Heltah Skeltah Rapper Plays Down Murder Charges, “Rock Filthy, Not Guilty” [With Exclusive Pics]

The Rockness Monstah took the opportunity to claim his innocence on attempted murder charges both onstage and during an interview with XXLMag.com last night (May 5) at Santos Party House in New York for the release party of indie rapper Phil Anastasia’s The Outfit LP.

Rock, who was arrested on charges of assault and attempted murder in the shooting and paralyzing of a pimp in Brooklyn in January 2008, asked the crowd to join him in call-and-response chants of “Rock filthy, not guilty” while debuting a track over Snoop Dogg’s “Murder Was Tha Case” instrumental.

“It’s an accusation and it’s a bunch of bullshit,” Rock said later of the charges. However, he remained confident that the situation would resolve itself. “For once in my life — not to say that I appreciate the law in any sense of the word — but I can say that if they do their job and they do their job thoroughly, then I ain’t go no problem. It’ll be good.”

As for now, with a trial yet to begin and his next court date still months away, Rock continues to move forward with his career, hitting the stage last night alongside Inspectah Deck and Streetlife, as well as his Heltah Skeltah partner-in-rhyme, Sean Price.

“You got a couple of people who are afraid to touch the situation,” Rock said. “They don’t know whether I’ma be able to travel or do shit like that. But I just did a whole month overseas.”

During a recent three-week stint in Cali as well, Rock also recorded a mixtape entitled West Coashka, due out before the end of the summer. “That’s summer time rider music right there,” he said. “For all those people who love all the West Coast and love that ‘Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka’ shit.” Sean P also promises a summer release for his own solo mixtape, Kimbo Price. – Devin Chanda

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Weiner. Click images to enlarge.

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  • Pierzy

    I’m a big fan of Heltah Skeltah…they’re real…maybe too real in this case?

  • http://www.giantsquidrecords.com Elum The Gelfling

    i cant believe some pimp is trying to get rock into some shit…ill be praying for rock..hope he makes out the clear….fab five needs to drop that album

  • Phil

    Man, where is my dude Sean Price! Shit is taking a bit long for that “Mic Tyson” album! “Kimbo Price” is gonna be crazy lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Yeah that Jesus Price Superstar is fire, that shit been staying in rotation for the past week so far

  • 92FS

    Heltah Skeltah! Some 2 real crazy ass dudes. Straight from the street! I had to laugh when I heard Sean Price used to box school buses for a workout haha! Hope Rock get’s cleared of this shit though.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


      Dudes snitching, trying to kill cats, selling drugs AND getting busted (not to mention whatever the fuck Webbie & Gucci Mane stay doing)…………

      Is this still hip hop or the longest running episode of “Cops” ever?

  • tony

    70 percent of Rappers are bitches! Going to jail. Getting shot at. Busta with drugs or fighting. Be a Celebrity its not about that. Rappers are scrub! That’s why when Black people make movies they all look the same. I am black so do think this a Racist mark.

    • D-Block

      da rockness monsta and sean price aint bitches if thats what your tryin to get at

    • LB

      Nah, you ain’t a racist and you may be black. But you definately were born and/or raised on the other side of the tracks talkin that shit you talkin.

  • $ykotic

    I know this dude personally. He ain’t no scrub.
    Believe that.

    Does he get into a lot of street nonsense? Yes. That is what is all around you in Brooklyn.

    Rocness do you my dude. Shouts to BBC!

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  • Jriggs

    “Rocness do you my dude. Shouts to BBC!”

    You sure you know this dude saying shit like “BBC”? You do know it’s BCC right? Also, it’s Rockness.

    • Truth To Power

      LOL@Jriggs! Yeah, Skyotic I hope you know him(no reason to believe you don’t-other than the slip-ups). Na, I got family in Brooknam and those Boot Camp dudes are supposed to be authentic. Not authentic as in 100 bodies and 75 shootins, but as in bein’ real about theirs.

      • $ykotic

        Ha Ha! Ya’ll got me. Typos. My bad!

  • latino heat

    FREE ROCK!!!
    no DMX not that kind, get away from me!

    • Truth To Power

      LMAO@latino heat. Yo, duke ya dead wroooong. LMAO!!!! ” DMX, get away from me!” wrong, but classic!

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  • Phillip Adams

    This guy is a seriously disgusting thug. Why anyone cares what he says is beyond me. He puts down the law, and the System, while raking in the cash. How much does he share with his
    “bruthas”? Yuck!!!!