Cam’ron Expected To Sell A Lot More Than 45k Projections, Says Label

Earlier today music industry insiders reported that Cam’ron’s comeback album Crime Pays is set to sell between 40-45,000 in its first week out. spoke to a rep at Asylum, Cam’s label, and without giving a specific number they believe that the Dipset Don is on track to sell a lot higher than the projections.

HitsDailyDouble estimates that Cam is expected to debut at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 next week. If they are right on both accounts, Crime Pays will be the lowest selling no. 1 album of all time.

In related news, the Harlemite’s label mate Paul Wall will also debut on the charts next week. Fast Life, his latest effort is believed to sell around 15-20K.

Stay tuned to as the official Nielsen SoundScan reports come out next Wednesday, May 20. – Elan Mancini

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  • Super Kev

    1st. First. Pierzy? Whatever I’m first!

  • latino heat

    good for Cam, glad i was wrong about his sales.
    Paul Wall has way more than 2 albums by the way.

    • Pierzy

      Asher Roth was supposed to go plat too. “Expectations” and even “Projections” are not the same as “Results”

    • MO


  • $ykotic

    I told ya’ll the labels be checking us out!

    • Tony Grand$

      Hell yeah $yk, the “ear to the street” department of the Hip Hop Police.

  • Trizz

    This is Paul Walls 3rd album…The Peoples Champ, Get Money Stay True and now this one, but damn does 50′s #1 is #1 theory still applies…maybe Ciara shoulda pushed her album back a week get another #1 under her belt

    • C-Dub

      He has 5:
      Get ya Mind Correct (With Chamillionaire)
      The Chick Magnet (independent album & 1st solo)
      The People’s Champ
      Get Money Stay True
      Fast Life

  • newyawka631


    • BIGNAT

      man killa season the movie will have you dying. that joint is funny even in the parts when it’s suppose to be serious. if you get crime pays i am letting you know you won’t be let down. i went back and changed my predictions from 40k-80k to 60k-100k. three songs are skippable they changed the way bottom of the pussy hole started. other than that it’s just a good cd my song on that joint is get in get in. if he dropped this joint back when 50 and kanye was going at it. cam might have been able to do some real good numbers out the gate.

      • jbird

        What about the part where they have all the b1tches sh1tting out all them coke baggies. Ha!! That’s the funniest part. Killa Cam gonna kill em man

  • JC


  • Apollo

    You know what i can’t believe speaking of new york ? that the O.D.B tribute album that wu tang put out didnt even go triple digits !!! what the fuck it sold 99 or less thats crazy as hell i mean its the wu tang clan!

    • BIGNAT

      apollo it’s hard to buy something you can’t find.

  • Trizz


    you should know compilations dont sell, i got hella odb on my ipod why shell out $10 for that disc that aint even goin to his fam or anything…fuck that

    • $ykotic

      Dirt’s brother and cousin put that together with the documentary. The proceeds are going to the fam.

      I agree with you on the music part.

      But if I’m correct you should check his myspace because there’s no major distribution for that project.

      RIP ODB

  • latino heat

    my patna bought me a bootleg of that Killa Season dvd for my birthday like 3 years ago. i still haven’t watched it because i heard it was so wack. i might have to give it a look.

    • BIGNAT

      latino heat get your boys together and watch that joint. be prepared to laugh at the sex scence taken from belly. classic lines such as “hell rell said you fucking a crack head bitch. WHAT HELL RELL BE DRUNK”. it’s one of those movies it’s so bad you got to love.

      • latino heat

        yeah i heard it was so bad it made I’m Bout It look good. I’m Bout It is some good hood cinema though. i’ve seen worse.

    • $ykotic

      I watch Killa Season on the regular. The crying scene be having me on the floor dying! It was not convincing!

      Hell it even starts off funny as hell.

      I think Jimmy NOT being in it made it good.

      I’m waiting for #2. Gotta finish the story man!

      • latino heat

        they don’t necessarily have to finish the story. did you ever see Baller Blockin? that shit finished with some to be continued shit and they never finished it. if you remember back to the early Cash Money days a lot of there videos ended like that too and they never finished them. i hate that shit.

        • $ykotic

          I know. But they even have a #2 trailer floating around out there(of course google it)…

      • Capital G

        Bitches shitting out pellets of dope!!! Only in a Cam’ron movie.

    • ko

      Killa season is a hood classic… as for his album niggas hate but dude is made creative and no rapper is fucking with his flow

  • Apollo

    @ Trizz,

    hella good point, i was just surprised to hear that anything wu tang would sell under 3 digits damn son!

  • tezzy

    What!!! i got every killa album but this crime pays shit is SUPER WHACK i let the shit play all the way through about 3 times cause i was like imma let it grow on me but naw man this album is pure ASS

  • Tony Grand$

    If Killa Season is anything like Belly 2, ugh. I’d heard that KS was so Ass Biscuit that I refused to see it. I’m going to peep it now though.

    As for ODB, you have to look @ the hip hop demographic. The average “fan” might have been born @ the height of his career. They weren’t around when WU was running this rap shit. A whole different generation of rap fan exists now. To them, ODB is old school.

    • EmCDL

      They have a Belly 2?

      • Tony Grand$

        @ EmCDL

        Yeah, starring The Game. Ugh. I didn’t think he could be a worse actor than he was in GTA San Andreas. Boy, was I wrong.

        @ Detroit Dr@p3r,

        Damn homie. That’s foul how they doing you. I just noticed your name!

        • Detroit Draper

          Hey whats goin on Grand$(No mixup with the other Tony lol) Yea that is some bs wit the name…especially when damn near every curse word can be said but its cool. On subject though that Belly2 movie was horrible. The worst piece of shit in a min. They straight up disgraced the Belly name. To me and I’m sure plenty others the first Belly was a classic and I say oscar worthy…The way Hype Williams shot that movie(sorta like a full lenght video) was a very original concept and looked great on screen. The story line and visuals were just A-1. I’ve been waitin on a sequel forever and whoever sold the rights of the Belly name to that script should be ashamed….If it woulda been directed by Hype and another great rap line-up lets say maybe with Cam it coulda been great.

        • Tony Grand$

          @ Detroit Dr@p3r

          Nah mayne, I’m not @ all worried about being confused with that dude. Ha! In fact, I told him he shouldn’t have started fucking with me. I ain’t do shit to that dude. Oh well, I’ll say this; he changed his screen name, lol. He doesn’t think anybody knows, but I do! It starts with a ‘B’ now……
          ($yk, I told you…….)

          Anyways, yeah, I put “Belly” up there with “Paid In Full”. Real movies. Hell, even State Property, although SP was low budget, it was still hella hood & entertaining.

          I’ll admit, “Belly” was basically a long rap video, but Hype Williams brought that vision. That cinematography. Some of the best videos in hip hop history.

          I think Cam is a good ass actor. He’s bullshitting, while these other rap cats are getting that hollyhood doe & most of them are just okay actors. Dude was born to be on film. I’m kind of looking forward to his TV show or whatever. We need some new cats to look @ [||].

        • Capital G

          Grand$, take two hours out of your life and watch Killa Season. Bask in the glory that that shit sandwich is. It’s fuckin hysterical for all the wrong reasons. I highly recommend viewing this to everyone, but then again, I’m a douchebag at heart.

        • Tony Grand$


          I’m going to fuck with y’all on this one. I have to see it now.

        • $ykotic

          @Detroit Dr@p3r

          There we go. Grand$ hooked you up.

          Belly2 was horrid.

          KS is a horrible good D movie.

          Still don’t understand the strip club scene. No relevance whatsoever.

          Are we still talking about diet tony?

          Can we say “spittums” now? LOL

        • Capital G

          Remember, when you see newspaper hit the floor, try not to be eating anything at that moment. I promise that will be the first time in your life you’ve ever seen something like that on film. I think it took part of my innocence away.

        • Tony Grand$

          @ $yk

          Yeah, talking about diet t. I told you I was taking my name back, lol. Done & done. & hells yeah, spittums it is!

          *test run*

          Redman has hella spittums.


          @ Detroit Dr@p3r

          I have an idea of what your talking about with the newspaper hitting the floor. I have 3 kids AND I’ve had dogs, ha! If there’s is any innocence left, google “2 girls, 1 cup”. Trust, all innocence will be gone!

        • $ykotic

          You remember Cam’s face? LOL Awww man he was like “WTF??!”

        • $ykotic

          Lakers getting whupped!

          I’m anxious to see what spittums Budden is gonna have against Meth. I’ve got my popcorn for Bawse tonight!

        • Tony Grand$

          *crossing fingers & clutching Lakers jersey & Kobe bobblehead*

          I don’t see Joey going in on Meth. That would be kind of pointless. Seems like he’d want to do some songs with him. That would be interesting, though.

          Has Red really ever had a legit beef?

          Thanks for the Bawse reminder. Can’t be any worse than Kanye’s last debacle on SNL.

          *screams @ the TV screen*

        • $ykotic

          Your voodoo is working.

          Red? Not mainstream. There was this one with some dudes called InnaMental. Actually from Joell’s way. Don’t remember why but Red did a “Funkorama” dart for them.

  • Detroit Draper

    I just copped the Cam and Paul yesterday and they’re both good disk. Im way more a Cam fan but that Paul was so good and catchy once I put it in it was almost a chore to put the Cam back in. No hatin on the Cam I love that shit too but the songs wit all the Houston ogz just hit the spot. I love the way so many Houston artist collaborate. And not the wack ass Kaled type callabos but actually great songs with each artist own styles.

  • Detroit Draper

    Actually Killa season is one of those classic “hood” movies like Baller Blockin that was’nt so bad…if not kinda good. Its definitely worth checkin out.

  • damnright

    man, this website is stupid as FUCK. green day is dropping an album on friday, so it will EASILY sell more than cam’ron in just the 3 days that they have.

  • TRuTalk


  • gman

    i think killa season prob best album so far better then jada n ross.. co cop that

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  • Mikey F Baby

    I got the album and it’s hot. Hope it sells well

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    im a LMAO if he do ross & jada numbers or better. thats what im smelling

  • BeerGangsta

    This shit is a Joke. Pink Bitch has never went Gold or Platium. Lie don’t care you tell it. Cam is 100 percent wack!

  • KGK20

    I hope Killa moves 100k!

  • 513 ju

    fuc you mean beergangsta cum pn why am i even writin yu wit a name like that but cam shit ain went gold or plat all his shit went gold or plat 500,000 or better purple haze and come home wit me went plat check put purple haze up to date its plat

  • RotterdamSoldier

    @ Beergansta

    Cam never went Gold or Platinum?
    Your joking right?

  • Thomas

    Cam has gone Platinum with ‘Come Home with Me.’ Go back and listen to Jay’s “Dig a Hole.”

    Diplomatic Immunity went Plat as well.


    I rocked with Cam since back in the days when he was with mase on juice and clue mixtapes. All of his albums was solid. I was on jay side in the beef and still could respect cam. If u on the outside lookin in u prob won’t get him, but the dude has fans that will buy his joint. Second, out of jada rick ross and cam the top three hip hop albums so far. Jada still number one but cam a close second. its a complete album with a theme. Cam is fun to listen to.

  • Thomas

    I fuxs with Cam as well, but album of the year? I rock this joint, but its not better than Jada or Ross’s. However, the best album I’ve heard in a while is Finale’s A Pipe Dream and a Promise.

    Remember Jay, Dr. Dre, Meth/Red, Mos, Royce, etc have yet to come out. By the end of the year many of these albums (along with this one) you listed will be forgotten.

  • fuckyall

    fuck yall dumb fucks. green day is gonna sell 250k and kick this has beens ass. check the updated

  • RotterdamSoldier

    I know Cam went platinum… but dude let his hate for Cam show by saying he never went gold or platinum. I mean everbody got different opinions about artists but facts are facts.Dude’s hate ain’t gonna change that. And i’m pretty sure he has a few gold albums as well.

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