Rappers React To Eminem’s Comeback Disc, “I Think ‘Insane’ Is Genius,” Says Kanye West

With Eminem’s comeback album, Relapse, officially coming out last Tuesday, fans and industry people alike have had a chance to listen and offer their opinions on the highly anticipated album. In the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly, the magazine spoke to several people who worked on the album as well as Em’s peers to get more incite into the disc and the superstar’s road back into the spotlight.

Kanye West told EW, “I think that the ‘Insane’ song is genius.” Producer and Eminem’s tour DJ, The Alchemist, said, “I can’t even explain how in the zone he is. I think some of the drugs make you introverted and antisocial. Maybe everybody got accustomed to that with Em, because that became part of his personality. But now that’s all gone. The funny guy and the creativity are all still there. Maybe he had to almost die for it to happen, but man, he’s on point.”

DMC, who Em recently inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with the late Jam Master Jay and Reverend Run, is also a huge fan. “His music is his therapy,” DMC said. “I can relate to everything he’s saying. [Expressing] those dark, depressing times, that’s what rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to do.”

Relapse is currently in stores now. HitsDailyDouble.com already projects the album to be the biggest first-week seller of 2009, with early estimates of the album breaking 600,000 units on Wednesday’s (May 27) Nielsen SoundScan sales report.

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly hits stands on Monday (May 25). – Elan Mancini

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  • marz

    Eminem is NUTZ. great album, worth the wait.

  • http://bradauto_outlet@yahoo.com goodfella88

    if you don’t get relapse, you must not be interested in some real music. not only does it show how much of a lyracist he is, the dude is crazy creative. the last song on the cd is nuts- its called underground-and if that doesnt make you want to buy the cd, you just need to find a different genre of music, cuz you don’t know hip hop

  • Pierzy

    “Insane” is great and “Medicine Ball” is ridiculous…not to mention “Underground.”

    But “My Darling” is mind-blowing. Relapse is the truth…

    • jburg

      Can’t stop playing “same song and dance”!! The beat is ridiculous. Relapse is an amazing album, Anybody that says otherwise is just stupid!!!

      • HERM

        Unfortunately, I have to wait it out a bit for a copy of Relapse. Raging Bull Pack, baby!

        • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

          Yes that ‘Medicine Ball’ track goes hard! Also ‘My Mom’, ‘Same Song And Dance’ and ‘For Ol Time’s Sake’ go hard too. I still haven’t listened to the album fully yet so I’m kinda behind

      • http://acbanks29@gmail.com ace dawg

        thats my joint too. same song knocks, but its a B- album can’t front.

    • $ykotic

      Ha Ha!

      “My Darling” stays on repeat!

    • joe p

      GREAT ALBUM !!! enough said

    • Brando

      dude, “My Mom” is my favorite track on this record…the multies are sick sick sick…..such a good cd, this is what the fans were waitng for….can’t wait for relapse 2……if this is gold……the next will be platinum…sooo soo sick.

  • Ali

    twised album lol…if the Joker from Dark Knight made an album, this would be it….sick album tho….my faves are Must Be The Ganja, Deja Vu, & Beautiful





  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    What up, P? (Damn, I sound like Tony Grand$ now)

    Well, I think we can all say Em will be plat by Thursday… any takers?

    I know ya’ll gonna laugh, but…
    1. I’ve only heard one track from Relapse
    2. I can’t get my hands on it ANWHERE (WTF?)
    3. Well… it really isn’t that funny now is it?

    • jburg

      I will take that. Hell i would bet that his previous cds will get a push because of all the love he is getting right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed a few numbers even though they are so old.

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Oh… shit… I forgot… it is Thursday. Friday anyone?

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Ok… I’ll set it straight this time.

    Friday – A Milli
    Sunday – 1.25 Milli
    Tuesday – 1.5 Milli
    Next Friday – 2x Plat

    What’s your predictions now?





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  • Rword

    Ah, xxlmag is trying to do damage control because of the bad review Relapse is getting…how cute.

    I can tell you this. Most people will download the album for free. Second, Em will NEVER do a milli in the first week like Lil’ Wayne. Third i will do good (about 300K first week) but his sale will drop like everyone else. Why? Because no one is interested in Em.

    Sorry, but the great white hope is no more.

    • http://www.myspace.com/ndotc&iamhiphop.com N DOT C

      NEVER??? The Marshall Mathers LP sold 1.76 million copies in its first weekmaking it the fastest-selling solo album in the United States.

      Not to mention The Eminem Show sold a million

      N DOT C

      “The Baddest Motherfucker”

      • Rword

        i know that, and talking about this particular album. there is just way to much factor to allow Em to do a milli in the first week. from online, low records sell, artist going more independent, etc etc

        in thee times, it extremely hard for a rapper to do a milli in the first week/.

    • Anthony

      Rword, your an idiot! Em did 1.73 in his first week wit the MMLP and sold over 1 million in his first week wit The Eminem Show. Also, Encore sold way less then The Carter 3 in its first week but sold 2 million more in the long run.

    • KASP

      actually “RWORD” EMs on pace to push over 650,000 first week and for him NEVER pushin a mil in a week he almost pushed 2 mil with the Marshall Mathers LP i think it was like 1.7 or somthin.. so i guess some people are still interested in Em.. and this album is way the fuck better than the carter 3

    • Idle Handz

      1st off Rword u must not b a fan of eminem cuz both Marshall Mathers LP & The Eminem Show Both Sold Close to 2 Mill in da First week Get cha shit right homie, an-ne-ways Dat Bagpipes from baghdad,same song and dance,must be the ganja,and in sane are da shit 1st week platinum!

  • Rword

    Plus, 50, Dre and Intrescope can buy up most of the album in first week

    • jburg

      The hater is back. He looking at selling 300k at best buy alone dick face!! Where was your bitch ass when your daddy was getting called out for those fake ass shades? Don’t be mad cause your favorite rapper is irrelevant!! Of course the sales will drop 2nd week. I will put money that his second week sales will be more than ross’ first week. Maybe even Rawse’s total!!!

      • Rword

        dick face?…back to you homo vocabulary huh?

        look Em will definitely sell more that Ross. period. HE HAS THE WHITE AUDIENCE. Why did you think Dre sign him, because he is a good rapper?!? It because he is ALSO WHITE and Dre knows he can bring a large white crowd. it simple mathemtics. that is why i call him the great white hope.

        Second, jerkburg, Em > Ross. So this is not about Ross, it about Em. He as passed his prime. Maybe Relaspe 2 is better, but this album only has his hard core fan buying, NO new listeners which means Em is a dying.

        That is why rapper dont lets past 3 album IF they cannot get NEW listeners.

        PS. get the dick out your face.

        • jburg

          Its apparent you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. Only hardcore fans buying it? He is bout to sell half a mil in a week. Thats a whole lot of hardcore fans? How in the hell can you say there are no new listeners? How in the hell would you know? When you have half a million loyal fans, who needs new listeners? Dick out my face? Yeah right nigga. You the one got Rawse cum on your lips!!

        • Ricky’s Bawss

          Hey, Im the top. Ricky likes my cum on his lips, but I make him call me Lloyd Bank$.

          Jesssus Chrissst.

  • Mark1

    Figures gay fish would praise the song about ass rape and feltching. SMH.

  • Rusty

    Anyone think Em had The Joker in mind during the making of Relapse, or was he just going back to the Slim Shady (albeit with a shit load of pills)? Heath Ledger died of an overdose remember.. It’s a real consistent album, maybe without any massive stand-outs, but Underground just makes a nigga BRUCK OUT! Tip for y’all, do a 5 minute quick session on the weights listening to that song!

  • George Clooney

    People ARE over-projecting. He probably won’t crack a million. He should end up with something between 700-800 million in the first week, then half of that the next week. The final numbers within a year should bring him close to 3 or 4x platinum, motherfucker.

    Also, 3AM, Hello, and Stay Wide Awake are the only real “classic” moments on the album. The rest of it works well together, but the songs aren’t that strong individually. Especially when you compare it to his real classics like Stan, The Way I Am, Guilty Conscience, or Renegade, motherfucker.

    It’s a solid album that works better as a whole rather than in parts, motherfucker.

    • pchez

      What? Those are by far the worst songs. Fuckin my mom is classic Em and Underground is fuckin fire to the core of hip hop. Your going to call Stan a classic? ummm bitch please part 2 anyone or if I get locked up tonight, or the whole conspirecy theory voulume 2 mix tape with Em on it?

  • George Clooney

    Also, “Careful What You Wish For” should have closed the album.

  • Prince Caesar

    I like the whole album, except for a few songs. It’s good to see Em re-opening a lane in Hip-Hop. It’s good to hear something other than some country ass nigga talkin bout hoes, money, clothes, and a bunch of a crimes he never committed. I’ve listening to Em since I was 14. Also, to dude above..Wayne is not the first nigga to sell a mil in a week..The Massacre sold a mil the first week..Em might do it, too. Get off Wayne’s dick and take a deep breath.

  • lupe fiasco fan

    Underground was amazing my favorite song so far the skits are funny as hell and my mom great song

  • God_Zilla

    If you want the album go buy it and thats that. Y’all the reason HIp Hops fucking up right now. Every loser and there momma is worried about album sales. Just because it sells doesn’t mean it’s a good album and just because it don’t doesn’t mean it sucks.

    Get a life y’all………Seriously!

  • D.M.

    Can the world plzzzzzz get a Eminem Joe Budden record! No im not saying Joe is on em’s level but listen to their perspectives when they look inside themselves. That would be lyrical therapy, soul searching, lookin @ the man in the mirror all in one…..I know this wont happen but its hiphop wishful thinking

    • Stan

      I feel you on this one man. Joey had some deep tracks on his recent album like Em did on Relapse, think Pray 4 Me when he was talking back and forth with God. I think they could make a real thought provoking type track, one that would force you to listen to it multiple times to even catch the whole concept.

    • extnct1

      horrible horrible suggestion… joe budden???!!?! honestly? eminem has a small problem of absolutely murdering every fuckin rapper he raps with… the only perfect match was with royce on bad meets evil.. and that was just a 1 time thing…. and maybe biggie on dead wrong.. maybe

    • Gerv

      Fuck Buddens crybaby could not go gold if he dreamed about it full of excuses ass!

      • DA PROOF

        just to let you know budden did go gold
        no disrespect though dude…

  • jbird

    C’mon now ya’ll. Ya’ll actin like this is MM’s first cd. He ain’t been shit since he dropped the D12 Devils Night. Ya’ll don’t know R A P and toooo young to understand. Listen to MM and tell me he don’t lyrically sound like those Fanta spraying faggots from his hometown. He might as well be a HatchetHead. Go cop that Killa instead of this shitty ass white rapper. Oh ya but wait most ya’ll are white anyways buying this garbage. And if your black, quit trying to flip-flop and go whitey on me. You got Killa, Mase, Meth&Red, Nas, old J, B.O.B. on way, Stack Bundles. I can name 10 right there that’s more lyrical than SlimRabbies

    • James.

      Every rapper you named fell off the same way Eminem did. And stop trying to act like just because they’re black that makes them better. And to all the Lil’ Wayne haters, you’re all stupid and really don’t listen to hip-hop. I am an Eminem fan, but does that mean I don’t know good hip-hop? I listen to everything, and I believe we need different kind of songs to come out of hip-hop. That’s what keeps the original spirit of the culture alive. It all depends on your mood and what you want to hear at the moment. I listen to Lil’ Wayne and Little Brother. GOT A PROBLEM? Fucking ignorant bastards.

    • RDS

      You are out of your (B) Rabbit ass mind. I ain’t on homie nuts, but respect is blind to skin color. Ignant ass niggas always trying to make some shit racial, like blacks invented rap out of nowhere. Rap was a variation of Rock N Roll and Rhythm and Blues. Elvis didn’t do country and Run DMC’s first album wasn’t rap.

  • Gloveson

    jus go that shit today, it feels weird listenin to a new Em album, cos its been so long since i did it, i mean i was still in school and a 17 year old punk, i’m 22 now, and i know alot of people mightn’t like this but he is hip hop for me, he got me into it when i was 12 and then i had to go backwards and school myself, i’m not sayin he is the greatest ever, but he is who i grew up listening to

  • Braille

    this shit is funny all these people acting like financial analysts coming up with random ass totals…the album is dope and thats it

  • Keyser Soze

    Relapse is classic! But alot of people are sleeping on Cam’ron -”Crime Pays”.. Its REALLY GOOD!!

  • Braille

    a….j bird nigga the d is the most dangerous city in america…what the fuck are you talking about…go to youtube and type in detroit ghettos and see the 3rd world i live in …nigga you called the city faggots…what you see on the wire is ten to the ten millionth times worse in detroit and you a nigga stuck in the 90′s….did you say mase…nigga please and crime pays aint nice…its mediocre

  • Braille

    on another note…how mamy white rappers you know went platinum…but skin color like a lot of black people say has something to do with it…in that case bubba sparxxx should’ve done great numbers…sometimes black people are racists too…im black myself and I hate racism give the man credit shit



    • Gerv

      And then you woke up because you had to be dreaming and I ain’t even a Eminem fan!

  • brand-new

    em’s album really is a breath of fresh air in a very stale hip hop climate. also one of the most rewind worthy cd’s i’ve bought in a long time, i keep hearing new things with every listen.

  • brand-new

    em’s album really is a breath of fresh air in a very stale hip hop climate also one of the most rewind worthy cd’s i’ve bought in a long time, i keep picking new things with every listen

  • BeerGangsta

    Bitch EM couln’t catch a CatFish in a Coffee Cup! Dre will get 50 Percent of the Bitch checks!

  • Brahsef

    I just don’t think the CD’s that great *shrugs*

    Em comes lyrically nice on the CD, but the way he attacks tracks/flows/his voice sounds/Dre’s mediocre ass beats…I dunno it just seems like an inconsistent CD to me.

    I feel like it could have been better.

  • jlc



    on another note “this album is classic baby!!!!!!!!!”(just imagine dick vitale saying that)

    fuck j-bird(ha….m-a-doller sign-e)

  • jlc


  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Niggaz is doing mad hating, I swear… the album like ALL Em albums is hit or miss, hate it or love it type shit. That’ll never change. The album is going Platinum by Tuesday, period.

  • the truth

    over rated

  • dr west

    What i recommend is anyone yet to listen to relapse is follow the lyrics on the manual as ur playin the cd.The way he rhymes words together is on point real talk.

  • shadoe90

    If relapse sound’s like this, his come back than artist’s like D12 are sayin relapse 2 em’s gonna stomp on the cockroache’s of hip hop. Hope so cuz relapse is an 4 star outta 5 but not an classic. Better than encore by far.

  • $ykotic


    What happened to the “recession” excuse? Looks like people spending to me!

    Don’t forget it’s a holiday weekend!

    The race card is old and worn!

  • Beast McCoy

    All hype aside, I heard this album and I really don’t see what’s so fantastic about it. Em and Busta both left me saying maybe I won’t be buying these albums. I bought the Blackout 2 and was impressed and relieved that Mef & Red dropped some heat. Drama GGv.2 was OK but Busta must of lost alot of those fire tracks he had to Aftermath/Interscope when he left. I mean Where’s “Blackout”, “Breathin Like That” & “Exclusive Ownership” these were the songs that were going to make up for that asstastic Arab Money. I think Bus stumbled and hurried this album because this is the first time I DIDN’T Buy a Busta Rhymes Album ever. But back to Em, I really think ppl are just saying this is a classic because of the artist who made it. For example Dr. Dre can slap his name of any CD or track and ppl will say it’s fire just because he’s involved. I just had higher expectations for both artists well at least Mef & Red didn’t make this week a total loss.

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Danger is a HUGE FUCKIN HATER. You guys just hear this bitch say LIVE on 106 & Played Out today that she hates Em?

    I know Ray J is somewhere laughing his ass off… Em probably told him to drop her ass from the show. Chuuuch.

  • Beast McCoy

    Why would anyone care what Danger sayz? She a hot piece of ass but that’s just about it… No I’m wrong that IS IT!!

  • BeanTown Bomber

    jbird is one of the dumbest people I have read on here… first of all EM is one of the greatest to ever do it… only dudes that can really tell a story as well as him is Hov and Nas others are close but its just those three. Yeah I’m a white boy but I KNOW I know more about real hip-hop than you jbird you racist fuck. hip-hop aint about race it’s a way of life, get cultured bitch

    P.S. aint really heard KILLA’s new shit but you talkin bout past prime rappers?? KILLA fits the bill pretty good. He’s a rapper EM’s an MC, there’s a difference. I’m 22 and I just dropped some knowledge on you ass, you’re probably some old ass dude that’s senile

  • Nate

    jbird- get off the drugs.

    I suggest you Go to Rehab. Take Em’s CD and compare with one lameass rapper a day. The superiority will slowly fill your brain and the cataracts in your eyes will be gone. I know you want to stir the pot here, but you can’t be serious unless you grew up on Killa’s block (and on his cock)

    Smokin too many j’s.. Or smokin something…

    Next he is gonna say Lebron isn’t a real talent, Obama isn’t change from W, and neither Pac or Big meant anything to hiphop……

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Co-sign Beast. Then again, Unique was badder then her.

  • ?

    The best songs are Medicine Ball, Hello, 3 am, Beautiful, Deja Vu, Underground… Man fuck it go buy the damn album

    The whole album is fucking banging.

    And I knowwwww ya’ll not hating. He wont sell a mill like Lil wayne? LIL FUCKING WAYNE?
    Do you not know this man’s rap sheet?
    Go do your research cornballs…

    Em is back. Bow down to the king.

  • Bogota Bob

    i know a lesbian that looks just like him the picture above

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I think otherwise. The album just ain’t all that. The concept is dope. the rhyme schemes are crazy, but the subject matter is egh. Plus it didn’t show any growth. Same ol same ol. I guess if i was new to hip hop id like it. or if i was a blind fan id love it. However red and meth is on point.

  • Royce

    I Don’t Think Relapse Is Gonna Sell A Mill..

    Something Tells Me He Will Probably Do Kanye Graduation Numbers..957,000


  • ocrise “oh christ”

    RELAPSE IS NOT A CLASSIC ALBUM, it’s just an alright cd. It is quite clear that it is overshadowed by his previous albums. Does anybody agree.

    • Gloveson

      ocrise of course its gonna be overshadowed by The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show, with Em at the top of his game, they wer prob some of the greatest rap albums of all time!!!……but not Encore, that was still a good album but not like the rest………..But Relapse is Em goin back to the start and bein Slim Shady again and that is why people listened in the first place

      People Loved When He Spazzed Out On Tracks, With A Rhyme Within In A Rhyme

      He Does This On Relapse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maCaso

    On Wikipedi it mentions T.I. and Em worked on a few songs, One was about Em dealing with Slim Shady and T.I. with Tip. The “My Darling” song could of been that track because the first verse is completly different to the rest! Great song by the way!

  • west

    lyrical wise the album is good
    production wise the album is bangin
    subject wise is stupid and fuckin gay

    eminem need to talk about real shit
    he was more creative on slim shady lp than this shit , i feel like im listening to encore jus with better beats and encore was em’s worst album, infinite was better than encore

    im personally tired of the is “insane ” shit, that song is gay as hell, im a dude from the hood i cant relate to know shit like that, em need to talk about his life more, was goin on in his life, eminem is like bout to be forty, talk bout grown man shit, leave the crazy shit for the single and give me the real shit on the album, i only listen to the song “beautiful” and thats it and that should be the next single

  • Optimiz

    am a die hard eminem fan who is goin 2buy dis album only coz of his previous albums….eventhough i wud have loved it 2b a classic lets face it people its not really that hot and one begins 2 wonder if he should have released dis album or just stay in retirement its not really em’s standards

  • k

    insane is gargage , my mom too , and bagpipes . and i can only listen to we made u once .. truth . the album bangs hard . he sounds really good on the dre production . and it flows better than anyalbum hes ever made .. but trust me . lyric wise its his worst . underground , careful what u wish for , beautiful , medicine ball ,my darling . thats it . but ITS EMINEM U WERE EXPECTING THAT THYPA SHIT .. THE WHOLE ALBUM NOT JUST AS BONUS CUTS .

  • beaver

    relapse is a great album..

  • Josepth Egular

    Relapse is going to sell 650,000 – 700,000 the first week, period. And its not because of ONE reason either: No, people are not going to buy the album because it’s a classic, because its not. People are going to buy this album because It is a very good album and he raps his fucking ass off throughout. Even if your not a fan of the horror-core/retrospective style he exhibits throughout the album as a real fan of the art of MC’ing you gotta admit, Em went in! Even if I wasn’t a fan of his music I would still say that it is what it is, a very solid album with good if not great production throughout, and with his experimental flows and creative subject matter eminem shows why he is one of top 5 MC’s alive. Relapse will go down as one of the best rap records to come out in 2009. Its more focused than Encore, and slides into fourth best out of his five albums. If thats not impressive, consider that eminem is in the twilight of his career and he can release an album of this calibar. Also, we all know he is going to sell 300,000 on gp alone. Him doing another 300 or 400 thousand is not a stretch.

    Think of it like this, can you name 5 other rap albums that have been released this year that contain 10 really solid, if not great, songs?? I’ve only had relapse for a week and I can name 10 songs that I feel are incredible on differing levels:

    1. 3am
    2. Mom
    3. Insane
    4. Bagpipes from Bagdhad
    5. Hello
    6. Same Song and Dance
    7. Medicine Ball
    8. Must be The Ganja
    9. Deja Vu

    Eminem > Asher Roth

    Relapse > Asleep In The Bread Aisle

    Funny how things turnout, and thats not to say that I think Asher is’nt talented, as a matter of fact the kid is nice as hell. But at the end of the day he was a rookie taking on a seasoned veteran, and the results showed.

  • makaveli1671

    I heard em’s new shit and it wasn’t as good as i thought it would be….Cam probly got the best cd out right now but nobody really paying attention….the production is banging! I am in no way saying that cam is better than em but to me cam has the best album out rght now….i havent heard bus or meth & red shit yet so maybe im speaking prematurely

  • Allan

    i aint dissin em but i wanna hear the crazy suicidel eminem… like on the marshal mathers lp…

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