Eminem's highly anticipated comeback disc Relapse leaked onto the net today (May 7), two weeks before its official release date.

Earlier today there was a full on onslaught of Eminem material that hit the net including snippets of tracks and a clip from his "Crack A Bottle" music video. On "Insane," one track that leaked separately this afternoon the reclusive rapper graphically jokes about getting molested by his step dad.

“My step father said that I sucked in the bed,” he spit, “till one night he snuck in and said/ we’re going out back I want my dick sucked in the shed/cant we just play with Teddy Rucksbin instead/ after I fuck you in the butt, get some head/ bust a nut, get some rest/ the next day my mother said I don’t know wassup with this kid/ the bastard wont even eat nothing he’s fed/ he just hung himself in the bedroom, he’s dead/ Debbie don’t let that motherfucker get you upset/ let me go in there put a fucking cigarette to his neck / I bet you he’s faking it/ I bet you he just probably wants to see how upset she could get.” [Listen Here]

On Monday (May 4), a song planned for release on iTunes the following day came out early. “Old Times Sake,” featuring Dr. Dre, has the “dynamic duo” rhyming about smoking weed.

Relapse will hit stores on May 19. – Elan Mancini