Nas Wants Judge To Deny Kelis Spousal Support In Divorce

It doesn’t look like Nas and Kelis are on good terms. After filing for divorce last month against her husband of three years, Kelis – who cannot work because she is pregnant with the Queens rapper’s son – is asking for Nas to pay for her lawyer fees in the case.

TMZ reports today (May 20) that not only does Nas not want to pay for his ex’s attorney, but he doesn’t want to fork over any money for spousal support.

Both Esco and the R&B singer are seeking custody of the child that Kelis is just weeks away from birthing. Rumor is that Kelis filed for the split because she believes Nas was cheating on her.

As of press time neither artist has offered any statements about the case. – Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    Black Girl Lost…?

    • Detroit Draper

      I think its really fucked up that their MARRIAGE ended this way especially with a damn sex tape but I agree with that blog from a few weeks that said Nas just had female issues…it seems so but hey who are we to judge. Its no tellin what goes on in you dudes personal lives relationship wise lol cus I stay in another mans home.

      • Detroit Draper

        Kelis never stuck me as the type you would marry anyway milkshake and all…

    • Detroit Draper

      Honestly Kelis never struck me as the type you would marry anyway. Milkshake and all…

    • joe p

      does any one care?? … nas i love ur music but personally i dont care if they divorced or not …

    • UARK83

      LOL…great song.

    • mo

      Nas was gonna file first kelis beat him to the punch….it started when nas saw some old sex tape of kelis and some other nigga he knew fucking which happened before he got with her. he should have known he couldnt turn a hoe into a housewife

  • Enlightened

    Damn homie, you ain’t gon’ get that deal. But I feel you – you have to negotiate

  • mario

    Who cares?
    I know i don’t Buy relapse it’s awesome.




  • geico lizard

    Good luck in court Nas. You and Mos Def picked some slores as wives but try to bounce back with a good album…that she will get half the money from.

  • geico lizard

    The powerball is up to 170 million for tonight Nas so you may want to play it. If you win dont claim it until after the divorce is final.


    Damn i was proud of them too… i hope they reconcile… now its all up to jay and bey and will and jada.
    oh yeAH- and BARACK & MICHELLE!

  • Phil

    “Spousal support” sounds ridiculous anyway. This grown woman is not an invalid or unable to work permanently. She’s a grown woman about to be a mom and suing for paper? Nyet, comrade. Get yourself a job, babygirl.

  • trillafood


  • Tony Grand$

    Assuming that the whole “NaS cheated” is true (which, we all knew is most likely the case), I wonder why?

    Seems like dude would be above all the frills of life & be ready to focus on the tangible things.

    I guess his taste in picking women is the same as it is in picking beats.

    That’s too bad, dude was all excitied that he was having a son. His heart must be broken right now.

    Good luck, Nasir. You got two seeds, two bitter broads. You might want to take a tip [||] from Byron Crawford & perfect self-gratification, bruh.

    • Pierzy

      Grand$ – Nas is my favorite but I think deep down he’s not above getting seduced…by anything (women, money, weed). I feel like he WANTS to be above it, but just is not.

      • Tony Grand$


        I agree, he’s only human.

        But, I get into this debate with my “friends” a lot; If a man can change, based on what life offers @ the present moment.

        I’ve changed A LOT over the last 5 years. & it had a lot to do with what was in front of me. I listen to NaS asmuch as Red (Ha!), so I see what your saying about “he wants to”. It just seems that he’s in a place where dudes would literally kill to be, in life I mean. This is all assuming that he did cheat. Kelis could just be a milshake machine with mental instability.

        I see what your saying though, but happiness can’t be attained unless you know what it looks like, feel me?

        I hate to think that for all the wisdom that he drops, he can’t wrap his head around the basic concept of being content.

        • Pierzy

          All very good points but I think you’re looking at it too deeply. Dude is a either a star or a superstar depending on one’s perspective [mainstream: star; hood: superstar] so he probably gets everything thrown at him and how many people can turn it all down?

          There’s a reason there was only one A.C. Green.

        • Tony Grand$

          Perhaps I am putting him on a pedastool.

          Even still, when a person goes through certain life situations, it’s impossible not to learn from them, assuming that the person is capable of learning. That’s the reason I have one babymomma, but now I have a Wife (different woman, obviously).

          I don’t expect him to be perfect, after all he’s only God’s Son in album title only, but I know how it feels to fuck something up behind my own actions.

          To make the same mistake of mishandling things to the point where it would affect my relationship with my unborn son, I’d be on eggshells.

        • $ykotic

          It’s all balance brethren. Ying & Yang.

          Like the old cliche, “Lucky at cards, unlucky at love”.

  • Mac tha Knife

    Seems like Kelis just wants to take him for what he got

  • HNIC

    This is one of the reasons why Hulk Hogan recently said that he understood why O.J. went “O.J.” on his ex. Not that I condone man-handling broads ala Chris Brown, but, some broads have got the game twisted. Two words, Pre-nups.

  • BeerGangsta

    Good job Nas! You don’t need that kitchen nuts bitch. Now its time 2 go to the studio and make some hot summer jams. Get the best Producers you can. Nas told ya’ll Fuckers that Hip Hop is dead.

  • General

    Last time I checked she got the same job as him…a recording artist.
    He shouldn’t have to pay her shit, but we all know how that goes…oh well, keep your head up Nas and don’t do no stupid OJ or CB shit

  • glb18

    fuck that bitch.

  • Max Profit

    Wow Divorce is ugly!

    Cheaper to Keep Her!

  • Phlip

    Spousal support my ass!
    She has sold a couple million copies worldwide, has she not?
    (look it up if you’re not sure — I did)
    Where in the hell did her money go that she does not already HAVE a lawyer to cover this shit? Furthermore, what are the grounds for this divorce? If it is simply because she don’t wanna be married anymore, then she should lawyer herself up, if it is because of something he did, then he will have to pay in the end, like Mos Def.

  • Domjel

    What if those sex tape rumors are true? Just because she filed first doesn’t mean he hadn’t already checked out.

  • LB

    Not that it matters, but I was really pullin for them two. But hey, these are the breaks.

  • cold

    TMZ reports today (May 20) that not only does Nas not want to pay for his ex’s attorney, but he doesn’t want to fork over any money for spousal support. NO SHIT ! why is spousal support even a law ? a grown ass woman should take care of herself ! and why would you pay a lawyer to work against you ?!?! .

    • yoprince

      that’s what i’m saying… isn’t this “spousal support” shit a little outdated at this point.. shit is crazy.

    • El Tico Loco

      I’ll pay for the lawyer if she let me pick it myself.

  • Worley

    The next time a broad wonders why a man does not want to get married or have kids they should just read up on this story.

    It’s cheaper to wear condoms, adopt kids and hit the club.

  • Colombian Meng

    This is why some husbands will contemplate murkin their ol ladies. A broad will tear a man down into pieces and leave him with out a pot to piss in.

  • Beast McCoy

    I know divorce is some foul shit but what motivated her to seek a divorce immediately instead of just separating until the baby is born and then hitting him over the head with the Big D. The fact she is looking for spousal support is of no surprise since she doesn’t exactly move the units Nas does [and that's not saying much considering Nas hasn't gone Multi in awwwwwwwwwwwwhile]. This was a train wreck waiting to happen. Kelis looks like she would be a fun chick but she seems like the jealous-insecure type. The woman who thinks you’re doing everybody she knows or you speak to. Nas better go George Clooney style and just ride out the bachelor lifestyle until the wheels fall off. People don’t take enough time to get to know somebody before they marry and then some people want to get divorce for ANY damn reason. Marriage is work and don’t let nobody tell you different. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice and work at it then you are just wasting your time.

    • Tony Grand$

      Cosign Beast.

      I see a lot of dudes I know marry for all the wrong reasons. I can’t stress enough how important it is to KNOW the person. Literally, this motherfucker has to be your best friend.

      My young homies ask me for marriage advice because I’m going on 7 (happy) years in November. I tell them to “project”. Project your future with this person. Do you even know them well enough to do that? Or even better, how honest are you with her, & not face value honest, either. You can fuck around & marry a broad who genuinely doesn’t care about what you go through. Just because she’s generous with the ‘tang doesn’t mean she’s going to give you her heart. Or appreciate yours.

      I always had a strong feeling I picked the right woman to be my wife, but last year when I was hospitalized, almost died, couldn’t take care of myself, was losing my mind (or finding it, depending on perspective) & she was by my side the whole time, man. I thanked God for her before I thanked Him for regaining my health.

      A good woman can complete a dude’s search for sanity & happiness, for real. No corny shit. The wrong one, can destroy you.

      Choose wisely.

      • Moneymagnet008

        Tony, I can’t agree with you more. When I got married, I had more females telling me I made a mistake & trying to give me da booty. I refused and ended up with the best woman I’ve ever met in my life. I did a lot of dirt B4 I met her and God saw fit to bless me in spite of myself. I almost died due to a health attack and she was there the whole time. None of my boys, exes, or the like were there when we had nothing to eat. Despite all of that, she was there telling me as long as we were together, God’ll handle the rest. When you’ve been blessed with a GREAT woman, you know you’ve really been blessed. I wish Nas well…he’s gonna need it.

      • HNIC

        “A good woman can complete a dude’s search for sanity & happiness, for real. No corny shit. The wrong one, can destroy you.

        Choose wisely.”

        This is probably the most profound statement that I’ve read on here in a very long time. Well said, sir! And congratulations!

        • Tony Grand$

          @ HNIC

          Thank you, sir.

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  • iliveonce

    Co sign with Tony Grand$….. Me and my wife are doing very well now…but there was a time when we spent the night in a Uhaul Truck with all of our possessions in the back….A real woman, who really loves you and will stick with you through the hardest of time, will be there through the rough times…..Marriage should never be emotional based….
    Marriage is about integrity, commitment and forgiveness…..The young generation should really talk to the older generations for real..

  • D.Breeze

    muthafucka should have listened to kanye. we want prenup, we want prenup,now your ass stuck wit that crazy bitch tattoo on yo body and money gone, why would you ever get married, fuck bitches and go home to your self homie


    nas not stupid thats why he wants the kid that way he don’t go to pay her shit. she can go back to her momma house go shake her milkshake at the local strip club.

  • MB

    Divorce is way too easy. People get married to people they know have issues that they can not deal with. Then they have the nerve to get mad over these issues, and want a divorce. They should have to stay at least 5 years. That would make us investigate our mates before we marry them. It would prevent a lot of furture BS!

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    jus when i thought i was out, they pull me back in


    they need to just breathe and work that thing out.

  • sealsaa

    He’s fighting an up-hill battle, especially considering the fact that she’s pregnant. Better suck that shit up, and get the support reduced to the lowest possible amount. And I doubt he’s getting custody of that baby. Not unless she’s hitting the pipe.

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  • Gavo704

    shoulda got that prenupt that u claim that u didnt need on the street disciple cd!! lol


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  • lostgyrl

    I really thought they were suppose to last!!!

    Oh well!!!

  • j


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