It seems as if Alfamega learned of T.I. kicking him out of Grand Hustle while he was sitting in a cell.

The Smoking Gun has learned that the former “Grand Hustle Muscle” was behind bars from April 29 until May 9 for federal gun and obstruction of justice charges. Apparently Mega was busted after Georgia authorities found a loaded, stolen .40 caliber weapon in his vehicle during a routine traffic stop. Once discovering the gun, Mega tried to flee from the scene leading an officer to spray him in the face with pepper spray. Despite being sprayed, the rapper continued leading the cops on a chase, climbing fences and weaving in and out of cars. He was eventually captured after he sustained an injury after jumping off a wall around 25-30 feet. A police report says that the fall “resulted in an injury that appeared to be pieces of bone protruding from his ankle."

Mega was released from Fulton County Jail on last Saturday when he made bail. As of press time, Mega has not yet been indicted on the charges, so it is uncertain how many years he is facing behind bars.

As previously reported, T.I. publicly disassociated himself and his company from Mega last week upon learning that the hulking rapper was a one time government informant, helping to incarcerate a heroin dealer in the '90s to shave time off his own sentence for gun charges. – Elan Mancini