Kanye West Sings On New Record With Jared Leto, Sans Auto-Tune

Mr. West continues to make heads turn as news of his latest musical partnership has recently been revealed online.

News broke last month that Kanye was in the studio with Jared Leto and the actor’s alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, working on a new track , and now American Songwriter has learned that the superstar will lend his vocals to the song, sans popular pitch control technology Auto-Tune.

While Ye has sang without Auto-Tune on record before – see The College Dropout’s “Spaceship” for example – this is the first time the genre-blurring artist has sang on a rock song.

The track, titled “Hurricane,” which Mr. West also contributed drum sounds to, will be on 30 Seconds to Mars’ next album set to hit stores later this year. – Elan Macini

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  • Pierzy

    I can’t wait for the duet album with Joaquin Phoenix: “Retarded Geniuses”

    • HERM

      Haha! Nice.



  • $ykotic

    Anyone notice they didn’t say “rap”?

    Dude ain’t coming back for a while ya’ll.

  • MonkeyGame

    I like how the fact that a rapper ISN’T using autotune counts as news….


    $ykotic says:

    Anyone notice they didn’t say “rap”?

    Dude ain’t coming back for a while ya’ll.

    whaat? did he not jus spit on clipse new song? glc’s flight school? kid cudi’s i poker her face? ross’ maybach music 2? so what u talkin bout

    • http://XXLMagazine HipHoplistener

      YO mr.west is trying a new thing.

      i think other rappers.don’t try to change up the game a little more.

  • dark vanilla

    I miss Kanye West. The one who rapped Jesus Walk and Gold Digger. Now we got this auto-tune singing Gayfish.

    • RDS

      Huh? Did you not read it? He’s moving past the auto-tune phase. His last several guest verses haven’t used pitch correction.

  • Philangenkosi

    Is kanye West really o jst a stunt

  • tony

    Kayne is a Honkey lover! He sells 70 percent of his music to them. Kayne and 50 was battling. He put a lot of good soul in his music. He let me know that he was black. First time i ever heard a rapper go Platium. I never heard his music in the streets or in the black clubs. Good Producer sometimes!

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      ^^^^now, you got me started…keep in mind, tony, that not only did you call me a bitch on the Redman ‘How High’ thread, but you also told me on the ‘Maino’ thread that you’d send me to Hell, or some shit. You probably didn’t want to do all that, especially since I’ve never said shit to you. Ever. Until now.
      What planet are you from? Ugh. You could be the world’s first unmotivational speaker.

      “He let me know that he was black”
      ^^^What was it that tipped you off, his pictures everywhere or his videos? Good observation.

      “First time i ever heard a rapper go Platium”
      ^^^Is it that you had some problem with your ears for the first 13 years of your life, or did you just happen to find out last year about “a new craze sweeping the nation called Rap Music”?

      You lose. & forever will, you fucking puttz.

  • UnionJack

    go kanye. in my eyes bumpin elbows with ACTUAL rock bands he one ups weezys shit which is aimed at no demographic. lendin my two cents.

  • Big Mike

    @ tony

    the majority of people who buy rap music are white.

  • Edmond Busumuru

    sup Kanye West we love u man.U are ma icon the lovely people of Ghana really love ur music and fashion.Man u rock
    Big up Kanye

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