online, mainly youtube, myspace, and twitter. Plus he on tour right now, I think he did most of the production overseas if I’m not mistaken. Definitely getting his album though I heard that its nothing like The Big Bang which is good in my book.

      Damn I’ma go bankrupt buying all these albums though for real. The main ones I’m getting will be Busta’s, Red and Meth’s, and probably Em’s.

      I know this is off subject, but anyone know if that Yancey Boys album is good? Been thinking about buying it but I need a couple of honest opinions on it first

  • Phil

    Super Tuesday is coming!

  • Baltimore

    Its funny how XXLmag.com secretly hates on rick ross….Listen to how they worded the sales

    “The Miami rapper’s third album Deeper Than Rap continues to slide down the charts in its third week moving down four slots and dippng 32% in sales.”

    But when they talk about Jadakiss:

    The Yonkers, New York MC’s Def Jam debut continues to keep registers ringing in his fifth week, bagging up 15,900 CDs and bringing his overall sales to 246,100.

    STOP HATING!!!!! Ross is selling way better than Jada!

    • Rword

      Everyone knows that xxlmag is 50cent BIGGEST dick rider. it not a secret. 50cent knows and xxlmag knows.

      xxlmag is like Foxnews for hiphop.

      • EReal

        Aint noone talkin bout 50 but you homie, quit dick ridin that man.


        • Rword

          EReal, seriously….it looks bad with xxlmag use their own blogger and writers to post comments as under different names…it reduce the authenticity of the website and magazine…

          at least admitt your fag .

          xxlmag is beside and hate on ANYONE AGAINST 50cent, this is a certified FACT!

          so it either you are a 50 dick rider or in denial. but it doesnt change the fact..anyone can look at the website and see for themselves. Like how they post thisis50.com headline on the same day.

        • EReal

          You sound like a broken record, fat man.

          Aint nobody talkin about 50 except you, get that mans dick outcha mouff, BAWSSEEE



  • The_Truth

    *** @Baltimore

    Goood point. . .

  • http://www.FuckBadMusic.com David Blake


  • dreddo

    its a shame that niggas is dick riding 50 cent so much they hating on ross!Like what yall like thats what a real man does!If 50 cent said he didnt like pussy yall homos probly find something wrong with pussy.


    they’re all monkeeeeeeeeeeees!

  • Marco V

    Honestly who is waiting for that wack ass emimem disc, this aint mtv’s 1999 spring break, he aint gotta another stan, way i am, or any hot shit, Mr. 8 mile is dead

  • http://XXLmag.com PerfectPoints357

    Some cat came forward and said the shades were real. I guess dude does customizing on shades and shit. Guess he added the gold to Ross shit. Either way these artist need to wake the fuck up and stop prmoting for these outrageously priced designers who not even payin them for endorsement. Yea Ye got his LV deal but they are redonkculosly priced. So we know who he catering to right why not cater to the average cat who goes out and buys ya CD and makes it possible for you to wear that bullshit. Look how Ralph Laren did Trick when his shouting POLO all over his shit. Wake the fuck up what happened to FUBU and Kani i guess cause the shit don’t cost over a bill cats think that shit aint poppin? Shout to Rocawear Jay is a business minded muhfucka. He has the since to cater to the masses not the minority and when i say that i mean the average working folks are the masses and the rich are the minority. I know this is off thread but i just thought id throw my .02 in.

    • matty21

      yea 4real, some of these dudes just livin in a fantasy world man n need 2 wake up…jokes in my opinion…n who cares what kinda shades u hidin behind neway really or wat kinda clothes or jewels wearin u, dat don’t make a man at all, jus fck boys n fakers..n ur right perfectpoint, da average worker/hustler who made deez superstars as big as dey r don’t care bout dat bs, perfect point lol…n i got somethin 4 Rword up above too n fans stayin tru to da gunit(knowin dey gon be back wit crack)…n noooo not dick riders Rword…u da dick rider son…xxlmag n fans jus know who da talented n real artists are…n i can’t imagine u(Ross n all deez other lames) what g’z wana listen to, just kids, women, n alot of homosexuals – t.i.p. keep it real boy

      • General

        “4 Rword up above too n fans stayin tru to da gunit(knowin dey gon be back wit crack)…”

        I ride by my damn self, but I’m sorry I gotta stand up for RWord and put you on blast for probably the most fuckboy statement of the day…

        When the fuck has G-Unit brought heat in the last 3 years…

        I hate to tell you but the “Candy Shop” is closed and we don’t even want “Just a lil bit” no more from these clowns. So you can go to the “Amusement Park” all you want, but them niggas ain’t brought real shit in a long time…

        I used to be a G-Unit fan before Shady/Aftermath and with their first round of releases with them, but they lost their hunger for makin hot music and not they just make hot garbage

        • matty21

          yea i feel u, he did go a lil mainstream 4 a while and he’s always too worried bout album sales and not just making real music…but ain’t nothin changed bout 50 or gunit off da camera, dey have all stayed bout their dough n stayed real n loved their fans…and dats jus my opinion, i think dey will be back wit da fire…Curtis wasn’t bad either and went back to dat real raw gunit shit…come on i get money i get moneyyyyy ha….he’ll be back and won’t need huge R&B superstars on his records for dem to pop off…and my statements weren’t fuck boy, i was mostly statin da facts n speakin da truth bout ur boy fantasy world Boss n how i think 50 will be on top da charts again, whether u wanna hate on it or not..

        • matty21

          n also lettin your boy Rword know dat Ross n all dem khaled fools are makin asses of demselves on tv n radio…their beatin themselves like i said (just watch)….50 may have come with some bunk poppy shit but atleast he never lost his head or nothin like dat in real life…he’s stayed real, trust me, he’s wayyy tooo strong to fall off, much less allow another artist to do it to him, and none of deez dudes r fuckin with him or gunit, u should know better if your a real fan of da music n entertainment….n u know 50 got wayyyyyyyy more money den ne of dem ross fools n still hasn’t let it get to his head dat much…ross in his videos braggin like he got more money den some1….50 could buy dem out lol whats money ross? he ain’t fuckin wit 50….gunit also knows what real beef is n don’t even want nothin like dat, n ross screamin like he gona kill sum1 4real, duz he know how gunit rolls? u ain’t touchin any1 in gunit man dey roll like da president n sht..keep it in da music n u gona lose anyway

        • matty21

          Ross ain’t even close to what 50 has done in his career musically yet either, n he’s already letting da shit get to his head….n dat even including da money, ross ain’t on a 50 level musically yet, he need to chill out n sell some more records n focus on his own career, cuz it’s bout 2 be over…

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Cosign Baltimore and Rword 1.1 Million percent.

    What ever hack typed this up has a hard on for Jada, but wont give credit were its due when it comes to Ross. He’s outsold Jada even though he’s had a two week head start. Plus say what you want, but you all know Ross’s album is far superior to Jada’s. I am a Lox till the death, even when them niggaz was wearing the shiny suits, and Jada had the gay glasses on looking like rupaul on the cover of the money power respect album (goggle it). But the way XXL hates on Ross is ridiculous.

    They knew damn well that the glasses were real, but customized. That’s why the hack did not allow comments to be placed on the story. He knew one of the bloggers here would blow the lid off that story in a heart beat.

    Crab meats bitches

  • newyawka631


  • BeerGangsta

    This all the fans fault. Ya’ll Jerks don’t buy music no more. Ya’ll rather down load the shit off the internet. Jada CD is worth buying. June 9 D-Block coming out with a CD. Greg Street got a good CD. Fans are weird!

    • http://www.myspace.com/fastlifearchitects miles archer


      I don’t buy the music cause the music sucks… I’d a been at Best Buy 10am Tuesday morning if that Jada album was even worth a second listen.

      I own every album that camp has put out, but that Last Kiss shit was wick-wick-wack…

      miles archer

    • matty21

      shttt, we ain’t weird, we’re smart…who gonna go waste money on somethin when u can get it for free? dat would be stupid as fck in my opinion…its da world we livin in 2day n we gotta adapt n be SMART, artists and fans….Y SPEND HARD EARNED MONEY ON A CD WHEN YOU CAN GO DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE???? SIMPLE QUESTION IN MY OPINION MANN…VERY SIMPLE CONCEPT…u must be weird or stupid? i guess?

  • Jame

    Asher MAY have pushed slightly more than Bubba and Greg Street but has NOTHING on Pooh’s 1200!!

  • AZ40

    Jada doin’ just as good as Ross is a big thing b/c he don’t have nearly the support that Ross got and they both on Def Jam…Ross pop all that shit about the singles he got and radio spins who buyin’ the albums…

    We knew Juelz Weak crew was gonna flop
    And busta had like 30 videos the past two years since before he was dropped by Aftermath

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Why do people always use that as an excuse for Jada? The promotion? If I recall I saw Jada banners and ads on every site just like Ross. He was doing his videos and interviews in the weeks leading up to the album as well. Talking shit about S/B and the stanky legs etc.

    Not to mention that Ross could quite possibly be the most hated rapper with the exception of Jimmy the bum. And he had a machine like G-Unit going non stop on him for weeks at a time. However he still managed to sell a decent amount of records and continues to move units.

    • BIGNAT

      my main reasoning lies in what was to be expected of both albums. i heard the kiss joint just like all his albums the bad songs out weigh the good. which means it’s a no buy it will get none of my dollars. somehow he cracked the 100k mark and it’s still selling. now rawse made a album and did things to make his 3rd album bigger than the first 2. i am sure def jam was expecting 300k or better out the gate. this was the album to launch rawse into super star status. i heard dtr it’s good i still fuck with that valley of death song. other than that rich off cocaine and usual suspects because nas kills that joint. rawse album just like jada got none of my dollars. i bought mf doom and cam and i will buy busta next week. maybe red and meth also but i got to listen to it first.

    • matty21

      yea Ross owes da majority of his record sales to 50 n gunit lol 4real tho…dey been promotin n shinin light on his lame ass for months now…dats 1 of da big n only reasons he’s been poppin because he into it with a monster superstar like 50 cent, 50 been promotin his album man…Ross should send dem a fat check(like 50 needs it lol but still) n thank him…come on, u don’t really think da singles did it 4 him do u? people only listenin to da chourus, da john legend n dream parts r tyte, dats bout it…n da other single(maybach music or whatever) is da 1 where he disses 50? ther is all of his album sales lol…n there is all the facts u need to know right ther…50 cent, den john legend, den da dream…n a little bit of half da industry goin at 50 on da maybach music remix mixed in..dats bout it….alll deez fck boyz teamin up but stil ant gon do shttttttttttt…tell ur boy ross to stay real n wake up out of his fantasy world…n oya last, u don’t think he sold dat much because he’s such a good, genuine person out in da world? wher dey comin from? ^^^^like i said…fantasy world

      • Rword

        Damn, dick riders never get tried of…dick riding.

        How the hell Ross owes his sell to 50 beef when he did the SAME NUMBER ON HIS SECOND ALBUM?!

        matty21, at least use your brain to think, not to “give brain”…LOL!

        • matty21

          lol lol good joke ha good 1, glad to see u got such a kick out of your own joke ha u lameo….4real tho, his 2nd album did wayyyy better den dis 1 number one…and dat was da case because he was actually makin somewhat good music at dat time(trilla) n didn’t need r&b superstars on his chorus’s, n didn’t start living in a fake fantasy world yet…n same thing goes for port of miami, he was just makin good music back den n it’s what caused him to blow up(everyday i’m hustlin)…and dis was alll before he sold a few records n made a lil money and let all of it go right to his head, and also all dem X pills n weed started to recently fuck his brain up too(some of dem can handle all dem pills n some cant)…now in da present, he all big headed n think he da shit n thinks he’s biggie n shit(livin in a fck boy fantasy world)…dats y, it was different a lil bit ago…now no1 really repects him very much or his music so somethin like a beef wit a superstar(50) gained him a lot of momentum and needed r&b singers on his singles..it’s different now den it was den mannn it’s right in front of your face damnn…he ain’t even close to 50 musically yet either, as far as what 50 has already done n he’s already all big headed n shit, his career bout to be over b4 it really takes off n he’s doin it to himself, but it isn’t too late yet either, he can still wake up n move on…cuz 50 IS NOT going anywhere man, he’s a great entertainer and has a solid fan base, hate it or love it he’s not going to fall off…n da WE ARE THE WORLD crew definately isn’t going to cause it man wake up just like dey need to do…da sad/funny thing is i think Ross n dem REALLY do think their gonna make 50 disappear musically(fantasy world) n it’s jus not gonna happen, dey can’t get rid of him..dats what makes him so great hate all u wana….

        • matty21

          really, talk all u want n call us dick riders n fags all u want n make fun…but TIME WILL TELL and you will see in da very near future what it is…just sit back n watch…you a fool if u think otherwise in my opinion, but you haters just have to be PROVEN wrong as usual i guess…jus how it goes, ya’ll never learn…bitches n fck boys stick together lol time will tell tho

  • rip21

    (50 cent fan) ross cd is off the motherfucking hook cant take the shit out

  • Nate

    Asher did his 100,000 I guess only 3-4 artist can do that every couple of months so it’s all good. Jada, fake Rick Ross, and Asher can all share top honors in releasing popular albums with 2/3 of them being good.

    I GET IT- He’s the “BOSS” cause it rhymes with the name he stole. “ROSS”

    Of course Ross (the real) could have him murked but he’s more focused on staying free at this point and making some money of his own again.

    They say good or bad publicity can help. When you are the only restaurant for 20 miles on the freeway you get business even if your product is stale, and overrated. That’s Ricky.
    I admit 260K the first month won’t be anything to make fun of but it really isn’t special at all. Ross’s rhymes aren’t what make it big, It’s the
    -and production

  • $ykotic

    “Jada doin’ just as good as Ross is a big thing b/c he don’t have nearly the support that Ross got and they both on Def Jam…Ross pop all that shit about the singles he got and radio spins who buyin’ the albums…”

    Co-sign. That’s the real talk about this issue. I’m laughing @ Def Jam because they put their bet on the wrong horse(or horses; jury’s out on the Red/Meth release, which I think could’ve had MORE promo).

    Yes Ross did put out a musically solid album.

    Remember this is Jada’s 1st DJ album and Ross’ 3rd.

  • Polla

    Damn times change LOL…. Nowdayz its lyk if you push a 100K ur shit dun went platinum. Most of these cats shud just hit the streets again cuz honestly they albums aint gettin them shit. Damn Ricky n Jada shud b glad they actually s’eein those numbers. On sum serious shit, Im only thinkin bout coppin LOSO,BP3, n probably give Santana (solo joint) a shot dude dun stepped his game up.Howz Cam’s album is it filled with those Dipset Trumpet/orchestra beats or did he actually try sumthin diferent ?

  • God_Zilla

    Rick Ross needs to just die. This guy man………”customized LV shades” What a dumb ass. It’s like “customizing” a Rolls Royce.
















    • heavyweight86

      T.I. the last rapper to go platinum?

      • matty21

        yea maybe, n don’t 4get he’s gonna be goin platinum again too reall soon, as soon as he get out……n Ross owes 50, Dream, John Legend, n all dem dudez from dat remix a fattt check for his album sellin dat many copies…g-unit been promotin dis album n shinin light on dis lameo for months now…fat boy should thank dem 4real

  • DAN



  • HU

    T.I. may be the last rapper to ever go platinum, ain’t that something. Although I’m sure Dre, Kanye, Twista, and Eminem will go platinum with their next albums. And they’re all way over 30. People don’t buy this new shit.

  • GMAN

    i copped jadakiss, can’ron… im gonna cop redman methodman n eminem

  • Vito

    Jada’s album was good could but it could have been better…but none the less it was money well spent..
    ROSS is a fraud i think and his album holds no real street cred and that SUCKS..and it’s also a disappointment that WE IN THE HIP HOP COMMUNITY “APPROVE” of an artist like ross cause at the end of the day it has to be some type of truth you are spitting when you get in that booth…BTW selling nearly 250,000 for ross at this point in his career IS NOT SHYT..

  • http://xxlmagazine tim

    jaddakiss is going to go gold if he shoots two more videos and stays visable he should acquire gold!!!!

  • http://www.resurrectedmuzik.com Luby562

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    Let me get to the point I do beats and music myself like a lot of ya’ll on here.

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    Also I am looking to work with artist and producers. If you want to get at me bentonluby@yahoo.com. Holla @ you boy!

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  • east from tha west

    get crunchy black and d whole crew back on this track..haahaa