Eminem stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards just moments ago (May 31) after being the victim of a prank from Borat and Brüno actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

The incident took place when Cohen, dressed as Brüno with underwear and wings, flew from the ceiling only to land crotch first in Em's face. "Oh, Eminem, nice to meet you," Cohen said as he laid upside down on top of Em.

Visibly pissed, the Detroit lyricist snapped, "are you serious? Are you fuckin' serious? Get the fuck off me" before Bizarre, Denaun Porter of D12 and Tyrese helped remove Cohen from Em. The three then immediately got up and left the venue. 

Cohen's stunt served as an introduction to an award won by High School Musical star Zac Efron. Em had performed on the MTV stage just moments before the incident. There's no word on whether the stunt was planned or not. - Bruce Moses