Redman & Method Man Recruit Old School Lineup For Upcoming Show

A slew of classic hip-hop acts like EPMD, Brand Nubian, Black Sheep and Lords Of The Underground will be hitting the stage along with N.O.R.E., Redman and Method Man later this month.

Presented by Funkmaster Flex and Adam Lublin, the show, under “The Hip-Hop Legends Concert Series,” will take place at S.O.B.’s in New York City on May 24. Tickets, which can be purchased now on the venue’s website, are going for $30.

Headliners Red and Meth are currently preparing for the release of their new album, Blackout 2. The disc, which is a sequel to their platinum selling 1999 disc of the same name, hits stores on May 19. N.O.R.E. recently put out a new C-N-N album, Channel 10, with his partner-in-rhyme Capone.  Brand Nubian rapper Grand Puba also has a new record coming out on indie label Babygrande records. The disc, titled Retroactive, is scheduled for a June 23 release. – Elan Mancini

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  • Kid O$O

    finally real hip hop is getting giving me hope.. cuz the rest of these dudes spittin out here on the radio are whack mc’s.. need more of this type shit and slaughterhouse needs to drop an album too


    ahhh yes. all u old heads get to go back in time @ that concert. hope u enjoy. ??? how the fuck u drop a sequel album 10 years after the first one?

  • giantstepp

    I was straight westcoastin it when these cats were doing they thing. This concert can miss me altogether. EPMD is about the only group on this list that Id pay to see. I do have luv for Meth and REd tho…just my 2cents.

  • anutha_level

    great look

  • Nate

    Red and Meth have tons of material. They are not old, and have much better stage ability and rhyme ability than a lot of the young artists who are ringtone bitches.

    Sequel album is by name only. They already dropped other songs together anyway so the time gap really isn’t relevant.

    Red/Meth rock a crowd by themselves.

    Young dudes have to get their 8 man crew, a dozen unknown ratty hoes, enforcer posers, weed men, hype men, and a busload of other nobodies from the hood onstage with them.


    yes. the game done changed.

    • El Tico Loco

      Not exactly a good thing.

  • tony

    It’s about dam time they bringing old school New york style of Rap back. This will be the best Concert of the Year. I am a West Coast Rap fan from the South. I love New York style of Rapping. Let the World know why ya’ll started this Hip Hop Shit. I got to get to a live City to see the Show. I know Country azz Cashville{Nashville} won’t have that Concert here. Old Fashion Honkey Town.



  • Jriggs

    ” This concert can miss me altogether. ”

    Apparently, you don’t know what hip hop is giantstepp. How are you going to co-sign EPMD and leave out the rest of the acts?

  • El Tico Loco

    Bring the kids so they can appreciate a real show.

  • H-DUB

    That´s what i call a Lineup !!! I would even pay double price to see them all together.

    I was at the legendery Ritz Rock Sound Hotel in 91 when Brand Nubian, De La and The Leaders of the New School where on Stage !

    • EmCDL

      Damn I would love to go back in time to check that out…I been bumpin the hell out of De La Soul and Brand Nubian for the past week! Punks jump up to get beat down! LOL

      Wish I could check this show out though sounds like it would be tight

  • Lou

    JUST WENT TO SOBS.COM and called them as well and they say they dont have the show scheduled at their venue. Somebody needs to clear this up.

  • Lou


  • Liz

    The Show is at BB KINGS on the 24th. Not S.O.B.’s

  • DA FU**

    I would go to this shit to see Brand Nubian and CNN…THAT SHIT SOUNDS TIGHT AS A MUTHAFUCKA

    Sincerely yours DA…..FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  • pnyce

    yall that r talking shit must be some YOUNG fucks! these niggaz made the niggaz u like now! go snap and pop with your wack shit! make way 4 the return of real hiphop! FUCKIN 1 HIT WONDERS!

  • Tony Grand$


    That’s about all I can muster up for that.

    It’s going to be some lucky motherfuckers @ S.O.B.’s that night.


    • Jamal7Mile

      That’s what I’m sayin’ too, Tony!

      When Red and Meth get together, they actually DO fly through the air during How High… maybe that was a Jay-Z concert, but it’s on Youtube and hood DVD’s.

      Wish this was a tour instead of a one-stop NY concert.


  • John

    Nobody wants to see these hasbeens

    • Jamal7Mile

      Naw John, YOU don’t want to see them. Too bad youngsta, cuz you gonna miss a show that’s worth 3 times the ticket price.

      If only you KNEW!!!

      • HAHAHAHA@ John

        Too bad he will never know. 2.0.1 in this bitch.


    not real hip hop old hip hop. thas like seein’g barkley vs jordan in the finals this year at their age vs kobe vs jordan. I mean ya i love old school hip hop, but its different now. I grew up during the golden era wutang my fav group. i got a shirt and half a blunt saved from meth from a concert. the music is just as real as music today. the world just has changed. music has grown. alot of their fans died or got baptized. lol still it’ll prob be a good show.

  • YES!!!

    i wanna go
    i wanna go!!!
    im tired of hearin WHACK SHIT on my radio dammit
    old school was where it was at i miss that shit
    and this is comin from a nigga who jus turned 18
    so dont bring any of that “old music for old people” bullshit.i dont see how im about tha only person my age who feels this way.i started growin up hearin and seein niggas that used to sho up on YO!MTV tha fuck tha media switch that shit up and start tryna give me Soulja Boy and Friends!?!you little ignorant shithead niggas need to dip into some realness!stop supportin whack ass niggas wit no lyrical content!!!SUPPORT THIS SHOW

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Sum of yall dudes kill me. Talking about how there old. So what! Good music is good music. It’s not like there gonna be really performing nu material anyway. It’s gonna be classic from the catalog. How can u not wanna see that?! If u not a biased hip hop fan u would love it. I would love to go.

  • HipHop4Lyfe

    Yes!!!Red & Meth Bringin’ that Ol Thing Back. Ayo Giantstepp if you would pay to see EPMD Should’nt you have bought their new Album. Peeped Ya Card….

  • squadwildin

    Yea I missed the meth and red concert they had last year back at UF. Some say it was the best performance they ever seen. Should be a good show. Not gonna lie tho, I only heard of meth and red, epmd and N.O.R.E

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Co-sign jb…All these WACK niggas writin in saying shit like this is old, and the game has changed. Hip Hop now (if you even want to call it that anymore) fuckin sucks. It’s nothing but overrated-ass niggas who have no talent at all but swear they the best spittin over boring-ass beats. (Yes I’m mostly talkin about the south) There’s a difference between hatin and realizin shit sucks! The only emcees right now spittin real shit are Joell Ortiz, Immortal Technique, and Jadakiss. Old heads ain’t the only ones that realize that most of Hip Hop out now is trash. 90% of people in their 20′s (including me, I’m 28) feel the same way! Thank God for shows like this and the Rock the Bells Tour, that’s REAL Hip Hop folks!

  • Walter Johnson

    That concert should be great. If you like that stuff then you should love the Kounty Boyz. They have that tupac feel. They make music for the hood, but the hood isnt just dope slangin and gang bangin, ya dig.
    “Im a hold it down for dog
    Cause he locked up, gotta live behind the wall
    And Im a ride clean for my dog
    Sip lean for my dog, canteen for my dog”

  • Maurice L Dees

    the video was real cool that hip hop.

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