With his reality show returning to the small screen for a second season tonight (May 4), XXLMag.com chopped it up with The Inc CEO Irv Gotti to find out what impact the program has had on his business dealings.

Since landing the spot on VH1, Gotti tells XXL that he inked a deal with sneaker company Fila. “The show actually helps business dealings out tremendously,” he said. “I am a Consultant for Fila. And my kids actually have a sneaker with Fila. The ASJ Melrose Edition Fila Sneaker. ASJ is the 1st letters of the kids. Angie, Sonny and JJ. With me having a show a lot of companies see it as a great opportunity for exposure for their brands.”

Along with the Fila gig the record executive said the show helps his artists get airplay. “It also helps music- wise because it gives my artist exposure that other artists just can't get,” he explained. “And you form a relationship with the music channels. So it makes it easier to get videos and other things done with them. You’re a part of the Viacom family.”

Gotti's Way 2 premieies tonight (May 4) on VH1 at 10:30 p.m. – Elan Mancini with reporting by Datwon Thomas