Jay-Z In Talks To Bring Roc Nation To Sony?

With news that Jay-Z has reportedly bought out his contract with Def Jam for $5 million, rumors are circulating that the Brooklyn MC is in talks to bring his Roc Nation imprint to Sony.

HitsDailyDouble.com reports that Jay has several connections to the company. Epic president Amanda Ghost is managed by Roc Nation and Hov’s business partner Jay Brown, and recently Brown has been seen around town on several occasions with Columbia/Epic Label Group Chairman Rob Stringer. Inside sources reportedly involved in the deal say that the partnership should be finalized soon, with Roc Nation releasing material on both Columbia and Epic.

As XXLMag.com reported earlier today (May 26) Jay has several names attached to his Roc Nation imprint, a reported $150 million deal he brokered with Live Nation last year. He has signed up-and-coming North Carolina MC J. Cole, and is in talks with former Roc-A-Fella rapper Young Chris. Roc Nation has already signed up a sizable roster of emerging producers and songwriters and co-manages Washington, D.C. XXL freshman Wale.

Stay tuned to XXL as this story develops. – Elan Mancini

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  • Younghov402

    Jigga bout to get even more cake on all u bitches!!! He gunna fuck around and sign Drake! haha

  • Hideous Duframe

    When I look at people like busta rhymes and the ll cool j’s of the world I think to myself this is the level they suppose to be on. Jay aint stoppin we talking about a 40 year old here. He is rockstar status!!! He can tour like the rolling stones every year, other than 50 cent who’s porfolio is becoming ridic!!! theres no one eho can compare. LEGEND!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!

    • 313Dawg

      Even more crazy..I think about the level Pac and Big could’ve reached had they lived. Would they have reached the same level? Would they have gone the same route? I think BIG Definately. For the project/hood kid coming up through Hip-Hop Jay has reached the ultimate level!! He’s had the respect, the talent, the comercial success, and the business side!!

      • EReal

        Pac and Big got extorted. There’s a huge difference between rappers and businessmen.

        • DETROIT

          you think jay-z isn’t gettin extorted?


  • d nigerian hustla

    Jigga man make all d big moves.now dats a hustla 4real,not yall lazy brokeass haterz talking all day,like paris hilton turning his music up all day,i c u joking jayz!!!

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  • Azhar

    Hov is def big dog status…This is chess not checkers one move sets up the next. The 5 million buyout was done so he could proceed with this move. I bet Sony prolly fronted the $ for that move…MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • $ykotic


    Don’t ya’ll have another Jay Z photo? There are hundreds out there…

    We are witnessing the fall of Def Jam.

    @ Azhar

    I agree.

  • TBD

    !!!!!!!(suspense) Does this mean that Jim “Floppin” Jones will get drop from Sony/Columbia; for putting out a horrible debut , while his ex-partner in rhyme, Cam’ron, sold more than him on a indie. Tune in ; same roc channel, same roc station…LOL!!!!

    Naw, I all serious, if this a big move Jay & co. & @ $ykotic, yes it is the fall of Def Jam, I wouldn’t be surprise if half of the talent left to come to Roc Nation/Sony. Sony really doesn’t have a urban division anymore. since they got rid my Hov’s ppls; Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua. Plus Jermaine Dupri is bringing back So So Def to Sony, which in reality gave him his first break w/ Kris Kross (even tho they were signed to Ruffhouse, in a joint venture deal)

  • Fireforreal

    The man staaaaaaaaaaaaays making moves all the time. I wish more artist’s in hip hop had that same kind of drive,instead of thinking the lable or there manager will do all the work and than they get jerked for not taking more of a part in there own careers and play the very old blaime game. Keep making that cheese Hov !

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Success ain’t tailored made, and if you think you can just be from the hood, or rap, or be a buisness man and be this successful, you are insane. Jayz or Hov is on some other shyt. Dude grinds #1. Its a reason why busta, LL, pac and biggie aint’ reached that status. They ain’t Hov. Even Dame ain’t got the same success without Hov. This isn’t sucessful yet, but u know u just don’t bet against Hov. As for him being forty, come on its a lot of artist forty years and older and athletes that age that are still doing it. The dude just ain’t a buisness man, he is a buisness, Man.

    • Juan Solo

      Dude Biggie & Pac are DEAD..How THE HELL can you sit there & JUDGE wether they’d be financially as successful as Hov or not.. sillyest thing i EVER heard..

      ESPECIALLY when Hov is LIVING THEIR Blueprint
      Sure the Guys a Genius (certified by Harvard) but they paved the way so he could be The “Rap CEO” he is today


  • TBD

    Sorry about the type-o’s; was very excited about this article


    4 real, def jam bout to be a sad story. jay gettin to dat money. he still going.

  • Beast McCoy

    Maybe, it’s me but ppl are getting way toooooo excited about this label. Just because he signed a bunch of artists, songwriters and producers doesn’t mean he’s got a “label” worth checking out. That’s the problem nowadays cats try to go big and often times go WAY BIG to the point that they make too many promises and projections that they cannot keep. I just don’t feel like he has any worthwhile talent that will rise to the top, you really have to be choosey about who you bring to the table. Street Buzz doesn’t always equal sales – and that is what the game is about. And I am sure ppl haven’t forgotten how fast Jay will pull the rug from under any underperforming artist [Teairra Mari, Amil & Sterling Simms]. I don’t want to hate but the ROC only produced to crossover talents – Jay & Kanye. Everybody else was lucky if they sold gold. This is just an excuse to hype and blow up his image so when another major label signs him the public will remember who this guy is. It’s a small price to pay for [what they hope are] platinum sales to give him a label and maybe loose a little on some of the artist he chucks out. At this point in the music business, giving an artist of his caliber [eventhough his career is obviously winding down] a deal for a label is a small price to pay for what is hopefully stellar sales. It’s a gamble but hey what label isn’t nowadays. I personally will just wait and see if this old dog has any new tricks.

  • Thomas


  • Fireforreal

    Beast Mccoy,you really sound like Jay-z is getting under your skin. Waite a minute are you really Dame dash ? What up Dame, how you doing hater ? lol I love when dudes say I’m not haten or I don’t wanna hate but….Than they hate lol Dude really sounds frustrated.

  • Boogie The Don

    I got more flavor than now and laters a true player wit rhymes that make ‘em run back to they table and jot down they latest fable plain and simple scratch is where they start from after I done sparked ‘em I’m sharper than your part son generating more mcs than 2pac ones a young poppa ya can’t stop him so just watch him Cartier Rolex faces I got ‘em so the first time you spot one say he better than me to any degree stop him and tell him Boogie got ya I’m colder than the artic rhymes as big as Ross is wit fresh step and fresh breath I’m fresh flossin’ the cold gate artist who aims like a marksman before you enter my throne room check your heart kid forget where you at this ain’t a cell phone commercial my rhymes penetrate through layers of granite surface bounce off of walls then drum on ya eardrum just to make sure you heard it cause most wording is worthless honestly I’m sick of these verses rappers claim its they best cause its written cursive.

    Boogie The Don
    Writer 4 Hire

  • realBOSTON

    Hurry up and kill me / already the GOAT(?), next stop is the billi

  • Gorrilah

    I would like to send condolences to Mike Tyson and his family during this tough time.IRON MIKE keep your head up.


    ROC NATION is gonna b the shit. I dont think Jay-Z is gonna let anybody down with this one. I have just one request….one more state property album pleez.

  • Beast McCoy aka Dame Dash

    Fireforreal, I guess you caught me. I’m just mad that the Dame Dash Music Group didn’t do it’s thing but I’m just trying to warn my main man that it’s rough out here in these lean times. Ck for my new & improved Roca-Pads when your bum springs a leak. It’s The Roc Holla!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/dlondaelex D-Lon

    This dude is the dude… this dude is street smart… and now he’s fuckin with the big dudes… this guy didnt sign any deal with no label when he first came up… he made his own label.. he made his own rules… he should be an inspiration to young cats who want to do sumthin with their lifes… everybody that’s rich today has signed a deal.. eminem was bought by DRe.. 50 cent was brought by Dre and Eminem… JAY-Z made himself… he came up with his dudes DAME and BIGGS and they did sumthin… they’re not potnas now but they did sumthin that y should take has an EXAMPLE…


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