iSoulja BoyTellem Goes On Sale For $2.99

Taking a page outta R&B singer Chrisette Michele’s playbook, current XXL Cover Boy Soulja Boy is putting his sophomore CD for sale on for $2.99 in MP3 format.

The CD, originally released last December 16, will only be available at the reduced price for a limited time.

Selling shockingly less that than his 2007 debut, SB still managed to chart several hits including “Kiss Me Through The Phone” and “Turn My Swag On” respectively sitting at no. 23 and no. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  As of press time iSouljaBoyTellem has sold around 251,500 units.

The Atl based rapper is currently working on his third album The DeAndre Way.

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  • Pierzy

    He should pay people $189.99 to listen to that.

    • PM

      he should know the price isn’t the reason it aint selling. I wouldn’t download it for free.

      • eaztcoast


    • Monsoon

      I wouldnt pay 2.99 for soulja boy, oj the juice man, gucci mane, and shawty lo’s albums!!! If I could get them all for 99 cent I might think about it for a second before I decide that that is still too much!!!

  • brand-new

    i’d rather read a romance novel with the i can’t beleive it’s not butter guy on the cover than listen to his cd

  • JLC

    i thought this fool was bankin…..i fuckin hate this dude…everytime i hear or see his name i get that gay ass song stuck in my head and the only part i know is part of the chores “sumn sumn sumn turn my swag ooooonnnnnn, sumn sumn sumn wasup wasup” it should be like “go into the studio turn my fag oooonnnn, ill never get no real respect so i guess ill just take it in the butt the butt….”hahahahahahahahahaha…….shit……

  • El Tico Loco

    Don’t lower the price, step up your bars.

    • venemez


      • Phantom

        I agree wit dat, dis nikka doesnt suck, itz just dat he aint talkin bout shit….if his lyrics was hard az his beats, i would actually go n buy dat shit, real talk.

  • RL

    See where ignorance will take you, SB?

    It’s time that you develop some skills lyrically and make music with some depth. What have you got to lose at this point?

  • $ykotic

    Should have said 99 cents.

  • DetroitDraper

    Im in no way a Soulja Boy fan but if he released it for 2.99 in stores I would actually buy it. Not on iTunes though. It just seems ridiculous to purchase a digital download? WTF for? At least with a CD u get the case, artwork etc. I can download a digital download right now for free.

    • BIBBS


  • Money_Mike_21

    All of you guys on here postin shit are hilarious. Regardless of his lyrical skills the dude is smart. How many of you dudes was a multi-millionaire by the age of 18? Shit you prolly aint millionaires now. I don’t like his music, but you gotta respect the dudes hustle.

  • BeerGangsta

    Spend your money on beer and rubbers before you buy this bitch shit. Nuff said!

    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      Beergangsta, dont forget the fuckin whip cream to eat off of the bitches titties

  • yea…

    sykotic is a pierzy dickrider…….

  • fuckyouxxlwtf

    fuck yall aint lettin me post my shit……….?…….come on……….

  • cold

    2.99 ? that’s way too much ! they play it free on the radio and i change the station

  • Those Was Facts!

    People love that swag on song.

  • Federal Ranga

    Things I’d rather buy for $2.99:

    Half Gallon of Milk
    Pair of Boxers
    A Hurricane Chris Sex Tape
    Bootleg DVD of X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    Paris Pershun & DJ Drama Presents: WAY WAY WAY WAY THE FUCK MIXTAPE
    Two single condoms
    $3 Powerball Ticket
    A 16 Bar Verse from Nas
    Gucci Mane’s Life 6x
    Copyrights to OJ Da Juiceman’s trademark “AYE”
    Rick Ross fake LV shades
    AND 50% share of We The Best Music…

    Need I say more?

    • DetroitDraper

      LMFAO low blow wit the Nas comment though. Dude one of the greatest


      LOL. I agree that the Nas comment was a low blow though cuz.

    • geico lizard

      Co-sign the $3 powerball ticket im getting mine saturday night. If you win then soulja boy will sell you his career and throw in arab,no fishsticks.

    • http://xxl bSUG


  • Nate

    Good one Ranga

  • El Tico Loco

    If you have 2.99 layin around the house.

    40oz of 211 high gravity > SBT shitsammich

  • Federal Ranga

    @ Draper
    Tell that to Nas… even he won’t believe you right around now… Hahaaa

    WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY THE FUCK UP MIXTAPE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Illmatic….

    • DetroitDraper

      Lmao I might even fuck wit that WAY WAY THE FUCK UP mixtape lol

  • El Tico Loco

    Of all the gimmicks you can think of making a better album never came up?

  • ConMan

    You can use this shit as a frisbee and a coaster. Might be worth spending the $2.99

  • yo yo yo

    so all i need to buy is 748,500 copies and soulja boy will go platinum and save hip-hop… oh shit let me get started!

  • LB

    Look at all the Haters in hear. I bet all of you are grown. Hating on a Young Man. Because he is more successful then all of you. Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. The is making fun music. Whats wrong with that. I guess it’s not shoot em up bang bang.

  • Tony Grand$

    I’d pay for the download if:

    *It was a duet album with him & the Choppa Suit. Not Choppa, just the suit

    *It came with all Rihanna’s & Cassie’s naked picture downloads

    *It came with a rebate coupon worth $2.99 & a copy of OB4CL2

    *Jesus Christ came to my house & told me that I needed a copy to get into Heaven

    *He killed my babymom’s for me

    *It cured cancer

    • $ykotic

      @ Ranga

      Save your minutes! Forward that to myspace. /sykoticwest. Got you.

      @ Paris

      Where you @? Ranga got you a buzz already on a CRT! Get started!

      @ The Commission

      No lie. Real talk. Chopper Suit CRT is actually not bad. Seriously.

      But the best CRT out now is “Blood On Chef’s Apron”.

    • that nigga

      Couldnt find a better deal than that Tony Grand$!

      And fuck 211 you could get a St. Ides for $2.50 and two bags of Salt and Vinegar chips.

      And that was a real low blow on the NaS verse for $2.99. If I was NaS no amount of money couldnt buy SB a verse. Its either I write your whole album or nothin’.

    • EmCDL

      @ Grand$


  • BOSS


  • http://xxl nlaw


  • EReal

    The club goes crazy when the swag on song comes on. Just saying.

    • J-dub

      maaaan, fuck all those dumb-ass muthafuckas in the club…they just dance to it to get the bitches to like em..while im standin in the back, smokin a blunt

  • chillin mayne

    jaaaaaaaa…tony grands u a fool 4 dat one…he killed my babymoms for me jajajajaja… need a copy to get into heaven..i jus got a mental picture of dat one…u waitin in line tryna get in, instead of ID da angel talkin bout sum “show me ur souljaboy sophmore cd”..jaaaaaaaaaa…b a couple hustlas sellin u bootlegs, hangin around da gate

  • chillin mayne

    dat otha list by ranga was mad comedy also… homie said gucci manes life times six jajajajajaj he said 5 versions of gucci manes life aint worth no 3 dayum dollas…dey betta throw in a another copy…”and im robbin myself homie”

  • dark vanilla

    Why would I waste money when I can get it for free? In fact, why would I even waste valuable time download that stupid shit for free?

  • MrMikeMan

    Damn not one good comment..


    I would take my 2.99 and Vacum my Ride..

    Buy me and my girl an ice cream cone..

    The ninja turtle ones with gummy eye balls ..
    Those are the shit ..

  • BigMarc

    $2.99 is still too much money for that trash that soulja boy calls a hip hop album. I rather spend $2.99 on a tonney tuesday meal from KFC (Toronto people know what I’m talking about).

  • JLC

    come one xxl where is the news at, its already 2:00 where im at…………..

  • Real Hip Hop

    Ooo man, sucker boy… i mean soulja boy got roasted up in here. ya niggaz is funny. Its the truth tho. I been listening to CANIBUS lately so i def don’t want to be near a SB CD.

  • Fireforreal

    I’m still good. I can’t pay for that bullshit even with somebody else’s doe. I’d rather buy…… a Small sutter house bottle of wine.

    A pack of 5 blank cd’s to download for free

    the Busta Rhymes,Meth and Red,Eminem,Asher roth and Rick ross albums.

    A few swishers and a 40 of ol’english(yes sometimes you take it back to hood)

    3 songs I really want from Itunes. Or I’d rather just give 2.99 to a homeless cat and say get yo drink on playboy lol

  • $ ANOC $


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  • ceezy4sheezy

    things i would rather buy for 2.99
    than that soulja boy bullshit

    a pound of catfish nuggets

    a 40 of 211 and a garcia vega

    my babymoms life 10x

    the new sly polaroid mixtape, red and meth albums

    a 5x white tee

    a 6-pack of some cheap beer

  • Honestasicanb

    I am no SB fan but while everyone on here is dissing him do you know how many rappers actually sold 250,000 plus albums hell thats platinum for everybody not name Wayne, 50, Eminem, T.I. Kanye, Jay-Z.

  • Rikki Germano

    That’s what U get when U new 2 the game and steppin on everybody’s toes. He’s a fad and trust me in 5 years everybody will remember him as the one-hit wonder boy. He even blamed Nas for sayin “HipHop is dead” that it’s in this climate. Peeps like Souljah boy who are in it to sell & not in it for the culture are the reason why HipHop is sick to death. When did Souljah boy ever release a track that had substance???!!! When I’m in the club I bop my head to his shit but on my way home I don’t need that shit and definetly will not even pay one buck for that bull…………

  • Dubb

    i wouldn’t even let that sucker get downloaded to my computer for someone else. He’s a joke and i hope he falls off…………..oh wait he did that the minute that first hit came out. Later Hammer 2009

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