Asher Roth Joins blink-182 For Late Summer Tour

Asher Roth will join pop-punk hitmakers blink-182 for a month-long trek beginning in September for the band’s reunion tour, according to the Canadian National Post.

The nationwide tour will cover 16 dates as summer winds down, kicking off in Cleveland on Sept. 2 and winding down in Atlantic City on Oct. 3.

The rookie MC will also join fellow XXL freshmen KiD CuDi and Bobby Ray (formely known as B.O.B.) for a number of club dates in July, but first the PA native will hook up with The Legendary Roots Crew for the Roots Picnic on June 6 at Penns Landing, where Public Enemy will also be performing It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back.- Devin Chanda

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  • General

    Oh Shit…I need tickets for this…NO, wait I think I’ll pass.

    Repost when Kid Cudi and Bobby Ray have a show without Roth

  • BeerGangsta

    Save ya’ll dam money. Don’t go and set this bullshit concert. Honkey is garbage. I never heard any of the bitch shit. Keep it that way.


      Your comments were both very ignorant and racist, at the same time!!! I am not an Asher Roth fan either. However, I would not ever use racist remarks, whenever I speak about him. By the way, I am a 32-Year-Old Black American.

  • Pierzy

    I really want to go to the Roots picnic but I have class all day so I can’t make it. I did, however, tell my boys to spit on Asher so I consider that a win…

    • $ykotic

      I knew you would have a say in this!

      • EReal

        Man, I downloaded that shit (legally) ehem, just out of curiosity cause I kinda liked the verse from bad day.

        This dude sucks. The fact that anyone would even put shine on him by comparing him to Em is just embarrassing.

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  • Federal Ranga

    Haven’t heard anything from AR yet… However ya’ll gotta be smart and know this is a power move for Asher… The same heads who bump Blink (Bol included) will most likely like Asher. Dude is gonna make some serious bread next couple months. All about the money…

    *inserts Rich Boy’s (Lets Get This Paper)* AYO PARIS…….. HIT ME!!!!

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  • DEEZNUTZinyomom…

    yo….sykotic are you in love with pierzy……????or just in love with his words, either way, its gay…….gay…

  • muthafuckazzzz….

    let me post my shit damnit

  • Federal Ranga

    Damn, Paris…. couldn’t do dat for ya boy?

  • JLC

    wtf why yall not postin my shit????????

  • fuckyou

    fuck off shit…………

  • ray thomas

    haterz just stop. Asher is dope as fuck. His album is crazy and kid can spit.

  • geico lizard

    When Blink 182 performs “All the Small Things” they will show Asher Roths first week records sales on the big screen, ba-zing.

  • fireforreal

    This just in………..Who gives a fuck ?


    WTF!!!? when did B.O.B. become Bobby Ray, bad move if u ask me, but his shit is hot so it shouldnt really make a difference. but i liked that name.

    no comment on asher.

  • justin

    i dont understand how all of you hate asher so much its insane, the guys fucking great i wouldnt doubt that you all judge him based on his singles, which is bull shit listen to his first mixtape and tell me he sucks.