Details On Free Eminem Show Revealed

Tomorrow (May 19) Eminem will be playing a free concert in his Detroit hometown sponsored by MySpace.

Tickets for the show will be given out at a first come first serve basis today at 5 p.m. only at Record Time in Roseville, Michigan. Fans can pick up one ticket each. Information about where the performance will take place and what venue will be given during ticket distribution.

DJ Jazzy Jeff is also scheduled to take the stage along with Em.

Relapse, Shady’s first album in five years, hits stores tomorrow. Fans can stream his whole album for free on Em’s MySpace page here. – Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    That’s whassup…Em live is serious!

  • Moving Sideways


    If I know Detroit like I think do, and if the Robocop movies have taught me anything. If they are giving away free tickets to a Hip-Hop show, somebody in that line is getting stabbed.



  • mosin

    detroit u lot are lucky i wish i was in the us and not the uk :(

  • $ykotic

    I won’t be there!

    Album is banging though… Crispy ass beats be bumping.

    • Pierzy

      Hell yeah! And the two bonus tracks are knocking too…

      • $ykotic

        Had everybody coming up to the car, “That’s the new Eminem?”

        I could’ve charged a buck a listen!

        • ko

          eminem is fucking garbage no flow and talking about the same old depressing bullshit he needs to get back on the white boy drugs and go sit in a corner

  • jburg

    Damn i just left michigan two days ago!! FUCK!!! He is dope as fuck live though!!! Lucky fans.

  • Nate

    Here in Cali are the people I know from Michigan orig. downloaded it already and say they like it.

    It’s worth getting this XXL magazine, as well as the VIBE where he details the addiction issues he was going through the last few years. Once he got off drugs he knocked out 2 albums in 6 months.

    Em is coming back with it. I’m getting a couple copies next week of the album.

    • lolo

      fuck michagan pussy ass cracker state and the D is the Chi’s lil brother….so you got opinions of the album from some random crackers from michigan?

  • Sleepy Wonder

    I Went To Eminem’s Jimmy Kimmel Concert Performance And That Shit Sucked, He Only Performed 3 Songs, Shit Was Lame.

    • lolo

      what the fuck do you expect the shit was free

  • adrian smith

    breaking news xxlmag rapper dolla shot and killed r.i.p. eminem relapse album got ot came ot monday in england classic sick album 3am best song video is dark eminem at his best