50 Cent On Rick Ross’ Album Sales, “ You Can’t Call A No. 1 A Flop Under Any Circumstances”

50 Cent responded to Rick Ross’ reign atop the Billboard charts by reluctantly admitting to MTV News that Deeper Than Rap was certainly not a failure.

“I think you can be a disappointment to the system based on how much of an effort and the money that they spent marketing, but you can’t call a number one a flop under any circumstances,” 50 explained. “It’s still number one.” [Watch Below]

The acknowledgment came hours after a video of Ross surfaced in which he continued to direct his “monkey” insults at 50, extending them to Eminem as well, despite the racist connotations. “The only way I could fix that — Eminem you’re a monkey,” said Ross. “He’s really a honky, but that’s racial. You niggas is monkeys. The world knows you’re monkeys.” Ross previously indicated an intention to drag Eminem into his beef with 50, saying in a radio interview with DJ Envy, “If I want any competition. I’m gonna have to take this to Eminem’s front door.”

Lloyd Banks responded, taking offense to the move by Ross in saying, “As far as calling out Eminem, you’re not in the top 10 lyricists nowhere.” He added, “So just sit down, man. We seen what Em can do. Em’s in a whole ‘nother lane.” The Queens rapper then issued a warning to Ross, saying, “We’ll see where his future goes. It doesn’t look too bright, if you ask me.” With a diss track in the cards, Banks added finally, “I got ‘Officer Down, Part II’ coming. He’ll have to deal with that.” - Devin Chanda

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  • Pierzy

    I’m impressed…50 showing a little maturity? Give credit where credit is due.

    Can I call Asher’s album a failure yet?

    • joe p
    • jesse

      nigga you gay 50 the shit fuck ross!

    • makaveli1671

      Naw pierzy…50 aint matured he just softening the fall for when his shit TANK! This beef need to end cause it’s no where near entertaining or interesting & it’s pathetic how lloyd banks hopping on the bandwagon trying to get himself a spark….I hope EM dont disappoint me cause if his shit subpar I’ma start listening to Kirk Franklin..lol…he probly more hardcore than most of these characters out here rapping nowadays…ps why they posting ASHER ROTH BULLETINS ALL OVER THE SITE? Wont yall just put his NUTS ON THE HOME PAGE & CALL IT A DAY… FUCK!

    • Ellery

      Shhh Pierzy, this is xxl, home of the Asher jock rider. You can’t cast any aspersions on Asher ROth here :)




    • solo

      Ross is trippin! I fux wit deeper than rap but my nigga cant battle. he going at em is foolish. but it also says 50 LOST!

      • BirDMan

        We havent seen the rest of 50, there will be more especially with his album coming soon, and he wont let Ross off that easy. And as for him calling out eminem, agreed, that nigga just foolish and wants his career truly ended, guess having your government paid Corrections Officer job revealed wasnt enough

  • http://xxlmag.com PM

    He just said that because he has always defended and defind his success based on how much he sold and being #1. He wasn’t getting his just due of being the best off any awards. I like fif but even he knows he can’t hit them numbers he used to.

  • http://ww.myspace.com/seanblak the evil sean blak

    this is the best game of cops and robbers. fiddy mercs ja 5 years ago. in a real nigga vs. fake nigga battle. ross mercs 50 in a cop vs. real rich nigga battle?
    whatever 50 just needs to make good music again. ross needs to never fuck up ever again. and did anybody catch 50′s extra jab at jada?
    fuck asher roth.

    • that nigga

      Isnt this Cop or C.O. vs. Cop or 5-0, snitch??





    • jesse

      fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuck you duuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

    • shat

      no matter what fif can never sell less that ross, not on his worst day. believe that!!!


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  • doughboi773

    lloyd banks is not relevant anywhere except new york….he worryin about ross future worry about yours u mixtape rapper

  • shade45

    I think 50cent is showing he is an bigger man, he is laying low because the shooting of a movie. wich a lot of money involved so, he is just making big money and got other things on his head right now. Eminem is not going to respond because he is just a bigger man and being mature..

  • tony

    Fuck 50! I don’t give Hell off Rat Azz about anyone of them. Em is a Honkey! Dre save G-UNOT and Em life. They are not scrubs no more. Number one Album is number 1. Fans ya’ll to need to grow up. And give Props when Props are due. No matter how many Records you Sell.

  • D-Block

    i hate eminems rap style on Relapse, its annoying. that being said i wouldnt try to fuck with dude on a beef stand point, cuz i know somewhere in there he can still spit.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      I’ve heard those leaked joints off Em’s album. It sounds to me like his heart is in the right place, as far as trying to take it back to the Slim Shady days, but the transition just isn’t there.

      I’m going to pick up the album out of curiosity, but I’m not hoping for some sort of resurrection. But Em is still Em. As much as Fif saying what he said, but he’s still FiF.

      Funny how Ross baits Em, but Lloyd Banks is on his ass & all he does is make references to a gay tape that he wasn’t even in.

  • Mutada al sader the king


    In Denzels voice “My Nigga”

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Real talk, if it wasnt for the Ross beef, no one would give a fuck about the cookie monster and male prostitue Banks and Yayo.. Come on now keep it real, no one is checking for banks and his wack ron browz songs. Them niggaz was forgotten by everyone except for the most loyal Unit stan

    On top of that fiddy, better respect rawse’s numbers, because if I recall TOS did similar numbers. And 50 cent is an international rap star. So he better now have shit to say.

    • Stevie B

      Banks officer down diss record was out selling maganificent on itunes for a couple weeks somebody likes it.

      Not a big G-unit fan but it did happen somebody like it.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    what does lyrics got to do with it? Are you slow or just caught up in the hype form a white boy spitting it a few years ago. Those days are over. 50 playing nice because music is his bread and butter. Once his rap career is over all of his other endorsements will leave because he is no longer relevant. Look at history. Ross is baiting Em because he at the top. The new generation can care less about lyrics. Lyrically did canibus spit better then ll cool J. ya, but ll cool j ended dudes career.

    • Stevie B

      People saying lyrics do not matter and being ok with it is exactly whats wrong with music today.

      So Sad!

      • Caine

        You damn right it’s sad. Da game done changed homie…

    • lsk

      shut the fuck up fag you dony know shit cock goblin!

  • Jokster

    asher dropped on 4/20…..Givin all the weed smoking I guess his fans FORGOT to buy his album…..lol…..

    • Slasher

      Saying Asher Roth’s Cd was a failure is wrong @ least looking on ITunes it is because it’s number one selling so far so somebody is buying it and likeing it.like me and Although Asher Roth’s Album doesn’t have good beats it does have good lyrics if u are a Fan of stuff like Kanye’s besides wasn’t u guys referring to how good lyrics doesn’t matter now and how it should be

  • RWord

    LOL!!…..what you 50 stans have to say NOW?!?!

    Even your gay partner 50 cannot deny Ross successful album…

    50 is over. he is a monkey and woodface…

  • 11KAP

    STOP RAPPIN !! rap ass niggas. please!
    Bring that real HIP HOP back. fuck this rap shit!! yall silly nigga have destroyed a whole industry already as it is with this shit. lames!

  • Hello


    Ross wants it with Em?

    Damn son yall ever heard that joint off the Slim Shady LP?

    Where he makes a whole story out of going to the laundrymat and finding that blonde headed whore and ECT..

    Man Ross Wouldnt stand a chance ..


  • Curtis75Black

    Ya’ll worry about the #’s more than ya’ll worry about the music. That’s depressing. If you weren’t interested in the first place, then his or anybodies #’s shouldn’t mean shit to you. I give props to 50 for being big about the situation caue it’s true, #1 is #1 whether it be a slow market, competition or not. If fans actually went out and spent bread, that’s a blessing.

  • J

    “He’s really a honky, but that’s racial.”

    When will these ignorant ass rappers learn some proper English? The word is “racist” you fat tub of lard.

  • untouchpuertorocNYC

    the reality is, if you have a number one album, it’s a number 1! However, the album flopped in regards to def jam…no label would be happy and satisfied w/150k!

  • Renegade02

    Fif1 what the fuck u toking about? If u listen 2 rap u wil kno dat canibus mudered ll. And come on ross & shady. . . What the hell is this world coming 2 i jst think ross is tryin 2 commit sucide. Hope em disses ross i love thoz em diss tracks.

  • Nate

    50 is right. If your AAA baseball team wins the AAA championship, you are still a champ. Doesn’t mean shit, but hey RR got first place each time by releasing in a week with no comp. and 1st place selling less than 175K. If you think that “we the best”, and everybody else is “monkeys” then your low IQ is evident. But I’m not surprised with the constant dumbing down of rap- RR just spoke to all his ignant bros who are only good at lying, deception, and flossing Gucci sunglasses indoors.


  • Nate

    A lot of underground artists you never heard of could do better vs Em than Ricky.

  • dark vanilla

    Why is Ross bringing Eminem into the beef? But I actually respect the maturity by 50. Hopefully he can quit beefing and focus on making good music.

  • macdatruest

    Fiddy tryna play nice. Aw his vitamin water & his water-proof sex toys aint selling?? Damn homie. One minute you was a gangsta, or a gangstas targeting dummy- But now you a dildo slangin’ comedian! Wow what happened to ruining Rick Ross life?? This man running around, eating crab meats in the delicast of fabrics and you on his dick about his album being number one. Damn homie, you submit!!! Then Banks hopped on Em’s dick in order to get an opportunity to speak. They don’t give a fuck about Banks, they care more about how great he think Em is than what he got to say. I wonder did Fiddy give Banks permission to speak? He might turn on the T.V. or Radio and find out Coward Jackson kicked him out the group!!! Fake ass bully, what always happen when you stand up to a bully??? You find out they really a punk. Every time, thats how God made shit haha (see David and Goliath)

    • macdatruest

      his vitamin water & his water-proof sex toy combo aint selling in the hood like he thought it would. He overestimated the power of homo-thuggery

      • deeper than cavity searches


        why is your jokes always gay???

        fag ass nigga….

        you broke so you hate or you gay dso you hate???

        • macdatruest

          why is your jokes always gay???
          Nigga, you a dike-Fiddy Cent creating a line of water proof sex toys is reality bitch, go to your local sex shop and look for a dildo with a thugged out nigga on the bag, –that’s ya favorite rapper.– But I’m the fag huh?? Fuck you nigga, if I was gay I’ll be supporting homo-thuggery sex toys, like you and your dad. “Come here son” lookin ass boy

          “Deeper Than Cavity Searches??” and I’m gay. Wow. Should I even have responded to you?? Nigga you a recovering catholic priest ass rape victim. And as far as being broke, trust me the Mac Life is money, cars and hoes. And success. So go man-rape yourself with some Yayo Anal Beads to support Fiddy, ya dike ass nigga

  • macdatruest

    Fiddy Cent just Ethered himself by showing maturity.
    Lloyd Banks will Beef for Food

  • Detroit Draper

    @ Mutada or whatever It’s funny when you hear a comment like your’s about Lloyd Banks. I mean he may not be the highest selling or most popular at this point in his career but its no way his lyrical skills can be ignored or denied. What i really hate is the monkey jokes. For one it’s not funny at all he sounds stupid and it’s ignorant as far as the racial aspect of callin another black man a monkey…Who seriously thinks its funny?

  • untouchpuertorocNYC

    Some of you guys just don’t get it…a number one album is a number one…but on the other hand, the album flopped in the eyes of the label. Wait until next week.

    You see, you guys expect 50 to give you instant gratification. When you body someone in the game, it’s takes some time…wait and see what’s going to happen..

    also, if you see the clip in Em video “3am”, when he’s in the hoodie about two stap the big fat black security gaurd, who do you think that is?

    • render

      im laughin at fools still invested in this silly ass bullshit

      yall acting like niggas is going to war. This shit is proof that even 50 doesnt care about this gay ass beef between 2 niggas that never even met in person as much as you do.

      “When you body someone in the game, it’s takes some time…wait and see what’s going to happen”

      lmao…what the fuck is gonna happen? 50′s gonna drop another pimpin curly skit?

      • makaveli1671


  • Kryp

    come at Em? come at EM??? wut the fuck! I was juss started to take your seriously officer ricky..now you want Em to take yo fat ass out..u juss signed youself up for Weight Watchers nigga, dumb ass, well…should be proud u had a good run, the only monkey is yo gorrila ass

  • http://att.com dee

    lloyd banks bit fabs style faggot

  • http://y hya

    50 could come out with a cover version of 808s and heartbreak and sell more but ross deserves his due for creating another solid album.

  • Oouch!

    TONY: “Fuck 50! I don’t give Hell off Rat Azz about anyone of them. Em is a Honkey! Dre save G-UNOT and Em life. They are not scrubs no more. Number one Album is number 1. Fans ya’ll to need to grow up. And give Props when Props are due. No matter how many Records you Sell.”

    Dogg I think you need to take youre own advice and apply it to 50. give credit where cRedit is due! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY GROW UP!

  • Brownie

    For a start the monkey joke seems pointless as there both as black as each other. Secondly i dnt like rick ross as who in the rap game wud like a fed? but u cant ignore the fact he can do the job lyrically. But steppin up 2 eminem…. i dont no wots runnin thru his head but it dont matter how long eminems been out the game he will murder him in a beef. 50 on the other hand is a borin ass rapper, chattin bout the same shit every time. Get the point start reading the blogs i dont care wot gun your gunna use to rob sum rapper beefin ya n start doin sum decent music again.


  • k.ola

    peep game the same tow niggas get on here everyday and hate 50…

    rwords is a bitch…

    and Mac is a phony…


    when 50 goes gold the first week… niggas will be saying he bought the albums…

    • macdatruest

      when 50 goes gold the first week… niggas will be saying he bought the albums…
      Yea the first week of Nevuary 33rd on a Sunday. Wake up, if that nigga album got pushed back past two questionable Em albums, what make you think that he still makin’ music?? Im trippin off the fact, he couldnt find a strong enough platform to bully Ross, so he start doing odd shit.

      Ross made that nigga into Pimpin’ Curly. So basically, Ross got in that nigga head and sat back and made music. Fiddy album got scrapped before Ross mentioned him, so if his album/movie was good, he would’ve released it to beat Ross. But, we see that didnt see that happen now did it. Fuck that punk.

      And yea I am phony. I told yo moms I love her, but really I was just tryna hit that nasty coochie she totin’ around town.






  • http://www.myspace.com/lowkybergen Low-Ky

    Respect to 50 on this one..showin respect where respect is due…But notin’ is sattled yet..when 50 drop his joint the competition can really start..I aint neva been a 50 fan but still..he doin’ his thing!
    Respect to er’body grindin’ to suceed in tha music business…BIG UPS!!

    Check out my music at http://www.myspace.com/lowkybergen

    Also check out:

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I am a lyrical dude, but i’m a honest dude. Lyrics don’t sell. Even in the golden ages, most people didn’t buy music for the lyrics. They bought it because it was cool/hot. I agree that Canibus won that battle, i still got the tape. Nonetheless, LL cool J was declared the victor. Right now regardless of em or 50 lyrical caliber, Rick Ross is what’s hot. Its not sad that lyrics ain’t selling. Its sad that people still stuck in the 90′s. thas like saying i prefer a tape over the ipod. Hip hop is different, but not dead.

  • President Barack Obama

    What a lot of these ignorant fans fail to realize is that there isn’t a real “beef”. This was all manufactured to the fullest.
    The real winner of this shit isn’t Ross or 50; It’s Universal Music Group. They own BOTH Def Jam Records and Interscope Records.You HAVE to come up with some type of ploy to get niggas to spend their money on music. In a lackluster economy, this is the ploy. This dumb shit became so sensationalized that it intrigued people to hear not only what Ross has to say, but also what 50 will say in “retaliation” when his album drop, which it will, probably late summer/early fall. So at the end of the day, they are BOTH monkeys. One is an orangutan, The other is a gorilla. Guess which one is which. I’ll give you a hint,The gorilla is the one who makes the most money for Universal.

  • Wackaintdatruest

    Mac fa real shut up! The shit your sayin ain’t funny. Every post you write is full of corny jokes, and dirty souf dicklickin! Rick Ross and his new album both suck, so hop off his dick!

  • http://xxlmag.com THE NOTORIOUS C.O.R.E.Y

    ummmmmmmmmm….the last time I checked, the nigga that sound like he got GOLF BALLS in his mouth,”LLOYD BANKS” wasn’t in the top ONE MILLION LYRICIST!! Why da fuck is his wack ass talkin greasy at Rick Ross? His music is weak as fuck!!!!!!!!!He look like Olivia wit a BEARD ANYWAY! LMAO

  • Ali

    ok I give 50 props for admitting that…..Ross did ok I liked his album it was chill…..he has to stop with the Eminem stuff, that’s going too far he got too confident lol

  • Flawda Stand Up

    Man all them up North rapper are lame. Except for a few. Everyone in G Unit is garbage. Lloyd Banks talking??? Are you serious man no one listen to him, he’s a buster riding on 50 nutz…ALL THEM NICCAS GARBAGE. ..GUNIT MAN PLEASE…

  • Mic4567

    Honestly…Us as the audience…we don’t know if this whole “Beef” was staged at all…It’s all entertainment people..They are both profiting from this…Last time I checked, Ross achieved his task of showing he can put out an album wit decent “EMPHASIS ON DECENT” in a time where selling Cd’s is a blessing….Almost 200K and #1…Good shit..and 50 achieved his task of just staying RELEVANT…People been hatin on 50 for years…and you know what? That means people still been talkin bout him, and so many artists would kill to have their name spoken on a daily basis, whether positive or negative, because they are staying relevant, even when they DON’T have a CD out…Stay in the people’s heads 24/7….Come on now…If 50 had Before I Self Destruct coming out, he would have came ALOT harder…but, he isn’t…And Eminem is a bigger commodity to Interscope than 50…so he WILL get released first…Why do people act life 50 or Ross’s actions or moves affect their lives? IT’S ALL ENTERTAINMENT!!!!…And why bring up T.O.S.? How many times does a group CD do well after their debut compilation disc? (Beg For Mercy, Diplomatic Immunity, Ryde or Die Vol. 1, No Way Out)and in group I mean a group this generation can relate to, that really had some mainstream success from their lead artist…G-Unit isn’t untouchable as everybody made them believe in 2002-03…But they are still together (Core Members)…And Ross called out BANK$ first…I mean people say Banks isn’t relevant, but he outsold Ross single on his album…Yeah yeah there is always the possibility of 50 buying Banks music to push him higher…But Def Jam is suspect in buying their artists album sales too…I’m just saying…If your gonna offer your opinion, have some reasonable credibility and offer some intelligent facts in it…All this (G-UNIT DICK RIDER) and (FAT FUCK ROSS DA C.O.) has got to stop…Let’s use the actual MUSIC as the deciding factor…Not sales…not skits…Not sex tapes (Though that was a pretty low blow)and judge the actual music…And in my opinion? 50 fell off…Not all out of hand like everyone is saying, but it’s that IMAGE that people miss…When they actually believed all the stuff he said he would do…He definitely turned pop, and is trying to get back to the streets now, which is EXTREMELY difficult for an artist to realistically do…And Deeper Than Rap? It’s not really my style of music, but the beats DEFINITELY go hard, and he can rap pretty good…I mean, not EVERYBODY can be Jay or Nas or all the pioneer rappers that the old heads always reminisce about (LOL No disrespect)…It sold a fair amount and I applaud him…LOL i know I wrote alot, but I’m sick (And I know XXL is) of people just yelling nonsense without making some sense…Here come the Haters now…Oh yeah, before I submit this…Who in their right mind would come at Em? Did Ross hear “The Marshall Mathers LP”?…LOL Em hs been away TOO long to know what he’s been up or even think about confronting…Basically dude can rap (WHICH IS WHAT IT ALL COMES DOWN 2!!!!!)

  • Mic4567

    Oh yeah, and how did I forget Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)?…That was a classic Group Cd debut….LOL

  • eastsidemda

    Whether yall like it or not Ross is hepling the game he challengin niggas to step they music quality up thats y he went at 50 not over no he looked at me wrong at the awards shit when 50 first dropped he was untouchable for good min but slowly his music quality got lower and lower and that is y Ross callin Em out yall niggas said it your self that yall aint liking Em new shit too much so Ross feel the same way this aint no real beef shit Ross just tryna make niggas step they shit up

    • Mic4567

      I hear that man…Everybody needs to step there game up and stop blaming each other



  • http://www.effectualdesigns.net Chima

    Wow…rappers beefing…how original. I’m impressed. (rolling eyes).

  • d.s.


    Pretty Funny…. Pretty Sad… “Number 1″ but no one shows up to a meet and greet.. check out the timeline

  • Tre

    I don’t really care for Rick Ross for 50 Cent’s music. But dude challenging Em is just crazy and anybody who says otherwise is full of shit. The battleground is where Em came from. You wouldn’t have a gunfight with a trained sniper would you?

    • Mic4567

      But your talking about a trained sniper that’s been out of work…He hasn’t been at “war” for a while so to speak…and he hasn’t fought any big battles (Benzino, Insane Clown Posse) either…I agree Em will still murk Ross though

  • TUMI

    It’s shame to hear a dudu talking about MONEY MAKE ME CUM trying to beef with the most lyrical rapper in the game. What’s Rick gonna do? Put in Lil Wayne if Em decides to retaliate(LOL) Em will destroy both of the in a heartbeat. Hope Em won’t waste his time… like Jay said “If i would like 2 have a battle with anyone, it’d be Eminem” maybe dat’s y Rick is tryna push dis, note to Rick- Listen to RENEGADE, Xzibit’s DON’T APPROACH ME, MARSHALL MATHERS LOL den U’ll change your mind

  • Gorrilah

    50 just happy cause his gonna outsell that dump-ass.There is no way that bitch-ass is gonna outsell 50 with those numbers.I mean when it comes to the push 50 can just buy his own records and sell 200k a week just to outsell that faggot.50 is a smart bussiness man motherfuckers.As for Eminem Ross is on his own.I hope u can swim against Em cause he is an ocean.Faggot Ross is done.

  • Tre

    Yeah he has been chillin for a bit, but you know, thats where Em came up in. That whole battling thing. Ross never had that type of thing before. So Em, in a sense, can attack a little better because he’s more clever than Ross. But I’m looking forward to seeing if Ross really jumps out that window

  • HipHop4Lyf

    What part of da game is dis!!! Shoppn 4 Skirts,i’ll see u outside…

  • Gd Up

    NOW EVERYONE saying that 50 is just being mature..W T F?!?!??!?!??!!??!? all you fuck boys saying that Ro$$ had no chance and that 50 would destroy him….last time i checked Ross still here….you fools ^^^ are a bunch of dick jumping pussies…fuck yourself and go jump off a building, a 30 story building

  • http://xxl All Dae

    This is a weird battle at best.

    Why would 50 big ups Ross being #1 if that his enemy? You never do that but what do I know…

    If JayZ took this long to respond to Nas or Cam’ron didn’t respond to 50 I would have been screaming about it here.

    I can’t give 50 a pass. He didn’t respond so he took an L in my book. Big up’n a nigga he claims he’s going to f up is a L in my book.

    50 did good but Ross got off and I think enoughs enough….Ross won unless 50 or Em reignights the fuse.

  • http://yahoo.com deadgame

    i seriously think that this whole “beef” is just a publicity stunt now

  • Xbot

    I actually thought that about the Game and 50′s beef.

  • buck fif the unique

    ok ok i just gotta say i aint never liked dickey ross and his slow simple 1-2 rhyme scheme i cant understand u cause u sound like u gotta donut in ya throat sorry ass!!! then i found out nigga was a c.o. and LIED bout it?! then said he wasnt tryin 2 hide it?! thats a bitch move…i dont give a fuck if the nigga is no.1 or not…he wack and he a lier. and havin eminem or lloyd banks on ya ass? thats suicidal….he tryin 2 get ate spit up and ate again hahahaha!!!!!

  • jam

    50 is the best 4get about ross he a monkey with no swegga. no money .and finally no G unit to help him fuck ross 50 is the best

  • buchi

    First of all, iam a big 50 fan and if real really does recognize real, so should all of us. unless ur fake. There is no way anybody from the streets would listen to wat RRoss has to say after his C.O aligations, and not 50`s story. The man got shot 9times, wat more reason to listen to wat he has to say do you need. And who is Ross calling a monkey, he`s lucky 50 didn`t call`em a hippo. 50 lost rawness in his material cuz he already gave it to you raw, and uknow you bought get rich o die trying. Ross probably did as well. So stop all the competition talk and just enjoy the blogs. besides, he took the mans baby moms shopping like co`m on. Ricky had to gain publicity to sell number one so. hahahhah officer ricky!

  • TheWagoon!

    50 is weak. Banks needs $, and GUnit is and always has been a weak group. Thats why they all left and fell out with fif. Ross rings bells. When ppl bring up fif its always he beefing with ppl. Like how could his cd be hot when not one single hot artist will get on it? And i dont wanna listen to a whole beef album. . He only poking at Em just because they all hang together.