Eminem Reclaims The Throne, Sells Over 600K In First Week On The Charts

HitsDailyDouble.com have hit the mark once again. As projected last week, Eminem has landed on top of the Billboard 200 sales chart today (May 27), breaking the record for the highest selling album of ’09 and going gold after only one week in stores according to Nielsen’s SoundScan.

The reclusive Detroit lyricist officially sold over 608,200 copies of his dark comeback disc Relapse, his first solo studio since 2004’s Encore. The disc, which was produced almost entirely by Dr. Dre, minus one track (“Beautiful”), is Em’s 6th album to grab the no. 1 spot – including his greatest hits compilation Curtain Call and the soundtrack to his biopic 8 Mile.

Shady wasn’t the only rap superstar to debut on the charts this week. New releases by Method Man and Redman and Busta Rhymes also made their way onto the top 10. Red and Meth landed at the no. 4 position with their sequel to 1999’s platinum-selling LP Blackout. The disc managed to sell 63,200 copies in its first seven days on the shelves. Bussa Bus fared two spots down at no. 6 with his 8th album, Back On My B.S. which pushed 59,100 units. [Update]

At no. 22 is Rick Ross with his third album, Deeper Than Rap. Fans brought home 19,800 more copies of the CD this week, bringing the Miami boss’ total sales numbers to 290,290 after five weeks.

Four spots down at no. 26 is the mixtape king DJ Drama with his second major label compilation Gangsta Grillz: The Album Vol. 2. The star-studded disc, which features cameos from T.I., Nas, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Akon, Fabolous, Gucci Mane and The-Dream, among others, sold 17,700 copies in its first week.

Rounding out the top 40 is Dipset founder Cam’ron at no. 35, falling 32 slots since last week’s debut on the charts. Killa sold 15, 300 Crime Pays CDs this go-around, bringing his grand total to 58,400.

Next week look for Eminem to get comfortable at the throne. – Elan Mancini

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  • Penelope Rodriguez

    The “thrown”?

    Phonetic motherfuckers.


    • Pierzy

      Thank you! Well done, Ms. Rodriguez.

      Hopefully they’ll “here” you. Ugh.

      • Penelope Rodriguez


  • Pierzy

    I’ll say it again – RELAPSE IS THE TRUTH!

    • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost


    • B.Fuller

      Ok I must admit, as an Em fan,ex stan, lyrically he might have turned in one of his best efforts on Relapse. Bar for bar he’s ill No matter the subject matter(mostly which doesnt appeal to ANY black person i know). But damn after listening over and over I’ve come to the conclusions that its just not good MUSIC. He’s always had lyrics straight from the cipher to the booth but there is not one em fan that can honestly compare any song on relapse to ANY classic em songs(i.e.sing for the moment,stan,etc.). Lyrically he’s still a fucking genius but his MUSIC(which is important because he is an ARTIST)is getting suspect. C’mon P

  • Dallas Penn

    Relapse was definitely ‘Thrown’


    YEA BITCHES!!!!!!!

    ME know dat my man marshall be selling the big $$$!!!! and gosh darn it u no he will be dat throw at dem for the gold!!!

    PCE mofos!!




    • makaveli1671

      I’m a big Eminem fan but some of ya’ll on here need to stop with all the dickriding the album is nowhere nearly as good as the first three & to me the flow has fell off a bit. He needs to use his own voice and not that irritating ass voice he’s been using & dre’s production is HORRIBLE on this album….I would have liked to hear more of em’s production cuz all dre’s beats sound too much alike…BEAUTIFUL is by far the best song on the cd…..NOW HATERS GET ON YA JOB & post comments

      • hiphoptildeath

        I aint a dick rida, but i dunno whether to agree or disagree with you…
        I mean Relapse was just as good as the SSlp in the fact that he was goin back to them roots,but i agree with you that everyone or atleast the majority of people like his serious shit a hell of a lot more!
        I cant agree with the fact that Dre’s production was bad, i mean… Em said in like a hundred interviews that he was havin Dre make crazy different beats in order to create a challenge for him while rappin. Shit… i agree with u on Beautiful, but then again thats opinion, cuz some people like his funny crazy shit more. over all, the album is still the dopest shit out in a minute… Eminems only challenge is himself!

  • George Clooney

    I told these delusional motherfuckers that he wouldn’t be doing a million in his first week. I figured 700k would be within his reach. But regardless, this isn’t a bad look considering he isn’t getting that push from a big radio single this time around. And the album is okay at best, anyway.

  • 239allday

    I already knew Em was going to do big numerals, but I have to say I’m impressed with Red & Meth for selling 63k. Shit, they even sold more than Busta while Buss had a considerably larger amount of promotion. I’m disappointed at Buss’s dismal sales but I’m applauding niggas gettin money doing real hip hop.

  • General

    Finally good to see some positive sales news for Hip-Hop with Em, Red and Meth and Busta all in the Top 10…

  • Penelope Rodriguez


    I see y’all deleted my first comment.



  • yaOK

    That’s dope, wonder if that includes online sales on itunes too. regardless he’ll probably hit a million next week. That’s good in this economy since people aren’t buying shit. Even though it is only $10 at bestbuy. oh and it leaked 2 weeks early. No one else is pushing numbers like that these days though. hell ya, album is too dope, fuck the fags who think otherwise.

  • KSA1001

    Who thought Meth & Red would outsell Busta?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Go Red & Meth!!!!!!!!

      @ KSA1001, I knew they would outsell Busta.

      • $ykotic

        So did I. My super Tuesday projections:

        Em 712k FIRE!!!
        Meth & Red 74k HOT!!!!!!
        Busta 68k DECENT

    • El Tico Loco

      Em was nice but BO2 is on the heavy rotation list along with Sheek and Freeway (yeah they dropped too last week) but in Busta’s case I think and hope he made the last album with 100 features but is a solo album ever, I’m sure the powers that be are learning that that approach is not making them money either.

    • ed

      i knew they would

  • KSA1001

    Anyone else find Rick Ross’s “victory” a lil’ short lived? Dude won’t go gold at this rate..what was there to celebrate?

  • Drew

    Screw relapse did ya’ll hear Em’s Freestyle session with Westwood? That shit is crazy.

    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      @ Drew

      Yea I heard his freestyles….it was Em & one of his D12 homies…..they were dope

  • Hi Hater!

    Eminem on top! no competition

    and he’ll sell more than Wayne worlwide




  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    how come when soulja boi talk about money people say success isn’t about money, but when em sell 600,000 or more units in the first week its measured success. Na, em could have sold a blank disc and sold those numbers because of his loyal fan base that wouldn’t care if he said da ba bah bha blu doo ba dubba 16 times on 16 bars on 16 verses. The fans of hip hop is the reason why hip hop suffers.

    • General

      Your right about the numbers not being as important as the product for hip-hop fans, but Relapse was a product that was quality, so we should celebrate the fact that a good product sold good numbers. It is a win for hip hop

  • jughead306

    Anyone else agree that this Paris Pershun’s comments are getting fuckin anooying?….mayne fo real..stop with the “turns whatever way way way way way the fuck up”

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Damn Em doing his thang! I knew that he would hit around that amount in first week sales. I still haven’t coped it but when I get some cash I definitely will, including that Blackout 2 and that new Busta Rhymes joint. Still thinking about getting that Cam’ron though…

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      I’ll admit it, I’m surprised. I thought the days of those kinds of sales number explosions were a thing of the past.

      It goes to show the powerful extent of Eminem’s brand.

      The album leaked a week prior to release, he had music on iTunes, hadn’t released an album in years, has been relatively quiet for quite some time, & boom! Almost 1 million hard copies sold in a 7 days.

      That’s mega-super-stardom right there.

      I’m not one for the whole “GOAT” name game, but I’ll be damned if he’s not in the runnings. If I’m not mistaken, the only rapper to sell more albums career-wise is Tupac.

      • Pierzy

        …and dead rappers get better promotion.

        Eminem is a force. He’s a corporation by himself. Rick Ross can’t count as high as Em’s sales figures. It’s funny that he’s set the mark for the year and it’s only his FOURTH best week.

        Encore sold 700,000 in 3 days! If you can sell a horrible album like that, you can sell IRA’s to meth heads.

        Slim Shady is still a beast.

        Oh yeah — what up Grand$?

        • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

          What up Grand$ and Pierzy? COMMISSION!

          Oh yeah Em doing it…dude has a solid fan base there’s no doubt about that. People were waiting on his material just as much as Lil’ Wang’s album…except in this case, Eminem can spit way better than him IMO. Wish it was more people out there to support real lyricists. And most of all the dude is all about the music.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          Whadup P, Em!?

          Yeah, I said about six months ago, before the real “rah-rah” started about the album, that if he takes steps back toward Slim Shady, away from Marshall Mathers, its going to be problems. Hell, I think it was a convo with you, P.

          I noticed a lot of the hate comes from either A) people who didn’t like Slim Shady the character to begin with or B) people who weren’t old enough to appreciate what he did for hip hop with that SSLP. He basically destroyed hip hop with that album. Cats had to go back & re-adjust their word/imagery/story-telling game.

          Eminem, simply put, is a monster. Relapse 2 is coming; DMX is the only hip hop star to date to release 2 platinum selling albums in a 12 month span. Will Marshall be next?


        • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

          Sheeeeiiittttt I hope DMX gets himself together and bring some heat like Em is doing! Can’t say he don’t have any material to spit about with the ish he been going thru!

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          @ Em

          Yeah, but X is going to be a different guy, assuming that he genuinely changed his life. Not, “I found God!” or “It’s all good, babay!!”. If he changed the way he lives, which is what rehabilition “teaches”, he’s not going to be the same no matter how hard he tries.

          At best, he should leave rap alone, & he will always be DMX. Others will strive to be like he was, rather than HIM striving to be like he was. Remember #45?

  • DazzOne

    All those comercials, the 3 A.M. to make up for that sorry first single, and couldn’t sell a million? Not Even $900K in the U.S.? Alright, who is willing to bet these numbers will only continue to go down…?

  • SickMind

    dashadyspot.com said he sold 900 000…..

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    This is BULLSHIT. Em only cracks 600k? Could Bol actually be onto something here? Where all that hardcore fanbase go? Something is the fuck wrong here…………. especially since I was telling niggaz he’d be PLAT BY THIS PAST FRIDAY. However, there is a simple and pure logical explanation for these numbers.

    Memorial Day Weekend.

    Now we all know most of the first weeks sales come over the course of the weekend. Keep it real, who you know bought a CD this weekend and how many retailers were open on Monday? So I will say now, with no restrictions on the public, Em will go plat by next Tuesday AND still hold the number 1 spot on the Billboard.

    Commission dat dammit…

  • DownSouth

    That’s whazzup! I predicted Em would sell a milli but he still sold really good. I’m actually surprised that Bussa Buss didn’t sell more, cuz he’s alwayz on 106 and Park and that Arab money was real popular. I guess the kiddies don’t understand what conglomerate means so they didn’t buy the album, lol


  • Avenger XL

    Sales does not make for good art people. It makes for good commerce. Em appeals to a audience with more disposable income than all of his colleages combined. I would argue that the vast majority of Em fans only listen to Em and very little other rap. Now this is no hate on Em because he does his thing but the only thrown he gets is the king of sales and we still need to see how many times platinum this is going to go to see will it beat out the T.I’s of the world with no true single that stuck this album is selling on media dick rides and Em stans alone and that says something. At least we know Dallas Penn and XXL loves the LP, hell I bet he gets a new rating a XXXXL.

    • makaveli1671

      COSIGN…whew. I dont have to say shit after that thnx 2 that comment Avenger




  • Stark The Primera

    These numbers are nothing special..Wayne did way betta and T.I did about the same..

    Stanleys better face Em is no ‘jesus/saviour’

    I’ve been lurkin watching alot of these delusional Em fans talkin bout how ‘Relapse’ great/amazing..

    truth is..its not!..its something new i’ll give him that but its far from a SSLP or MMLP..niggaz are trying too hard to like Eminem…maybe cuz 85% of the music out these days is garbage so I don’t really blame them..but truth is dude is overrated, always been, always will..

    its like the new trend is to hype his music..

    ..newaez..lets keep it moving now..

  • http://www.sixshot.com Stark The Primera

    i’ve been lurkin watching alot of these delusional Em fans talkin bout how ‘Relapse’ great/amazing..

    truth is..its not!..its something new i’ll give him that but its far from a SSLP or MMLP..niggaz are trying too hard to like Eminem…maybe cuz 85% of the music out these days is garbage so I don’t really blame them..but truth is dude is overrated, always been, always will..

    its like the new trend is to hype his music..

    ..newaez..lets keep it moving now..

  • REAL TALK 09


  • http://-- gaddic

    @REAL TALK 09

    Fag you’re just pissed Rick Ross didn’t get those numbers!
    Those numbers are good but since Relapse didn’t have a powerful single and wasleaked 2 fuckin weeks before May 19 I knew Em’s sales would’ve been less than normal
    All you Wayne dickriders ready 2 brag about Em not sellin a Mil in the first week

    Encore sold 700,000 1st week but total sold=12 Million!!!!
    The carter 3 1 mil 1st week total=4 Mil HaHA!!
    No one has the commercial pull and high quality lyrics like Eminem in one complete package and probably no one will (FUCK Lil GAYNE)

  • marz

    EM is the truth. Relapse is nice work. your faveorite rapper doesn’t want it with Em. 600k in the first week is, profit.

  • yaOK

    TO further gaddic

    Eminem sold 700,000 with encore in his first week
    (Which was also leaked) with a limited first week it was only 3-4 day week and he sold that much, week two he sold over 900,000 with encore…. IF i’m not mistaken.

    RELAPSE is a classic, everyone should own it, not just have it downloaded. Go out and support the music you listen to.

    600k is WAY better then anything anyone else is doing these days, shit people aren’t even selling half that WEEKS into their albums release.

  • Young History in the Making

    man it aint no comparing 60k sold by red and meth to 600k sold by em…….but damn….600k first week is impressive since i dont hear shit from em on the radio…but i dont hear any red and meth on the radio either i suppose…but its all good tho..

  • BeerGangsta

    Thanks to Dre the bitch EM sold 600K first week. It won’t go Platium next week. The shit will take 1 month to go Platium. Relapse shit is wack! I took my money and brought Rubbers and Ice House Beer. Fuck buying wack music.

    • Pierzy

      Nah, it’s more like Fuck reading your dumbass comments.

      No one likes you, you’re not interesting and your mom is ashamed of you. I mean, you can’t blame her, but still…

    • $ykotic

      Icehouse? Icehouse beer? Couldn’t get a bottle huh?

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        *smacks lips in disgust*


        Must you continue to chime in? Anybody who stays on XXL knows I ethered you to the point of ultimate shame; YOU CHANGED YOUR SCREEN NAME. & I still found you, because stupidity can’t be disguised, diet tony.

        I would say that you’re like this dude Hate, Hate & more Hate, but he had a grasp of the english language. You type like you learned English reading lips & subtitles on the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.

        Serious, you’re a horrible disgrace on these threads, my dude. Believe me, we are NOT laughing WITH you by any means.

        Aren’t you late for getting beat up by some bully? She’s not going to sit around the sandbox all day waiting for you to find your “good” helmet & skip to the playground.

        Its time to change your name, AGAIN, but this go ’round, change it on another site. Trust me, we’ll all feel better about ourselves.

        Oh yeah, WorldStar called, they said they don’t want you either. Word travels fast on these internets.

  • Azhar

    Relapse is goodshit….but the Blackout 2 was the best release on super tuesday…if u aint cop u need to… Other solid releases Philadelphia Freeway 2 (Freeway)… Hard As Hell (Hell Rell) thank me later!

    • El Tico Loco

      You forgot about Sheek

  • 92FS

    I haven’t copped it yet, but I strongly believe that worldwide he’s sold altogether more than a million, reason being I just moved to Europe not too long ago and the shit sold out in just about every store that had it. That’s what I read anyway. So combined with the sales he managed in the States along with the rest of the world he could be well passed a million.

  • Rex Banner

    The relapse and blackout 2 are very good albums. Love them both, copped both at the same time. Red and meth doing 60k is good for not hearing any of them on the radio or on tv but then again, I rarely watch tv anymore and never listen to the radio so I dont know how much they are getting played.

    Bumping Relapse right now! Love this shit!

  • Finland

    Worldwide sells atleast 800k, prolly over 1mil. No other MC can beat this. Even Lil Wayne can’t get this kinda sells. And i consider TC3 really great album. (Preparing for hate-wave). But I maybe consider Asa – Via Karelia, better album than relapse ;P Check out that finnish rap. though u can’t understand shit.. I’m talking out of context :D

  • latino heat

    Em did about what i expected. i think leaking 2 weeks early really hurt him. Meth & Red and Busta both did better then i thought they would. i’m glad some of us are still supporting the o.g’s of this shit.

  • Nate

    Em selling 600K in THIS market with 0-small MEMORIAL DAY sales (many stores closed) is great in this market. For any artist to get 80-85% of pre 2005 sales that is GREAT retention, also considering bootlegs due to the recession, and free downloads he offered (free streaming)

    Look at a couple hundred artists who hit the charts and compare their sales in 08-09 to pre 06. You will see 50-75% drop offs for most of them. But even with the free streaming and bootlegs, not Em. That proves his true fan interest.

    I expected over GOLD and at best around Plat but before you think his sales were “low”
    again do this.

    Compare them to all others in the last 18 months.

    Take any big rapper sales and check to see if they (mid to major label release) sell MORE or less post 2005/2006 assuming they had 2 or more albums out previously.

    I’m guessing only LIl Wayne has MORE than before but that’s a anomaly. He took 12 years to blow up and that’s with his Daddy’s constant help, and his rhymes catering to the 15 year olds.

    So for Em to perform with this top notch album the way he did in this market gives him credit for the quality album, Dre for the underappreciated craftmanship, and the fans for saving up and purchasing a CD during these times when many of you who skipped can’t save a extra $15 for a CD but still pay the monthly $15 for Internet while you downplay Em on your comments without hearing the album.

  • Nate

    I guess Beergangster replaces the idiotic G-U-Not Killa. Every litter needs a runt.

    We don’t even have to talk about Goats.
    Just classify Em as “Best sales for a QUALITY MC” this year. And for 2008 maybe you could go with TI, since while he is at least average and got the sales. Lil Bitch doesn’t count.

  • Kid O$O

    you guys all give eminem way too much credit. yes hes one of the best of all time, but this album is horrible compared to all his other ones.. meth and reds and bustas were both better then eminems.. just because he got dre to produce it all he should get a pass and we should all think its the best album?? FUCK no. i guess its just me that doesnt enjoy music about a guy screaming and talking about getting feltched by his step dad or getting fucked in the ass by him. that shit just isnt right. and yes call me a hater cuz i dont give a fuck. go get method man and redmans album. and look out for Slaughterhouse in july.

    ps. i dont think Dr. Dres albums gonna be all that either.. you should have let crooked I ghostwrite for you instead of Lil LAme..

  • http://www.thisizgame.com THE GAME

    be ready for games new album that shit gone run 09 THE RED ALBUM


    shit. dis a surprise to me, i thought Relapse came out yesterday. not my kind of rap on this weeks releases.

    lol. jeezy trap or die mixtape sold more than rick ross album.

  • EReal

    Hahahaha rawws wont even go gold.

    Im suprised red and meth pushed that much.

  • ?

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnn I thought he would sell a milli!
    Its all goodie though, my copy is on its way.

  • Feev

    What do sales have to do with the quality of music? Once again..the FANS of Hip Hop killing Hip Hop!! Why should a fan EVER care what an artist sells..ya’ll nighaz don’t got no $$$ invested in these rappers. If you don’t run/work at a label you shouldn’t care. Em is dope, but we all know he sold that much because he’s Em..and caters to a whole nuva demographic. Not a knock, just a fact..Who’s goes platinum in Hip Hop anyways. The ones who do, are household names who do other things outside of rapping. Smarten up Ninjaz!! Be a REAL fan…bump the DOPE shit!! Fuk Sales.

  • Jesus Martinez

    What about Freeway? He had a solid album come out. I bought Em, Method & Red, Busta, and Drama too. Busta’s was a step backwards following The Big Bang but BO2 was solid. Drama was just what I was expecting and Relapse is hard as hell.

  • brand-new

    just bought the red&meth album, it’s better than i expected, and that eminem joint is off the fuckin hook!

  • Trenton Watts

    Busta with your fake ass Hustlin Lifestyle out in Union dale you truly are always on some Bullshit. It shows in your numbers. Red and Meth should of did around 80,000!

    Marshall what do you except. He’s a white boy and got some of you dumb niggas out there thinking he is the best rapper alive. What is this cracker talking about subject matter is dumb as hell.

    White people in the burbs bought his album!

    • EReal

      Obviously you know nothing about rhyme schemes or multisylibic flows.

  • KingMel718&212

    Why are the same people who have no life and post every hour every day happy about this? If this was 1996 this would be considered a flop! I remember the days when rappers sold millions in the first week and went platnum. Now platnum doesn’t even exist anymore! The music industry is truly dead but yet niggas get happy when over the hill rappers like Jay-Z try to start new record deals. Why do you think he keep moving to different ventures? Because they not making money!

    I never understood the hype with Eminem. Dude raps about killing himself, drug over dose, killing his family and living in trailers. What black person can relate to that shit? You can tell rap and the same people who post on this site on an hourly basis are run by white people.

  • King Joffy Joe

    That’s great for Em. Too bad he didn’t even get the same radio play as lame ass Lil Wayne, ’cause if he did, he would have easily sold a million plus on the first week. It’s all good though. I bet he’ll more than likley triple that number when Relapse 2 comes out.

  • 402

    I guess the white fans are pretty upset from critical comments about the great white hope. I mean when you Stans are critical on Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, The Game, Rick Ross, etc its not a problem. Where is the love, even your idol said if he was black he woulda sold half.


    K. i didnt want to say it until i listened 2 da shit, (hes on 106&park so i thought id check it out while i was even a lil interested in how it sounded), i cant rock wit eminem. dont get me wrong lyrics might be on point & all but i jus dont like it.

  • j.ezy

    Relapse is an average album at best i;ve got it myself is nearly as bad as encore. Most reviews ive seen by real hip hop heads have only given it 3/6 stars at most and many considerbaly lower, and one question if soulja boy or say jim jones sold 600 000 in first week many fans would be saying thats whats wrong with hip hop everyone to focused on sales, then why is it different with Eminem?. i give him this hes got a real loyal fan base tht dont care what he spit, he could drop an album like soujaboytellem and they would still call it a classic.

  • Fressh!

    But That’s Less Than 700k In The U.S.

    Imagine What He Has Sold Overseas!!

  • http://XXXLmag.com LeroyLove

    Why spend hard earned money on a CD, when you can get a free copy from one of the homies. Hell, a negro can go to the public library and check out a CD, then put it up on his Itunes account….Thats why music aint sellin like it use to.

  • $ykotic


    So is 600k good for hip hop? Doesn’t this show that the money is there?

  • Gorilla unit

    my point was sales dont matter…
    but if ur point was lil waynes is better than eminem
    im gonna have to ask u how old u are…

    eminem sold more records than weezy
    way more influential than weezy
    has more awards..grammies than weezy
    has an oscar for best song
    can freestyle and battlerap better than weezy
    a way better lyricist than weezy
    have more hit singles than weezy
    eminem writes his own multi-syllable rhyming lyrics
    has a vast variety of topics than weezy
    his delivery is better than weezies
    eminem-10 weezy-0
    so i dont see hw weezy can be better

    So wake the fuck up!!! dickheads

  • Keep it Real

    Gorilla unit please tell me Eminem’s topics beside killing, drugs, and his mother…the only song where it was something other than that ut was Stan. Even on white america he didn’t touch narrow any topics it was just a broad range of him being white americas problem. he the man can spit but you riding his d**k like you trying to have his baby. I know your response call me gay or something

  • EvilD

    BO2>>>>Relapse. Don’t get me wrong. Relapse is tight, but Red and Meth came with a complete album this time. Knocks from beginning to end. Great times for hip-hop right now. Bout time!

  • http://www.misstheda.com chichi

    If You Have Not Already Got Your Copy of Method Man & Redman’s Album BlackOut 2 , Go Get it Today, On Billboards Top 5 Best Seller With Hit Singles like “AYO” and “Miss International”
    Check out Their Single “Ayo”







  • Anti-Mainstream

    FINALLY-for the first time in years we have albums come out with emcees who ACTUALLY HAVE lyrical talent moving units. First of all welcome back Eminem, and the deluxe edition of his album which has 2 extra songs (which he should have never left off) is bangin! Red and Mef, welcome back album was good and did a lot better then I thought it would in sales, and Busta, though I thought it was one of his weaker albums, it’s good to see him sell to. Much better then constantly seeing all these faggot rappers, with no talent, and no substance, bling blangin all over my fuckin tv in front of cars that ain’t theirs! Shits played the fuck out!

  • RWord

    LOL!…reclaim throne?!?!?

    Lil Wayne did A MILLI in his first week. Em does 600K first week….and that is reclaiming throne?!?

    congrats to Em though…but the number will fall FAST after the first week.

    Honestly, i dont think Em can reach platinum until 5months in.

  • Luey duey

    Yo mad props to eminem for pushing that 600K its good to c real lyricism and a true artist push that and how can Rick Ross say that Em lost his swagga that proves to show u how “Men Lie, Women lie, but Numbers don’t” and goddamn it this article is about Eminem not about Lil wayne or n e 1 else

  • http://www.thefairresponse.com The Fair Response

    Ok, it is easy for Em, to get as many sales as he desire, he is a brad all to himself. Yet, that does not mean that the album is that good. If I had to rate it, I would give it only 4 out of 5 stars. It sounds good, and there are songs that are banger, but over all it is just another album and nothing to die for. As a fan of Em’s, I was really looking for more from him after taking so long to come out with an album. Also, I guess I might need to change my mind because he can’t keep doing the same thing.

  • k.ing

    rick ross is mad!!!

  • billy goat

    some thoughts: Big Em fan. He is a beast. The album is ok, Beautiful IMO is by far the best track. We made you and crack a bottle is horrible. Glad to see Em selling well tho. Lil wayne gets too much press but it is what it is. Hip hop just needs creativity.

  • DazzOne

    Em will go plat. In one month. Then he will continue to lose traction. Stans, hope for triple plat. Might not happen with this one.

    Wayne sells a milli with great first single, leaked album and all, but 600k gets you the throne, huh? Can’t front, I wish Lupe wpould do these numbers, then maybe everyone could see that skills do sell… but what a minute…

    Oh yeah, Ems impact (if any) in the game…how many Emcees are really trying to step it up with the ryhme schemes and multisylibic flows. What rapper out there can honestly say is influenced by Em?

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Damn. Busta only 59 thou?!!! lol. I guess he really is done. lol

  • chillin mayne

    da subject matter kinda wack…i only heard it once throo tho..the lyrics were creative even tho da subject matter tired me out by track 7….may-b i need to stop hatin and jus jam??

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  • em is empty

    reclaim what crowne? i bet blueprint 3 will sell more then this shit, i almost bet lil wayne rebirth rock cd will sell more. and i also knwo for sure the detox willem

  • beaver

    “290,290 after five weeks…”
    haha ross sucks..
    em did 608,200 copies ina week..
    dats lik 3 times as much as ross.
    ross does em’s numbers ina week..
    em triples ross’s numbers hahaha..

  • Garrett V.

    I’ve been a huge Em follower for years now. I was one of those 600k+ album buyers. At first glance, his album was iight. Not a lot of people like his new voice. “underground” is one of his few songs that sound like it could have been on the “eminem show”. I’ve been listening to this album non-stop since getting it. I’m happy he went back to “Slim Shady”. Lyrically, every song on this album is sick. Honestly, i like this entire album.

  • P

    big question, why do you fuck boys keep posting Lil Lames first week numbers and comparing them to Ems???

    1)Cashmoney/Universal bought 500,000k themselves you dumb fucks so do the math.

    2)Lil wayne came out before the recession

    3)it only proved how many dumb fucks there are in the U.S who purchased a CD by a Troll from Ernest scared stupid (google it niggas) who doesnt write his own lyrics, who has no word play, no creativity( mention his rock album and you should kill yourself)

    4)em still does more worldwide FIRST WEEK

    So whos the better artist, tha fact wyane sold 1 mill first week is irrelevant.